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16 Persian Cat Breeders: Where To Find Persian Kittens For Sale

16 Persian Cat Breeders: Where To Find Persian Kittens For Sale

Persians are luxurious cats of the feline world. With their open pansy-like faces and deluxe coats, these cats are the number one cat breed when it comes to popularity. Their gentle and sweet dispositions will fit any household as soon as they feel secure and welcomed in their new environment.

Persians communicate with their large eyes, and you’ll be happy to call yourself a Persian owner. Their short and broad bodies are supported by heavily boned legs. They are not fond of climbing and jumping, so they prefer their feet firmly planted.

These cats are playful but not demanding, and they enjoy being placed beside their favorite window, admiring the outside world. They are likely to become your source of happiness.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the Persian cat breed let’s proceed with the Persian cat breeders list.

Persian Kittens For Sale

There are many reputable Persian cat breeders, so we tried our best to put on our list only the best of the best, so keep reading and enjoy.

1. Persian Kitten Pals, Texas

Two Cute Persian kittens playing on cat tower

Persian Kitten Pals is our first breeder on the list of Persian cat breeders. This is a CFA-registered cattery located in Frisco, Texas. Their aim is to breed traditional dollč-faced Persians.

The kittens from birth spend time in the nursery rather than a cage, and if you are to reserve a Persian kittie, you’ll have access to live kitty cameras, and you’ll get weekly updates from Persian Kitten Pals.

Persian Kitten Pals are CFA Registered cattery. The kitten will come with negative FeLV tests, a health guarantee, two visits to the veterinarian, and all core boosters – rabies, FeLV, and FVCRP.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Frisco, Texas

• Website: Persian Kitten Pals

• Telephone: 972 757 7920

• Email:

• Instagram: Persian Kitten Pals

• Pinterest: Persian Kitten Pals

2. Kitty Cature, Texas

persian cat sticking tongue out

Kitty Cature is a CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association)-registered cattery situated near Dallas, in McKinney. The goal is not to in-breed or line-breed; instead, to breed well-adjusted, happy, and healthy cats that will receive a lot of attention, love, and care.

The kittens are provided with many different toys that are supposed to stimulate their brains and improve their motor skills, ensuring that the kitten is healthy both in and out.

Breeder’s Info

Location: McKinney, Texas

• Website: Kitty Cature

• Telephone: 469 288 0686

• Email:

• Instagram: Kitty Cature

• Facebook: Kitty Cature

3. Steamboat Cattery, Texas

Persian kitten on blue background

Steamboat Cattery is a small TICA and CFA registered cattery situated outside of Abilene that offers high-quality Persian kittens for sale.

Here you can find blue-eyed and odd-eyed purebred Persians with no Exotics or CPCs in the pedigree. Their kittens come from select lines of Grand Champion cats, Distinguished Merit, National, and Breed Winner lines. When breeding and birthing, the cats are separated.

The goal is to produce kittens that are greatly socialized, beautiful and healthy, and true to the CFA standard. Their breeding cats are PKD, FIV, and FeLV negative.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Abilene, Texas

• Website: Steamboat Cattery

• Telephone: 817 832 9432

• Email:

• Instagram: Steamboat Cattery

• Facebook: Steamboat Cattery

4. Dazzle-M Persians and Exotics, California

Beautiful Persian cat or Persian Kitten

Dazzle-M is a cattery located in Sacramento, California. Their goal is to breed well-socialized, healthy, and happy Exotics and Persian while preserving the silver and golden coat color, eye type, and color.

Following the CFA standards, the breeder focuses on breeding kittens of the highest quality possible. The kittens are never caged and are free to interact with the family. The kitten is raised in a healthy and clean environment, and they expect the same from thei new forever homes.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Sacramento, California

• Website: Dazzle-M Persians and Exotics

• Telephone: 916 991 6530

• Email:

• Facebook: Dazzle-M Persians and Exotics

5. Beljapur Cattery, Texas

Cute persian cat standing on wooden table

Located in Austin, we found our 5th Persian cat breeder that owns a high-end closed cattery and produces Persian and Himalayan cats from champion bloodlines that can be show or pet quality.

The aim is to produce kittens that are healthy from birth, and because of that, they are fed with rad and dry food. All Beljapur cats are FIV and FeLV negative, and DNA PKD tested.

The great thing about this breeder is that they ship their cats, so if you are anywhere in the area of United Airlines, you are able to get that kitten.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Austin, Texas

• Facebook: Beljapur Cattery

6. Katzino Persians, California

Cute white Persian kitten licking its mouth

If your choice is a white Persian, this breeder is the right choice for you. Katzino Persians breed gorgeous white Persian kittens. A small cattery located in Rocklin, California, and CFA-registered, it makes sure that all its cats exceed or meet the standards of the CFA.

The kitten will come with a health guarantee, and they even ship their kittens if you’re not close to them. In this breeding business, they have been for over 30 years, but not long time ago, they focused on white Persians with blue eyes or copper.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Rocklin, California

• Website: Katzino Persians

• Email:

7. Burton’s Persians, Texas

cute adorable persian kitten cat

Burton’s Persians focus on breeding Persian cats with sweet temperaments and socialization that will prepare them for their new homes.

They can also offer Exotic Shorthairs and Himalayan cats, so if you by any chance change your mind, you have other options. Cats are fed with premium food and litter-trained with corn litter, which is great because it shows you that the breeder cares for the well-being of the cats.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Burnet, Texas

• Website: Burton’s Persians

• Email:

• Facebook: Burton’s Persians

8. KelSkits Persians, California

persian kitten looking up

KelSkits Persians is a cattery located in Carlsbad that specializes in developing Chinchilla silver Persian, silver-shaded Persian, and golden Persian kittens true to the show standard. From time to time, they have doll-faced Persian kittens since it dominates in silver.

