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17 Cheapest Cat Breeds: Meet Affordable Cuties

17 Cheapest Cat Breeds: Meet Affordable Cuties

Hello, pet lovers!

If you are a cat lover, you are probably aware that there are so many different cat breeds in the world. I’ve spent so many hours of my life googling pictures of kittens from different breeds just so I can compare which ones I find the most beautiful, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they are all the cutest!

There are, for example, Persian cats, which are considered to be one of the most expensive cat breeds, while there are American Shorthairs that are so common and fall into a group of cheapest cat breeds.

Some cats are extremely expensive due to their rarity, pedigree, bloodlines, colors, and so on, but there are also gorgeous felines that are affordable. That’s why we prepared a list of the cheapest cat breeds that are not only cheap but amazing too!

Cheapest Cat Breeds

Let’s see which cat breeds don’t cost much but are wonderful companions! We’ll put the average cost and then describe each cat breed so you can have an overview and decide which one you find the most suitable for you.

1. Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat

Price: $500 to $800

Burmese cats are known for their gorgeous golden eyes. These cats are lap cats, but they also enjoy playtime, so they are a great addition to families with children.

While Burmese kittens are curious, active, and adaptable to any situation. But as they grow older, they can become more laid-back and enjoy lying on the sofa without getting involved in activities.

No matter the age, these cats love to explore the environment around them, and often, they’ll find their way to the window, which is their most interesting source of the things-the world outside. Burmese cats will easily bond with other Burmese; however, they are rarely good with other cat breeds.

As great jumpers and climbers, they should definitely be provided with perches, tall cat trees, and high-scratching posts. Their body is vividly sturdy and stocky, so their diet and nutrition should be observed in order to prevent obesity and other health issues. Especially if your Burmese is not as active as it should be.

Sometimes you’ll see your adult Burmese play like a kitten. They adore being spoiled, so don’t hesitate to show your love for them with constant cuddles and smooches. Make sure to pet them every day.

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2. Manx Cat

Manx Cat

Price: $350 to $1500

How to recognize a Manx cat? Easily. Manx cats are the only cat breed to have no tail, which is a result of inbreeding and isolation of this specific cat breed. They have a round face and round body. As an adventurous and innovative breed, these cats cannot be trained as some other cat breeds can. They enjoy exploration and puzzle toys.

This is the type of cat that will wake you up at 4’o clock in the morning doing God knows what. They love attention, and they are ready to be devoted companions; however, this cat won’t be your perfect snuggle buddy since they don’t like it so much. This cat breed is an even-tempered cat that won’t make a fuss and will enjoy being around people.

Manx cats need to have strict nutrition in order to stay in great shape. Because they have a big appetite, obesity can knock on the door really fast. This cat breed will enjoy playtime with children since play and running are their number one activities.

Their fur is somewhat thick due to the double coat that must be groomed every day. A good brush and your will to stay consistent with brushing will make your Manx coat smooth and healthy. This is crucial since there can be build-up in the undercoat if it is not brushed regularly. During shedding season, it is recommended to pay more attention to the fur.

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3. Havana Brown

Havana Brown

Price: $200 to $1500

Havana Browns are a special and rare breed indeed. Their massive muzzle, compared to the muzzles of other cats, makes them look unique. They have a somewhat worried faces. However, Havana Browns are curious and active felines that love play and fun. These cats live for attention and might even greet you at the door when you come home.

Havana Browns usually come in reddish brown, even though their most common color should be a warm brown. But other brown shades are acceptable for this cat breed.

When it comes to their name, there are stories that they got their name since their color is similar to the color of the Cuban cigars that are, in some opinions, the best of the best. Maybe a more believable story is that they got their name because of the similarity with the chocolate-colored Havana rabbits.

4. Turkish Van

Turkish Van

Price: $200 to $800

The Turkish Van is a now popular cat breed. Their look is something special, all adorable, fluffy, and soft; surprisingly, they are considered to be one of the cheapest cat breeds on the market.

They are a very active, playful cat breed, so the perfect home for them would be full of children. This playtime will tire them down, so they’ll behave better in your house. This breed of cat is known to love playing and just being in the water, which is quite unique considering that most cats don’t like it. My cat Luna, for example, even when she hears moving water, runs like she’s seen a ghost, even though cats love mowing water but not being in it.

The Turkish Van came from Lake Van, which is in Turkey. It has a powerful, big body in order to look athletic, but somehow it seems bulky.

When it comes to their coat, we have two interesting facts:

The coat is long in the winter and short in the summer.

• The coat consists of a pattern called the Van pattern that is white for the most part of the coat but has color in the tail and head.

