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8 Scottish Fold Breeders – Choosing A Good Breeder

8 Scottish Fold Breeders – Choosing A Good Breeder

Latest news! Future cat owners are looking for Scottish Fold breeders as they are ready to welcome one Scottish Fold kitten into their hopefully forever home!

We can all agree that Scottish Fold ears are their signature look, a look of an owl, am I right? That doesn’t change the fact that they are an adorable and charming cat breed. The reason behind their special folded ears is a natural genetic mutation, but don’t be deceived by the word mutation, as their ears are functional as the ears of any other cat.

When it comes to the temperament of the Scottish Fold breed, let me tell you, this one is the epitome of loyalty, intelligence, and curiosity. Most of the Scottish Folds will enjoy being held, but many will also follow the family members wherever they go.

If you are to become an owner of the Scottish Fold cat, remember that their tails should be handled gently as their tails are known to be stiff, and it can cause pain if they’re not dealt with the right way.

Scottish Fold Kittens For Sale

Before purchasing a kitten, you need to do the research. What does it mean? It means that you should look closely and pick the most reputable Scottish Fold cattery you can find.

It is logical that all cats can have certain health problems and diseases, but you won’t have to think about it if you pick a cat from a certified breeder. Bear in mind that those Scottish Fold breeders that are responsible won’t breed double fold genes as it can negatively affect the cat during aging.

The Scottish Fold breeders below are ethical, reputable, and registered, and the health and temperament of their kittens are their priority.

1. Cheshire Manor Cattery, Virginia

adorable Scottish Fold kittens

First on our list of Scottish Fold breeders is Cheshire Manor Cattery, located in Manassas, Virginia +, a TICA breeder that signed the TICA code of ethics, meaning that they follow their rules while at the same time working on the betterment of their cats and own unique bloodlines.

A small, indoor-only, cage-free, family home cattery specializes in gorgeous silver and gold Scottish Fold. Cheshire Manor Cattery kittens are truly healthy, affectionate, and beautiful creatures and are loved and taken care of at the very beginning.

As the kittens are never caged, they live and sleep with them and are treated as part of the family, which leads us to conclude that the kittens are very well socialized.

Chesire Manor Cattery can offer you Scottish Straight Shorthair, Scottish Straight Highland, and Scottish Fold Shorthair kittens with golden, silver, and color-pointer hair.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Manassas, Virginia

• Website: Cheshire Manor Cattery

• Email:

• Telephone: 571 510 0907

• Facebook: Cheshire Manor Cattery

2. Wunderfolds, South Carolina

gray Scottish Fold cat

If you’re seeking a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, photogenic kitten, then your choice needs to be Wunderfolds, a cattery located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This breeder aims to produce kittens for personality and quality.

The well-being and health of the Scottish Fold cat are put first, and on their website, the standards are very much seen with the impeccable quality of their kittens.

As a TICA and CFA registered cattery, they pick their breeding cats that come from winning lines that have great looks. Cats are raised in their home where they can receive plenty of attention and love in order to be well-socialized and litter trained.

All kittens from Wunderfolds are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, spayed, or entered, and health checked before they go to their new forever homes. Kittens are available to go 12 to 14 weeks of age.

Recently, Wunderfolds began its show-career, and their Scottish Fold Longhair won 2nd place as the best kitten internationally. If you are ready to have a new addition that will look great and be in extraordinary shape and health, then you need to contact this breeder.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina

• Website: Wunderfolds

• Instagram: Wunderfolds

• Facebook: Wunderfolds

• Tik Tok: Wunderfolds

• Youtube: Wunderfolds

3. Cyrious Cats, California

Scottish Fold cat sitting in the grass

In Santa Cruz, California, we found our third Scottish Fold breeder, Cyrious cats. They started breeding as a family passion, but it became a successful breeding business.

The focus of the breeder is to produce healthy, unique Scottish Fold appearance and personality kittens. Proud to be TICA and CFA registered cattery breeds responsibly and ethically so they can provide people with the perfect family companions.

Their breeding cats are DNA tested and disease free, totally healthy. They are also proud to be Cat Kingpin certified.

Contact the breeder if you have any questions, as they understand the stressful experience when choosing the right kitten for you.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Santa Cruz, California

• Website: Cyrious Cats

• Email:

• Telephone: 831 854 7771

• Instagram: Cyrious Cats

4. Scottish Fold, Virginia

Scottish Fold cat in a basket

Scottish Fold breeder in Virginia is a small home-based cattery that treats its cats and kittens as family members. They started the breeding program in March 2022, and soon enough, in 2022, they achieved CFA’s 2022 Cattery of Excellence Award and the 2022 TICA Outstanding Cattery Award.

After thoroughly researching the breed, gathering the data, and analyzing it, they traveled to Europe to select the breeding cats from grand champion bloodlines, paying considerable attention to their personalities. After they’ve made the decision and done all the health checks, they’ve brought them home.

The breeder’s goal is to breed intelligent, well-socialized, and healthy Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight feline friends that will be a great new addition to the families.

Their current breeding cats are imported from trusted and respectable breeders. Physical and personality characteristics are scrutinized, and all the evaluated medical records are done before selection. As they aim to produce healthy kittens, their breeding cats are tested for many genetic diseases, and they continue to monitor the health of their breeding cats.

