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Black Smoke Maine Coon: A Majestic Cat That Will Steal Your Heart

Black Smoke Maine Coon: A Majestic Cat That Will Steal Your Heart

Yeah, you have read that right – this fabulous cat will surely blow your mind. I mean, just take a look at it – look at that long fur coat, thick and fluffy tail, lion-like muzzle, broad chest, and pointy ears—one word – majestic. Being handsome is a hard job, but someone has to do it!

But, wait! Is that all? – No. There‘s more. Black Smoke Maine Coon is, in fact, a giant cat, specifically the largest domesticated cat breed native to the United States (Maine – hence their name). Wow, a fluffy and enormous feline sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

It is also a trendy and desirable pet. No wonder! Just seeing an image showing this feline may take your breath away! It will easily mesmerize you, I guarantee.

So, do we want to learn more about this cat breed? – Of course, we do! Now let’s do it – let’s learn more about its distinctive features, discover some interesting facts and study their personality, intelligence, maintenance, varieties, and more.

What Does A Black Smoke Maine Coon Look Like?

beautiful Black Smoke Maine Coons sitting on a chair

First of all, how can you be sure that you’re looking at black smoke Maine coon? He looks similar to the Black Maine Coon with the build, but the coat color is a bit different.

If the feline fits this description, then we have good news for you:

Size And Build

We have mentioned that it’s a giant breed. But, how big is it really? – Well, according to the Maine Coon growth chart, its average length (full size) is 38 inches, and its average height (full size) is 10-16 inches. Females weigh 9 to 16 pounds, while male Maine coons weigh 13 to 18 pounds.

Compare that to the average mixed breed cat, which measures 15 to 20 inches in length and is 10 inches tall. It also usually weighs 8 to 10 pounds, which applies to fully-grown cats.

Now you have a clear picture of how big it is. Some people will mistake it for a bobcat, which is not surprising because they share some features (bobcats are wild animals, taller, heavier, shorter tails, and so on).

It also has a broad and muscular chest, and its large eyes are mostly golden/yellow.

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This feline has a heavy and long fur coat; more specifically, there‘s black fur and a white undercoat. It might look like a black cat, but it is easily distinguished by the white or pale undercoat that you can often see only when you ruffle the fur.

That’s why some black smoke Maine coons look more silver than black.

Ok, we already know that it’s fluffy, too, but its ears are also specific because there’s fur that extends out of them and ear tips. The tail is also fluffy and long, of course.

These cats have a unique appearance – and don’t forget, they are huuuge!

12 Interesting Facts About Black Smoke Maine Coon

Here are some facts about this feline, so keep reading.

1. They Are Just One Variety Of Maine Coon Cat Breed

black Maine Coons lying on a wicker chair

We differentiate different types of this breed according to color variations and patterns.

Those will be as follows: solid color (black, white, cream, brown, and so on), parti-color (calico, tortoiseshell, tortie/white, blue-cream), tabby (striped, spotted, ticked), bi-color (white plus black, red/orange, blue, cream), tabby with white, shaded (smoked) with white and dim (smoked).

For example, tabby cats look like Garfield because of the stripes, while the tortie variant resembles a turtle shell.

2. Its Origins Are Unknown, But There Are Some Theories

Some sources say it’s related to the Norwegian forest cat and the Siberian.

There’s even a legend saying that this breed is a mix between a wild cat and a raccoon – which is nonsense.

As its ancestors, those were probably Turkish Angora cats (Marie Antoinette’s) brought by Captain Coon in the 1800s. Those cats were bred with local felines and became the breed we know today.

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3. It Is An Athletic And A Very Much Outdoor Cat

It needs a lot of exercise and different activities.

This feline certainly won’t be happy if kept most of the time indoors because it is an athletic cat with a muscular physique. It would be great for this cat to have plenty of space to exercise through play.

4. Believe It Or Not, These Cats Love Water

beautiful Maine Coons are playing with water in the garden

Their fur is water-resistant, and they will enjoy swimming.

Compared to other breeds, this one will be more cooperative while bathing. Good news for future owners!

5. They Are Always Ready For Winter Time

Their coat includes multiple fur layers, which keep them warm in cold weather.

