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Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix – Meet This Gorgeous Mixed Breed

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix – Meet This Gorgeous Mixed Breed

If you are here, you must be interested in the amazing but rare crossbreed, the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix! The Maine Coon breed and Russian Blues are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of cat crossbreeding due to their difference in size, but it is what it is.

The Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix is a domestic cat that is not so popular across the internet, you may have seen some pictures of it, but you didn’t know that it is this mix.

Nonetheless, we are here to introduce you to these cuties, covering the personality, appearance, health issues, how these two cat breeds differ from one another, what occurs when mixing Maine Coon Cat and Russian Blue cat and how to keep this hybrid healthy.

Now, let’s see what we can learn about them!

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

russian blue maine coon

Photo from: @nali_and_zizi

Russian Blue Maine Coon mix is very rare to find, a crossbreed that is worth searching for a long time! It doesn’t mean that these two breeds are not so common, but they are not so available.

Due to the difference in their size, people choose not to breed them so often, but when they do, it hardly goes as planned. However, when combined, these two make the most wonderful kitties you can have in your house.

This mix will pick up the best of both worlds. You’ll get a truly remarkable house cat that won’t have problems showing you kindness and affection. You are incredibly fortunate if you find these crossbreeds.

Most cat breeders are interested in pure breeding rather than crossbreeding. Now let’s look at their physical traits, personality, and history in depth.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix – Appearance

When it comes to the appearance of the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix, it is clear that genes play an essential part in it. In order to see what the mix will look like, you need to find out which parent breed it most resembles at. However, traits of both parent breeds can be seen in the mix.

Normally, this crossbreed will have a proportional head that is sometimes longer. If the mix takes after the Maine Coon parent, it will have a rectangular-shaped head with no tapering.

Russian Blue Maine Coon mix may have big eyes due to the genes of the Russian Blue parent. The ears are well-tufted and mostly large, narrowing from the base to the tip.

This mix will probably take after the lion-like parent, and it will have a long and thick mane, especially if he’s male. But, this might not be so visible if the Russian Blue characteristics take over.

In general, this crossbreed will have long and large bones with strong muscles that are well-defined. The body will be adorned with large paws on the strong legs.

The coat depends on genetics, but it is expected to have a medium to long coat in various shades like the Maine Coon parent.

Size And Weight

Even though Russian Blues and Maine Coons have some things in common, the size and weight are not one of them, and it is easily noticeable the difference in size.

Russian Blue Maine Coon mix grows up to 9 to 16 inches in height. That can apply for both male and female mix; however, in the weight, we see a difference. Female Russian Blue Maine Coon mixes can weigh from 7 to 12 pounds, while male crossbreeds will weigh around 10 and 18 pounds. Their “final size” is expected to be about 3 to 5 years of age.

Even though these are expected numbers of weight and height, sometimes they can fall out of those ranges since there is a chance of the litter of the runt that can weigh 7 pounds.

There is a condition called heterosis, and when it happens, the Russian Blue Maine Cooon grows above the average. This is entirely normal and should not be considered a flaw.

You can look at the Maine Coon growth chart to know what to expect if your mix takes more after the Maine Coon parent.


maine coon russian blue coat

Photo from: @mainecoon.russianblue2

The coat of this wonderful mix will depend on the number of genes they exhibit from the parents. If your cat took more after the Maine Coon than Russian Blue, it would likely inherit the long coat with thick undercoats with fluffy light coats that will be medium to long-haired.

But if your cat is more like Russian Blue, it will inherit double blue to grey coat with short hairs.

A Russian Blue Maine Coon mix will likely shed much, so prepare for daily grooming since the Maine Coon genes will be exposed. To complicate it a little bit more, the short but thick coat may cause problems along the way.

When it comes to shades of coats, there are various shades of gray and blue, brown, cream, black, and white. No matter the color, since Maine Coons and Russian Blues have shiny, silky, and soft coats, the mixes will undoubtedly inherit that feature.

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Russian Blue Maine Coon mix will be larger than purebred Russian blue, with a bigger and fluffier tail if it is more like the Maine Coon parent.

But, if this crossbreed takes over the Russian Blue more than Maine Coon, the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix will have a muscular but lean and slender body and exhibit a smiling face.

Eye Color

Yet again, we find the eyes of every cat fascinating and amusing. The eye color of this cutie pie can come in many different shades.

But, often, these mixes are often seen with green eyes adorned with yellow spots. Nonetheless, it will, of course, depend on the genes of the mother and father cats and their dominance.

You can check the cat eye color chart to see which eye colors can be seen in our feline friends,

Personality Of The Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

Again, the personality of this gorgeous mix will depend on which parent breed it takes more after. If the cat is more like a purebred Maine Coon, you can expect a friendly, talkative cat that adores adventure. A cat that loves to spend time outdoors and training may be needed to maintain its hyperactive side, especially if it is not spayed or neutered.

But, if the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix takes after the Russian Blue, you can expect a reserved cat that loves more than anything to be pampered by the owners inside a loving home.

Cats like this might be overwhelmed if they are put in the center of attention with many strangers and other pets unknown to them.

But you need to remember that the personality of the mix is always unpredictable, and you can always try to change something while raising and socializing them.

Nonetheless, whichever side the mix takes after, it will end up with a loving house cat that loves to cuddle.

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Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Lifespan

The Russian Blue Maine Coon mixes are sociable cats that will be with you more than any other mix. Their lifespan can go from 9 to 20 years.