All of their cats tested negative for PCR, FIV, FeLV, PKD, and fecal culture. Since they were professional vet techs and have been in the breeding business for a while, they are truly capable of providing you with the best quality Persian cat.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Carlsbad, California

• Website: KelSkits Persians

• Telephone: 760 884 1012

• Email:    

9. Kitten Candy Persians, Texas

Cute lazy persian kitten wake up from sleep

Kitten Candy Persian is a small home-based cattery located in Nacogdoches. The kittens are raised outside the cage, and they even have a great playroom designed just for them.

After 6 weeks of age, the kitten goes to the vet check-up in order to get the best health care possible. They’re given fecal tests to prove that kittens are parasite-free, receive their first vaccine shots, and are checked to ensure feline immunodeficiency virus/leukemia negativity.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Nacogdoches, Texas

• Website: Kitten Candy Persians

• Telephone: 713 478 5045

• Email:

• Facebook: Kitten Candy Persians

10. Shadow Oak Persians, California

persian white kitten on the grass

For nearly three decades, Shadow Oak Persians, a ringworm-free cattery, has been raising these cuties, so there is no doubt that they’ll offer you high-quality Persian cats. The kittens are tested for various health issues and genetic defects before they go to their new forever homes.

Their aim is to produce healthy bi-colors, vans, and white Persians but also place high importance on the disposition of the breed. The cats are sociable and well-mannered, and they’ll find their way to fit in with any family.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Orangevale, California

• Website: Shadow Oak Persians

• Email:

11. Sullivan Blu, Texas

persian kitten with ball

Sullivan Blu is a home CFA-registered cattery that breeds Persian and Himalayan cats from Champion bloodlines.

The kittens are raised in loving and warm homes outside the cage taught from early days the basics like using the litter box, feeding, using scratching posts, socializing, and interacting with people and their fellow brothers and sisters.

For more information, feel free to contact the breeder.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Gonzales, Texas

• Website: Sullivan Blu

• Email:

• Facebook: Sullivan Blu

12. Kingsley Kittens, California

Persian kittens on round stool chair

Kingsley Kittens from Arcadia, California, is a cattery whose breeding quality is at the highest standards. Their breeding cats are imported from the world’s best catteries and bloodlines. Their attention is focused on respecting those rare bloodlines of show winners.

Kittens are tested for PKD, dewormed, flea free, vet checked, FIV and FeLV negative, and free to leave after 12 to 16 weeks of age. Breeding cats are health checked.

Kingsley Kittens all have gorgeous blue eyes, so if you’re fond of that kind of eyes, make sure to reach out.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Arcadia, California

• Website: Kingsley Kittens

• Telephone: 626 230 4051

• Email:

• Instagram: Kingsley Kittens

13. Tiny Persians, Texas

Persian kitten in the violet background

Tiny Persians is a cattery that breeds small to standard-sized Persian cats that come in many different shades and patterns. Their kittens are free of genetic mutations.

They can offer traditional-looking silvers and doll-faced Persians, and they have many litters per year. Their kittens tested negative for heartworm, PKD, FIV, and FeLV 24 hours before departure.

You’ll have a document with a Vet Medical Report and Lab of all those negative tests.

Breeder’s Info

Location: McKinney, Texas

• Website: Tiny Persians

• Telephone: 214 960 0267

• Email:

• Facebook: Tiny Persians

14. Windy Valley Persians, California

Persian kitten lying in miniature bath

Located in Murrieta, California, Windy Valley Persians focuses on raising healthy and outgoing Persian kittens that have sweet open expressions true to the CFA Persian breed standard. The cattery is DNA PKD and FeLV negative.

Their cats are from clear pedigrees, and their bloodlines are from grand champions. Their accomplishments can be seen on their website.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Murrieta, California

• Website: Windy Valley Persians

• Telephone: 951 600 9634

• Email:

15. Windysweptt Napoleon & Himalayan Persian Kittens, Texas

Group of persian kittens sitting on cat tower

Persian and Himalayan kittens enjoy tremendously in Windysweptt cattery since each kitten has its own room in its home, so you don’t have to worry if your future kitten is caged.

Cats and kittens are guaranteed to be free of all diseases before leaving, and you get a 1-year health guarantee against genetic health defects. The kittens will be on their first vaccine shots and dewormed, free of parasites.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Red Oak, Texas

• Website: Windysweptt Napoleon & Himalayan Persian Kittens

• Telephone: 972 571 2825

• Email:

16. Gil-V Tales, North Carolina

Cute Persian cat sitting on cat tower

Gil-V Tales is a cattery located in Cary, North Carolina, that takes pride in producing the healthiest possible Persian cats.

All cats are DNA tested in their breeding program using the Optimal Selection Health panel. Their focus is on creating well-adjusted and healthy pet-quality Persian cats.

The kittens are examined twice before leaving; all vaccines are given, DNA tested for PKD, and dewormed, with all age-appropriate vaccinations. They prefer to keep kittens until they reach 14 weeks of age.

The aim is to produce cats true to the TICA Persian breed standards; however, they don’t want to breed to the extremes.

Breeder’s Info

Location: Cary, North Carolina

• Website: Gil-V Tales

• Email:   

What Are Some Of The Average Prices For Persian Cats?

If you want a Persian kitten from a reputable breeder, expect to pay around $500 to $1800. However, the price always depends on many factors, and those Persian cats that are true to the show standard and with breeding rights can cost $3000 and more.

In Conclusion

To conclude, this list of Persian cat breeders is here to help you if you are planning on becoming a Persian cat owner. We’ve provided all the necessary things about each one of them and put all their contacts so you can easily reach out to them if you decide to get it from them.

I wish you good luck!

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