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11 Dumbest Cat Breeds You Might Still Fall In Love With

11 Dumbest Cat Breeds You Might Still Fall In Love With

There are many ways in which cats show us their intelligence, whether by teaching new tricks or by solving problems on their own.

Still, not all cats are the same, and some are smarter than others.

I am sure many of you are interested in the traits of your future cat. Maybe you even want to teach it some tricks.

Well, some cats are simply not as good at problem-solving as others. Based on this, I made a list of dumbest cat breeds – cats that are not so successful in learning.

So, let’s see which breeds are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

#1 American Shorthair

Cute American shorthair cat kitten

The American Shorthair will not usually show interest in her owners’ attempt to train her.

Also, she has a hard time keeping her attention on one thing. You might call this cat by her name numerous times, but she will not respond.

Furthermore, this breed is laid-back and simply likes to relax! Since this cat is so easy going, she will usually choose chilling above playing with her humans.

Still, this is a good-natured kitty, which is the main reason why so many people choose it as their family pet.

Two great things about this cat breed is that she is independent and adaptable. She might not be the brightest feline out there, but the American Shorthair makes a wonderful choice for all people with busy schedules!

#2 British Shorthair

British Shorthair cat laying on blue sofa

The British Shorthair is a couch potato cat, who will spend most of her time lying and doing nothing. 

She is a laid-back, low energy kitty, that is also not especially chatty. 

The British Shorthair doesn’t like when people pick her up and put her in their laps. Don’t expect her to be playing with other cats, as well! She does the best as the only pet.

These cats are quite clumsy, and it takes forever to teach them a simple trick. 

Are there good things about the British Shorthair? Of course there are! These cats are simply gorgeous, and this is one of the most common reasons why many cat fanciers choose this breed for their pet.

Furthermore, she is easy to groom, and is quiet and calm.

Also, this breed can live very long – even up to 20 years! Just make sure to find a reputable British Shorthair breeder to lower the chances of any genetic conditions.

#3 Birman

birman cat looking up

Birman is one of the cheapest cat breeds out there. This is why they are so popular among cat lovers worldwide!

Another reason is that this is not an active cat. She is rather laid-back and would usually choose chilling on the sofa rather than engaging in any kind of activity.

Also, a Birman cat doesn’t have a good memory, so, even if you teach this breed some commands, she is likely to forget them soon!

Another funny fact about this cat species is that they might go missing often, and they might get stuck in weird places in your home! This happens due to this cat’s curiosity, and her inability to get out of trouble by herself.

On the other hand, a Birman cat adores her people. A calm and relaxing home environment would be the best one for her. I am sure there will be many families that will enjoy the company of a cat like this!

#4 Exotic Shorthair 

white exotic cat licking lips

The Exotic Shorthair is another low-energy cat. For all people who are looking for a pet that will give them some kind of entertainment and activity – you should skip this breed.

If you are hoping to teach this cat some tricks, you might be disappointed. It is not impossible to teach an Exotic Shorthair something, but you will have to be very patient, since she is so lazy.

What is good about these cats? They are crazy about their owners and will want to spend most of the day cuddling with you. 

Also, they are cute, friendly, and loving. They will make a wonderful choice for people who are looking for a pet that will want to be by their side all the time. Contrary to many breeds, this one is not an independent cat.

#5 Himalayan

adorable himalayan kitten

The Himalayan cat is hard to train, stubborn, and you will need to spend a fair amount of time teaching this cat some basic stuff, such as the place of her litter box, food, what things not to climb on, what things not to scratch, etc.

They also don’t like many people around, or being in crowded places. In situations like this, they are likely to go away and hide.

At the same time, these are gentle, loyal, and affectionate cats. These characteristics probably make many cat fanciers look for trustworthy Himalayan cat breeders!

#6 Persian Cat

Cute persian cat standing on wooden table

It’s the turn of the queen of laziness among cats – the Persian cat.

It seems that all this cat does is lie around and not move at all! Simply, it is in her nature to be passive and laid-back.

Cat owners will have a hard time teaching Persian cats some tricks. This cat will like to observe you doing all sorts of activities, but will not bother to join you.

Take a look at the video below that shows two goofy Persian cats.

Even though they are considered dumb, Persian cats are so cute! And, they seem to be a lot of fun to have around.

