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6 Ocicat Breeders – The List Of The Worthy Ones

6 Ocicat Breeders – The List Of The Worthy Ones

How Ocicat came to life?

The first Ocicat was called Tonga, a spotted cat that amazed Dr. Clyde Keeler, that wanted to see a domestic cat with some unique characteristics of wild cats. That’s why the breeding process was renewed, and the Ocicat breed came to life, named after the Ocelot due to resemblance.

This cat breed doesn’t have wild genes in them even though they look very exotic with their gorgeous spots that can come in many different colors like chocolate silver, awny (genetic black), lavender silver, chocolate, and cinnamon; their dilutes, blue, lavender and fawn, cinnamon silver, black silver (or ebony silver), cinnamon silver, fawns, and blue silver.

However, only those Ocicats with spotted furs, like ticked, tabby, or color-pointed, can attend the cat shows. Because the Ocicat has genes of Siamese cats, American Shorthair cats, and Abyssinian, they have short coats.

These spotted cuties are playful and have high energy levels, requiring a true cat owner to get many toys. This cat breed will get along with other pets and be loyal to its family.

Now, let’s check Ocicat breeders and take the first step in owning an Ocicat!

Ocicat Kittens For Sale

The first-ever breeder of Ocicat was a woman called Virginia Daly, and she set the standards for all the breeders known today.

When searching for an Ocicat kitten, you need to be aware that you need to ask breeder questions in order to find out all of the things you’re interested in about your hopefully feline friend. Kittens should be well-socialized, vaccinated, and in great shape around 12 to 15 weeks of age.

Now, let’s dive into our Ocicat breeders’ list.

1. Dot Dot Dot Ocicats, Omaha

ocicat portrait

Dot Dot Dot Ocicats is a breeder that has been intensively showing and breeding Ocicats for more than 20 years. They aim to produce healthy cats with outstanding characters ready for socialization, bonding and play.

Roger, the owner of the Dot Dot Dot Ocicats, has worked as a director in the Cat Fanciers’ Association for ten years; after he retired this year, he served as Scientific Advisor and in the DNA program for CFA. He has much experience in this field and offers the knowledge to breed healthier cats.

This breeder breeds the Ocicat to maintain health, spotted coats, and the beauty and well-muscled body of wild cats that will be loving feline friends with great dispositions and cute personalities.

Because their lineage is vast, Oci cats don’t have any significant health issues that they are prone to. They don’t need a special diet; they work just fine with food for a regular domestic cat.

If you’re interested in this breeder, feel free to reach out to them.

Dot Dot Dot Ocicats Info

Address: Omaha, Nebraska

Website: Dot Dot Dot Ocicats


Facebook: Dot Dot Dot Ocicats

2. River Spots, Hampton

ocicat in the backyard

Another Ocicat breeder worth mentioning is River Spots, which is registered in the CFA. This breeder takes pride in producing chocolate spotted Ocicats that are from regional winner lines.

They aim to produce well-socialized, healthy Ocicat kittens that will make any family happy. Their Ocicat cats are true to the breed standard and for the show that is displayed in CFA. Their cats have been shown to Region Wins as premiers and champions. They take pride in the Ocicats that have won many Region and National shows in Feline Agility.

Cats and kittens are altered before they go to their forever home. The contract has to be signed with the health guarantee, plus the kittens are FIV negative.

If you find anything of this information helpful, contact the breeder and begin the journey!

River Spots Info

Address: Hampton, Virginia

Website: River Spots


3. Megadots, Morrisville

face portrait of an ocicat

Our next stop is in Morrisville, the breeder that has been breeding Ocicats for over 40 years. If you choose this breeder, you’ll get a quality CFA Ocicat that has a great personality, affectionate nature and is sociable and adaptable with everyone.

Their high-quality cats will be socialized because they are raised as their own, born and raised in their home. Their outstanding socialization and love set them apart from other breeders.

Make sure to take a look at their website!