Some Turkish Vans that are all white are called the Turkish Vankedisi. Those have a higher chance of being deaf, while other Turkish Vans don’t have that predisposition.

5. Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat

Price: $250 to $800

Even though Siamese cats are really famous, they are not so expensive. Can you believe that this breed appeared in the 1300s? These cats are truly loveable, and they love to be in the spotlight. Because they are so attentive, families often choose them as their pets.

Siamese cats come from a cat landrace in Thailand. There are two versions of the Siamese, the traditional one and the modern:

Traditional Siamese: rounder body and head

• Modern Siamese: triangular head easily recognizable

Both of these have white fur but with colored points. Apparently, Oriental Shorthairs are Siamese cats that didn’t meet this requirement.

6. Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat

Price: $75 to $400

Ragdoll cats can be really cheap and really expensive; it depends on the pet show and breeder varieties and the breeders that charge differently. If you want to pay less, go for the Ragdoll breeders that sell pet-quality Ragdolls.

These gorgies are mellow felines that love to lay around all that. Their favorite part of the day is a cuddle and snuggle session with their owner.

Ragdoll cats are cats that you cannot help but love. Their big, rounded eyes just win your heart every time you look at them. When it comes to their disposition, these cats are known to be affectionate and willing, and they go absolutely limp once they’re in your arms.

However, that is not essentially a good thing for them. Their limping is the reason people assume they are pain resistant. However, that is not the case, and breeders work on reducing their tendency to do that.

Check here Ragdoll growth chart to see how big these cuties can get!

7. Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex Cat

Price: $50 to $1300

The Cornish Rex is the most exotic cat on this list of inexpensive cat breeds. These cats have thin bodies and are really acrobatic and fast. You can expect these cats to run through your house early after hours. Sometimes it seems that these cats don’t grow up. They stay playful and outgoing throughout their lives.

Even though they are energetic, they tend to be truly gentle, thus being wonderful with children. Their patience and calmness when in need are something they are known for.

This cat is special in its own way. While most cats have three kinds of hair, this cat has extremely thin down and extremely fine hair, because of which some people think they’re related to Devon Rex, which is another short-haired breed of cat. But their similarities in appearance are the results of different genetic mutations.

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8. Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair

Price: $400 to $500

Oriental Shorthair cat is a purebred feline closely related to a Siamese cat and shares a similar body shape that is well-muscled and a triangular head. These cats have an exotic appearance and adorable ears. As a highly intelligent cat breed, they can be trained to do lots of tricks, and they love physical stimulation like puzzle toys.

As a social breed, they can get along with literally anyone and can make friends with other pets; they’re even friendly with strangers as well.

Oriental Shorthairs can come in so many different shades and patterns, unlike their Siamese relatives. Hundreds of varieties are acceptable for the Oriental Shorthair breed, which is not the case for the Siamese cat breed.

9. Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat

Price: $300 to $1250

The Himalayan cat looks like a combination of a Persian cat and a Siamese cat. However, this cat is a lot cheaper than those two cat breeds, with a starting price of $300. The low price of the Himalayan cat makes them highly popular among cat lovers.

One thing that a Himalayan cat would sign to do for the rest of its life is to cuddle. This cat breed is not active and prefers to be a fluffy pile of fur in your lap, on the sofa, by the window, or somewhere warm.

Due to their coat, they need to be regularly brushed in order to avoid matting and tangling. This is not so hard since their favorite pose is laying down, and naps over everything is their motto.

What is interesting about the Himalayan cat is the fact that they have no connection to the place they’re named after. Some say it should be called an American cat instead of a Himalayan one.

However, the name maybe comes from the Himalayan rabbit, which is a white-furred animal with colored spots and they have a cylinder-shaped body that is 3.5 inches long if the rabbit lays down. That is pretty long, and no other rabbit can be that long. But, since the Himalayan is a mix of the Siamese with the Persian, it is understandable why they are the way they are.

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10. Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe Cat

Price: $200 to $800

The name comes from their white feet. The Snowshoe cat has a fluffy coat and can have many different personalities. This cat breed has a bit unknown history. There is a saying that they were bred first in the United States, which makes them one of the cheapest cat breeds.

As we said, you can find many different personalities inside the Snowshoe cat, and sometimes you’ll see them being shy and reserved, while sometimes they’ll be too much fun. However, that depends on the specific cat. Rarely, but it can happen that they are a bit intense.

When it comes to their appearance, they can have an apple-shaped or a triangle-shaped head. The apple-shaped head can come from crossbreeding other cat breeds with the traditional apple-headed look with American Shorthair, while the triangle-shaped head comes from the story that the founder of this cat breed was three Siamese cats with white feet.

