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9 Best Cat Trees for Maine Coons

9 Best Cat Trees for Maine Coons may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

Maine Coons are some of the most popular cats in the US and the entire world has a bit of a fascination with these giant felines!

Even though they have a bit of a reputation for being a little lazy, these big cats still want to leap, climb and crawl on a cat tree and with an average weight of up to 18 pounds for male Maine Coons, you’re going to need a heavy-duty cat tree to support the weight of a Maine coon kitty!

But there’s more to consider than just weight capacity. Of course, weight is an important factor but you also want to make sure that the cat tree’s platforms are large enough to support the long body of a Maine Coon cat. There’s also the issue of the overall construction. With all that extra weight comes extra power and Maine Coon cats will undeniably put a cat tree through more wear and tear than your average 9-pound cat.

We’re going to go over each of these in detail within our buyer’s guide section along with mini-reviews of our 9 favorite cat trees. But if you want to skip ahead and see which cat trees made the Maine Coon cut you can see my favorites here:

  1. Best Overall: Hey-Brother 43.3 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo
  2. Runner Up: FEANDREA 33.1 Inch Cat Tree for Large Cats
  3. Best on a Budget: YAHEETECH 36 Inch Cat Tree 
  4. Multiple Cat Runner Up: FEANDREA 67 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree
  5. Best For Height-Loving Maine Coons: Frisco 76 Inch XXL Cat Tree
  6. Most Unique: On2 Pets 43 Inch Cat Tree with Leaves
  7. Best Carpet-Free: PetFusion 76.8 Inch Ultimate Climbing Tower
  8. Carpet-Free Wood Tree Runner Up: Vesper 62.2 Inch Cat Furniture Cat Tree
  9. The Sleekest Design: Refined Feline Metropolitan 62 Inch Faux-Fur Cat Tree

Will these cat trees only work for Maine Coons? Absolutely not! If you’ve got a mixed cat household or big felines that aren’t Maine Coons, these cat trees still make a good option.

But before we get into the individual reviews, let’s take a closer look at why Maine Coons have different needs when it comes to cat towers and trees.

What Makes Maine Coons Different?

The most obvious difference between a Maine Coon and other cats is their size. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see Maine Coon cats that are twice the size of an average cat! Of course, the prevalence of feline obesity can greatly change these numbers, too. Recent studies show that almost 60% of cats are considered overweight or obese and while I’m in no way endorsing overweight cats we have to recognize that the 18-pound average weight for Maine Coons is likely much higher when you consider how many cats are carrying extra weight.

Maine Coons are also generally stronger than your average housecat. When your big Maine Coon cat is using the scratching post on your cat tree they’re likely going to be putting a lot more force into it than the average feline!

Finally, Maine Coons are long! In fact, a very handsome cat named Stewie actually holds the record for the longest cat according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Stewie is 4 feet long and while that’s certainly exceptional, most Maine Coons are long cats. That means they need platforms that can support them!

Best Cat Trees For Maine Coons

With all the basic background information out of the way, it’s time to get into the reviews! Each of these cat trees was selected with our criteria in mind and will not only work for Maine Coon cats but for any large cat as well!

Best Overall: Hey-Brother 43.3 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

Hey-Brother 43.3 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

✅ 19.6 x 19.6 inch

✅ Convenient for cat's scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising

✅ Anti-toppling fittings are included for double security

✅ Easy to clean with high quality materials

This is one of the few cat trees you’ll find that’s purpose-built for big kitties which means it’s the clear winner for best overall. At 43.3 inches (just over 3.5 feet), one of the first things you’ll notice is that the top platform and both of the cubbies are extra large which should leave plenty of room for big Maine Coon cats. Just looking at the picture above, you can tell that that the normal-sized cat on the top perch has plenty of room. Each platform has plenty of support from thick sisal-wrapped columns and the rest of the cat tree is wrapped in plush material instead of the traditional carpet.

The folks at Hey-Brother have also paid extra attention to stability and durability- which is critical for Maine Coons. The cat tree includes anti-toppling fittings which are used to secure the tower against a wall. This cat tree is best placed in a corner where you’ll get even more support in addition to the anti-toppling fittings.

