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Ragdoll Breeders: Meet 16 Breeding Stars

Ragdoll Breeders: Meet 16 Breeding Stars

If you want a cat with an outstanding and unique look, then the Ragdoll is definitely a choice for you. As a large and affectionate cat breed with gorgeous blue eyes, Ragdoll cats get along with other pets and children, blending into busy modern households.

The Ragdolls is a laidback cat with a relaxed character and an overall happy attitude but tend to be a quiet cat, so if you want a talkative cat, you should avoid Ragdolls.

Ragdoll kittens are always down for some play so prepare yourself for abundance levels of energy. These cats are usually compared with dogs because of their intelligence and friendliness, so they can even be taught to play fetch.

Now, let’s talk about the making thing you’re here for, the Ragdoll breeders.

Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

If you desire a high-quality Ragdoll cat, then you have come to the right place. We are aware that the Ragdoll cat breed is exceptional, and it can be hard to find those reputable breeders that you’ll be happy to get in touch with.

For that reason, we’ve made a list of Ragdoll breeders that will help you get a healthy and beautiful Ragdoll kitten.

Now, let’s do some digging to find a new kitten!

1. Swafford’s Ragdoll Cafe, California

white Ragdoll

We’ll start with the Swafford’s Ragdoll Cafe, a purebred breeder that is located in Ramona, California. The main focus of this breeder is to produce sweet and beautiful Ragdoll cats that will be wonderful companions and friends for a lifetime.

The kittens and cats live in their home as family members, and they’re constantly showered with attention which puts them in the spotlight, and they’re socializing with people and other animals. That will also make them affectionate and loving, which is a great thing.

The kittens are free and healthy of any genetic disease prior to leaving, and they will be dewormed and with all their age-appropriate vaccinations. And on top of that, they’ll come with TICA registration papers.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Ramona, California

• Website: Swafford’s Ragdoll Cafe

• Telephone: 760 533 9417

• Email:

2. Pastel Ragdolls, Arizona

white Ragdoll looking up

Pastel Ragdolls is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and is registered with the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association and TICA ( The International Cat Association). Their breeding program is focused on improving and preserving all the traits that make Ragdoll breed a wonderful cat breed, and those are:

• Breed conformation – The breeder aims to produce Ragdolls that are physically true to the Ragdoll breed standard. What does it mean? They need to be physically balanced, without extremes. Their focus is on vibrant blue eye color, large size, and correct facial structure. Here you cannot find mink, solid, or sepia-colored Ragdolls, as these colors are not conformed to the breed standard.

• Affectionate disposition– Pastell Ragdolls strive to breed kittens that exemplify the true Ragdoll disposition, and that is a gentle, sweet, affectionate, and relaxed cutie. Each and every one of their breeding cats embody this breed’s temperaments. The kittens are constantly surrounded by people, which makes them extremely socialized at a very young age.

• Great health – To any breeder, health needs to be the priority; all of their breeding cats and kittens are genetically tested, health screened, and have regular vet check-ups.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

• Website: Pastel Ragdolls

• Email:

• Instagram: Pastel Ragdolls

• Facebook: Pastel Ragdolls

3. Ruby Ridge Rags, California

Ragdoll Cat

We found Ruby Ridge Rags in Riverside County, Arizona, which is a breeder that can offer you purebred Ragdolls that will take your breath away. Born and raised in their home, their Ragdolls are the embodiment of the Ragdoll breed standard.

As members of the CFA, TICA, RFW, and RFCI, their cats tested negative for HCM, FIV, and FeLV.

With each kitten, you get a health record and TICA registration papers. The kittens will also be spayed or neutered before leaving the cattery, dewormed, vaccinated, and vet-checked.

Go to their website to see the latest litter.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Riverside County, California

• Website: Ruby Ridge Rags

• Telephone: 951 926 5949

• Email:

4. Dreamland Ragdolls, Missouri

Ragdoll Cat playing with kid

On our list of best Ragdoll breeders, Dreamland Ragdolls deserve a place, no doubt there. As a small TICA-registered hobby breeder that raises their kittens in their home. The cats and kittens are never caged, and they can assure you that all their cats receive a tremendous amount of love and attention, and they are spending much time with their three kids.

