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8 Best Cat Carriers For Maine Coons (And Big Cats)

8 Best Cat Carriers For Maine Coons (And Big Cats) may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

The largest of all the cat breeds, the Maine Coon cats can look intimidating and mysterious, but owners across the globe can attest to their sweet nature.

If you’re the cat parent of a Maine Coon kitty, then you know that living with this friendly giant isn’t all peaches and cream and their impressive size is something to be considered when buying cat products like a cat carrier.

With an average weight of up to 20 pounds for male Maine Coons, you’re going to need a sturdy cat carrier that can support this weight and one that can make transportation as easy as possible for you.

When shopping for a cat this large you’ll also need to make sure that the carrier is big enough to fit the long body of a Maine Coon and that they have enough room to stand up, turn and lay down comfortably.

As you’ll discover below, we’ve done the research and found what features make a cat carrier work best for cats like the Maine Coon.

Within our buyer’s guide section, you’ll also find our 8 favorite cat carriers that are suitable both for Maine Coons and large cats along with mini-reviews. But if you want to skip ahead and see which cat carriers made the Maine Coon cut you can see my favorites here:

  1. Best Overall Maine Coon Cat Carrier: Pet Life Folding Zippered 360° Vista View House Pet Crate
  2. Best Extra-Large Maine Coon Cat Carrier: Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier
  3. Best Hard-Sided Option: Amazon Basics Two-Door, Top-Load, Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier
  4. Best Collapsible Maine Coon Cat Carrier: PetLuv Happy Cat Premium Cat Carrier
  5. Best Backpack For Maine Coons: PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack
  6. Best Maine Coon Carrier On Wheels: HPZ Pet Rover Prim 3-in-1 Luxury Pet Stroller
  7. Best Maine Coon Cat Carrier For Car Travel: One For Pets Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel
  8. Best For Airplane Travel: SturdiBag Extra Large Flexible Height Pet Carrier

What To Look For When Buying A Maine Coon Cat Carrier?

Maine Coon cats have a very unforgettable appearance, and their most impressive traits are their size and power.

That’s why for some getting a larger dog carrier seems to be the easiest solution, but not all dog carriers are suitable for cats and even though Maine Coon cats are large they still need to be treated as felines.

So, what features make a cat carrier Maine Coon friendly?

The Size Of The Carrier:

Sizing dimensions and the maximum weight limit are some of the most important things to consider before getting a cat carrier for a Maine Coon.

The AHNA suggests that “a carrier should be one and a half times the size of your cat.” And according to PetMD, “a cat carrier should allow enough space for your cat to stand without crouching and be able to turn around.

At the same time, you don’t want the carrier to be excessively large. Not only will your cat end up sliding from side to side but holding and carrying the carrier itself will prove difficult.

Now, when it comes to Maine Coon cats, it’s clear that this breed is larger than the average 9-pound cat, but not all Maine Coon cats weigh the same or have the same length.

Female Maine Coons are usually smaller than their male counterparts and depending on your cat’s health and diet their weight can also differ.

Feline obesity is also something to be considered, and even though I’m not condoning it, the truth is that 60% of cats in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese according to recent studies.

Your cat’s length will also determine the carrier’s dimensions and that can also differ from Maine Coon to Maine Coon. For example, Stewie a four feet long Maine Coon held the record for the longest cat according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

While your big kitty might not be as long as Stewie they’re still going to be longer than the average cat. So, if you want to make sure your Maine Coon fits perfectly into their carrier and the carrier itself can hold their weight, then you need to measure your cat and weigh them.

I also want to mention that Maine Coon cats take longer to mature so if you have a kitten or a young Maine Coon you shouldn’t get a carrier based on their current size, but their full-size potential.

Once you know how large your kitty is or may grow to be, then you can look at the carrier’s dimensions and weight capacity.

The size of the carrier might also be affected by the type of traveling you’ll be doing. If you’re traveling by plane, then you’ll have to look at the airline guidelines when it comes to pet transportation.