The only thing that isn’t completely super-sized on this tree is the floating bed but with a diameter of 13.7 inches, there’s a good chance most Maine Coons will still happily snuggle into it. But that’s not just a guess. There are dozens of big cats and Maine Coon pet parents who love the extra-large size of this tree. You can check out one of my favorite Amazon reviews from a pet store employee and big cat parent here.

Overall, this cat tree has been tested by many big cats with weights in the high teens or more! It’s also available at a great price that won’t break the bank. You can check out more reviews from other Maine Coon parents and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: The supersized top platform and cubbies are perfect for big cats! This really is one of the few cat trees that’s clearly built with bigger felines in mind!

What I Wish It Had: An easier route to the top platform. Will most cats will have an easy enough time making their way to the top, some cats (especially older ones) may find it a bit difficult to make their way to the top.

Runner Up: FEANDREA 33.1 Inch Cat Tree for Large Cats

FEANDREA 33.1 Inch Cat Tree for Large Cats

✅ Climb, Scratch, Relax, All in One

✅ Quick and Easy Assembly

✅ Sturdy, Stable, Safe

Our runner-up is a little smaller coming in at 33.1 inches (a little over 2.5 feet) but it’s also a little more budget-friendly. It’s got many of the same features that made our best overall pick great for big cats including an extra-large top platform measuring 16.1″ by 22″ which should be plenty of room for even the biggest of Maine Coons. There are also two cubbies that should accommodate big cats With a short overall height, this cat tree will be a bit more stable but is still best placed in the corner if possible.

I love the plush material used, instead of the usual carpet that you see in many cat trees. There are also two sisal wraps on the main pillars and while that will be enough for most cats but some active scratchers may need a supplemental scratching post or additional cat tree.

This cat tree also has the backing of cat parents with more than 4,500 five-star reviews. One of the most relevant Amazon reviews mentions how much their 22 pound Maine Coon loves this tree and you can read it here.

This cat tree is also budget-friendly, especially when you consider the overall quality of the tree. You can read more reviews and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: The supersized top platform is huge! It’s also extremely plush making it extra comfortable for napping in the sun!

What I Wish It Had: The scratching posts are nice but nothing beyond the norm. I’d love to see bigger pillars to accommodate big Maine Coon cats.

Best on a Budget: YAHEETECH 36 Inch Cat Tree

YAHEETECH 36 Inch Cat Tree

✅ Comfortable and Quality Materials

✅ Multilevel Cat Tower

✅ Stability and Durability

✅ Worry-free Assembly

It’s not always easy to find a budget-friendly cat tree for any feline…let alone big ones! Most cat trees just aren’t made for Maine Coons! So while this cat tree wouldn’t be considered “dirt cheap” it’s still a great tree that’s Maine Coon friendly without breaking the bank. At 36 inches, it falls in-between our previous two picks and while it doesn’t have some of the supersized features of the best overall options it’s still plenty for most Maine Coons.

For starters, we’ve got two jumbo-sized cat caves measuring 14″ by 12″ with large entryways measuring 9″ tall and 7″ inches wide. The top pech comes with plenty of plush padding and while not massive it still measures 18.5″ by 15.6″ which should be plenty even for a Maine Coon.

Besides the budget-friendly pricing, the other thing that makes this cat tree stand out is the ramp that leads into the second-level cat cubby. Ramps are something we covered extensively in our review of the best cat trees for older cats and the ramp on this tree makes it a great option for senior Maine Coons that might not be so eager to jump. I think one Amazon reviewer summed it up the best when they explained that the tree is a great balance of price and size while taking about half an hour to put together.

Overall, the Yaheetech cat tree is a great balance of quality and price with more than 450 five-star reviews backing it up. You can read more reviews and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: Budget-friendly pricing but every feature is still big enough for most Maine Coons to enjoy. The ramp also makes it a great option for senior cats that may not want to leap up to the top.

What I Wish It Had: As we’ve seen in other cat trees (even ones built for larger cats), I’d love to see a bigger scratching area for cats. As it stands, the sisal towers are nice but maybe too small for big Maine Coon cats.

See Also: 6 Best Cat Trees For Older Cats

Multiple Cat Runner Up: FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

✅ All-in-One Playground

✅ Anti-toppling fittings are included for double security

✅ Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts

✅ Jumbo-sized platform and cubbies are perfect for big cats

✅ Exceptional reviews across the internet

✅ Comes with ready-to-go wall mount and easy instructions

This 67-inch cat tower from FEANDREA is a great multi-cat alternative. It’s a little less wide than our other pick but still wide enough that there’s enough room for more than one cat- even if they are Maine Coons. It’s also a bit more budget-friendly than other cat trees in the same size category.