Their focus is on producing beautiful, well-socialized, and, most importantly, healthy Ragdoll kittens. Their breeding cats all tested double negative for PKD1 (polycystic kidney disease), MPS VI, and HCM, as well as tested negative for FIV/FeLV.

In this cattery, you can find kittens of blue, lilac, chocolate, and seal, while the patterns are bicolor, mitted, and lynx/non-lynx.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Missouri

• Website: Dreamland Ragdolls

• Telephone: 360 787 3027

• Email:

• Instagram: Dreamland Ragdolls

• Facebook: Dreamland Ragdolls

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5. The Ragdoll Queen Cattery, California

Ragdoll Cat lying

Welcome to Ragdoll Queen Cattery! This breeder is located in Murrieta, California. They have been breeding Ragdoll cats since 2012.

This cattery offers Ragdolls in traditional colors such as mitted, blue, and sealed in pointed, lynx, and bicolor patterns. The kittens are tested for PKD1 and HCM at the University of California Davis and yearly tested for FIV and FeLV. The kittens are also examined by a vet before they leave the cattery.

Ragdoll kittens will be 3x dewormings, receive 1st and 2nd sets of vaccine shots, and they’ll have an 18-month health guarantee against genetic defects.

Check out their website to see if they have any available kittens right now.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Murrieta, California

• Website: The Ragdoll Queen Cattery

• Email:

• Instagram: The Ragdoll Queen Cattery

6. Ragdoll Kattery, Florida

Ragdoll Cat lying on sofa

Ragdoll Kattery is a Ragdoll kitten breeder and a Ragamuffin breeder that can offer both pet quality and show cats, located in Dunnellon, Florida.

Their carefully chosen kings and queens are from domestic bloodlines of excellent pedigrees. As breeders of 20 years in business, they have been producing kittens true to the TICA standards.

This breeder can offer blue point, seal point bicolor, and mitted colors and patterns. These Ragdoll cats are healthy and gorgeous as they come.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Dunnellon, Florida

• Website: Raggdoll Kattery

• Telephone: 352 682 9057

• Email:

7. Adorable Dolls, California

Ragdoll Cat lying on blanket

Adorable Dolls is a cattery from Roseville that focuses on producing lovable, healthy, and beautiful Ragdolls that win your heart as soon as you lay your eyes on them. Their Ragdoll kittens are a loving addition to families.

Their breeder cats are from champion bloodlines and registered RFW, CFA, and TICA. The kittens are raised in their home, so they get a lot of attention and love. Before leaving the cattery, the kittens are spayed or neutered, vet-checked, vaccinated, and negative for FeLV. The breeder also provides a 2-year health guarantee.

The prices are as follows:

• Show quality Ragdoll – $2800

• Show quality Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll – $3000

• Pet quality Ragdoll – $2100

Breeder’s Info

Location: Roseville, California

• Website: Adorable Dolls

• Telephone: 831 801 9026

• Email:

8. Vegas Ragdolls, Nevada

Ragdoll standing outside

Vegas Ragdolls is a breeder located in Las Vegas, Nevada, that fell in love with the Ragdoll breed 18 years ago and, since then, fallen in love more and more due to Ragdolls, personality, size, intelligence, and playfulness. The cattery was opened 16 years ago because they learned and learned about the breed.

As they were fonder and fonder of the Ragdoll breed, they wanted to make them available to anyone that desired this cat breed. They raise them in their home and socialize them doing all their daily activities, giving them constant cuddles.

Their kings and queens tested negative for FIV, FeLV, HCM, and worms. The cattery is closed, and they put emphasis on keeping their cats safe. The kittens are also registered with TICA.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

• Website: Vegas Ragdolls

• Email:

9. Furreal Rag Dolls, California

Ragdoll standing outside on grass

Furreal Rag Dolls from Northern Central California is a breeder of Ragdoll kittens that embody the standards set by the TICA.

This breeder makes sure that they are always informed about research regarding nutrition, breeding, and health of cats, and they try to attend every seminar when they can in order to better up their breeding program and learn more.

