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TOP 9 Cornish Rex Breeders

TOP 9 Cornish Rex Breeders

If you have been searching for a long time for this cat breed, search no more, as we are sure we have what you want. Our top 9 Cornish Rex breeders will surely provide you with one curly-coated kitten! The lineage of this shorthair cat goes back to a cream-coloured male cat called Kallibunker, which was born in Cornwall in England.

The Cornish Rex has an egg-shaped head, on top of which are large ears, sturdy bodies, and long legs adorned with curly coats. Even though they might look aloof and cool because of their magnificent appearance and wavy coat that makes them look like they’ve just got out of the salon, they have actually affectionate and playful natures.

That beautiful coat can come in many different shades and patterns like solid, ticked, tabby, and tortoiseshell. This cat breed is now accepted in all registries across the country.

Cornish Rex is an active cat that will get you out of bed for some game of fetch. They might look fragile, but they are sturdy and perfect for those who live active lives.

Even though they are short-haired, that doesn’t make them hypoallergenic. Their marcel waves also have allergens and dander but in small amounts.

Let’s see which Cornish Rex breeders have available kittens just for you!

Cornish Rex Kittens For Sale

If you want a purebred Cornish Rex kitten, you need to take time to get to know the breeder and discuss all questions. A reputable breeder should give you all the answers and things you’re interested in while getting to know your new feline friend.

The prices depend on each breeder, type, and bloodline according to the Grand Champion and their marking.

Now let’s check our Cornish Rex breeders list!

1. Royally Purrfect Cattery, Florida

grey cornish rex

Royally Purrfect Cattery has been breeding cats for more than 7 years, and their kittens are spread across 30 countries in the United States. Their focus is on producing 3 different breeds of kittens, including Cornish Rex, Russian Blue, and Scottish Fold, raised to be in a loving family without any signs of aggression.

The aim of the Royally Purrfect Cattery is to have kittens with rare fur and eye colours, and their goal is to maintain purebred, meaning true to the breed standard Cornish Rex kittens. They take Cornish Rex’s health very seriously.

Their breeding cats are from European Champion lines. They have waiting lists after the signed contract and deposit of $200 so if you are interested, make sure to contact them soon.

Royally Purrfect Cattery Info

Address: Palm Coast, Florida

Website: Royally Purrfect Cattery

Phone Number: 954 937 2196


2. Godspeed Cornish Rex, Florida

Cornish rex gray cat laying on railing

Godspeed Cornish Rex is a small cattery in Central Florida. They have been breeding and showing Cornish Rex for many years.

Their cats have been Grand Champions as well as national and regional winners. Their kittens come from a healthy and happy bloodline. Born and raised in their home, Cornish Rex kittens are socializing and living their best since their birth.

Cornish Rex from this breeder is shown in ACFA, CFA and TICA. Kittens are altered before placement, there is a contract that must be signed, and you get a veterinary health guarantee at the time of the sale.

Godspeed Cornish Rex Info

Address: Central Florida

Website: Godspeed Cornish Rex

Phone Number: 407 719 3220


3. Barmont, Florida

cornish rex purebred cat

Barmont is our third Cornish cat breeder located in Southern Florida. This cattery has been registered with CFA for over 45 years.

Their breeding cats had been regional and national winning cats as well as show grand champions. They work with Kitty Charm, QT-Cats, Artemis, Cuouronne and Budmar pedigrees. They started breeding Cornish Rex in 2000 and, since then, won many awards.

This breeder wants to make sure that their place is clean at all times. Kittens are born and raised in a healthy environment socializing with family. When it comes to health, kittens are FeLV and FIV negative; you get a health certificate at the time of the sale.

A breeder whose breeding cats come from Supreme Grand Champion and Grand Champion lines can’t be a wrong choice, right?

Barmont Info

Address: Southern Florida

Website: Barmont

Phone Number: 772 343 1030


4. Olivewavz, Maryland

cornish rex kitten

Olivewavz is a new CFA-registered Cornish Rex cattery with its location in Southern Maryland. The whole family is helping to produce the healthiest and happiest Cornish Rex kittens.

Even though they are new to the breeding process, they have researched and learned just about everything about it in order to have only the best. Advised and consulted with some of the Cornish Rex breeders, Olivewavz is a cattery worth checking.

If you purchase a kitten from Olivewavz, be sure that you’ll get a kitten that has received all core vaccines, dewormed, spayed or neutered and microchipped. Kittens are also eligible to be registered in the CFA; you’ll get the registration papers before placement.

The kittens are available at 4 months of age since the breeder wants to ensure that the kitten has enough time with their mother to learn everything it needs to know before embarking on their “solo” trip.

This breeder won’t ship kittens as cargo, but they are open to other delivery options, mostly once a month. However, they would be happier if you were to meet them and your kitten at the show and deliver the kitten in person.

If you want to reserve a kitten, a $250 deposit is required, with the remaining amount at the time you meet your kitten and bring it to your forever home. They accept cash and money orders, but personal checks and PayPal are for deposit only.

