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Best Maine Coon Breeders: Top 21 Choices

Best Maine Coon Breeders: Top 21 Choices

The Maine Coon cat is truly a sight to behold. A loving and beautiful cat that you’ll be happy having in your life. Their nature is very sociable, which makes them great companions for active families of all ages that have other cats and dogs.

Even though they might look scary due to their size, you would be surprised how gentle this cat breed is and how easy it is for them to show affection. They are truly lap cats. However, they tend to be a bit mischievous but overall good-natured.

Maine Coon kittens are more active than adult ones, but if you encourage your Maine Coon cat during growth, it can remain playful her whole life. With toys that can keep them occupied and active, play fetch, bonding time, and so on, you’ll have a perfect companion for anything.

Now let’s see what Maine Coon breeders that have Maine Coon cats true to the breed standards.

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

When you’re in search of a Maine Coon kitten, you need to discuss with yourself which traits you are focusing on and discuss it with a potential breeder.

A responsible breeder should know their kittens and, according to that, provide you with one that will suit you the best. Kittens are available after 12 weeks of age; by that time, they should develop their social and physical skills and have their basic needs met.

We excluded all the scams on the internet and focused mainly on those that are CFA(Cat Fanciers’ Association) registered, do the vaccinations on kittens and take care of the well-being of the Maine Coon.

Now, let’s see what our registered Maine Coon breeders list in the USA has to offer.

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1. Fivestarsz Maine Coon Cattery, California

yellow Maine Coon cat sitting on a tree

Fivestarz Maine Coon Cattery is a brand new cattery that has been producing Maine Coon Cats since 2017. This breeder is registered with CFA, TICA(The International Cat Association), and CFF.

This home-based cattery, located in Los Angeles, California, raises its cats and kittens surrounded with love and free roams.

The cats have been imported from Eastern Europe with excellent pedigrees. Know that their Maine Coon cats are active participants at CFA and TICA shows.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Los Angeles, California

• Website: Fivestarsz Maine Coon Cattery

• Telephone: 818 217 5368

• Instagram: Fivestarsz Maine Coon Cattery

• Facebook: Fivestarsz Maine Coon Cattery

• Youtube: Fivestarsz Maine Coon Cattery

2. Colorado Maine Coons, Colorado

Maine Coon cat sitting on the grass

Colorado Maine Coons cattery is managed by Katerina and Brad, that share a love for animals and children. They found their perfect Maine Coon cat in Europe, which was preserved under strict rules and regulations.

Since then, they have been producing Maine Coon cats with the highest health standards and bred to be wonderful companions. The Colorado Maine Coons are sold as pets only, and they can assure you that all cats will be in excellent health at the time of sale.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Conifer, Colorado

• Website: Colorado Maine Coons

• Telephone: 813 389 3788

• Email:

• Instagram: Colorado Maine Coons

• Facebook: Colorado Maine Coons

3. King Claudr Coons Cattery, Texas

A Maine Coon cat sits by the window

King Claudr Coons Cattery is a giant European Maine Coon breeder and TICA affiliate that adores this gorgeous special breed.

Their goal is to produce healthy Maine Coon cats while preserving the qualities, traits, and characteristics that make them one of a kind.

All of their breeding cats are registered with WCF, The Imperial Cat Club, TICA Charter club, and with TICA when they enter into their cattery program. Their Maine Coons come from Champion WCF, TICA, and Fife Award-winning lines.

The cats have also undergone tests for defects, disease, anomalies, hereditary predispositions, and abnormalities. All of those tests are negative and include SMA N/N, HCM N/N, FIV Neg, FeLV Neg, SMA N/N, and PK and PK DEF.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Lake Livingston, Texas

• Website: King Claudr Coons Cattery

• Telephone: 303 710 1114

• Email:

4. Reigning Cats, Florida

Maine Coon cat standing on a tree in the forest

Reigning Cats is a small cattery located on the West Coast of Florida, showing and breeding purebred Maine Coons and Siberian kittens. This has been a registered cattery since 1999.

The focus of this breeder is to produce happy and healthy kittens that are true to the breed standard. The cats are usually at cat shows in ACFA, CFA, and TICA, and many of their cats are multi-registered.

They take pride in breeding well-adjusted, quality, and healthy Maine Coon kittens that are raised in a clean household and spoiled to the maximum. Kittens will receive their FVCRP vaccine, fecal test, deworming, and vet check-up before leaving, along with a health certificate.