For car travel and especially long travel, you can go for a much larger carrier where there’s enough room for a litter box, food and water bowls, and their favorite blanket.

The Material Of The Carrier:

When it comes to carriers, another thing that you need to be aware of is which material that will work best for your Maine Coon and their personality.

There are two types of carriers, soft-sided and hard-sided plastic carriers and both can have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Hard carriers are more heavy-duty and can withstand the weight of a large cat like the Maine Coon as well as their long and sharp claws.

Since this breed is long-haired they will shed more than the average kitty, and in this case, hard-sided carriers may work best for you because they’re much easier to clean, plus they don’t absorb bad smells which means that they can serve you for longer.

Dr. Marty Becker, DVM, suggests that hard-sided carriers can make your cat feel safer, similarly the ASPCA states that a cat can be smart enough to claw their way through the zipper enclosure of a soft carrier.

Hard-sided carriers are definitely the best choice if you feel that your Maine Coon is nervous about traveling and that they may use their strength to escape if they were placed in a soft carrier.

However, you’ll need to be careful and check the hard carrier for sharp plastic edges that can hurt your scared kitty. Before taking your cat outside make sure you check that the top and bottom of their carrier are securely attached and that the handle can hold your cat’s weight.

While hard carriers are loved by many cat parents this doesn’t mean that soft carriers are not a good choice. Over the years, manufacturers have worked hard to perfect soft-sided carriers and make them much sturdier with steel support and more secure with locking zippers.

In fact, soft cat carriers were the only carriers that passed the official Center for Pet Safety crash test and are considered the safest cat carriers, and when it came to hard carriers only crates designed for dogs passed.

Soft carriers are better suited for calm cats and Maine Coon cats are quite famous for being quite sweet and relaxed even during travels. They are also great for airplane trips since they are more flexible and can fit better in the space in front of your legs.

But since Maine Coon cats are also quite heavy, you need to make sure that the carrier doesn’t dip in the middle, which can cause a tear or simply discomfort.

Soft-sided carriers are also more convenient to carry, and many of them have additional pockets for documents, your cat’s treats, and possible medication.

Taking the safety of your Maine Coon into consideration, and seeing how versatile the soft carriers are, you’ll see plenty of soft-sided carriers on our list but we also made sure to include a plastic option for its own obvious pros.

The Carrier’s Portability

I have two cats, one has the build of an average kitty, while the other one is 20 pounds heavy if not more. While I can admit that some of that weight has to do with his greedy nature, it’s mostly muscle and size.

So, while I may not have a Maine Coon per se, he is just as large and heavy, and I can totally relate to all of you Maine Coon cat parents!

The biggest issue for me has been finding a cat carrier that’s large enough for my big boy, but also small enough and flexible enough to take him to the vet. That’s why it’s important that you actually factor in the weight of your Maine Coon before making the final purchase.

Unlike hard carriers, many soft carriers can be carried both by the top handle and the shoulder straps for extra security.

I also have friends that have purchased a backpack recently and that truly made me consider doing the same. The weight distribution is so much better since the backpack carrier itself is softer and it’s not as heavy as a hard plastic carrier can be.

For some of you, a carrier on wheels or a stroller might be the best option, especially if you have mobility issues and holding a carrier is not something you can handle.

Even if you only have to walk a couple of feet from your house to your car, a mega large carrier can be impossible to carry, in which case you can check the One For Pets portable 2-in-1 carrier on our list that can turn into a single or double carrier, perfect for long and short trips.

The Safety Features:

As I’ve already mentioned carriers that have been crash tested are the safest option to transfer your kitty, but that’s not the only safety feature your carrier must have.

You also need to make sure that there are self-locking zippers so that the openings won’t be compromised by your ingenious Maine Coon.

Hard carriers on the other hand won’t actually suffer from your cat’s claws and the metal bars usually have secure locks that your cat can’t unlock.

If you’re traveling by car, I’d also suggest looking for a carrier that has a seatbelt loop that you can use to attach the carrier securely to the seat.

Even if it’s for a short distance, your Maine Coon is still lighter than a human and a small bump on the road can cause the carrier to topple over and fall.

