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4 Reliable Breeders With Havana Brown Cats For Sale

4 Reliable Breeders With Havana Brown Cats For Sale

Any cat fancier looking for a unique and rare cat will be thrilled with Havana Brown cat!

This breed is recognized for its elegant and striking appearance and distinctive brown coat. She was developed back in the 1950s in the United Kingdom by crossbreeding the Siamese with the domestic black cat.

Havana Brown is also an intelligent, playful, and energetic kitten with affectionate nature. She is known for making bonds with one person especially, and attaching to her for the rest of her life. So, this is an extremely loyal breed.

Since Havana Brown is so rare, unfortunately, you won’t find it so easily. Actually, there are not even many breeders of this cat in the States.

Still, I managed to find 4 reputable breeders with Havana Brown cats for sale in two US states. Let’s check them out!

1. ComposerCat, Illinois

Havana brown cat on beige background

This cattery is owned by Bill and Leann Rupy, and is located in Chicago.

ComposerCat is a small, family breeder that has been raising beautiful Havana Brown cats for more than 15 years.

These breeders work hard on diversity and on ensuring health in their bloodlines – so, they only breed a couple of litters a year. 

I think you will get a better idea of just how rare this breed is from the data obtained by the Fancier Breeder Referral List, according to which there are probably fewer than 1,000 Havana Brown cats in existence today. 

So, I think you can imagine just how hard the breeders from ComposerCat work to preserve this amazing breed!

These breeders point out how Havana Browns are ideal companions for families – they are very active, entertaining, and love to snuggle up in bed with their owners. They are even perfectly fine with traveling!

All people looking for a therapy or emotional support pet will also not go wrong if they chose this rare cat breed.

ComposerCat breeders offer both breeding and show cats. All their cats are DNA screened for all known genetic disorders.

Their kittens are raised in the States, but also in many other parts of the world, such as England, Dubai, Denmark, etc.

These breeders focus on the health, disposition, and docile temperament of their kittens. Their cattery is open, so all potential cat owners are free to come and visit newborn kittens.

Breeder Info

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Website: ComposerCat


Phone number: +1 848-667-0804 

2. Kaffee Katze, Indiana

Havana brown cat

Kaffee Katze is a cattery in northeastern Indiana. These breeders raise show-quality Havana Brown cats that meet the International Cat Association (TICA), and Cat Fanciers’ Association standards.

The family behind this cattery was fascinated by the Havana Brown breed after they adopted a mixed-breed brown cat. Brown cats are so rare because their coats are the result of a mutation of the gene that produces black pigment. 

No wonder any cat fancier will be thrilled by meeting a brown cat!

Kaffee Katze breeders keep their Havana Browns indoors and they honestly say how they spoil their kittens and want to offer them a home full of happiness and love.

Their main goal is to maintain the longevity and health of the Havana Brown breed. They limit their breeding to one to two litters per year.

One of their cats called Caffery Coffee is a 2021-2022 National Winner. This cat competed against thousands of other wonderful cats in CFA.

Kaffee Katze breeders point out how they’re extremely proud of their cat getting this prestigious award.

Breeder Info

Location: Angola, IN 46703

Website: Kaffee Katze

Facebook: Kaffee Katze


Phone number: +1 260-316-3535

3. Phos Hilaron, Indiana

Havana brown cat looking aside

Phos Hilaron is a cattery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. These breeders’ main goal is to procure Havana Brown cats of top quality that meet the TICA and CFA standards.

This cattery was founded in 2014. Their main focus is on the health, temperament, and structural soundness of their Havana Browns.

Phos Hilaron’s cats come from pedigrees lines recognized as Regional and National Winners. These breeders do their best for this breed to remain one of the healthiest pedigree breeds. 

They usually produce only one litter a year. Their kittens are kept inside their home and socialized with humans and other pets from a young age. 

Phos Hilaron breeders have been members of the Cat Fanciers Association, and Havana Brown Fanciers’ Cat Club since 2014.

The price for a kitten from this cattery is $1,600, with the additional cost for sterilization. All Phos Hilaron kittens are vet-checked, microchipped, and vaccinated before they’re ready to leave the cattery. They are also CFA-registered.

Breeder Info

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Website: Phos Hilaron

Facebook: Phos Hilaron


Phone number: +1 260-312-4012

4. 5-Acre Farm Havana Browns, Illinois

Havana brown cat relaxing at home

Rod Kroemer and Jim Wuersch are breeders behind the 5-Acre Farm Havana Browns cattery. They focus on confirmation, vitality, and temperament in their breeding program.

They follow the CFA Havana Brown breed standard in their breeding process.

Rod and Jim have owned many different cats throughout their lives, and had a special bond with the Siamese breed. They met their first Havana Brown cat in 2017, and fell in love with this breed even more!

The price for a Havana Brown kitten from the 5-Acre Farm Havana Browns cattery is $1,400. Potential buyers are responsible for the sterilization cost, as well as any additional travel expenses.

Once you get confirmation your kitten is reserved, you’ll need to pay a deposit of 50% of the total price within 5 business days.

All kittens are microchipped and vaccinated before they’re ready to leave with their new owners. They will also get CFA registration documents.

Breeder Info

Location: Champagne, Illinois

Website: 5-Acre Farm Havana Browns


Phone number: +1 217-649-6711 

Wrapping It Up

Finding any breed can be challenging. No matter if there are many options available – you still might have doubts about whether a breeder you opt to buy a kitten from is trustworthy and honest.

But, finding a Havana Brown cat for sale can be especially hard. This breed is so rare that it’s even considered one of the endangered cat species.

So, you’ll probably need to wait some time to get your Havana Brown.

Still, this isn’t impossible, since, as we could have seen, there are 4 reliable breeders in Illinois and Indiana that do their best to preserve this unique and beautiful breed.

You might need to wait some time to get your Havana Brown kitten, but, I’m sure we will agree this wait is totally worth it!

This playful, outgoing, and affectionate cat makes a great companion for families, and presents a special treat for all cat fanciers who would like to own a truly unique breed.

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