Maine coons evolved by adapting to the harsh climate.

6. This Feline Is A Slow Grower

It reaches full size between 3 and 5 years old, so that kittens may be tiny, but don’t let that confuse you.

Be patient and let your pet evolve into a beautiful, muscular giant.

7. It Meows, But It Also Croons

This feline will quickly have your attention.

Alright, you will hear it meowing for sure, but owners have also noticed that they croon and even communicate by chirping sounds.

8. Loves Your Attention

beautiful Maine Coons sit in the house and yawn

It will demand attention and show interest in whatever you are currently occupied with.

It craves human attention. Don’t be surprised if you notice it joining you in your activities, sleeping pressed against you, following you to the toilet, etc.

9. It Is Very Playful

This majestic feline is incredibly playful, and even the essential activities can be super-excited for it.

It enjoys playing fetch, jumping, and climbing. Large cats can often act like tiny kittens due to this playfulness.

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10. This Feline Is A Highly Intelligent Pet

This breed is among the smartest and has the innate ability to learn tricks and commands.

For example, you can train this fluff giant efficiently by a reward-giving method to perform some tricks on command.

11. Belongs To A Hardy And Healthy Breed

It is generally a healthy breed, but it can face some health issues, such as hip dysplasia, spinal muscular atrophy, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

They are predisposed to developing those Maine Coon health issues.

In addition, like other cats, they are susceptible to obesity, too.

12. Official Recognition

woman petting Maine Coons while sitting on the couch

The first club that recognized this breed was Maine Coon Cat Club in 1973. Three years later, CFA recognized them, too. Nowadays, they have the highest entries in their cat shows.

Now that we know a little more about these majestic creatures are you, by any chance, interested in having a black smoke Maine coon cat as a pet? If you are, just keep reading because you will find more helpful information.

Does Black Smoke Maine Coon Make A Good Pet?

black Maine Coons lies on a wooden base

If you look at this fluffy giant with an impressive physique, you may wonder if it could be an excellent cuddly pet.

Some people may feel threatened when they see it, but there’s no reason.


Well, I have some good news for you – the black smoke Maine coon cat has a great temperament, is friendly, loyal, playful, affectionate, and so on.

In short, they are considered to be excellent pets and gentle giants. They are big and may look dangerous or threatening to some people, but they are genuinely peaceful and affectionate cats.

In short, these felines have a personality that cat lovers dream of!

Behavior With Other Animals

They get on well with everyone (both people and other animals) and are dog-like cats. They aren’t aggressive, either, and they actually may be shy when they first meet other pets.


Since they are also knowledgeable, you can easily train them. Sounds great, for sure!

These cats also adapt well to different situations, and they are definitely a perfect breed to have as a family pet – unless you prefer a smaller breed.

To conclude, this breed is not good, but a great pet indeed.

Is It A High-Maintenance Pet?

black Maine Coons dog lying dog woman combing him

Things may get complicated a little bit now. This is an excellent question because there are some things to be aware of before getting it. These felines (and all other pets in general) deserve the best, don’t they?

So, read the following and decide for yourself.

Regular Grooming Is A Must

First, they are long-haired cats and need to be groomed regularly—their coat sheds everywhere (no surprise), which can become an absolute nightmare. Imagine a house (or flat) full of all those hairs and that mess. Oh my God!

Daily grooming may be time-consuming and challenging, but if that’s not a problem for you, go for it! If you are willing to invest time in regular brushing, trimming, and bathing, then do so!

Check our 8 proven methods for reducing cat shedding.

Size Might Be Problematic

Second, because of its large size (it’s a giant fluffy cat, remember?), it requires plenty of space and exercise – more than most cat breeds. It will also need a huge bed, basket, and litter box.

That being said, you may think twice before getting this fabulous feline. You want to be sure that you have enough room, time, and patience for it.

So, remember that these cats (like other cats) are not supposed to be kept as pets just because someone, for example, wants social media-friendly photos or videos that will make their friends jealous. Cats are living beings, not objects or toys to play with.

They require love, attention, and special care.

