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6 Devon Rex Breeders Worth Checking

6 Devon Rex Breeders Worth Checking

Hello there, you Devon Rex fan! Let’s learn more about this cute breed.

The Pixie of the Cat Fancier Association is the one and only the Devon Rex. Devon Rex cats are medium-sized cats recognizable by their impish eyes, elfin face, and large ears. Their weight can go from 6 to 9 pounds, and standing around 10 to 12 inches in height. Pixie cats have curly coats in various colors like smoke solid, shaded, bi-color, tortoiseshell, tabby, and pointed patterns.

With these cats, you’ll always have fun and won’t miss affection as they are full of it. They are also full of curiosity, and they want to know everything that is happening around them. Devon Rex will quickly learn new tricks, and they are always up for a game or two, perfect playmates.

If you would like to have a clingy cat, this cat breed is the one for you as they will sleep with you, follow you everywhere, eat with you, watch Netflix with you, and so on. Your lap will be their preferred space.

To own one of this breed of cat, you need to find a responsible breeder, and we are here to provide you with 4 Devon Rex breeders.

Devon Rex Kittens For Sale

When it comes to picking a Devon Rex kitten or adult cat, you need to take time to ask many questions about the selected kitten’s potential breeder. A responsible breeder should provide you with all information that you need about your new feline friend.

Usually, the kittens are available around 14 to 16 weeks of age; by that time, they are socialized and fully vaccinated.

Let’s check our Devon Rex breeders list!

1. Pixie Stixs Cattery, Georgia

devon rex cat

Pixie Stixs Cattery is one of the best Cat Fanciers. They are breeding Devon Rex true to the CFA standards, focusing on healthy, well-developed cats with great temperaments that will be an excellent addition to your family.

Devon Rex kittens are showered with love and affection, and be sure that they’ll be spoiled as this breeder truly loves them.

Located in LaGrange, Pixie Stixs Cattery makes sure that the kittens are raised in their home in a healthy and happy environment. Their aim is to produce healthy cats not only for color, coat type, and personality but also for good genetics that they test.

This breeder follows all CFA and TICA rules and is inspected and licensed to breed only the best. Their professionalism and courtesy are something else, and be sure that their kittens will be unique too.

As we said, the kittens are genetically tested, and you get a health guarantee. Contact this breeder if you fancy what you’ve read.

Pixie Stixs Info

Address: LaGrange, Georgia

Website: Pixie Stixs

Phone Number: 941 575 6782


2. Exotic Devon Rex, California

devon rex

Exotic Devon Rex is another cattery located in Southern California. This breeder breeds not only Devon Rex but also the British Shorthair. Registered at TICA and CFA, this cattery focuses on breeding for health and temperament, with their aim to breed true to the breed standard.

The kitten of Exotic Devon Rex is provided with the following:

• Fecal exam

• Neutered or spayed

• A kit with a blanket, treats, food and toys

• Vet check-up

• FELV and FIV negative tests

• Capstar or Revolution

• All shots needed FVCRP+C

• Microchipped

• Dewormed

Exotic Devon Rex is $2300+. If you want to reserve a kitten, you need to pay a $100 deposit along with $400 when you choose your Devon rex kitten.

Exotic Devon Rex Info

Address: California

Website: Exotic Devon Rex

Phone Number: 760 669 2858


3. Devon Rex Breeder, Florida

tabby devon rex

This cattery is located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Devon Rex Breeder raise their Devon Rex kittens underfoot. Kittens have a puppy-like personality – they are well-socialized, healthy, and loving.

This cattery carefully chooses their breeding cats. Their Devon Rex kittens come from champion lines, and there is no inbreeding in this cattery.

The kittens from this cattery come with a state veterinary health certificate, shot records, microchips, and a gift kit. They are also all tested FELV-FIV negative, and come with a pet health insurance.

The price for a Devon Rex kitten from these breeders is $2,100, with $500 deposit included.