The top platforms are also large at about 13.7 by 13.7 inches and while that’s plenty of room for most big cats it’s smaller than the super-sized 16″ by 16″ platforms in the best overall. It’s got multiple large cat cubbies and a nice ramp leading up to the bottom cat cave.

And if you’re wondering if it can handle multiple Maine Coon sized cats check out this Amazon review from a happy cat parent to 10 big rescue cats!

Overall, this makes a great alternative to the best overall pick for folks that want a big multi-cat tree without the extra width of the Sifurni option. You can read more reviews and check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: I really like the shape of the first cubby. It’s round unlike the squares we’ve seen on a few other cat trees and I know some cats will love to make a perfect little fur circle inside!

What I Wish It Had: I’d love to see the second cubby be a little bigger. As it stands, it’s still large enough for Maine Coons but it would be great to supersize it!

Best For Height-Loving Maine Coons: Frisco 76 Inch XXL Cat Tree

Frisco 76-in XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree

✅ Heavy-duty cat tree 

✅ Removable, machine-washable bolstered perch cover

✅ Sisal posts

This giant cat tree from Frisco comes in at 76 inches or 6 feet and 4 inches tall. At this height, your Maine Coon will have a chance to get the best vantage point with the tallest spot in the room.

Which is exactly what some cats want. As cat expert Jackson Galaxy explains, different cats have different styles when it comes to their preferred territory. While some cats are content to hide behind a bush or hang out in the open, others are what he calls tree dwellers. These are cats that “can be found anywhere off of the ground. These cats get their confidence from being up high and seeing what’s going on, preferring to be on a chair or on top of the couch.”

If you think your Maine Coon cat is a tree dweller, I can’t think of a better spot for them to hang out than over 6 feet above the ground!

Not only is this cat tree tall, but it’s got platforms and cubbies that are large enough for Maine Coons. The top platform, for example, measures 24″ by 13.5″ and the smallest platform on the tree is still a roomy 12″ by 15.5″. The smallest entryway for the platform (the one on the second level) is 7″ wide and 9″ tall which is plenty of space for big kitties.

One of the more interesting features is the ability to rotate some of the platforms to create the ideal path for cats to climb. One reviewer on Chewy explains, “This was a gift for a couple who have a young athletic tabby and an older Maine Coon. The small platforms can be pivoted to allow the bigger cat to easily get to the next step up and finally to the top safely. The young tabby loves the height and both have choice spots for sleeping. This is an excellent cat tree.”

There are also plenty of other cat parents (including Maine Coon parents) chiming in support of this cat tree for big and large cats. I’m unable to find any cat tree from the Frisco brand at Amazon at the time of writing but you can still get free shipping on this giant tree from Chewy by clicking here.

What I Love About It: While the overall height of this tree is really what stands out,  I love that you can rotate the smaller platforms to create extra steps for cats that need them or get them out of the way for cats that don’t.

What I Wish It Had: There’s only one sisal-wrapped scratching post so you wouldn’t want to depend on this as your cat’s primary scratching area.

Most Unique: On2 Pets 43 Inch Cat Tree with Leaves

On2 Pets 43 Inch Cat Tree with Leaves

✅ For cats up to 32 pounds in weight

✅ Easy to assemble

✅ High-quality materials,

✅ Pet-safe and non-toxic

This is easily one of the most unique cat trees you’ll find and while it’s not huge or particularly plush it does give cats an opportunity to hide in a tree! If your Maine Coon enjoys hiding under the bed or behind corners where they can jump out and pounce then they’ll probably love this unique tree.

There isn’t a huge amount of space per platform but with the largest measuring 24 inches in diameter, Maine Coons can still stretch out for a good nap in the brush. The top platform is the smallest and measures 18 inches long which might be a little tight for the bigger cats. However, this sturdy tree is one of the few that also includes a specific weight limit from the manufacturer and is designed to support cats up to 32 pounds.

There’s also a modular component to this tree and you can easily remove the top platform to create a smaller tree. You can even remove both upper platforms to create a cat shrubbery. This is a good option for clumsy or older cats that might not use the top-level anyway.