You should also consider going through product reviews before making the final purchase and check if the other cat parents were also happy with how safe the product is or isn’t.

The Access Points:

I think there’s a general consensus that the top-loading option is the best especially for anxious kitties and large cats like the Maine Coon that may need some maneuvering when getting them inside.

According to VCA Canada, “if your cat dreads going into the small confines of a carrier, consider getting an over-sized, top-loading cat carrier so your cat doesn’t need to squeeze through a narrow door.”

When visiting the vet a top loader can also offer access to your cat without getting them out of the carrier.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that side openings aren’t useful. I’d actually suggest you looked for a carrier that offers both because a side opening on soft carriers can come in handy when you’re traveling with your kitty.

During your travel breaks or if you’re not the one driving you can squeeze your hand through a side door and change your cat’s food and water bowl, as well as their litter box and you can also pet them without the risk of breaking them out of prison.

While hard plastic carriers can be really secure especially when you have a chunky boy inside, the metal or plastic doors usually have to open completely and you can end up with a runaway kitty.

The Ventilation:

Last but not least, you need to consider how much ventilation the carrier offers. Soft-sided carriers usually have multiple mesh openings that offer visibility but also more airflow.

Since plenty of Maine Coon cats enjoy walking on the leash and they are less afraid of the outside world, having these openings can actually keep them occupied.

However soft carriers aren’t always suitable for the summer or if you live in an area with a hot climate. The visibility can also make an anxious cat more nervous of the outside threats.

If your kitty gets easily scared you can always use a light fabric to cover some of the openings and give your kitty a sense of protection. Some soft carriers even come with blinds that you can pull down to offer your Maine Coon some privacy.

Hard-sided carriers on the other hand usually have only one door opening and small holes on the side that can make a carrier a bit stuffy. At the same time, the lack of multiple exits and visibility can help a cat feel safer and more protected.

The country you live in, and your cat’s personality are definitely two factors you need to consider, and if your kitty is suffering from feline asthma look for a carrier with multiple openings.

Our Top 8 Main Coon Cat Carriers

Now that you know what to look for in a carrier that will work best for your Maine Coon or a large kitty it’s time you take a look at our top options!

Best Overall Maine Coon Cat Carrier: Pet Life Folding Zippered 360° Vista View House Pet Crate

Pet Life Vista-View 360 Degree Zippered and Collapsible Soft Folding Crate

Folding Travel Kennel with Zippered Entrances Along The Pet Crate

If you’re looking for a carrier that your Maine Coon will find comfortable and spacious then this is definitely the one!

This is a soft carrier that has a sturdy metal frame and can handle the weight of a large Maine Coon even if they’re restless during transportation.

With mesh, openings you usually get visibility and ventilation and this carrier offers both. A curious Maine Coon will enjoy observing the panoramic view of the world around them while traveling in this one, but it might not work for easily scared cats.

Unlike other cat carriers that might be too small, this one offers plenty of room for your Maine Coon to move around, and I think this is why it also makes a great bed even when your kitty isn’t traveling.

But if you have a small apartment and you need to put the carrier away, you can fold this one and simply tuck it away under your bed or in your closet.

As with most large carriers, moving this one might seem a bit awkward especially if you’re not used to carrying weights. But it’s the best middle ground between your Maine Coon cat’s comfort and your own.

However, if you’re thinking of using this carrier to move two cats then I want to warn you that this might not be the best idea. Not only is it dangerous and can cause cat aggression, but the weight and constant movement can stress the stitching and zippers.

This doesn’t mean this carrier won’t be able to withstand a single Maine Coon. Mostly Maine Coon cat parents have left multiple positive reviews under this product explaining how it was the best purchase for their giant feline companions.

One of the reasons this Pet Life carrier made it to the top are the amazing reviews on Amazon! If you want to check what these Maine Coon owners have to say about it you can click here and don’t forget to also check today’s price as well.

What I Love About It: The double side handles make carrying your Maine Coon or a large cat much easier despite the carrier’s size.

