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13 Lazy Cat Breeds That Make Lovely Companions

13 Lazy Cat Breeds That Make Lovely Companions

Not all cats have the same energy levels. Some of them always need something to do and are ready to reach the highest shelves in your home.

On the other hand, some cats prefer to snuggle up with you on a sofa. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.

As a matter of fact, I believe many of you are searching for a feline buddy to just chill with. 

I’ve listed 13 lazy cat breeds that will make awesome companions for you looking for a laid-back cat.

Let’s look at this list and check out these cats’ other personality traits that make them great choices for family pets.

1. American Shorthair

American Shorthair

This is one of the oldest breeds in the world, recognized for its silver tabby and black striped coat. 

The American Shorthair is a sweet-tempered and highly adaptable cat that isn’t too energetic.

The great thing about this breed is that it’s just perfectly balanced. It’s a bit lazy and has a moderate activity level. It’s affectionate, but, at the same time, this cat isn’t overly clingy and dependent on its owners.

Since obesity is one of the prevalent health concerns with this breed, it’s crucial to encourage the American Shorthair to have any kind of exercise.

Obesity significantly decreases a cat’s quality of life, can lead to additional health problems, and negatively impacts its life expectancy.

2. Birman

This fluffy cat has a moderate-to-low level of activity.

Birmans don’t demand much exercise, but they greatly enjoy being the center of attention for their human family members.

This cat is affectionate and cuddly and will let you pet it for as long as you like.

The Birman’s favorite activity is following their owners around. Although it’s quite a laid-back cat, it’s important to keep in mind that this breed needs a lot of attention and isn’t the best choice for people with busy schedules.

3. British Shorthair

Is there anyone who wouldn’t fall in love with this living teddy bear?

I sincerely doubt it! The British Shorthair isn’t only adorable, but it also features a lovely personality.

This breed is calm, easygoing, and laid-back. It’s also very docile and not likely to show aggression towards anyone.

This is the type of cat that will be happiest lying next to you while you’re binge-watching your favorite show.

The British Shorthair won’t even have a problem with you leaving it alone for a couple of hours. It will simply find the most cozy place in your home and rest peacefully until you come back.

4. Burmese

Burmese cat

While Burmese kittens are likely to be normally active, as they grow up, their energy levels decrease slowly. When they grow up, these cats prefer to observe their surroundings rather than engage in activities.

The Burmese is a relaxed, calm, and gentle breed. It easily adapts to any kind of environment, making it a good choice for a family pet.

This is a highly social breed that loves to be around its humans. According to Daily Paws, Burmese cats develop strong bonds with their owners. They want to spend as much time as possible with them and may even develop anxiety if left alone for too long.

5. Chartreux

This breed is another great choice for people looking for a quiet, gentle, and not overly active cat.

The Chartreux has a soft and plush coat perfect for snuggling. Also, this cat is known for its incredibly soft voice.

Living with this breed means that you’ll rarely hear any loudness or drama coming from it. It isn’t overly demanding and bonds deeply with its family.

Another trait the Chartreux breed is known for is that they’re good travelers, which isn’t something usually seen in most cats.

6. Cymric

You may have not even heard of this breed, but this cat is one of the most placid and sweet you can come across.

As Hill’s Pet explains, the Cymric cat doesn’t get too upset about anything that happens in their world.

This cat just loves being around its people. Although the Cymric is playful and sociable, it isn’t overly energetic, making it a great option for people with busy schedules.

There is one important thing to have in mind with this breed. Due to a natural genetic mutation, it doesn’t have a tail. This can be associated with health concerns like spinal defects, mobility issues, and neurological challenges.

7. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

This breed was developed by crossing an American Shorthair with a Persian. In many ways, the Exotic Shorthair is similar to Persian, especially in its temperament and conformation.

This breed isn’t overly active but still appreciates a good play session with its humans. 

All people who love Persians but would like to avoid daily grooming will certainly be thrilled with the Exotic Shorthair cat.

This cat is sweet, loyal, and quiet. The gentle and easygoing Exotic Shorthair will happily spend its days lounging on the couch by your side.

The video below shows an adorable Exotic Shorthair cat just enjoying the slow life.

