About Us

Hey there!

I’m Logan and this Better With Cats!

Here’s me with my cat Debbie (we’re just taking a stroll):

logan and debbie

I love cats and like to call myself a “second generation cat man.” Here I am barely as tall as a doorknob with my dad’s cat Julius: 

logan with julius

Today, I live with my cat Debbie! She’s the little black and white cat walking on the leash at the top of this page. 

But Debbie wasn’t always the harness wearing happy cat you see there. 

Here’s how she started out in life: 

debbie as a kitten

Yep, that’s little Debbie…on a paper towel! That’s how small she was at only two weeks old. Sadly she was found abandoned outside and already had a severe upper respiratory infection. Things weren’t looking good for Debbie but she truly had a fighting spirit and once she got the hang of the bottle she never missed a meal. 

But as you can see from the picture, she still spilled plenty of milk all over herself!

Today Debbie is the happiest cat I know. I wish I could say it was all me but she is truly a curious, loving, and energetic spirit that’s just plain happy! 

Debbie never fully recovered from her upper respiratory infection and to this day she still has frequent sneezing fits. But this hasn’t slowed her down for an instant! In addition to spreading joy pretty much everywhere, Debbie is also a professional tester for many of the products you’ll see featured on Better With Cats. 

How Did I Get Here?

I worked in the animal welfare industry for more than a decade at one of the largest animal shelters in the United States. I’ve been lucky enough to meet thousands and thousands of cats during that time and I can say with certainty that they ALL have their own unique personality.

But I also got to meet thousands of other amazing animals too! Like this little pup:

logan with dog

As part of the management team for the veterinary services department, I also got to work with dozens of talented veterinary technicians and veterinarians who were constantly helping me learn more about the medical side of cat care. I was even able to take part in a study for Colorado State University!

Debbie’s Deal

We sometimes earn an affiliate commission when you purchase a product using one of your links. These commissions help us keep the site running and pay for things like our domain, hosting, and of course, the products we review. 

But we also honor something called Debbie’s Deal. 

See Debbie agreed to test the cat trees, treats, and litter boxes under one condition: 5% of all affiliate commissions have to be donated to non-profit organizations that specifically benefit cats. 

After spending more than a decade in animal welfare I’m confident I can pick the organization that does the most good and we take Debbie’s deal VERY seriously.