Devon Rex Breeder Info

• Address: West Palm Beach, FL

• Website: Devon Rex Breeder

• Phone Number: 561-396-6290

• Email:

 4. Nightmagic Cattery, New York

devon rex resting in a cat tree

Nightmagic cattery has been breeding Devon Rex since 2009. The breeder is a licensed vet tech and has BA in Veterinary management.

This cattery is found in two locations, Nightmagic South and Nightmagic North. This allows them to diversify their lines so there could be healthier Devons while still being small enough to give them all the attention and love they deserve.

If you are searching for an extraordinarily lovely, affectionate, and healthy kitten that will bring so much joy and fun to your life, then this breeder is the right choice for you, as it can offer you only top cats!

Nightmagic cattery is a member of CFA and TICA, and they aim to produce cats that are up to the highest standards in quality. Cats are tested FIV and FeLV negative. Kittens are born and raised in their home and socialize with a patient Doberman and a few Brussels Griffons.

Nightmagic Cattery Info

Address: New York

Website: Nightmagic Cattery


5. Tex-Lapkatz, Texas

devon rex cat

Tex-Lapkatz is a small cattery, a daughter-mother team that has been producing Devon Rex kittens that will meet the standards of the breed by CFA, located in the east of Houston in Texas.

They have been breeding since 2009. The breed had a tough time finding one special Devon Rex kitten, so she needed to contact more breeders to get only the best Devon Rex.

With every kitten, there is a health guarantee that the kitten is free from any genetic defects. However, we need to notify you that they don’t sell to families with preschool-age children.

If you are interested, fill out the contact form on their page and start the journey!

Tex-Lapkatz Info

Address: Houston, Texas

Website: Tex-Lapkatz

PhoneNumber:281 785 0972 / 281 734 5666

• Email:

6. Passionada Cattery, North Carolina

devon rex kitten walking

Passionada Cattery is located in Raleigh, North Carolina area. They have been breeding Sphynx cats and Devon Rex cats for a long time.

All of their breeding cats are TICA and CFA registered, and they push the upper limits of the standards, including skin texture, eye color, degree of hair, and so on. All cats are tested for and negative for FIV and FeLV.

This cattery takes pride in producing kittens that are healthy, friendly, well-socialized, and happy. Their kittens are known to have the best temperament, being extraordinarily docile and loving because they’re raised in a very caring environment.

Their focus is on health, meaning the kittens receive the best vet care and the best possible diet. The top quality is what they’ve been producing. All of their cats are chosen and shipped from quality Russian breeders.

The kittens are available between 12 and 16 weeks of age, and by that time, they will be fully dewormed, litter-trained, and vaccinated. If you are interested, email them.

They do not take any deposits before the kittens are born.

Passionada Cattery Info

Address: Raleigh, North Carolina

Website: Passionada Cattery

Phone Number: 919 391 8076


How Much Is A Devon Rex Worth?

man holding a purebred devon rex

Now that you’ve seen what options you have in finding a Devon Rex, you want to know how much you need to spend on one. The average price is $600 to $1000 if you purchase a Devon Rex kitten from a respectable breeder. However, the cost besides the breeder depends on the lineage, age, and so on.

How Did Devon Come To Life?

The moment the Cornish Rex started attending the cat shows in Devon, and Beryl Cox knew that something extraordinary would come out of it. After seeing Cornish Rex in one of the pictures, she was interested in their curly coats, and she also had a kitten with curly hair.

Even though the mother was a straight-haired barn cat, the kitten had a curly coat, so Beryl thought that one of the strays was the sire. She named the cat Kirlee, and that was the first Devon Rex cat and the beginning of the breed.

Breeders thought that the curly coat of the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex were related and that if they bred those two, it would be the same, but in doing that, kittens had a straight coat, so the curly coat is definitely from two different breeds.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of becoming a pet owner, The Cornish Rex cat might be an excellent choice for you. Our Devon Rex breeders list can only help you in choosing which kitten best suits you.

Bear in mind that if you are to have Devon Rex, it is better that you keep it indoors and provide a lot of high surfaces and scratching posts and a high-quality diet so your Devon Rex can live healthy and happy as long as possible.

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