Feeding Is Okay

As for feeding, I have some more good news for you – its diet is not that different from other cat breeds – they just require more food because they’re huuuge. We suggest you feed dry cat food to this feline since it is perfectly balanced for them, and you can also provide them with wet food.

Always ensure that you feed them quality food, which will ensure that they have a healthy and long life (its average lifespan is 12.5 years, while with proper care, they can live up to 15 years).

You can find some useful advice on this cat’s nutrition in our Maine Coon feeding chart.

Just don’t forget that feline friends generally have special dietary needs, which means that they need a lot of animal protein for a well-balanced diet.

Do not feed these obligate carnivores a lot of carbs or typical human food because several health issues may occur. They can get overweight and suffer gastrointestinal problems, protein deficiency, etc.

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Difference Between Blue And Black Smoke Maine Coons

Blue And Black Smoke Maine Coons

We have already mentioned that wide varieties of the Maine coon breed are due to different colors, precisely coat colors.

These felines can have different color banding on their hair shafts. The roots are paler than the tips, which gives the cat’s coat an impressive smoky appearance.

Color And Pattern Variants

There are, for example, 6 different Maine coon colors that the smoke Maine coon cat can come in. Those are black smoke, blue smoke, red smoke, tortie smoke, blue tortie smoke, and cream smoke.

Sometimes it is, for example, difficult to tell the difference between black and blue smoke Maine coon.

Black smoke Maine coon cat is black because of eumelanin (pigmentation). It has black-tipped fur with an undercoat whose roots are white.

Blue smoke Maine coon, on the other hand, has eumelanin as well, but it is a dilute version of the black smoke color. Simply put, if a Maine coon cat has a dilute gene, its color is gray-blue. Since the breeders often call it blue, that’s why it’s called that.

What Is A High Smoke Maine Coon?

Another popular variety of the Maine coon cat is the high smoke Maine coon. What’s special about them? – Well, a smoke Maine coon is a solid color cat that carries a special gene (inhibitor gene) that suppresses the color in the visible part of the hair that sticks out of the skin.

In other words, hairs that are dark (usually black) at the top are light close to the bottom.

What is more, there are variants even here. For example, there’s a cream smoke cat whose color is close to the white Maine coon breed but slightly darker.

So, consider all this information if the color and pattern are essential to you. Whichever variant you pick, you will indeed have a lovely pet.

How Much Is A Black Smoke Maine Coon?

black Maine Coons sitting on a tree

Cat lovers may now be wondering whether this feline is expensive or not. Well, a purebred black smoke Maine coon kitten will cost you around $1000 to $2000 – quite pricey. The price depends on the Maine coon breeders, the quality of the coat, and coloration.

As you can see, pedigree Maine coon cats are everything but cheap – not surprising at all! So, if you still want to get one, you may avoid the Maine coon cattery and try to adopt one (if possible).

If the money isn’t a problem for you (lucky you!), just look for a breeder that is registered under the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) and TICA (The International Cat Association).

Once you get your expensive feline friend, you may be scared that it could get stolen. In that case, you can, for example, put a fence.

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Final Thoughts

A fluffy and cuddly gentle giant with a majestic appearance that’s considered a friendly dog-like cat in the cat world – yes, that’s a black smoke Maine coon cat. This feline doesn’t only have an attractive appearance – it is also brilliant and sociable.

Despite its huge size, it makes a great pet perfect for a family because it gets on well with people and other animals. You may want to ensure that it has enough space because it is enormous.

This fantastic cat may seem like a high-maintenance cat, but regular grooming because of its fur shouldn’t be a problem for true cat lovers. I believe it’s worth it.

If you want this pedigree furry animal to be your pet – prepare tons of money because a kitten will cost you anywhere from $1000 to $2000. Another option would be to try to adopt one from a shelter for free.

Another important thing you should be careful about is that these cats shouldn’t be treated as a status symbols or a toy. You should get one only if you genuinely love cats and are ready to devote your time, love, and energy to this sweet giant. This applies to other pet cats as well.

Finally, if you want to check more photos or videos of this fabulous cat on social media, make sure you use the hashtag #blacksmokemainecoon – you will undoubtedly find many proud owners showing off their fantastic pets.

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