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Maine Coon Feeding Chart: Feed Your Maine Coon Like A Pro

Maine Coon Feeding Chart: Feed Your Maine Coon Like A Pro

If you are here, you’re probably a cat owner and a big fan of large cats like the Maine Coon. It is evident that a large cat will eat a looot, and these gentle giants have earned their title as such.

We prepared a Maine Coon feeding chart so you could know what to expect of your feline giant. The process of growth will require a lot of food to keep up with their energy levels, but it won’t stop there since they eat a lot, even mature.

However, you must pay attention to how and what you feed your Maine Coon. Why? Because, even though they are hunters, they can quickly become couch potatoes if not fed according to their needs and motivated for action. That can be monitored with the proper amount and type of food.

Whether the food is raw, predominantly wet, dry, homemade, or semi-moist, if the feeding amounts are incorrect, you can easily have a weight problem that will keep you and your Maine Coon stressed. Then, you would need to intervene with enforced exercise and a rigorous diet.

How to deal with it properly, then? Well, follow our Maine Coon feeding chart and feed him like a pro!

Maine Coon Feeding Chart

Maine Coon sitting outside

We made sure to list overall numbers when it comes to feeding your Maine Coon, whether you choose dry or wet food, but keep in mind that not every cat is the same, so you’ll probably make some adjustments in that chart to understand the perfect food amount for your Maine Coon.

This Maine Coon feeding chart offers you the amount of wet or dry food your cat needs based on weight if you’re feeding him with just dry or wet food. However, if you choose to mix, you must divide the numbers by half.

Weight (lbs)Calories Dry Food (oz) Wet Food (oz)
5 lbs129 kcal 15
7 lbs 166 kcal 26
9 lbs 200 kcal 27
11 lbs 232 kcal 28
13 lbs 263 kcal 39
15 lbs 293 kcal 310
17 lbs 322 kcal 311
19 lbs 350 kcal413
21 lbs 377 kcal 414
23 lbs 404 kcal 414
25 lbs 430 kcal 415

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Maine Coon Feeding Guide

The feeding schedule and diet will take time. You must try many things until you see what’s best for your Maine Coon. It is challenging to understand how much is the right amount.

The Maine Coon feeding chart is not the only thing that will help you; this feeding guide will have directions on the amount of food, even more so if you got a Maine Coon kitten to take care of and love.

This guide will cover the most important Maine Coon’s dietary needs in order to help your feline friend to live a long and healthy life :

Dietary RequirementsBenefits Benefits
Protein Protein will give your cat energy for the plays they long for. Protein is
essential in Maine Coon growth
Fish/ Chicken
Carbohydrates These are a must for healthy growth. Wet /Dry Cat Food
Fats and Fatty AcidsFats and fatty acids are important but in small amounts, it will keep
Maine Coon’s coat shiny and healthy due to amino acids like
arginine and taurine, and arachidonic acid.
Wet / Dry Cat Food
Vitamins Like to humans; vitamins are needed

Maine Coon Kitten Feeding Guide

Since Maine Coons are different from other domestic cats, it’s logical that the kittens are unique in their own way; remember that! They need huge amounts of food that will give them a lot of energy; only that way, they’ll have healthy growth. That means that you need huge amounts of kitten food prepared. However, don’t forget they have tiny stomachs and small digestive tracts.

According to their small stomachs, you feed them. Keep in mind that they mature slower than other domestic cat breeds, so they require a specific diet.

Don’t overdo with giving your Maine Coon kitten too much food; you can cause them gastrointestinal issues like:

• Nausea or vomiting

• Poor nutrient absorption

• Diarrhoea

• Food sensitivity

Each one of these issues can be a real problem since they need to grow slowly.

Here are the caloric needs so you can have a better perspective and not worry so much:

Weight Smallest Caloric RequiremenBiggest Caloric Requirement
1.1 lb 24 kcal 35 kcal
1,9 lb 48 kcal 70 kcal
3 lb72 kcal 105 kcal
3.9 lb 96 kcal 140 kcal
5 lb120 kcal 175 kcal
5.9 lb144 kcal 210 kcal
7 lb168 kcal245 kcal

What To Look For While Determining The Food Amount?