What I Wish It Had: This product would be perfect if it came with additional seatbelt loops or straps to secure it to the car seat.

Best Extra-Large Maine Coon Cat Carrier: Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier

Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier
  • Perfect for car trips with medium to large cats. It measures approximately 24x16.5x16 inches and holds cats up to 55 pounds.
  • It has three locking zippers to prevent your cat from opening and a clip inside for additional security.
  • It has a steel support structure that is foldable.

If you’re the owner of a much larger Maine Coon then the first carrier on our list might not work for your kitty, in this case, you can check the Petseek Extra Large Cat Carrier.

This might be a soft carrier, but the manufacturer made sure that it’s sturdy enough to accommodate larger pets.

Your Maine Coon cat will have plenty of space to stand up, sit and lay down without any restrictions on their movement!

Since this carrier is so large, I appreciate that aside from the two side handles there’s an adjustable shoulder strap that can help you carry the heavy load with more ease.

There are three access points and as you can imagine there’s a top-loading option that is suitable for reluctant cats.

This carrier is more suitable for confident Maine Coon cats that don’t mind having plenty of visual stimulation during their trip. You can of course cover the carrier with a soft fabric to obscure the view but that’s not something the Petseek carrier provides itself.

I also love that this carrier can turn into a comfy bed and hiding spot for your cat when you’re no longer traveling, but it can also be disassembled and stored away until you need it again.

If you want to see how cat parents are raving about this carrier or you just want to check today’s price on Amazon, then click here.

What I Love About It: Unlike our first pick this carrier has seatbelt loops, so it can be fastened to the car seat and kept in place during the whole drive.

What I Wish It Had: Since there are so many openings it would be great if Petseek had covers that you can roll down and up to offer your cat some privacy.

Best Hard-Sided Maine Coon Cat Carrier: Amazon Basics Two-Door, Top-Load, Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

Amazon Basics | 2-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier
  • This 23-inch carrier can hold a pet from 12lbs (5.5kg) to 20 lbs (9kg).
  • Screws are included to attach the top and bottom for extra security.
  • The top door has a handle and latches that make it possible to open the carrier to the left or right.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty carrier made of durable material, then this hard-sided pet carrier is exactly what you need.

Unlike the soft carriers on our list, this one has a steel-wire front that can handle a cat with the sharpest claws.

There’s plenty of ventilation thanks to the small holes on the sides of the carrier and the front door. On the other hand, these small openings don’t offer a lot of visibility which is great for those of you who have anxious Maine Coons, but a drawback for the cats that enjoy having an open view.

This carrier has both a front door and a top door which is usually more common in soft-sided carriers. This feature is definitely a plus, especially if you find it difficult to get your Maine Coon inside their carrier.

Since this is a hard plastic carrier, you’ll have to purchase an additional cushion or add a soft blanket to turn the carrier into a cozy little spot for your kitty, especially if it’s cold outside.

You can learn more about this product, read the reviews and check today’s prices on Amazon by clicking here!

What I Love About It: There are screws included with this carrier that you can use to attach the top and bottom for additional security.

What I Wish It Had: You may need to be extra careful when closing the top door. Some customers complained that it popped open when they picked it up.

Another customer said that they added a strap with metal hooks and attached it to the top instead of using the handle, which made it much safer to carry.

Best Collapsible Maine Coon Cat Carrier: PetLuv Happy Cat Premium Cat Carrier

Premium Cat & Dog Stroller with Detachable Wheels

Cat Stroller for Medium to Large Sized Pets with Carrier Locking Zippers, Shoulder Straps & Seat Belt Lock

We don’t all have multiple rooms or free space and it’s not always possible to use the carrier as a cat bed. This can be even tougher on people that have large cats like the Maine Coon.

That’s why the PetLuv carrier offers your kitty plenty of space when you need to travel but you can fold it flat and store it away until you need to use it again.

Of course, this carrier is on our list for more than one reason. While the fact that it’s collapsible is really important, there are so many features that make it an overall great carrier.