The vaccines used on their kittens are non-adjuvant vaccines that will eliminate the risk of adjuvant-induced fibrosarcomas. The cats are also screened for PKD, HCM, Felv/ FIV, SMA, and PK deficient, and their vaccines are up to date.

Adult cats are from quality pedigrees, so you can be sure that their health will be the best possible, plus you’ll have to show quality kittens.

Breeder’s Info

Location: West Coast of Florida

• Website: Reigning Cats

• Email:

5. Elegant Lynx, Connecticut

Maine Coon cat lying on the floor

Elegant Lynx is a cattery in Connecticut that has been dedicated to finding loving homes for their kittens and making sure to place them in families that will shower the cats with love.

This TICA and CFA registered cattery has been focused on breeding Maine Coons, and their goal is to have all their genetic testings (SMA, PK Def, HCM, and PKD1) and ultrasound heart testings

Breeder’s Info

Location: Ledyard, Connecticut

• Website: Elegant Lynx

• Telephone:  860 572 7879

• Email:

6. Sassy Koonz, Florida

A Maine Coon cat sits on a tree and looks into the distance

Sassy Koonz from Florida is a very small Maine Coon breeder with a limited number of breeding cats and kittens for sale, which gives us the insight that they pay a huge amount of attention to the health history, pedigrees and genetics.

This breeder’s goal is to produce well-socialized, gorgeous-looking, and healthy Maine Coons that will make perfect family members.

With a Sassy Koonz kitten, you’ll get a five-year health guarantee, microchipped health certificate, and a home-raised Maine Coon.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Florida

• Website: Sassy Koonz

• Telephone: 904 335 8845

• Tik Tok: Sassy Koonz

• Facebook: Sassy Koonz

7. Happy Trills Maine Coons, Oklahoma

A Maine Coon cat sneaks up a tree

Happy Trills Maine Coons located in Oklahoma, is a Maine Coon hobby breeder that focuses on breeding the best socialized and healthiest kittens while contributing and adhering positively to the Maine Coon breed standard.

True to the breed standard, their Maine Coons are definitely show cats. Registered with TICA and CFA, this cattery raises their kittens in their home as members of their family. Their breeding cats are healthy, with great personalities, and they reflect the wild look they adore. Breeding cats are from European and American lines and Regional and International Winners.

Kittens’ parents are tested and genetically negative for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Pyruvate kinase Deficiency (PK Def), and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). Kittens are guaranteed to be FeLV and FIV-negative and free of parasites and ringworm.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Lookeba, Oklahoma

• Website: Happy Trills Maine Coons

• Telephone: 405 687 0808

• Instagram: Happy Trills Maine Coons

• Facebook: Happy Trills Maine Coons

Youtube: Happy Trills Maine Coons

• Twitter: Happy Trills Maine Coons

8. Coon Magic, New York

Maine Coon cat running through the forest

Coon Magic is a small cattery registered TICA and CFA raises their cats outside the cage as members of the family, and they’re free to run all over the house. Each kitten has personal attention and treatment, and the breeder wants such owner for them.

Their goal is to breed for character and health. Maine Coons in this cattery are gentle, beautiful, and healthy cats with a good pedigree from American and European winning lines.

In this cattery, you can find tortie, red and blue Maine Coons.

Breeder’s Info

Location: New York City

• Website: Coon Magic

• Telephone: 516 578 7828

• Email:

• Instagram: Coon Magic

• Facebook: Coon Magic

9. Dreamcoon, Virginia

Maine Coon cat lies on a wooden table

Dream Coon cattery is a small cattery located in a few houses in Henrico, Virginia. This breeder carefully selects breeding cats. The kittens and cats are kept in their home, receiving proper care, attention, and proper diet.

Maine Coon kittens are kept with their mothers for 3 months; after that, they are free to go to their forever homes. As a TICA and WCF registered cattery, they regularly attend international cat shows and receive high marks.

Their kittens, seniors, and breeding cats are kept separately for behavior and health safety.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Henrico, Virigina

• Website: Dreamcoon

• Email:

10. Chemicoons, Illinois

Maine Coon cat lies on the grass

As an active participant in Maine Coon Breed groups, the Chemicoons, a breeder from Rockford, Illinois, has served as the elected Vice-President of the Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association (MCBFA), and TICA Great Lakes Regional Director, a three-term elected breed committee member in TICA, TICA Maine Coon Breed Committee Chair.