When it comes to determining the food amount, there are a few things you need to consider, like the situation of your Maine Cat, age, etc.

Let’s see them:

• The activity level of your Maine Coon

• Is your Maine Coon a kitten or an adult cat?

• Your Maine Coon’s metabolism

• Do you want to help your Maine Coon lose or gain weight?

• What kind of food do you give to your feline friend: dry or wet food, which brand…

There is no specific number of calories for your Maine Coon, but the Maine Coon feeding chart is a great start, and you can check it any time you wonder about the food amount.

How Much Food Should I Feed My Maine Coon?

Each cat is different, so this will also depend on your Maine Coon. You can always look up the guidelines for your cat’s food. Less energetic cats and older cats don’t need so much food since they’re not likely to burn most of it consummated.

However, younger Maine Coons cats and those full of energy levels will require more food, so you can follow guidelines on the food you give your cat. If you’re still indecisive, you can always ask your veterinarian.

But overall, Maine Coon cats should take in 24 to 35 calories each day per pound of body weight. To do the math, if your Maine Coon falls into an average weight that ranges from 8 to 25 pounds, then your cat should have 190 to 875 calories a day.

Maine Coon Diet

Maine Coon sitting on grass

Let’s start by saying that the food quality plays a significant role, more than the quantity of the food. Maine Coons, like all cat breeds, are meat-eating animals which means they need animal protein and fat to get all the essentials for their body and energy.

Animal Fat

For each cat, a secondary source of energy, like animal fat, is a crucial point in the diet. Why? Since they contain fatty acids like Omega-3 and omega-6 acids, arachidonic acid, and linoleic acid. They are responsible for preserving the cell membrane and helping with the processes of the inflammatory health issues of your furry friend.

You can find animal finds that are tasty and high-quality in gravy and cat jelly. This is important since the most nutritious food doesn’t serve a thing if your Maine Coon avoids it.

Animal Protein

Animal protein is found in fish or meat, so it is important that your Maine Coon is fed daily with it. Animal proteins consist of all the amino acids that one cat needs, for example-taurine.

Why do cats need animal protein? Cats require it to build muscle, for energy, maintain their coat and skin healthily, and maintain organs.

That’s why you, as a proper Maine Coon cat owner, need to take care of which food you’ll give to your friend, hopefully picking food with fish or meat as the main ingredient. We’ll help you with a list of cat food that is full of animal proteins:

• Salmon

• Liver

• Salmon

• Beef

• Tuna

• Chicken (raw or cooked)

• Prawns

• Mackerel

• Beef

• Pork, ham, or bacon

Watch out for the plant or vegetable proteins in the ingredients, which you need to avoid. These proteins are used as a cheaper alternative: rice, soya, carrots, wheat, peas, and corn or sweetcorn.

If there are any of these ingredients, it means that the meat is deficient in percentage. So if your cat eats food like that, he will need to eat more to satisfy amino acid needs and cope with carbs due to the huge amount of vegetables.

You can also find supplementary vitamins, minerals, and other additives.

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How To Spot High-quality Cat Food?

If you want to find top-quality cat food, you need to look out for the guaranteed analysis and the ingredients list. What do you need to look for in the list?

This is what you should pay attention to at the back of the products:

No vegetables, grain, or cereals – A proper cat food shouldn’t contain ingredients cats cannot digest.

No unnatural additives – High-quality food doesn’t need synthetic additives since all the suitable fiber is in meat-based products. If you see additives in the ingredients list, that means that the product is not good enough to contain the cat’s nutritional needs.

• A small number of ingredients – It is a green flag if the component is not hidden in the terms. Cats are creatures of habit, and it is known that they don’t like to change things, especially if you find what your Maine Coon enjoys eating.

What Should My Maine Coon Cat Eat?

Maine Coon sitting by window

AAFCO, which stands for The Association Of American Feed Control Officials, has invented instructions for the producers and suppliers on all cat food needs.

There are many options, and for every cat owner, it is hard to decide which option is the best. You can always ask your vet for advice, but remember that many of them will tell you that the food they are selling is the best option, but it might not be the right fit for your cat.