Their breeding cats tested negative for HCM DNA; the kittens are spayed or neutered by 12 weeks of age before they leave for their forever homes.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Northern Central California

• Website: Furreal Rag Dolls

• Telephone: 415 586 1970

• Email:

10. Angel Haven Rag Dolls, California

Ragdoll sitting on white sofa

Let’s see what the Angel Haven Rag Dolls can offer, a small home Ragdoll kitten breeder located in North San Diego County in California.

Their breeding politic is to breed socialized, and well-adjusted cats that are TICA registered and DNA HCM tested negative.

Now, let’s check their prices:

Show quality breeder – $2200-$3000

Altered Show Quality

Bicolor- $1600-$1800

Altered Show Quality

Mitted and Colorpoint- $1100-$1400

$200 more if you desire a Ragdoll with the Lynx Pattern

Breeder’s Info

Location: North San Diego County, California

• Website: Angel Haven Rag Dolls

• Instagram: Angel Haven Rag Dolls

• Twitter: Angel Haven Rag Dolls

11. Starliterags, Wisconsin

Ragdoll sitting on rocks

Starliterags have been breeding good-quality Ragdoll kittens since 1992. The cattery found its place in central Wisconsin. However, they do ship to other parts of the USA.

Their aim is to breed beautiful and healthy Ragdoll kittens that will have registration papers with TICA (The International Cat Association).

The kittens receive their first vaccine shots and are spayed or neutered; you get a health guarantee and starter kits with food and toys.

To get on the waiting list and reserve a kitten, a deposit of $207 should be put in. However, the deposits are non-refundable.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Wisconsin

• Website: Starliterags

• Telephone: 715 340 3435

• Email:

• Instagram: Starliterags

• Facebook: Starliterags

12. CottonBlues Ragdolls, Ohio 

Ragdoll sitting on pink flowers

What do we have here? A CottonBlues Ragdolls is another one of the reputable Ragdoll breeders that takes pride in breeding high-quality Ragdoll kittens. This breeder started in 2017, and since then, more and more have worked on the improvement of the health and temperament of the Ragdoll cats.

This CFA and TICA-registered cattery is located in Ohio. Their cats are award-winning free-form genetic diseases such as RD HCM, PKD, and FeLV.

CottonBlues Ragdolls don’t have a waiting list, and you will be able to reserve a kitten after it’s been carefully evaluated. This breeder makes sure that every kitten receives proper evaluation. The prices of the Ragdoll kittens here depend on the colors, markings, and patterns, and they can offer rarer shades like grey, blue point, or black, and standard like seal point Ragdoll kittens.

When it comes to prices, Ragdoll kittens here cost $2500 for pet-quality Ragdolls. Meanwhile, the prices for show-quality Ragdoll kittens start at $3500.

CottonBlues Ragdolls doesn’t offer shipping options, so that you can pick up your favorite kitten at CottonBluesRagdolls, or you can choose and pick it up at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Ohio

• Website: CottonBlues Ragdolls

• Telephone: 440 503 9343

• Email:

• Instagram: CottonBlues Ragdolls

• Facebook: CottonBlues Ragdolls

13. HarvestRags, Texas

Ragdoll lying on floor

Ravest Rags, from North Texas, is a respectable cattery that has been in business since 2018. This breeder makes sure that they’re always in contact and collaboration with other established catteries across the United States and overseas.

Ragdoll kittens at Harvest Rags have the proper care and treatment and are treated like family members. Kittens are raised in clean and comfy surroundings and fed high-quality food in order to keep their health at best.

What this breeder aims to do is to produce cats and kittens to bring out the most of their personality. How? By spending so much time with cats, observing the trade practices which make them one of the respectable Ragdoll breeders.

Their breeding cats are genetically tested, and all have CFA and TICA registration papers. Before they leave the cattery, kittens are spayed or neutered and vaccinated for feline leukemia virus – FeLV, feline immunodeficiency virus – FIV, and feline infectious peritonitis – FIP.

If you desire a purebred kitten that is free of any disease, feel free to contact the breed, you won’t regret it!

Breeder’s Info

Location: North Texas

• Website: HarvestRags

• Telephone: 940 595 3029

• Email:

• Instagram: HarvestRags

• Facebook: HarvestRags

14. Floppy Floofs Ragdolls, Minnesota 

Ragdoll lying in her bed

Floppy Floofs Ragdolls is a cattery from Minnesota that has been in business for five years. In those five years, they have worked on improving the breed, and their family of Ragdolls grew as well as their love for these felines.