This soft carrier remains sturdy and secure while offering superb ventilation and lots of visibility for cats that love to keep their eye on the road as they travel.

Despite the available visual stimulation the carrier offers, your cat can still enjoy some privacy. If it’s too sunny or your cat is feeling nervous, you can pull down the velcro shades over the screens.

This breezy carrier is perfect for long travels no matter the season since it can be reinforced with warm blankets during the winter and it will have lots of airflow during the summer.

You can read all the possible reviews and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking right here!

What I Love About It: The carrier comes with a soft and comfy pillow which means that you don’t have to spend more money on your cat’s traveling needs!

What I Wish It Had: This cat carrier might be a bit difficult to carry to the vet.

Best Backpack Maine Coon Cat Carrier: PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack

PetAmi Dog-Cat Backpack Carrier

Airline Approved Cat Backpacks for Carrying Small-Large Cats | Pet Carrier Back Pack | Ventilated Soft Sided Dog-Cat Bookbag for Travel. Hiking, Camping | Heather Gray

The Maine Coon is an outgoing breed that can be trained to walk on a leash and plenty of parents travel with their adventurous kitties.

That’s why the Pet Ami backpack is a great choice for those of you who enjoy doing outdoor activities with your Maine Coon, but it can also work for regular vet visits.

However, since the backpack can’t be as large as a regular carrier, I wouldn’t suggest using it for long car travels with a big cat like a Maine Coon.

Additionally, if you’re taking your cat to the vet for surgery then they won’t have enough space to lay down as comfortably as they would with a regular large carrier.

But this is something to be expected since backpacks have a limit when it comes to size, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to carry your cat.

Other than that, a pet backpack can be a great option for those of you who can’t carry a large cat like a Maine Coon inside a regular carrier.

With this backpack, you also don’t have to worry about dropping your cat because it comes with chest and waist buckles that keep the straps in place.

Whether you’ll use this backpack for outdoorsy activities with your Maine Coon or vet visits, the backpack has multiple functional storage to keep your cat’s food, water bowl, personal documents, and medication!

If you want to read more about this backpack carrier or you simply want to know today’s price on Amazon, you can do it by clicking here.

What I Love About It: There are four different openings. The front opening can let your cat enter the backpack on their own, while the top opening can come in handy if your Maine Coon wants to stick their head outside or you want to sneak in some treats.

What I Wish It Had: While the back and straps have padding a couple of reviewers mentioned that they’d prefer if the padding was much thicker.

Best Maine Coon Carrier On Wheels: HPZ Pet Rover Prim 3-in-1 Luxury Pet Stroller

HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3-in-1 Luxury Dog/Cat Stroller
  • This stroller is perfect for large cat breeds as it can handle a pet weight up to 50 lbs (22.6 kg).
  • The soft and durable fabric inside the carrier repels water, dirt, and other liquids.
  • It offers three convenient pockets and an extra-large under basket.

There are a few good cat carriers on wheels that you can roll around like a suitcase, but since we’re dealing with a large cat breed a stroller might work much better.

Buying a cat stroller might seem like an over-the-top purchase, but this is more than that. This carrier itself is detachable and can be used on its own for vet visits, or as a car seat.

Unlike plenty of strollers and carriers out there that can look tacky, this stroller combines quality, functionality with aesthetics making it a product that you won’t mind being spotted with.

I also must mention the amount of 5-star reviews this product has received. So many cat parents talk about how rigid the metal frame feels and how sturdy the construction is.

The wheels are not flimsy, and they are filled with foam which means you don’t have to worry about flat tires. They also have anti-vibration shock springs to make the ride smooth even on bumpy terrains.

This stroller was also made with your comfort in mind, I mean it has a cup holder so you and your kitty can enjoy an adventurous stroll every morning!

If you think you need a 3-in-1 carrier transformer then click here and find out today’s price on Amazon.

What I Love About It: Something this big and bulky is actually pretty easy to store because you can fold the frame, while the carrier is collapsible and both can be stored away separately.