Cats are registered with CFA and TICA, and they represent the impressive bloodlines with many champions and winners in the last seven generations.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Loudoun County, Virginia

• Website: Scottish Fold

• Email:

• Telephone: 703 672 3835

• Instagram: Scottish Fold

• Facebook: Scottish Fold

• Youtube: Scottish Fold

5. Fluffy Love, Washington

A Scottish Fold cat lies on the stairs

In Spokane, a licensed TICA cattery called Fluffy Love is located. All of their gorgeous Scottish Fold cats are registered with TICA and WCF with amazing World, International, and European Champions bloodlines.

All cats are genetically tested, FELV and FIV negative, PKD-clear. Kittens from Fluffy love are intelligent and healthy with loving personalities. Cats are socialized with dogs and children and receive 24 hours care and attention from the breeder.

The reason their cats are so gorgeous is that they are working on improving the breed quality; having a closed type of cattery helps them put the safety of their cats and their little ones in the first place.

This breeder can offer you Shorthair, and Longhair Scottish fold kittens. Kittens will be vaccinated with the age-appropriate vaccines, dewormed, scratches, and litter box trained before moving to their new family. You’ll also get a written year health warranty, kitten packet, care recommendation papers, and lifelong support.

If you want to know if there is an upcoming litter, feel free to check out their website and contact them.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Spokane, Washington

• Website: Fluffy Love

• Email:

• Telephone: 509 818 8075

• Youtube: Fluffy Love

6. Terra D’oro Santo, North Carolina

A Scottish Fold cat lies on the floor

Terra D’oro Santo is our sixth breeder on our list of Scottish Fold breeders. The goal of Terra D’oro Santo is to breed entirely to the breed standard kittens that have great health and are very affectionate.

The monitoring of the cats’ and kittens’ health is their priority. Before the breeding process, their breeding cats undergo genetic tests for dangerous diseases. They aim to get kittens of pure, clean lines. Therefore they are responsible when choosing parents for their future Scottish Fold kittens.

They purchased the breeding cats only from those with excellent pedigrees and champion titles. Before leaving the cattery, each kitten will be microchipped, thoroughly DNA tested, free of genetic illnesses like PKD and OCD, vaccinated, registered at TICA and WCF, and free of FIV/FELV and GI/Resp PCR.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Burlington, North Carolina

• Website: Terra D’oro Santo

• Email:

• Telephone: 256 417 7630

• Instagram: Terra D’oro Santo

• Facebook: Terra D’oro Santo

• Tik Tok: Terra D’oro Santo

7. Luxury Only Cattery, Maryland

Scottish Fold kitten sitting by the window

If there is an avant-garde boutique breeder, that would be Luxury Only Cattery, as the name says. This breeder produces gorgeous Scottish Fold/Straight, British Shorthair, and Ragdoll cats. Located in North Bethesda, Maryland, this cattery has kittens as family members raised with care, love, and pure dedication.

Luxury Only Cattery takes pride in producing prize-winning, special kittens, and they only offer them to loving homes where the kitten’s well-being will be cherished.

If you’re searching for healthy, friendly, and high-quality Scottish Folds, then the Luxury Only Cattery should be your choice.

If you are ready to pour all the love you have into that little cutie, make sure to contact the breeder.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: North Bethesda, Maryland

• Website: Luxury Only Cattery

• Email:

• Telephone: 240 515 6701

• Instagram: Luxury Only Cattery

• Facebook: Luxury Only Cattery

8. Scottish Fold Cattery, New York

Scottish Fold is standing on the grass

In New York, we found an ACA and TICA (The International Cat Association) registered cattery that has been treating the breeding program as both an art and a science with health and temperament priority.

As an ethical breeder, they strive to ensure the well-being of their Scottish Fold kittens. All of their breeding cats are genetically tested and negative for PKD, and a one-year genetic health guarantee is provided for all of their kittens.

Kittens are cage-free, living in their home as members of the family, which results in cuddly, social, and well-adjusted kitties that will be the perfect fit for you.

Kittens will come with age-appropriate vaccinations, vet check, dewormed, health certificate, health guarantee against genetic diseases, and lifetime breeder support.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Queens, New York

• Website: Scottish Fold Cattery

• Email:

• Instagram: Scottish Fold Cattery

• Facebook: Scottish Fold Cattery

• Tik Tok: Scottish Fold Cattery

• Youtube: Scottish Fold Cattery

What Is The Average Price For A Scottish Fold Kitten?

If you’re here, it is normal and expected that you want to know the average price of a Scottish Fold kitten. I cannot be precise, but the prices of those kittens can go from $800 to $2000. Of course, that depends on many factors. The cost of the Scottish Fold kitten can go even higher if they come from a superior bloodline and have rare coat colors and patterns.

Keep in mind that Scottish with straight ears is a bit cheaper than those with folded ears. But why is Scottish Fold so expensive? It is probably because they are not so ordinary and common, so when you pay for a Scottish Fold, you’re paying for rarity, among other qualities.

Wrapping It Up

Finally, we’ve put all the information needed for you to become a Scottish Fold owner. We’ve listed all the best Scottish Fold breeders and provided crucial points about them, including how to get in touch with them. We’ve focused on the breeders who can provide healthy and happy Scottish Fold kittens ready for their new homes.

Whether you’re seeking a Scottish Fold kitten that is a cuddly pet or a kitten for a cat show, you’re able to find these here. Scottish Fold cats are cuddly, lovable, and fluffy cuties that will make your days brighter, and there is no doubt that you two will get along. Make sure to take great care of your kitten and love it as much as possible.

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