As a TICA-registered cattery, they offer DNA testing for health, type, and color. The tests are done at the University of California Davis, which is a respectable feline research facility in the USA.

This cattery can offer you sepia, mink, and traditional DNA-tested Ragdoll kittens. As this breeder serves in other parts of the country, you can find them in North Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Connecticut, Alaska, and many other states.

For older Ragdoll kittens that are kept as potential sires or dams, the price is around $800 to $1000, while for younger Ragdoll cuties, the prices go from $1200 to $1800.

This cattery, unlike others, offers many different transport options. This can show us that they care about the kittens’ safety and they try to do their best to bring them to their future owners.

If you are from Minnesota, there is an option of door-to-door delivery, which is offered to those that live within a 500-mile radius of the cattery with a minimal fee.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Minnesota

• Website: Floppy Floofs Ragdolls

• Telephone: 775 741 6340

• Email:

• Facebook: Floppy Floofs Ragdolls

15. Sunshine Ragdolls, New York

cute Ragdoll kitten

Sunshine Ragdolls is a TICA-registered cattery that has been producing traditional Ragdoll kittens for years. Located in Westbury, New York, this Ragdoll breeder truly deserves a place on this list since they are reliable cat breeders from New York.

What is their aim? Their aim is to produce good-looking Ragdoll kittens with excellent health. They dedicate their time to each kitten so they can live in safe and happy surroundings.

Each kitten from Sunshine Ragdolls is HCM and PKD-free, and they come with a 3-year genetic health guarantee.

The kittens are never caged, which means that the kittens are socialized from the day they get on their feet. This breeder also checks the possibilities of cat allergies among kittens which result in having kittens with a low dander count.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Westbury, New York

• Website: Sunshine Ragdolls 

• Telephone: 516 606 4608

• Email:

• Instagram: Sunshine Ragdolls

• Facebook: Sunshine Ragdolls

16. The Blue Lion Cattery, Colorado

close shot of Ragdoll

Last but certainly not least Ragdoll breeder on our list is The Blue Lion Cattery from Colorado. Shari MacCallum is an owner and a manager of this TICA-registered cattery that offers all standard colors of Ragdoll felines.

This Ragdoll breeder focuses on breeding and raising Ragdoll kittens for health, temperament, and appearance. The kittens are well taken care of in his home, and they’re always socializing.

The kittens From Blue Lions Cattery are from premium bloodlines, free from HCM, FeLV, and FIV. Vaccinated with all their age-appropriate vaccines. You will also get a health guarantee.

Check out their website to see the photos of their available kittens. If you have doubts or you’re interested more about the cattery, make sure to call him or text.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Colorado

• Website: The Blue Lion

• Telephone: 303 870 1400

• Email:

How Much Does A Ragdoll Cat Cost?

Ragdoll cat price can be around $800 if the Ragdoll is a pet quality cat, while the price for a show Ragdoll cat can be about $2000.

However, those prices are different in every region, and they can be lower or higher depending if the breeder is reputable and if they sell breeding rights with the kitten too.

Bear in mind that the price you pay for a Ragdoll kitten is not the only amount of money since you’ll have to prepare your home for a kitten, especially if you are a new cat owner.

Make sure that your cat has a cat bed, tree, scratching posts, toys, food and water bowls, quality food, grooming tools, and so on. Some of these are not the monthly expenses; however, you need to have it all so your cat can feel welcome, comfy, loved, and secure.

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Wrapping It Up

Ragdolls are true beauties of the feline world. Very affectionate and loving, these cats will make your sad days happier and boring days funnier.

You’re seeking the best Ragdoll breeders, and we can only offer you highly reputable breeders that will surely provide you with healthy and gorgeous Ragdoll kittens.

We’ve made sure that we offer you TICA– registered catteries that can provide you with show quality or pet quality Ragdolls, whatever your soul might seek.

Being a cat owner is a real responsibility, and you need to take care of it properly, go to a veterinarian regularly, groom them, clean their silky coat and shower them with love and attention each day more and more. Remember, the more you care for your cat, the longer it will be in your life.

Hurry up and get to the waiting list before someone else take your promised feline friend.

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