What I Wish It Had: The price is definitely not budget-friendly, but if your Maine Coon loves riding around then it might be a well-deserved splurge!

Best Maine Coon Cat Carrier For Car Travel: One For Pets Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel

One for Pets Portable 2-in-1 Double Pet Kennel/Shelter

✅ The built-in straps connect to the seatbelt, securing the carrier during the car drive.

✅ There are pegs to help secure the carrier to the ground, for outdoor use.

✅ The carrier can be used for two cats individually, or as one large carrier for one cat.

If you’re planning on moving cross-country or you have a long car ride ahead of you and you want your large feline companion to feel comfy then they’ll love this 2-in-1 carrier!

This carrier is actually great for those of you who have two cats, since it can be used as two single carriers, or you can connect the two and have a divide between the two cats.

But if you’re traveling with a large cat or a Maine Coon then you can take out the divide and treat it as one single large carrier.

Whether you use it as a single large or small carrier you’ll notice that it’s really sturdy. The mesh openings offer plenty of visibility and they won’t give in to your cat’s scratching.

With these openings, you can also access your cat when you’re in the car and change their water bowl or/and disposable litter box.

You can also use this carrier as a cat bed when you’re not traveling, and with a few fluffy blankets, it can turn into a comfy hiding spot!

If you want to read the traveling stories of satisfied cat parents then click here, and check today’s price on Amazon.

What I Love About It: For a soft carrier this is one has a really solid structure and I love how much airflow the mesh all around lets through.

What I Wish It Had: Carrying both carriers on your own will definitely be difficult.

Best Maine Coon Cat Carrier For Airplane Travel: SturdiBag Extra Large Flexible Height Pet Carrier

SturdiBag XL Pet Travel Carrier

Flexible Height for Cat and Dog | Soft Sided with Safety Clips and Seatbelt Straps | Black, 20" x 16" x 12" (PN: SB3-PRO-BL)

This is a bit of a tricky section because there isn’t a single standard size carrier requirement across the globe. Every airplane may support different carrier dimensions.

That’s why before purchasing this or any other carrier you’ll need to make sure you know the carrier requirements of the airline you’re traveling with.

This is the only carrier on our list that cat parents have been able to travel with. They found that even though the XL carrier is quite big, it’s also quite flexible and you can maneuver it so it fits at the space in front of your feet without making your pet uncomfortable.

Other features that make this a convenient carrier to travel and fly with are the side pockets that you can use to store your cat’s documents, treats, and medication.

The shoulder straps and the handles will also help you carry your cat from your car to the boarding gate without too much trouble.

If you want to read more tips on how to travel with this particular bag, then you can check the reviews and today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: Airports can be quite scary, and even confident cats like the Maine Coon breed might feel nervous, so thankfully the carrier has privacy flaps that you can pull down to calm them down.

What I Wish It Had: While the size of this carrier is great for a large cat you might not be allowed to fly with certain airlines.


Finally, you’ve made it to the end of our list!

But before you set out to travel the world with your friendly giant, you might still have some possible questions that we’re happy to answer.

How To Make Sure The Cat Carrier Is Large Enough For A Maine Coon Cat?

There isn’t an exact number I can give you that will work for your own cat because as we’ve already established Maine Coon cats might be large, but they still come in different shapes and sizes.

Instead of relying on an average Maine Coon size number, it’s best that you measure your cat’s length and height.

But before you do that it’s also important to consider their age. “kittens usually stop growing at approximately 12 months of age,” says Dr. Nicole Fulcher.

Large breeds on the other hand like the Maine Coon won’t stop growing until they’re 2 years old or even older.

If your Maine Coon is still a kitten or they haven’t reached their full potential, then you’ll need to factor that in when buying a carrier.

If you have a fully grown Maine Coon or a large cat then you’ll need to measure the length of your cat from their chest to the root of their tail, and their height from the floor to the top of your cat’s back while their standing.

Since a carrier should be one and a half times the size of your cat, you’ll need to multiply your cat’s length by 1.5 times.

Of course, you may not find a carrier that fits your calculations 100% accurately, in this case, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that the carrier should at least have enough space for your cat to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably.