While it has some mixed reviews compared to the other all-stars on this list, there are still happy parents of big cats on Amazon, including one from a big 15-pound feline that you can read here.

While this cat tree might not make sense for multiple cats, if you’ve got existing cat trees or a single Maine Coon then this can certainly work. Especially if you want a unique cat tree with style. You can read more reviews and check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: This cat tree has a unique look that some people (and cats) will really love. It’s a great way to enrich your Maine Coon’s space without adding a giant wall of carpet into your home.

What I Wish It Had: While it has an abundance of style, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that you might want to see in a traditional cat tree.

Best Carpet-Free: PetFusion 76.8 Inch Ultimate Climbing Tower

PetFusion 76.8 Inch Ultimate Climbing Tower

✅ Plenty of height with a smaller base perfect for apartments

✅ Limited carpet gives this a cat tree a unique and appealing look

✅ Mounts directly to the wall for added safety

PetFusion 76.8 Inch Ultimate Climbing Tower

✅ Plenty of height with a smaller base perfect for apartments

✅ Limited carpet gives this a cat tree a unique and appealing look

✅ Mounts directly to the wall for added safety

It’s not difficult to make a kitty happy as long as they have your love, tasty snacks, and a cat tree by the window to pass their time. If your Maine Coon enjoys the soft sunshine on their lush fur and they can’t wait to trill, chirp, and chirrup at the birds and animals in your garden then the PetFusion Ultimate Climbing Tower is perfect for the job!

The design as you can tell by the picture is very simple and elegant. The base and all the levels are made of thick and sturdy wood, and there’s one tall sisal-covered scratching post that keeps everything neatly connected.

While this cat tree might not have multiple levels, sitting platforms, baskets, or other entertaining details, it’s perfect for a curious Maine Coon that prefers the quiet life of overlooking the house and the outside world, from the top platform that is just the right size.

It’s also good to keep in mind that Maine Coon cats aren’t simply large and heavy cats, but they’re also tall and they need a long scratching post so they can fully stretch their body and limbs out. This activity might prove difficult when the cat tree is crammed with different levels, especially for long-bodied kitties. Well, you certainly don’t have to worry about that with PetFusion, since its overall height stands at 76.8 inches (6.4 feet)!

While this cat tree is perfect for larger breeds, the minimalistic design is perfect for small places and it will keep your house from looking cluttered. The lack of carpet is also great for longhaired cats since it won’t be collecting as much fur or dust and it’s easy enough to clean when it does. The soft cushions on both levels will offer your kitty a cozy spot to sit and lay on and most importantly they can be removed and washed when necessary.

Finally, this cat tree is easy to assemble, and attaching it to a wall is super easy. The company made sure to include zinc drywall anchors that can be attached to your wall with a hammer & screwdriver, and no drilling is required unless you prefer to anchor into studs or you have plaster walls.

If you ever have to move the cat tree can also be easily removed with just a screwdriver. Then again if you’d rather keep your walls hole-free I found this review that offers instructions on how holes in the wall aren’t necessary if you reconfigure the tower, which you can read on Amazon!

What I Love About It: This almost 77 inches tall cat tree is perfect for a Maine Coon to stretch their long body and offers them great privacy. The fact that it’s tall and not bulky makes it a great investment for smaller apartments.

What I Wish It Had: My only thought is that I probably wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to owners with senior Maine Coons, because in order to get to the top platforms they need to climb the post.

Carpet-Free Wood Tree Runner Up: Vesper 62.2 Inch Cat Furniture Cat Tree

Vesper 62.2 Inch Cat Furniture Cat Tree

✅ Memory-foam cat bed cushions

✅ Sisal scratching mats

✅ Extra-long seagrass scratching post

✅ Great for multiple cats or larger cat breeds

I made sure that this buyers guide offers a plethora of cat trees covered in soft plush coverings, but I also think that it’s important to mention some that are carpet-free, for those of you who might have a partner who’s allergic to cats, or you live in an area with hot climate.

While carpeted cat trees are made of a cozy and oftentimes durable material, they do have a few downsides. I personally am allergic to dust, and I try to avoid furniture and covers that collect dust and I go for anything that’s easy to wash or clean with a dustpan.