We can’t deny the fact that these cats are very popular. They might not be the brightest felines out there, but they are sweet, affectionate, and wonderful with children. So, this breed will make a nice addition to families with kids.

#7 Ragdoll

Pretty Ragdoll kitten with yellow sun flowers

Ragdoll is not a cat that will listen to your commands. She will probably just stare at you for a couple of seconds, and after that, she will do things her own way!

This cat might not be as lazy as the Persian cat, but it is still one of the rather passive breeds.

This cat is laid-back; so much that it will not be able to detect danger in many situations.

Take a look at the video below that shows a Ragdoll cat in some weird places!

What is great about this cat is that she will love you, but will also love other people! Contrary to many other cats, this one will usually not be scared of strangers.

Also, with a fluffy coat, and sky blue eyes, she is absolutely stunning!

#8 Serengeti Cat

Serengeti cat on a grey background

If you are a fan of rare cat breeds, the social and friendly Serengeti might be a good option for you.

Of course, this only goes if you’re not looking for a super smart animal.

This cat will not show interest in your attempts to train her. The only exception might be if the food reward is included!

Unlike some other cats from this list, a Serengeti is not lazy. She enjoys running around the house, as well as climbing. 

So, this athletic cat might be a good company for fun adventures! And you don’t need a super intelligent pet to have a good time, right?

#9 Scottish Fold

Scottish fold kitten playing with a toy

The Scottish Fold cat is another chill lover that enjoys peace and quiet the most.

It is a type of cat perfect for cuddling and companionship, but is less successful in tricks learning and in obedience training. 

The Scottish Fold needs company all the time and is prone to separation anxiety. This might be a negative trait for some potential owners, while others will prefer a cat that loves human company this much.

Also, this breed has a bit of foolish looks, but, if you ask me, this is a part of her charm!

#10 Somali

Somali cat portrait lying at studio on light wooden parquet

There is a myth that orange cats are dumb. Most Somali cats have an orange coat, and, coincidence or not – this breed is on our list of dummies. 

This cat is stubborn and will not be so thrilled about her owner trying to teach her how to do something. Somali is an independent cat that likes to do things in her own way.

So, you might show her the place of her litter box, but don’t be surprised to see her feces all around the house. 

You might even punish her for scratching the furniture, or for climbing on the kitchen cabinets – this will probably not be enough to get this kitty to obey you.

Still, these felines are active and curious, and will make an interesting companion, since they love to be around their humans all the time.

#11 Snowshoe

A purebred snowshoe cat lies on a bed cover with a fur blanket.

A Snowshoe is quite a clumsy cat – if you are expecting a professional climber and jumper, you should skip this breed.

It is not impossible to teach Snowshoe cats some basic commands. Still, this kitty will not have fun learning them. She would prefer to have an additional nap and will not be so thrilled about obeying her owner’s commands.

One thing you might like about Snowshoe is that this breed is highly affectionate and makes strong bonds with her owners. 

Also, this beautiful cat loves to use her loud voice to inform humans about her needs! 

How Much Do We Really Know About Cats’ Intelligence?

Cat breeds from this list are not as bright as some cats that are considered highly intelligent, such as Abyssian or Sphynx cat.

But, how much do we really know about cats’ intelligence? 

According to a study on the cat’s cognition published in the Animal Cognition journal [1], we still don’t have enough insight into a cat’s cognition. There are still many questions to be answered, such as how lifetime experience and training influence cat cognition. 

There are many researchers on the dog’ intelligence – the other most popular pet together with cats. But, we will need to obtain more researchers to offer a more profound insight into cat’s perception, memory, learning and communication with humans.

Final Verdict

Although there is more to learn about a cat’s intelligence, we have some ways of deciding whether a cat is smart, such as her ability to learn and obey, and by evaluating her problem solving skills.

Therefore, we can make a list of what we consider to be the dumbest cat breeds based on some of the things we do know.

Despite cats from the list of dumbest cat breeds might not be the perfect candidates for tricks learning, this doesn’t mean they don’t have any good qualities.

As we have seen, each of these cats still has some traits that make them wonderful companions!


[1] Vitale, KR, Udell, M: What’s inside your cat’s head? A review of cat (Felis silvestris catus) cognition research past, present and future. Animal Cognition volume 18, pages 1195–1206 (2015) DOI, Retrieved March 14, 2023.