You’ll also need to check their weight since most carriers have a weight limit. You can do this at home or have your vet do it for you on your next check-up.

Are These Carriers Also Suitable For Large Cats?

Size and weight capacity are the two things you need to consider before buying a carrier for a large cat.

After all, you want your chunky kitty to be comfortable inside their carrier especially during long travels.

You also need a heavy-duty carrier that won’t break, or tear while you’re carrying your cat, and the same goes for the carrier’s straps and handle.

That’s why for our list we chose only sturdy carriers that can handle a heavier cat, and that also has plenty of room for your kitty to move around.

If you have trouble carrying your large and heavy cat then you can look at our stroller or backpack carrier that can make your vet visits less physically taxing.

So, whether you have a Maine Coon cat, a Norwegian Forest cat, or any other large cat breed the carriers on our list should work for your kitty. The same goes for those of you who have a large cat that doesn’t belong to a breed or they’re on the chunky side.

Are Large Cat Carriers Airline Approved?

If you’re planning on flying with your kitty it’s important that you check in with the airline company about their pet carrier requirements.

Usually, when carriers are too large, they can’t fit under the seat, and in this case, they won’t be approved to fly in the cabin as carry-on luggage.

That’s why I would actually suggest you call the company you’re flying with to check with the airline directly because online information can be outdated or change last minute.

The last thing you want is to lose your flight because your cat’s carrier is too large to fit under the seat in front of you. Alternatively, you may be offered the cargo option which can be quite dangerous for a pet.

Another thing to keep in mind is that each airline can have different rules and dimensions that might work for larger or smaller carriers. This could be something that can determine which airline you’ll choose to fly with.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll be flying with your Maine Coon after all having an airplane-approved carrier can definitely come in handy if your future plans change.

Of course, if your Maine Coon is easygoing and they can get used to more than one carrier and you don’t mind spending the extra cash you can always have one roomy carrier for car travel and a smaller one for flying.

No matter what’s on your mind, we have a few options that can work both for airplanes and cars!

Can A Maine Coon Travel Without A Carrier?

Perhaps you’ve seen people on the internet let their kitties roam free inside the car as they travel.

Maybe your Maine Coon has a really calm personality, and you think you can trust them to travel with you without a carrier.

It’s true that Maine Coon cats are easy to train to walk on a leash like this big boy Felix.

And even if your Maine Coon also enjoys wearing a harness, traveling without a carrier can be a stressful experience even for the most courageous and chill cat.

Despite what the internet videos are showing you, a loose cat in your car is an accident waiting to happen.

First of all, you can’t be 100% sure that your cat will stay calm throughout the whole ride.

Traffic sounds can scare your Maine Coon, and they might end up scratching you or hiding at your feet.

Even if your cat doesn’t get easily scared, they can still be a distraction. While you’re driving, they might start mewing for your attention, and trying to climb on your lap or headbutt your face.

Bringing a cat to the vet without a carrier can also be unsafe since veterinary offices are usually filled with other pets and some dogs can act out when they see a cat.

You could use your cat’s leash to attach them to their seat, but cats can still slip out of their harness if they really put their mind to it, and that can be extremely dangerous when you have an open window or when you’re trying to get them out of the car.

The safest option is getting a comfy carrier that’s suitable for your Maine Coon’s size that you can also secure to the seat. This way your kitty can take a nap in their safe space instead of wreaking havoc in your car and you can focus on driving.

Closing Thoughts

Maine Coon cats are definitely a one-of-a-kind cat breed and their size is definitely mesmerizing. But having this majestic long body and heavy weight means that they also have certain needs.

For example, you can’t have a Maine Coon using a regular cat tree. You need to get something that’s specifically designed for larger breeds.

The same goes for carriers. You need to look for a carrier that’s sturdy and long-lasting, that can keep your Maine Coon safe, offer them comfort, and that you’ll also be able to carry.

Let us know if our list of Maine Coon cat carriers helped you and your large kitty find the one carrier that works best for your travels!