8. Korat

This is a rare cat breed that’s devoted to its people and loves to be in familiar and safe surroundings. 

The Korat isn’t crazy about strangers. This doesn’t mean that it will act aggressively towards guests in your home, but, it’s likely that it will just show no interest in them.

This cat feels the best when it’s alone with its family members. It also appreciates a quality routine and doesn’t like changes.

The Korat is highly intelligent and laid-back at the same time. Once it gets bonded with its humans, it remains loyal to them for the rest of its life.

9. Persian

The calm and loving Persian is another cat that prefers to take a nap rather than run through the house. This breed has no problem with spending hours in the same spot.

Some people even call this cat furniture with fur. The only occasion you’ll likely see a Persian cat showing excitement and movement is when it anticipates a delicious meal!

This low-energy cat has a sweet and gentle nature and will thrive the best in a calm family atmosphere. Persians are tolerant and loving with children. However, active toddlers might be too much for this rather passive breed that isn’t a fan of loud noises.

WebMD points out that, since Persian cats enjoy human company so much, they shouldn’t be left alone for long periods.

10. Ragamuffin


This breed is mellow and sweet-tempered. 

The Ragamuffin isn’t overly demanding and has a low-to-medium energy level. This means that owning this cat will require you to encourage it to get some exercise.

The great thing about this cat is that it loves to be held, which makes it a great companion for people looking for a lap cat.

An interesting fact about the Ragamuffin is that it isn’t friendly just with its people. It also tolerates strangers and even likes new people in the house.

The position you’ll most frequently see the Ragamuffin in is lying on their back.

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11. Ragdoll

This beautiful cat with a silky long coat is one of the most loved breeds nowadays. The Ragdoll is a calm, tolerant, and extremely affectionate cat.

It just adores being around its humans and will have no problem with you picking it up. Despite its large size, the Ragdoll will be lucky to jump in your lap to get some cuddles!

The laid-back and calm personality comes with lower energy levels. This can go so far that you’ll even have to encourage your Ragdoll to play and move. 

Sure, it’s cute to spend some time just being lazy with your cat on the sofa, but exercise is crucial for your cat to stay at a healthy weight. This is especially important with large breeds like Ragdoll.

This relaxed cat is friendly even with strangers and other cats. The Ragdoll adapts well to new environments and isn’t likely to show aggression towards people or other pets.

Take a look at the video below showing a Ragdoll cat Timo just chilling and living its best life!

12. Scottish Fold 

This cat may be involved in certain activities occasionally, but will always appreciate spending some nice, quiet time napping with its owners.

The Scottish Fold develops deep bonds with humans and gets on well with children and other pets. 

This cat is loyal, easily adaptable, and doesn’t require too much exercise. Most of the time, the Scottish Fold will be calm and quiet, until they want something. This is when you’ll usually hear some meowing coming from this cat.

This breed is friendly and appreciates the company, but it especially loves to turn on its energy-saving mode.

13. Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex cats

This adorable curly-coated breed is very affectionate, friendly, and intelligent.

At the same time, Selkirk Rex isn’t overly active and doesn’t demand too much exercise. This cat is easy-going, cuddly, and playful with its humans. However, it’s never hyperactive.

The Selkirk Rex isn’t as lazy as the Persian, for instance, but still has its own way of relaxing. Compared to the other Rex breeds – the Cornish and Devon Rex – this breed is a lot less active.

What makes people love this breed is their laid-back personality, gentleness, and the fact that they’re lap cats.

The Selkirk Rex is incredibly patient with both people and other pets and easy to love thanks to its quiet nature.

Final Words

We don’t usually associate the adjective lazy with something positive. However, after reading about the amazing traits of these placid breeds, I believe many of you will fall in love with them.

These cats aren’t overly active and, most of the time, will choose chilling over running or jumping around.

Is there something wrong with this? Absolutely not. It’s just necessary to still encourage these cats to get some moving, as to prevent boredom and weight issues.

Other than that – I think anyone would enjoy sharing a sofa with an adorable fluffy friend. And, if they’re up for some cuddling, even better!

Have you found your favorite on our list of these adorable couch potatoes? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!