Russian Blue Maine Coon mix is healthy and sound, but some health issues like UTIs or hip dysplasia may happen. We will talk more about their health problems in the next chapter.

Diseases may come from improper care and low-quality food. If you want to have a healthy Russian Blue Maine Coon mix and to be with him for as long as possible, you need to take care of the food you give.

The life expectancy will be longer if you pay attention to these things as a cat’s owner.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix – Health Issues

Now, we will see which health issues Russian Blue Maine Coon mix may inherit or develop during their time on Earth:

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD): The condition that a mix inherits is a kidney disease that can manifest at a young age. The cysts cause kidney dysfunction, and the symptoms are vomiting, often urination, and lethargy.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM): This condition where the heart’s walls are thickened. That thickening causes the heart to struggle while pumping blood through the cat’s body.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): the condition that may not cause pain to cats is the main reason this mix loses sight.

Hip Dysplasia: When a cat has hip dysplasia, it has difficulties with walking or jumping.

While most of these health problems are genetically from Maine Coons, a purebred Russian Blue is considered a very healthy cat breed; however, they can face obesity. Make sure to feed your cat with cat food full of protein.

If you want to avoid infectious diseases, you need to vaccinate your cat and properly sanitate it along with the lineage of your Russian Blue Maine Coon kitten’s parents.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix – History

Sadly, there are no records about this Russian Blue Maine Coon mix. However, there are records of their parent breeds, Maine Coon and Russian Blue, so we researched it a bit:

• The Russian Blue’s first name was the Archangel cat since it was bred in the Archangel Iles in Russia. After the second world war, American breeders found their way to these gorgeous cats. It took a lot of time for this breed to be loved by Americans. But, the Russian Blue we know today has been selectively bred for years.

• The Maine Coon, one of the natural cat breeds, was named after the state where they’ve become popular. They have a history of being show cats taking part in many different cat shows. Many cat lovers claim that these large cats have some connections with the Turkish Angora. These gentle giants won people’s hearts with their affection, size, intelligence, and majesty.

How Much Does A Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Cost?

russian blue maine coon mix kittens

Photo from: @nali_and_zizi

A Russian Blue Maine Coon mix is definitely a cat that will require you to save up some money before deciding to purchase it. The cost may vary, but usually, it goes from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars if you choose to get it from a respected breeder that will provide you only with the top-quality crossbreed.

You may pay a little less if you find a way to get this mix from a shelter or a rescue home. The adult mix is more expensive than kittens, and the price ranges from 800 to 1500 dollars, but they are not so easy to find in every rescue or shelter.

However, there are also essentials you need to have before getting a cat, especially if you are a new cat owner.

What Are The Similarities Between Russian Blue And Maine Coon?

Even though they are pretty different breeds, these two cat breeds share some traits. Both of these cat breeds are observant, trainable, and smart. They are highly trainable and quick to get human needs, and they like to be helpful.

Both cats are loyal and protective, and you can expect that they are territorial when it comes to their space and protective when it comes to their loved ones. They are vigilant, especially around kids.

The great thing about both of these cat breeds is that they are full of affection, but they won’t bother you and be clingy. They have no problem being alone for a while if they have things to do and if you provide them with exciting toys.

Both ‘breeds are thoughtful; they’ll take care of you whenever you’re sad.

What Is The Difference Between The Two?

russian blue maine coon comparison

Most cat lovers in the United Kingdom are fans of these two house cats, Maine Coons, and Russian Blues. But what sets them apart?

Their origin is different. Maine Coon origin is in the Northeastern US, while Russian Blue is from the Archangel Isles in Russia.

• Russian Blues are cats with short blue coats, while Maine Coons are large, long-haired felines.

• Russian Blues are introverted, while Maine Coons are extroverted.

• Height difference: Maine Coons can go from 30.5 to 40.5 centimeters while Russian Blues are 23 to 26 centimeters.

• Weight difference: While both male and female Russian Blues weigh from 3.6 kilos to 6.8 kilos, Maine Coons and other larger breeds like Ragdoll cats, Norwegian Forests, and Lynx can face sexual dimorphism, which means that the difference in size is very much different like male going from 6.9 kilos to 11. 4 kilos while the female can weigh from 3.8 kilos to 6. kilos.

• Maine Coons, with their long coats, are definitely not hypoallergenic, while Russian Blues fall into the group of low hypoallergenic breeds.

• Maine Coons have no problem expressing themselves with yowling and loud purring, while Russian Blues are quiet and love to use a mellow tone.

• Maine Coons need big space for living, while Russian Blues would be fine even in a small apartment.

• Russian Blues are aloof with strangers but rather polite, while Maine Coons are friendly, but if something gets in their way, they can be hissy and impatient.

Wrapping It Up

Russian Blue Maine Coon mix truly is something special and worth mentioning. We are left speechless by looking at them, but when you get to know them, you only realize their true beauty.

I hope we did well in introducing you to the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix that stole our hearts and hopefully yours! These majestic cats are loyal and affectionate, but it is excellent that they won’t be clingy.

Their love for playing and claiming is immaculate, so you’ll need to provide them with many different fun sources. Unlike dogs, mixed-breed cats usually have fewer health problems than purebreds due to a bigger gene pool.

Since this mix is highly trainable and smart, you won’t need to potty train this kitten. She will know how to use a litterbox, drink water, and eat food. This mix will make you get out of bed since it will have plenty of energy!

If you like the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix, you may also like and research a Siamese cat, tabbies, Nebelung, Siberian cat, and British Shorthair since those are extraordinary cats that shower you with affection.

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