We have discussed many crucial points, but it won’t harm us if we repeat them.

This is what you need to look for to give your Maine Coon proper cat food:

Food that is low in carbohydrates since cats are unable to process carbs.

Food high in protein due to energy levels that are pretty huge in Maine Coons.

Supplements are essential in order to maintain their life healthy with vitamins and probiotics.

• In order to maintain a healthy, silky, and shiny coat, your Maine Coon needs healthy fats like mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna, etc.

High-quality dry food is good for preventing health issues like hip dysplasia.

Keep in mind that not every cat is the same, and therefore, not every cat likes the same things, but the Maine Coon feeding chart and these guidelines for feeding are a great way of helping you sort out the diet of your Maine Coon Cat.

You should avoid canned foods that are full of potatoes, lentils, legume seeds, and peas. We can recommend you a Royal Canin Maine Coon that you can find on the internet, possibly Amazon, since almost everything can be found on Amazon.

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How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Maine Coon?

Maine Coon walking on grass

It is evident that if you have a large cat, she’ll eat more, and you’ll need to spend more money on it. But, you can save up by feeding your furry friend low-quality food, but you won’t do that, right?

However, Maine Coons need to be fed with top-quality cat food in order to maintain healthy and sound life. The dry kibble can make up all the dietary needs of your Maine Coon.

Premium cat food brands can cost about $25 to $70 per bag, be prepared to spend that much on your Maine Coon. Premium wet cat food is expected to cost from $1.50 or more per can and $40-$50 for a set of cans.

It is a bit challenging to calculate how much you’ll spend on your Maine Coon, but it can be managed. If we do the math, on average, if you feed your feline friend with a five-pound bag of food that costs $25 and one cup of dry food, it is estimated that you’ll buy one and a half bags per month.

How Much Food Should I Feed My Maine Coon?

Your adult Maine Coon should eat 3 to 5 % raw food of their body weight per day. However, if you have a little kitten, let him eat until he is all fed up.

The ratio with you can go by is 75/15/10, which means:

• 75% muscle meat

• 15% edible bone

• 10% organs

Raw food is essential, and feeding your Maine Coon with a raw diet will help your feline friend with the long shiny coat as well as organs’ health.

Maine Coon Cats Eat A Loooot

That Maine Coon cats eat a lot is a fact that we cannot refute since they are large cats and require a lot of food. Average-sized cats eat one or two to three to four dry kibble a day, and their weight ranges from around 8 to 10 pounds.

But since the average weight of Maine Coons is around 8 to 15 pounds, although there are Maine Coons that weigh 20 pounds, they are expected to eat a lot more. It is also worth mentioning that Maine Coons have a high energy drive and live life actively, and with that comes their fast metabolism.

Your Maine Coon can have an appetite of a kitten even if it has more than one year since they are grown and fully developed around 3 to 5 years old, while many domestic cats are fully grown at one year of age. You are fully aware of how kittens eat, and you must feed your feline according to that.

But, you must pay attention to not free-feed them as they can eat much more than they should, leading to obesity.

It would be great to set a schedule and get a rhythm for feeding your Maine Coon. Search for the best food for your feline and according to that, put the diet. It is up to you to set up a diet but make sure to combine wet and dry food. But, seek food that is a high protein based as it is crucial for your Maine Coon growth.

Wrapping Up

Maine Coon lying on bed

This Maine Coon feeding chart is made for Maine Coon cat owners that want to improve their care for their dear feline friend.

As we have established by now, these magnificent cats need a specific diet that will be formed according to their particular needs. They are our gentle giants that have plenty of energy they need to spend. Because they are different from other domestic cats, you must pay more for their premium cat food.

Even though the vet can help you, it is hard that he will be unbiased due to the pet food in his company. It is advised that you combine wet and dry food diets that will be according to their slowly maturing. After that, you are expected to start feeding your cat with adult food.

However, even though you’ll watch how and what you feed your cat, you must observe your Maine Coon cat’s weight, especially before it reaches its growth at the age of 5. The activity level also needs to be taken into account. If your cat is indoors and eats a lot of food, it may lead to obesity.

Good luck with caring for your Maine Coon, a gentle giant ready to be pampered!

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