Megadots Info

Address: Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Website: Megadots

Phone Number: 267 306 0624


4. Dynamicats Ocicats, Florida

photo of an ocicat

On our Ocicat breeders’ list, Dynamicats deserves a place. This is a cattery that is TICA and CFA registered. This breeder has many certifications like CFA’s Cattery of Excellence, TICA, Voluntary Breeder, and Outstanding Cattery.

This is a small cattery where the kittens and cats are treated as parts of the family, raised in a loving and happy environment. The kittens are well managed in their home, adjusting to all kinds of things so they can be ready for placement.

Michigan is where our dear Ocicats were bred first, combining American Shorthair, Siamese, and Abyssinian cats, giving us outstanding cats with loving personalities that come in 12 shades and 2 patterns. Even though they look like they have wild ancestry, they don’t indeed have wild blood, and the wild look comes from their gorgeous spots.

If your quest is to find a companion, playful cat, don’t try to search more since this breed is the right fit for you. This breeder can provide Ocicat kittens, retired show adults, and young adults with Championship bloodlines.

Ocicat cats and kittens are only sold with an altering agreement. The contract needs to be signed with a health guarantee. Kittens will be CFA registered and FeLV and FIV negative.

Dynamicats Ocicats Info

Address: Florida

Website: Dynamicats Ocicats

Phone Number: 810 919 5859


5. Wild Rain Ocicats, California

ocicat near a window

Wild Rain Ocicats is an outstanding breeder where you can find Ocicats in shades such as blue, tawny, chocolate, chocolate silver, and lavender, while their Oriental Shorthairs are found in fawn, lavender, lavender silver, chestnut silver, fawn, and cinnamon.

Their breeding lines are Nation, Regional, Grand Champion, Breed Winner, Imported, and Distinguished Merit.

This breeder takes pride in producing Ocicats with wonderful personalities, excellent health, and a loving and outgoing nature. From the moment the kittens open their eyes, they are cuddled and kissed to the extent. Kittens are fed with raw meat, which provides an outstanding start in life.

As this breeder has been breeding and raising Ocicats for over 30 years, they have mastered it and earned many top National awards. The kittens will be altered before the placement, FIV AND FeLV negative, and the contract must be signed.

Wild Rain Ocicats Info

Address: California

Website: Wild Rain Ocicats

Phone Number: 916 6553 372


6. Blackwater, North Carolina

adult ocicat

Last but not least is the Blackwater, a California breeder is producing Ocicats since 1989. Blackwater has CFA, Grand Champion, Regional Winner, and Distinguished Merit lines.

This breeder aims to produce well-cared and healthy Ocicats that will be true to the breed standard when it comes to appearance and disposition. This breeder can offer colors like dilutes, chocolate, sometimes silvers, and cinnamon.

The kittens are available after they’re mentally and physically ready for a new home, which is approximately around 14 to 16 weeks. The kittens are spayed or neutered, and they had all their vaccines and overall check-ups.

Kittens will be altered and microchipped when they leave the cattery, and there will be a written genetic and health guarantee.

Each year there are two to three litters. If you are interested or have any questions about it, feel free to email or call Blackwater breeder.

Blackwater Info

Address: North Carolina

Website: Blackwater

Phone Number: 704 637 6970


How Much Is A Ocicat Cat?

The prices may vary according to the quality, show record, breeder, and age, but the average cost of the Ocicat varies from $800 to $1500.

You must be aware that the price you see above is not the only price you’ll need to pay for your Ocicat cat. Why? Because you’ll need to buy essentials for your new friend, especially if you have never had a cat. Such as cat beds, litter boxes, cat trees, food, and so on.

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To Wrap Up

Ocicat cats are lovable and interactive felines. If you are thinking of adopting or purchasing an Ocicat, you must do your research. If you have already thought about it, go for it. Don’t be afraid!

I think that all feline lovers would agree that these creatures make our lives happier, and we are obliged to take good care of them. Regular vet check-ups, cleaning, grooming, and most importantly, love for them is your job if you are to become a cat owner.

We’ve chosen only the best Ocicat breeders and provided you with all the essential information that gave you insight into what you need to look for.

Good luck in choosing your Ocicat!

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