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All About The Smoke-Colored Cat And 5 Breeds With This Coat

All About The Smoke-Colored Cat And 5 Breeds With This Coat

There are so many cat coat colors, patterns, and color combinations possible. It’s hard to choose between a black, orange, or grey kitten.

White cats possess a unique charm, made even more appealing by the fact that they aren’t a common sight.

To make the choice even harder, there aren’t only solid-colored cats. There is also a possibility for a cat to have two, or even three different colors on its fur.

Furthermore, cats can have amazing coat patterns such as tabby and tortoiseshell. Maybe you’re already familiar with all these coat variations, but have you heard of the smoke-colored cat?

This could be the one coat type that will fascinate you the most! Let’s delve into the issue and find out all the details about felines with smoke coats.

What Is A Smoke-Colored Cat?

Smoke-Colored Cat

When you see a solid-colored cat, no matter what color its fur is, you usually anticipate a uniform coloration throughout its coat.

However, smoke-colored cats defy these expectations. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the smoke pattern is the lightest expression of the melanin inhibitor gene.

As Patricia Turner and Roy Robinson [1] explain, this gene inhibits the formation of melanin in the less intensely pigmented regions of a cat’s coat.

In the case of a smoke-colored cat, the entirety of its coat color resides in the latter half of the guard hair, which can encompass any of the officially recognized solid coat shades.

While a cat stands still, it appears to have a solid-colored coat. But, when it’s in motion, it’s easy to notice its white undercoat.

Therefore, a smoke-colored cat will have a solid-colored face, tail, legs, and ears, but also a narrow band of white color at the base of its hairs right next to the skin.

The smoke pattern is easier to notice in longhaired felines, since the white part of their coats is more visible. 

Let’s now look at different solid colors that can also be smoke. Smoke patterns aren’t common, which makes them even more interesting!

Black Smoke Cat

A black smoke cat features a white undercoat that’s heavily tipped with black. If you catch this cat in repose, it will probably look totally black to you.

But, seeing it moving, it will be clear that it has a white undercoat. 

This cat boasts both paw pads and nose leather in black, with copper eyes, a common trait among all smoke-colored cats.

Chocolate Smoke

A chocolate smoke cat has a white undercoat, while the rest of its coat has a warm chocolate coloring.

Cats with this smoke pattern have a brown nose leather. Their paw pads are pink-cinnamon.

Blue Smoke

Blue Smoke Cat

Cats with blue coats have a striking and appealing appearance.

As UC Davis Veterinary Medicine suggests, this color is a diluted black color in cats and is also sometimes called grey.

A blue smoke cat’s white undercoat is tipped with a blue color. These cats also feature blue paw pads and nose leather

Red Smoke

Just like with all the previous solid colors, a red smoke cat has a white undercoat, while the rest of its coat is red-colored.

According to the Canadian Cat Association, this cat displays red legs, tail, and face, with a slender strip of white near the base of the hairs.  This white undercoat may be seen only when the fur is parted.

A red smoke cat has rose paw pads and nose leather.

The video below shows an adorable red smoke kitten.

Cream Smoke

The cream coat in felines is a diluted red color, and is also widely known as orange.

A cream smoke cat’s nose leather and paw pads are pink.

Lilac Smoke

Some of you could especially like this last smoke color on our list, since it’s considered one of the rarest colors in the feline world in general.

A chocolate cat that carries the dilute gene will get a lilac or lavender coat. White smoke cats, this lavender coat is seen together with a white undercoat when a cat is in motion.

A lilac smoke cat has pink paw pads and lavender nose leather.

5 Smoke Colored Cat Breeds 

I’m sure many of you like the idea of having a smoke-colored cat.

There are certain breeds that can have this type of coat. Just bear in mind that the smoke pattern isn’t officially recognized within all these breeds. 

This is important information for those who plan for their cats to anticipate in cat shows. Other than that – a smoke coat is just the same as a coat in any other color.

Now, let’s take a look at the five breeds with smoke coats.

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The popular Maine Coon is mostly known for its black smoke coat

Black smoke pattern is the most common one, but Maine Coons can also have other smoke varieties, such as red, blue, and cream.

I’m sure looking at the video below will make you fall in love with beautiful black smoke Maine Coons.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

The coat is a feature the Norwegian Forest Cat is widely recognized for. Its top layer is thick, long, and water repellent, while its undercoat is wooly.

This cat’s coat comes in a numerous variety of colors and patterns.

Smoke varieties with this breed are black, blue, cream, and red.

3. Persian

Persian cat

Another beautiful breed that can feature a smoke coat is the Persian cat.

While they’re standing still, their coats seem solid-colored, but, once they start moving, it’s easy to notice their brighter roots.

Persians can have a black, blue, cream, and red smoke cat coats.

4. Siberian

Siberian cat

Siberians are cats with long, water resistant coats that shed moderately.

Their coats can be seen in solid colors like red, blue, and white. Also, they can be bi-colored, and have a combination of black and white, or gray and white on their furs.

Furthemore, Siberians can also have smoke-colored coats in black, cream, and blue.

5. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cat

When mentioning a Turkish Angora, most people will imagine a beautiful cat with a snowy white coat.

White is indeed the original and preferable color with this breed. However, with years, breeders started raising Turkish Angora cats in many other beautiful colors.

Besides white, some of the popular solid colors in this breed are black and blue.

They can also feature blue, black, or red smoke.


A smoke-colored cat is something indeed special.

Felines with smoke coats have a certain solid color, while their hair root misses this color and is visibly white. This can be noticed when a cat moves, but it can go unnoticed if you see a cat standing still.

Also, with short-haired cats, the smoke effect will be far less visible. On the other hand, long-haired breeds, like the Maine Coon, will display this white undercoat much more.

This coat makes a cat look even more magnificent, and even mysterious.

Now, have you found your favorite among these smoke beauties? 

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[1] Turner P, Robinson R. Melanin inhibitor: a dominant gene in the domestic cat. J Hered. 1980 Nov-Dec;71(6):427-8. DOI, Retrieved October 24, 2023.