If you’re like me then you know how dust and fur can on top of everything give your house a less fashionable look. That’s why I think Vesper Cat Furniture has the two things I love, removable soft memory foam cushions on each level, and an elegant design that matches my living room’s aesthetic! Each panel is made from high-quality walnut-look wood, but you can also go for oak and black laminate.

Of course, when choosing the perfect treehouse, especially for demanding cats like Maine Coons, aesthetic appeal isn’t necessarily a priority, instead most of us go for comfort and durability. Well Vesper Cat tree combines all of that. It comes in different shapes and sizes, including this XL model (62.2 x 30.5 x 22.8) which makes it the perfect candidate for your Maine Coon or a multiple big cat household.

The ledges and the condo are big enough even for 20lb+ cats to lounge on, and of course the long scratching post lets your cat have that necessary full stretch. If you’re looking for a durable, large and cat-friendly tower with hypoallergic qualities then make sure to read more reviews and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: The thick wood makes the platforms extremely durable for bigger domestic breeds, and if any part of the Vesper Cat tree does break, the supplier stocks replacement parts, which means that you’ll never have to replace the whole cat tree ever again!

What I Wish It Had: The rope is made of seagrass so if your cat is an over the top scratcher then you might need to buy replacement posts once they get overused.

The Sleekest Design: Refined Feline Metropolitan 62 Inch Faux-Fur Cat Tree

The Refined Feline Metropolitan 62-in Faux-Fur Cat Tree & Condo

✅ 5 raised platforms

✅ Perfect for multi-cat homes

✅ Cushion coverings are removable and washable

✅ Constructed of sturdy, powder-coated metal 

This cat tree that looks more like a cat library was clearly made with the cat’s comfort and their human’s taste in mind. I mean not everyone likes the look of a tree house and this one was specifically designed for the cats who would rather jump up furniture shelves and cupboards than go up a traditional cat tower.

There are five separate platforms that are big enough for a giant Maine Coon, to jump up and down and lay on. They are also covered with faux-fur cushions that no cat could possibly say no to, and there’s a scratch mat where they can stretch their backs and sharpen their claws.

You also don’t have to worry about the durability of this cat tree since it’s made from powder-coated metal, so they won’t tip over or wobble under your cat’s weight. But if you’re afraid that the Tasmanian monster energy of your cat will manage to shake even this construction, then the company made sure to add a wall-mounted anchor to attach it to the wall.

If you’re part of a multi-cat household with, or with more than one giant kitty under your care then it’s safe to say that the multiple platforms will be enough for everyone, and it can easily turn into a cat playground. If your kitty is hesitant at first you can use treats on each level to help them get used to the different levels and their accessibility.

Entertaining, safe and sturdy, are just a few words I can use to describe this cat tree, but I think attractiveness is also important as much as functionality. With five different colors, I’m sure you’ll make it work with your current elegant furniture, especially if you want a unique cat tree with style. If this beauty caught your eye go ahead and read more reviews and check the latest price on Chewy by clicking here.

What I Love About It: It can be great for picky cats that would rather climb up your bookcase than their own regular-looking cat tree. It also provides space for sleeping, climbing, scratching, and you can turn it into a full-time entertainment center by hanging their toys from the bars.

What I Wish It Had: This is the most pricy cat tree on our list, and I understand that not everyone can afford it, but it definitely is worth mentioning for those of you who don’t mind splurging for your kitty.

Why Do Maine Coons Need Cat Trees?

Now that we gave you a long list of fabulous cat trees, I think it’s also crucial that we give you a list of reasons that will help you understand how such purchase will benefit your furbaby in the short and long term, and how it can also make certain aspects of your life a little bit easier.

For Nail Maintenance

You might be thinking that your loving cat is scratching your furniture as a way to get back to you for not giving them treats or enough attention, but in reality most of the time this feline behavior has nothing to do with you and is completely natural.

If you don’t believe me then listen to Matt Wildman, a cat behaviorist who says that cats scratch “to express emotions, like excitement or stress, to mark objects with their scent (they have scent glands in their paws), to remove the dead part of their nails and, often, just to get a good stretch.

So, since scratching is a natural and instinctive behavior, there’s only one way of saving your precious furniture from your cat’s claws especially if they’re as long as a Maine Coons, and that’s by getting a cat tree! And the earlier you get it the better, but even if you’re late to the cat tree party you can train your friendly giant with some catnip and treats to file their nails on their one sisal post.