All of that was for his main goal – breeding these wonderful cats. The main focus is on breeding healthy, gorgeous-looking and sweet, gentle giants in his home in order to provide great companions for future owners.

His Maine Coons are all screened for healthy hips and hearts, negative for the mutation HCM and SMA. This breeder makes sure that the kittens and cats are fed with a high-quality diet and raw, dry, canned food.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Rockford, Illinois

• Website: Chemicoons

• Facebook: Chemicoons

11. Hissyfitcoons, South Carolina

Maine Coon kitten walks in the garden

Hissyfitcoons is a breeder located in Travelers Rest in South Carolina. Their main goal is to produce healthy, strong, and gorgeous cats with outstanding dispositions that are suitable for families.

Trying to find the perfect Maine Coon, the breeder discovered European lines and fell instantly in love. They understood that that look was the one they wanted in their cattery.

Their goal is to produce Maine Coons for health, beauty, size, and temperament.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Travelers Rest, South Carolina

• Website: Hissyfitcoons

• Email:

• Facebook: Hissyfitcoons

12. Goldensfarm, New Hampshire

a gray Maine Coon cat is standing in the garden

Goldensfarm is a small breeder of Elite Maine Coons imported from Europe with top-quality pedigrees. The kittens are born and raised in their home and are totally family pets.

Their Maine Coons excel in beauty, intelligence, temperaments, and, most importantly, health. Their cats are from Russian pedigreed lines.

Their kittens come with TICA papers, tested negative for FeLV and FIV, and screened for breed-specific diseases such as PKD, SMA, HCM, and PK Def. Also, all their kittens have a distemper vaccination, a deworming, a negative fecal, a health certificate, and vet-checked prior to leaving.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Boscawen, New Hampshire

• Website: Goldensfarm

• Telephone: 603 573 5432

• Email:

• Instagram: Goldensfarm

13. Mainecoonection, North Dakota

Maine Coon cat lying on a stone

Where to find beautiful Maine Coon kittens? In Bismarck, North Dakota, where the small, in-home breeder is located. TICA-registered and Cat Kingpin-certified Mainecoonection share their home with gentle giants.

Before leaving, you’ll get a contract, a kitten that is vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed, litter trained, and kitten showered with love, so they don’t accept anything less.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Bismarck, North Dakota

• Website: Mainecoonection

• Telephone: 701 290 2199

• Email:

• Facebook: Mainecoonection

14. EuroCoons, Kansas

Maine Coon cat lying on the couch

EuroCoons is a reputable Maine Coon breeder located in Kansas in USA. This breeder’s goal is to raise healthy, wild-looking, with great bloodlines Maine Coon cats. The Maine Coons are from European lines, from Premiere Maine Coon Catteries of Europe. Registered in TICA and CFA since 2015.

This breeder makes sure to pay attention to each kitten and to provide hospital cleaning services with weekly check-ups.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Kansas

• Website: EuroCoons

• Telephone: 913 563 0043

• Email: 

15. Sassietat, North Carolina

A Maine Coon cat walks through a meadow full of dandelions

Sassietat is an award-winning breeder of Supreme Grand Champions, Grand Champions, and International and Regional Winners of Maine Coon cats.

Sassietat is a member of TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (Cat Fancy Association), and Maine Coon Fanciers CFA (Cat Fancy Association) Breed Council. Breeding cats have been actively shown since 2010.

Breeder’s Info

Location: North Carolina

• Website: Sassietat

• Telephone: 828 964 1848

• Email:

16. Loving Lynx, Tennessee

a black Maine Coon cat lies on a wooden background

If you’re searching for DNA health-tested bloodlines of Maine Coon cats, then you’re in the right place since the Loving Lynx can provide you with that. This breeder breeds quality Maine Coons with wild lynx appearance and gentle disposition that they call the signature of this cattery.

Their focus is on producing mega-thick lynx ear tips, heavyset boning, strong muzzles, and long plush tails. This breeder breeds only Maine Coons that are N/N negative for all health issues. And, of course, their breeding cats are DNA health tested before reproducing for 40+ genetic defects, including coat colors, blood type, morphology, and coat types.

