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Top 12 Himalayan Cat Breeders: What To Look For

Top 12 Himalayan Cat Breeders: What To Look For

If you’re looking for the best Himalayan cat breeders, you’re probably interested in having a Himalayan as your pet. Himalayans are known to have the stocky body type, long hair, and calm disposition of the Persian, with the color-pointed patterns and colors of the Siamese. They have relatively flat faces and large, round, blue eyes.

The breed was recognized in 1958 by CFA and ACFA and is accepted in all cat registries across Canada and USA.

Keep reading to see what Himalayan cat breeders we have to offer!

Himalayan Kittens For Sale

For you, we’ve made a list of the best Himalayan cat breeders that will help you in your quest to get this lovely cat. Reputable and respected breeders should be your only choice, and that’s why we’ve done the research for you and offered you only quality!

We are aware that there can be so many scams online when purchasing a cat, so it is better to research many before making a decision and getting a cat from a suspicious site. 

The kitten that you plan on buying should be checked by veterinarians, in good health, and well socialized. Kittens are usually available when they reach 12 weeks old. 

Now let’s see Himalayan cat breeders we found across the USA!

1. Cherrybirdie Cattery, California

beautiful himalayan cat in the field

Cherrybirdie Cattery, located in Stanton, California, is a great place to look for a Himalayan or Persian kitten. The kittens from this cattery are sure loved and well taken care of. This cattery can offer you breeders, pets, and show quality cats.

David and Cherry Riley operate this cattery and have been in this breeding business since 1993, they have shown them since 2003, and they genuinely enjoy doing it. Breeding is what they desired to do and mastered all their life.

There is no doubt that cats and kittens are raised with lots of attention, love, and handling and growing in their home. It can be said that these cats are even spoiled.

Most Cherrybirdie cats are shown in CFA, while some had the advantage do being shown even in TICA. The cattery is CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) registered and a member of TICA.

They have Chinchilla Silver and Silver Persians. Both have white undercoats, but the Chinchilla silver on the top of the hair shaft has silver tips, and it seems like it is a white cat, while shaded silver down on the hair shaft has spots with some darker highlights.

Being a member of the CFA Breed Council, their goal is to breed Silver Persian and Himalayan kittens with a focus on health and show standards when it is possible. The lines for Persians they work with are, for example, Brettachtal, Dalee, Scrimshaw, Ultamint, and Labrese, while the Himalayan lines are: Laureden, Darling Purs, Uno Belgatto, Prancenpaws, Sandypaws, Countrygal, Purrpals, and Catsafrats.

The kittens will come vaccinated with their first shots, a written health guarantee, and food samples.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Stanton, California

• Website: Cherrybirdie Cattery

• Telephone: 714 952 4419 /714 335 6641

• Email:

2. A Kit Kat Cattery, California

adorable himalayan kitten

A Kit Kat Cattery is a breeder located in Ventura County that breeds Himalayan and Scottish Fold cat breeds. With Grand Champion, National, Regional, and Breed Winner lines, this cattery can offer you only the best quality Himalayan cats of all colors.

Their focus is on Himalayan cats’ temperament and quality, ensuring that cats fit the CFA breed standard. This breeder seeks family that will be forever loving home for their cats. All of their kittens are healthy and dewormed, with two immunizations, FIV, PKD, and FeLV negative.

Kit Kat cats and kittens are shown in CFA throughout the year, and they enjoy meeting kind and loving people that share the same love and interests for their cats.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Ventura County, California

• Website: A Kit Kat Cattery

• Email:

3. Lionzden Cattery, Florida

Cute Himalayan cat siting next to the door.

Lionzden Cattery is a cattery located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that breeds Persians, Exotics, and Himalayan cats of Regional, Breed, and Grand Champion Winner lines.

Kittens come with health guarantees, both written and genetic health guarantees, and are sold with an altered agreement.

Cats are screened for PKD, HCM, and FeLV, and FIV negative, and you will be provided with a veterinary health certificate.

If you want a lilac, red, blue, cream point, or chocolate Himalayan, make sure to check out their website.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

• Website: Lionzden Cattery

• Telephone: 617 605 0595

• Email:

4. Kingdom Katz, Illinois

himalayan kitten playing with toy

Kingdom Katz is a registered CFA Show Cattery that focuses on raising quality, healthy, happy Persian kittens and Himalayan kittens. This cattery will offer you kittens that will exceed the written CFA standard for the Himalayan cat breed.

Their royal queens and kings are always carefully selected, looking for their beauty, health, sweet dispositions, and personalities, and indeed their extraordinary pedigrees.

All their cats are from Regional Winning, National Winning, and CFA Grand Championed Show cats, with pure bloodlines, lines as Rhamjoge, Kissables, Lake Hyco, Foxy, Whisperwood, Oakheaven, Sultans, Catley Crue, and so on.

Kittens and pet cats are altered before placement; they come with a written health guarantee, written sales contract, and genetic health guarantee. Kittens are also screened for PKD and FeLV, and FIV negative.

They can offer you black, chocolate, red, blue, cream in solid, bicolor, calico, tabby, particular, and pointed Himalayan kittens.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Rockford, Illinois

• Website: Kingdom Katz

• Email:

5. CandyJar, Minnesota

Portrait of cute fluffy himalayan cat

CandyJar from Burnsville in Minnesota is a CFA cattery that can offer you Himalayan and Persian cats.