When you put it like that, both head shapes are understandable, but the Snowshoe cat is not only defined by the shape of its head but the type of its coat.

11. American Shorthair

American Shorthair

Price: $0 to $600

A zero? How can a cat cost zero dollars? Well, American Shorthair cats are domestic house cats that you can find basically anywhere. My American Shorthair came to me, and I adopted her as soon as I saw her, and since then, she’s been with me, living her best as my family, and I treat her like a queen.

These cats came from European cats that adapted to North American conditions. They are pedigree cats, and they’re not that different from other short-haired cats from Europe. American Shorthairs are still a breed of working cats, and good ones, actually.

In North America, these cats are really affordable and one of the cheapest cat breeds, but not just that, they have so much more to offer. These cats can come in so many different colors and patterns, and they are low-maintenance, healthy, and relaxed.

They won’t bother you or be clingy, I’m talking from my experience. However, I would prefer that my cat is a bit more affectionate. It seems like she loves me only when I need to feed her, then she shows all her “love and attention.”

12. Tonkinese

Tonkinese cat

Price: $250 to $1000

We are not quite sure why the Tonkinese cat is named Tonkinese. When we researched the Tonkinese name, we found that the Tonkin is an external name for northern Vietnam. But, the Tonkinese cat has nothing to do with Vietnam as it was created by mixing Burmese and Siamese.

Tonkinese existed for a long time before the two cat breeders started to produce Burmese and Siamese crossbreeds in the late 20th century.

Nonetheless, the breeders wanted Tonkinese to have only the best of both worlds. It is expected that these cats have traits of both Burmese and Siamese. When you look at it, you see that the Tonkinese cat is neither weighty as the American Burmese nor slim as the Siamese cat.

Regarding character, these cats are playful, curious, and active. This is positive about them; however, all those characteristics mentioned makes them easily bored.

13. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat

Price: $500 to $1200

Another affordable cat breed is definitely the Abyssinian cat. The prices can differ a lot, and the main part is their coat colors. Why? Because rare colors, such as the cream one, can cost up to $2500, and when you add to it the breeder and his reputation, you get a really expensive cat.

This is a moderate-looking cat that has a gentle dip in the triangular head, on top of which are large ears that give her an alert and aware look. It seems that she’s always focused and paying attention.

The breed is quite intelligent and active, which makes it a true fit for families with a lot of kids. With their affectionate and loving disposition, these cats will communicate with you softly and quietly. The great thing about this cat is that she adores being rubbed and combed and will gladly purr while you’re doing that.

14. Munchkin

Munchkin cat

Price: $500 to $1500

As one of the most adorable cat breeds in the world, Munchkins actually deserve a place on the list of the cheapest cat breeds. Munchkin cats cost around $500 to $1500.

These felines are cute for a reason; however, Munchkin cats can have many different health problems due to their short legs, which are the result of a genetic mutation: lordosis, obesity, hyperthyroidism, and pectus excavatum.

15. Birman

Birman cat

Price: $500 to $600

The Birman is a cat breed that prefers to attach to one person only. The Birman cat can even display jealousy if she notices that the owner doesn’t pay any attention to her or if a new family member comes into the picture. Yes, cats can be jealous of babies.

These cats are territorial living beings, but they don’t show aggressiveness. As they are large cats and stocky, they can easily become overweight, which is something you should pay more attention to if you are to own a Birman cat.

We need to mention one more thing, make sure to groom your Birman every day in order to stop the tangling and matting of their gorgeous coat.

16. The American Bobtail

American Bobtail

Price: $600 to $1200

Last but not least on our list of the cheapest cat breeds is definitely the American Bobtail. Even though this breed is not so common, the prices are not so high. These cats can come in many different shades of tabby coat, including bi-color, calico, and solid, which are pretty much the most famous coats of this cat.

Even though they’re not so vocal, they will show how they feel with their meows and yowls. The American Bobtails are a friendly and energetic cat breed that loves to be around people; enjoying in attention is their soft spot.

As we said, they are energetic but not overactive. These cats will get along with dogs and other felines.

17. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau cat

Price: $500 to $800

This unique cat has been with us for thousands of years. They’re known for their special striped and spotted markings, gorgeous green eyes, and elegant body shapes.

This breed is told to be a shy feline; however, they can form a deep connection with their owners and won’t have problems showing you affection and loyalty.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you want a simple American Shorthair or an exotic Cornish Rex, one thing is clear: these cats are the cheapest cat breeds out there.

We’ve listed the most affordable cat breeds we found so any cat lover can choose from them. Good luck in choosing your forever one!

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