This way you’ll also avoid any behavioral problems that come from the lack of objects that they can scratch, like anxiety, excessive vocalization, litter box issues, and even aggression. Let’s not forget paw-related issues, like excessive nail splitting and breaking.

For Climbing and Exercise

Another purpose of a cat tree or tower is exercising and climbing, something Maine Coons are happy to do in their natural habitat. Especially if you only keep your friendly giant inside they definitely will need some extra physical stimulation. Cat towers offer multiple platforms from which your kitty can jump to and from, up and down. Some of them usually have toys dangling from top platforms, which can easily get your kitty into a playful mood and satisfy a part of their hunting instincts.

As I’ve mentioned above, unhealthy weight is also becoming a common issue in cats, and proper nutrition isn’t enough to keep an animal in shape. Cat’s need to be able to run, jump and play and use all their muscles in order to stay healthy and maintain strong bones.

You might think your kitty is lazy or they sleep all day, but that’s probably the result of boredom. Cats need to release the stored energy they gather throughout their day and cat trees can be a great outlet for that. For a cat, a healthy body means a happy life, with a reduced likelihood of medical conditions and diseases that come with a sedentary lifestyle.

For Mental Stimulation an Entertainment

Another reason your Maine Coon will benefit from having a cat tree, is the enjoyment they’ll get from it. Perching in high spots where they can survey all their surroundings, especially if its placed by a window, will make them feel like they’re atop a tree.

If you’re living in a small apartment it’s also the perfect place to offer some playtime to your kitty. Take the time to experiment with different toys and move them up and down the platforms to help your kitty shake that booty and burn some calories!

It’s easy to forget that indoor cats can easily get bored, but that doesn’t really have to be the case as for your Maine Coon long as you entertain them and have a cat tree to occupy most of their day.

For Personal Space

As a Maine Coon parent you might’ve established that these kitties are confident and sociable cats, but even extroverts need some alone time from time to time. Tall cat trees can offer some privacy whenever your kitty needs to stay alone with their thoughts, and a condo can be a great hiding spot for when you have guests.

No matter how outgoing or friendly a Maine Coon is a cat, and can get stressed by unexpected things like the hoover, or some unfamiliar noise from outside. That’s why having a hiding spot that they alone can use can make them feel at ease even if they rarely use their condo.

Peace In A Multi-Cat Household

Whether you have more than one pet cat or more than one Maine Coon kitty, having a cat tree will greatly improve their mutual feline relationship and reduce fighting or conflicts. To be more precise I think a cat tower is even more beneficial for a multi-cat household where you can have more than one top panel. 

Most cats love to spend their time on surfaces that are above the ground, and it makes them feel safe since they have more visual control over their territory. In my experience minimal top space can create an antagonistic attitude. Even cats that share a bond can end up fighting over the spot next to the window, so that’s why by providing them with a cat tree that has enough space for each cat, can bring an equilibrium to your house life.

Over the years I’ve lived in tiny apartments and I had two cats, one average-sized, and the other quite large around 24 lbs, so a cat tower has truly saved my cats from killing eachother as they would if they didn’t have enough space by the window!

What To Look For In A Cat Tree For Maine Coons?

Okay, now that we’ve established the main reasons why having a cat tree is important, especially for Maine Coons let’s take a look at how this applies to cat trees and what we need to look for.

Weight Capacity

First things first, we need a cat tree that can support big Maine Coon cats! Not only when they sit but also the force that’s generated when they actually land on the platforms. The big problem here is that most cat trees aren’t testing or reporting the weight capacity of their cat trees. Which shouldn’t surprise us too much since the average non-Maine Coon cat parent doesn’t have to worry about these kinds of big cat problems!

Still, we can make some good guesses as to the weight capacity based on the material used. We’ll also be looking closely at the reviews of other cat owners specifically looking for reviews by Maine Coon or big cat parents.

Platform Size and Placement

We also want to make sure that the platforms are large enough to support Maine Coon cats. Of course, we want Maine Coons to be able to sleep comfortably on all or several of the platforms but we also want to make sure that the platforms are large enough for big cats to land on. The last thing we want is for a big-bodied Maine Coon to miss a landing and fall!