The colors they can provide you are colorpoint, lilac, white, bicolor, and chocolate; a written health guarantee, as well as genetic health guarantee, will be provided at the time of the sale.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Burnsville, Minnesota

• Telephone: 612 834 2215

• Email:

6. Dessert Winds, Missouri

himalayan cat on the couch

Dessert Winds is our sixth on the list of Himalayan cat breeders that is located in Neosho, Missouri. If you want to have a top-quality cat for the show, this is the right breeder for you. They sometimes have a top-quality pet Himalayan cat that is available to choose their new forever homes.

Dessert Winds is a cattery registered with TICA and CFA; their lines are Regional, Merit, Grand Champion, and Breed Winner.

As a member of the CFA Persian Breed Council, they have written health and genetic guarantee, written sales contracts, veterinary health certificates with FeLV and FIV negative, altering agreements, and screens for PK deficiency, PRA, and PKD.

If you like a Persian and Himalayan lynx and pointed, you should contact this breeder.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Neosho, Missouri

• Website: Dessert Winds

• Telephone: 417 207 1234

• Email:

7. Karista Kats Cattery, New Jersey

himalayan cat with flower

Karista Kats Cattery from Hunterdon County in New Jersey can provide you with Persian and Himalayan cats.

The kittens are sold with an altering agreement, a written sales contract, and a health guarantee, screened for PKD and FIV/ FeLV negative.

Karista Kats Cattery can give you seal point Himalayan as well as tortie, blue and flame points. Of straight colors, they have chocolate, lilac, and lynx.

Contact them to see if they have available kittens.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Hunterdon County, New Jersey

• Website: Karista Kats Cattery

• Telephone: 908 832 9188

• Email:

8. Mount Cascade, New York

Himalayan cat laying

Mount Cascade in New York is a cattery that breeds Russian Blue and Himalayan.

This cattery is a member of the CFA Persian and Russian Blue Breed Councils, the Russian Blue Fanciers Association, and the TICA Russian Blue Breed Committee.

Their breeding cats and kittens are all from Regional, National Winner, distinguished Merit, and Grand Champion lines.

The kittens are in great shape, sold with altering agreement and with a written health guarantee, and screened for PKD and FeLV negative.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Warwick, New York

• Telephone: 845 986 9879

• Email:

9. Jovial, New York

Himalayan cat in the garden

In Newburgh, New York, we found a CFA-registered cattery that has been producing Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic cats.

Jovial cats and kittens are from Regional and National Winner lines as well as Grand Champion lines. Jovial is a member of the Atlantic Himalayan Club and CFA Persian Breed Council.

As with almost every Himalayan cat breeder, kittens and cats are sold with the altered agreement, a written health guarantee followed by a written sales contract. The veterinary health certificate is provided when you come to pick up your Himalayan kitten. The kitten will be screened for PKD and FeLV and FIV negative.

The colors of Himalayan cats that Jovial can offer are tortie, seal, flame, cream, blue and blue-cream points.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Newburgh, New York

• Telephone: 917 710 8296

• Email:

10. Berryhill Cattery, Pennsylvania

Beautiful Persian Himalayan cat in Siamese color

Berryhill Cattery in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is a TICA and CFA registered breeder that has cats with Supreme Grand Champion lines, Distinguished Merit lines, and National Winner lines. The breeds they can offer are Himalayan and Exotic.

Kittens are screens for PKD, FIV, and FeLV negative and sold with an altering agreement and written sales contract.

In this cattery, you can find tortie, blue, seal, and blue-cream point Himalayan kittens. Check out their website and pick your favorite!

Breeder’s Info

Location: Bucks County, Pennsylvania

• Website: Berryhill Cattery

• Telephone: 610 346 7691

• Email:

11. Cuddle Paws, Pennsylvania

Himalayan siamese Cat with Blue eyes on the grass

Cuddle Paws from Northeastern Pennsylvania is a reputable Himalayan cat breeder that breeds Persians, Exotics, and Himalayan cats.

All of their breeding cats are from Regional, National, and Grand Champion lines. In this cattery, you can find Himalayan in lynx and most color points like tortie, seal, blue-cream, and cream.

Kittens and pet cats are sold with written sales contracts, altered before they leave, and they come with written health and genetic health guarantee, FIV and FeLV negative.

The veterinary health certificate will be available when you come to pick up your kitten.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Northeastern Pennsylvania

• Website: Cuddle Paws

• Telephone: 570 389 1231

• Email:

12. Remember, Virginia

grey Himalayan cat face

Remember is a CFA-registered cattery that has been producing Persian and Himalayan cats. As a member of the CFA Persian Breed Council, they have only Grand Champion lines.

The kittens and pet cats are altered prior to placement, FIV and FeLV negative, and screened for PKD. A written sales contract is provided.

Remember from Radford, Virginia, can offer you all pointed colors except lilac and chocolate.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Radford, Virginia

• Email:

How Much Does A Himalayan Cat Cost?

A Himalayan kitten that is pet quality usually costs around $800 to $1500, but that depends on the bloodline and the coat colors.

If you are to buy an adult Himalayan cat, then the price will be lower. As we said, if you want to find a purrfect Himalayan cat, you need to seek a responsible and reputable breeder.

Wrapping It Up

Himalayan cats are cute and lovely felines that will make your heart melt. If you are thinking of having one for yourself, you need to contact one of the Himalayan cat breeders we picked for you.

As we said, we’ve put all the information you might need if you’re looking to purchase a Himalayan cat, and we can assure you that whichever breeder on this list you choose, you won’t regret it. 

Bear in mind that being a feline owner is a big deal, and you need to take care of it; feel free to show all your love whenever you have time. Don’t forget about cleaning, grooming, regular vet check-ups, proper diet, and exercise. 

I wish you nothing but good luck in your quest for a Himalayan kitten!

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