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9 Brown Cat Breeds Worth Of Your Attention

9 Brown Cat Breeds Worth Of Your Attention

Felines can come in so many different coat colors, combinations, and patterns. I think you will all agree with me that each of these colors is beautiful in their own way.

However, there is something truly special about rare coat colors, such as brown. A brown cat isn’t exactly what you’ll see often, since this fur color is quite rare, and might be hard to find.

I’ve gathered this list of nine brown cat breeds for all cat fanciers that enjoy rare and unique coat coloring in their furry friends.

Let’s check these cats and their main characteristics, and see what’s special about them besides their coats.

1. American Wirehair

This is a relatively rare cat breed that was developed in the 1960s in New York.

The American Wirehair cat has a wiry coat that, besides brown, can be seen in other solid colors like red, blue, and white, and other patterns as well, such as tabby, tortoiseshell, and tricolor. Her coat is hard and rough to the touch.

This cat is relaxed, playful, and absolutely adorable, which makes her a great companion, especially for families with children.

Although it’s rather active, the American Wirehair isn’t overly demanding, so you can expect this cat to enjoy snuggling up on a sofa with you.

2. Bengal

If you would like to become an owner of a brown breed that looks like a wild cat, but has the sweetest temperament you can imagine, then Bengal might be the ideal choice for you.

One thing this cat is mostly recognized for are the striking markings on her coat. Since Bengal has a short coat, she doesn’t shed too excessively, and it’s relatively easy to take care of her coat.

This breed is loyal and sweet, but all potential owners should be aware that Bengal is very curious and athletic, and needs plenty of space and stimulation to outlay her enormous energy.

You can see a beautiful brown Bengal in the video below.

3. Burmese

The Burmese cat is highly social, playful, and affectionate around her human family. She is very active and intelligent, capable of learning numerous tricks, such as playing fetch.

This cat’s coat is short and glossy, with a satin-like texture. Initially, all Burmese cats had brown coats, but nowadays, they are available in other coat colors and patterns as well.

According to the Cat Fancier Association breed standard, the four recognized Burmese colors are sable, champagne, blue, and platinum.

4. British Shorthair

Tired brown british shorthair home cat with sad look lying on blue sofa

Two most popular British Shorthair cat’s coat colors are lilac and blue. However, a brown-colored British Shorthair is relatively rare to come across, adding to her unique charm.

Her coat is short and dense, without an undercoat, meaning that a British Shorthair doesn’t shed too much.

This cat is very pleasant to have around, since she’s affectionate, intelligent, and easy-going. This breed even tends to get on well with other pets in the household, especially when introduced to them at a young age.

The British Shorthair enjoys attention from her humans, but isn’t overly clingy, and still enjoys having personal space.

5. Chausie

Portrait of an adult brown cat wrapped in a blanket lying on a couch

Playful and outgoing, but, at the same time, good-natured and social, the Chausie breed is indeed a lovely companion.

Despite the fact that her ancestors were wild cats, the Chausie cat doesn’t display any wild behavior, as WebMD explains. Actually, she is a very sweet and loyal breed.

Still, in a way, she resembles a wild cat, with her muscular and slender body, flat flanks, and deep chest.

Her coat is lustrous and short, and solid brown is her typical coat color, together with black and tabby pattern.

6. Havana Brown

This is a truly unique breed with a distinctive coat that’s exclusively brown, with mahogany undertones.

The Havana Brown cat’s coat is glossy and smooth, short to medium in size. This cat is energetic, intelligent, and very elegant.

She’s known to be very loyal and makes special bonds with one person for the rest of her life.

This breed has truly amazing characteristics, but, unfortunately, it’s very rare and difficult to find. Still, we have a list of 4 reputable Havana Brown cat breeders, so you might want to give it a shot!

The video below shows this striking brown breed.

7. Maine Coon

The largest and one of the most popular breeds – the Maine Coon – can be seen in numerous coat colors and patterns, including the brown one.

Most commonly, brown Maine Coons have a tabby coat pattern, while these cats with solid brown coat coloring are considered rare.

Their gentle and dog-like personality is something that makes these large cats loved by so many pet fanciers around the world.

Some of the most essential traits of the Mane Coon’s temperament are sociability, intelligence, and affectioness.

This gentle giant makes a wonderful companion for people of all ages, as well as for single individuals, and families with children.

8. Oriental Shorthair

Brown oriental kitten

This breed can have a brown coat, but also features other solid colors, such as lilac, cream, and ebony.

The Oriental Shorthair is a medium-sized cat with a smooth coat and long body. She’s very athletic, and loves to run and jump around.

Due to her activity, this cat needs to have a lot of physical activity and playing sessions, to prevent her from becoming bored and displaying destructive behavior.

The Oriental Shorthair is very human-oriented and thrives on receiving plenty of attention from her owners.

Another interesting fact that future owners should be aware of is that this is a rather vocal breed that loves to communicate her emotions with loud sounds.

9. Ragamuffin 

Besides a beautiful brown coat, Ragamuffin cats can also have bicolor coats, often in white and black. Furthermore, tabby and tortoiseshell patterns are also possible with this breed.

This cat’s coat is soft and fluffy, and, although it’s quite long, it isn’t prone to tangling, so brushing this cat a few times a week should be enough to avoid hairballs and fur matting.

As far as their personality goes, the Ragamuffin is known to be very loving and affectionate. It loves to be around their humans, and is very loyal to them.

Final Thoughts

Brown cat breeds aren’t so common to see, which, I believe, many people will find attractive and eligible.

As we could have seen, breeds with different coat types and personalities can have this coat coloring. 

The most important thing is that, together with their striking coats, these felines also have wonderful traits that make them desirable family pets.

I’m sure each one of you have found their favorite on this list!

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