Finally, we’ll be looking closely at the specific placement of the platforms. Platforms that are too close together or too bunched up may not work for big Maine Coons who will need some extra space to maneuver.

Cubby and Bed Size

Just like we expect to see bigger platforms, we also need to see bigger cubbies for our larger felines. The main issue here is the size inside the cubby rather than the actual entrance. All cats, including Maine Coons, have an amazing ability to squeeze into small places thanks to a unique bone structure. You may be surprised at what your cat can actually squeeze into so the real issue is whether or not they can fit once they’re inside and less so the actual size of the entrance.

Overall Size

While I do have a few cat trees on this list that will work for smaller spaces, in general, we’ll want to go a little bigger when it comes to cat trees for our Maine Coons. This is especially important if you’ve got multiple cats as you don’t want to have any territory issues that could result in a scuffle. Bigger cats simply need a bigger cat tree to really enjoy it. If you’ve ever seen a really tall person in a small compact car then you know the effect we’re trying to avoid!

Construction Quality

Bigger, stronger Maine Coon cats are going to put more wear and tear on their cat trees. While Maine Coons aren’t known for their acrobatics, they’re still cats and will occasionally attempt the traditional full speed run into cat tree climb! Carpet or other material that’s not securely attached to the frame of the cat tree can quickly be ripped off or removed by big cats.

We also want to see thick posts in key areas of the cat tree which suggest stronger and sturdier construction but this is unfortunately pretty uncommon in the world of cat trees.

How To Stop A Cat Tree From Tipping Over?

Having a Maine Coon or a cat that is the size of a Maine Coon means that regular cat trees most likely won’t work. That’s why we made sure to research cat trees and towers suitable for larger breeds, because not only should it be able to withstand your cat’s heavy jumps, but it should also not wobble as they dig their nails into it.

Purchasing a cat tree suitable for your giant kitty, with a sturdy and strong construction should be of course enough, but each cat’s energy levels are different and there is always room for certain safety measures you can take in case your kitty is super active or you’ve got more than one Maine Coon using it on a regular basis.

The simplest thing you can do is to regularly check the screws because they can loosen with time, especially when they’re constantly under attack. If you have a cozy corner in your house, you could use that space to keep the tree steady, or you can anchor it to the wall as an extra precaution.

If you don’t mind drilling through your floor screwing in the base of the cat tree can secure the whole construction. Then again if you’re renting or you simply want to keep your floors hole-free then increasing the weight of the base should work just as well. Some of my friends with larger cats have successfully used dumbbells or kettlebells, and even encyclopedia books to keep the base from moving. Others have found that widening the base of the cat tree by attaching a piece of plywood about 2 times the size of the existing base works best for them.

I think as long as you get a product that’s made from sturdy and heavy materials especially with a bottom-heavy design then you shouldn’t have any wobbling cat-tree action, just don’t forget to tighten the screws now and again!

Where Are You Going To Place The Cat Tree?

Finally, you’ve got to consider where you’re going to place the tree. Photos can be deceiving and you might be surprised at just how big some of these cat trees are. While that’s great for your Maine Coon, not everyone is ready to have the defining feature of their living room be a cat tree! That’s why we decided to add a few cat trees that are elegant and can be a beautiful addition to your living room, but if you have a spare room then you can focus mainly on functionality.

The other thing to consider is whether or not you’re going to place the cat tree in a corner or not. I’ve mentioned corners as a possible spot because I always like this particular placement for cat trees since it can increase stability and decrease wobbliness but not all cat trees are designed for corner placement. Many have a perfect right angle that will easily slide into a corner but others are a lot wider. While this might seem obvious, it’s easy to overlook, especially when you start imagining your new cat’s playground!

I think wobbliness is an important factor to consider, but cat trees can be a great way to stimulate your cat. I’m not talking only about exercise, if you place their cat tower in front of a window it will have a mental benefit as well, as they watch the birds and overlook all the outside action from the safety of their loving home and awesome cat tree.

Closing Thoughts

Big Maine Coon cats are still cats! That means they still want to run, jump and play on cat trees!

But not every cat tree is ready for these giant felines! I hope you found exactly what you’re looking for and are excited to find supersize cat trees for your Maine Coons! Let me know which you went with or if there’s a perfect Maine Coon cat tree that I’m not aware of!