Maine Coons from Loving Lynx are mentally healthy as well.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

• Website: Loving Lynx

• Instagram: Loving Lynx

• Facebook: Loving Lynx

• Pinterest: Loving Lynx

17. Fluffy Giants, Michigan

Maine Coon cat sitting on a stone slab

Fluffy Giants is a TICA & CFA registered cattery located in Southeast Michigan that imported their breeding cats from Champion European Bloodlines.

For more information, you need to get in touch with the breeder.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Southeast Michigan

• Website: Fluffy Giants

• Instagram: Fluffy Giants

• Facebook: Fluffy Giants

• Youtube: Fluffy Giants

•Tik Tok: Fluffy Giants

18. Loveable Paws Cattery, Arkansas

Maine Coon cat enjoys lying on the grass

Loveable Paws Cattery is located in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has its breeding cats imported from Italy, Germany, Russia, and Poland.

Cats are born and raised in their home and treated as family members. For more information, check out their website.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

• Website: Loveable Paws Cattery

• Telephone: 501 940 4406

• Email:

• Facebook: Loveable Paws Cattery

19. Suncoons Maine Coons, Arizona

gray Maine Coon cat walks around the garden

Suncoons is a small, in-home cattery located in Phoenix, Arizona, and devoted to raising and loving cats. Their cats are never caged, and the kittens are born and raised underfoot until they find their new loving homes.

Their parent cats are DNA tested for SMA, HCM, and PK Def, as well as ultrasound, tested annually. The kittens are FeLV and FIV negative, vaccinated, and come with a health guarantee and a written contract.

Location: PhoenixBreeder’s Info, Arizona

• Website: Suncoons Maine Coons

• Email:

20. NW Coonies, Oregon

gray Maine Coon cat sits on the grass and looks around

NW Coonies is a cattery located that takes pride in having and raising healthy Maine Coon cats and kittens. The tests that are done in this cattery are all through Optimal Selections via TICA.

Their kings and queens are imported from different catteries in Ukraine, Russia, and Hungary. All of their kittens have TICA papers. The kittens are growing with children so that they can be properly socialized. NW Cooniec cats are fun, friendly, and energetic.

They can ship the kitten to an airport near you, and you’ll get a 2-year health guarantee in the contract once you choose your Maine Coon kitten. Bare in mind that this cattery only sells kittens as pets. Breeding rights are only offered to those breeders this breeder build friendships with.

Feel free to check out their website and see all this for yourself.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Oregon

• Website: NW Coonies

• Email:

• Instagram: NW Coonies

• Facebook: NW Coonies

21. Mountain Maine Coons, Montana

beautiful Maine Coon cat sitting on the grass

Last but certainly not least on our list of Maine Coon breeders is a cattery called mountain Maine Coons. Located in Hamilton, Montana, this cattery has imported their Maine Coon breeding cats from Europe with many Champions in the bloodline.

The focus of this cattery is to produce big Maine Coons with robust manes, full tails, strong muzzles, and outstanding personalities. The kittens are raised in their house so they can receive proper attention, socialization, and stimulation. They are easily adaptable to many different households, as well as those with other pets.

This TICA-registered cattery can offer you kittens whose parents are tested for PKD, SMA, HCM, and PK Def.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Hamilton, Montana

• Website: Mountain Maine Coons

• Telephone: 406 240 7999

• Email:

• Instagram: Mountain Maine Coons

• Facebook: Mountain Maine Coons

What Is The Average Cost Of A Maine Coon?

Over the last few decades, Maine Coon kittens have enjoyed enormous popularity, and according to that, their price was higher and higher to match that popularity. But how much do you need to spend for an average Maine Coon kitten?

Maine Coons belong to one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world; you can expect to pay approximately $400 to $2000 for a Maine Coon kitten.

Check out the Maine Coon feeding chart in order to know how much you need to feed them according to their age and how much you’ll need to spend on the food.

To Wrap Up

As we already said, Maine Coons are very popular, so it is not surprising that they are also famous in the TICA and CFA shows, especially those with Black Classic Tabby.

As one of the natural cat breeds in North America, these cats are very interactive and loving. If you are thinking of adopting a Maine Coon from a reputable breeder, you’re in the right place since we have prepared a list of the best Maine Coon breeders with all the necessary information that will give you all you need to look out for when searching for a kitten.

We can all agree that our lives would be boring without these creatures. But we must take them seriously and take proper care of them, so keep in mind that grooming, cleaning, and regular vet check-ups are a must!

Once you get a Maine Coon kitten, your social media will be filled with pictures of your new family friend!

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