If you are interested, check out their website and fill out the questionnaire, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Olivewavz Info

Address: St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Website: Olivewavz


5. Tender Claws, Michigan

cornish rex outdoors

Tender Claws is a breeder from Michigan. This breeder fell in love with the Cornish Rex cats in 1994, and since then, the love is just growing and growing. Going on cat shows and getting to know other cat breeds, the breeder made friends with other breeders across the United States.

The breeder aims to produce Cornish Rex cats with great health and wonderful temperament and are true to the breed standard.

This breeder makes sure that kittens have human contact from birth on. That enables them to bond really fast and get used to the new owners. They also need to experience running through the house and not being in the cage. They are vet checked before they are handed to the new owner.

If you are interested in this breeder, call to see if there are available Cornish Rex kitties right now.

Good luck!

Tender Claws Info

Address: St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Website: Tender Claws

Phone Number: 586 420 4259


6. Reiki Rex, New York

portrait of a cornish rex

Reiki Rex is a huge Cornish Rex lover and breeder. Their breeding cats are from Regional Winner lines as well as Grand Champion lines.

They specialize in solid, colorpoint and bicolour Cornish Rex. The kitties are FeLV and FIV negative, screened for HCM, registered Pet Partners Therapy Animals, and they enjoy visiting other people and places. They are also dewormed, vaccinated and been at Cardiac Evaluation with no Cardiomyopathy.

This breeder also shows in CFA and TICA. The breeder focuses on healthy, happy and socialised cats that will be show cats with titles as best representatives of the Cornish Rex breed.

The breeder doesn’t have a waiting list, but they have contact lists. When a cat or kitten is available, the breeder searches for the best match. They reach out to the person or family and try to connect both kitten needs and family wishes.

If you want to find out more, check out their website.

Reiki Rex Info

Address: Brooklyn, New York

Website: Reiki Rex


7. Owhl, North Carolina

white cornish rex

Owhl is a CFA and TICA breeder located in North Carolina. This breeder can offer not only Cornish Rex but Scottish Fold also.

As a member of TICA Cornish Rex and Scottish Fold Breed Committees, this breeder only have breeding cats from Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, European Champion lines, Regional, National and International Winner lines. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

This breeder can offer you all colored Cornish Rex except solid white. The kittens come with a health guarantee; they are FIV and FeLV negative and screened for PKD and HCM.

Don’t hesitate to contact the breeder for more information or if you have any questions!

Owhl Info

Address: North Carolina

Website: Owhl

Phone Number: 704 352 9082


8. Browncoats Cornish Rex Cattery, Wisconsin

cornish rex walking

Browncoats Cornish Rex Cattery is located in Wisconsin. These breeders are dedicated to breed development and public education on the amazing Cornish Rex breed.

They raise their kittens under foot in a loving and healthy family environment. Browncoats breeders breed only cats from champion bloodlines to ensure they produce genetically healthy kittens.

These breeders encourage prospective cat owners to decide on Cornish Rex, because this is a truly affectionate, athletic, and hilarious breed that will make your life a lot more fun.

Check these breeders’ website to see if there are any available kittens at the moment.

Browncoats Cornish Rex Info

Address: 9120 South Chicago Court, Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154

Website: Browncoats Cornish Rex Cattery

Facebook: Browncoats Cornish Rex Cattery

Phone number: +1 414-928-0001

9. Yarn Ball Cattery, Indianapolis

cornish rex

Yarn Ball Cattery is a CFA Cornish Rex Cattery in the Midwest and Great Lakes and a CFA Cornish Rex breed Council member.

This small home-based cattery is dedicated to breeding interesting and unique Cornish Rex. They started showing in 2014 with lines imported from established catteries outside the United States.

They aim to produce socialised and healthy Cornish Rex kittens that will make new owners very happy. All of their cats are registered and shown with Cat Fanciers Association.

To find out more, check out their website or email them!

Yarn Ball Cattery Info

Address: Indianapolis

Website: Yarn Ball Cattery

E-mail: ​Joanna_P_Contreras@Yahoo.Com

How Much Is A Cornish Rex?

Logically, you want to know the price of this unique cat now that you’ve seen Cornish Rex breeders and what they offer.

A Cornish Rex kitten’s price can go from $800 to $1,200. However, it all depends on the quality, lineage, age, and breeder.

You must be aware that you’ll also have to spend on cat essentials like a cat bed, cat tree, litter box, high-quality food, and bowls, especially if you are a new cat owner.

Check out here for the 7 best cat trees with hammock or basket and make your new kitty happy!

What Is The Difference Between Devon And Cornish Rex?

We are aware that Cornish Rex and Devon Rex are similar. But how do we differentiate them?

The Devon Rex has large and low-set ears, shorter whiskers and shorter but more muscular legs than the Cornish rex, which has long legs. The Devon rex also has guard hairs and sheds more.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have studied Cornish Rex breeders, I hope you have at least three of them that you would contact for a new Cornish Rex.

This rare treasure, the Cornish Rex, deserves a place in your home, with you providing them with all the essentials needed for one cat. You also need to provide scratching posts since CFA disapproves of declawing.

Whether you have a Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Siamese, Maine Coon or any other cat, it is important that you take great care of their health and shower them with love and affection so they can live a healthy and happy life as long as possible!

Good luck in finding your new feline friend!

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