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4 Reasons For A Cat Pooping In Bath, And How To Stop This

4 Reasons For A Cat Pooping In Bath, And How To Stop This

Cats are very clean animals, and this is a part of their behavior and personality that I just love! Seeing them grooming all the time is so adorable.

All cat owners are well aware that felines also want their surroundings to be clean – their litter boxes included. 

So, you might be surprised by seeing your cat defecate in other places besides her litter box. 

This seems like pretty weird behavior, and of course, you would certainly like to stop your kitten from doing this. Nobody wants to deal with smelly poop and mess around their house!

Why is my cat pooping in the bath? Does this mean something is wrong with her?

There are several reasons why your cat seems to prefer your bathtub over her litter box. Let’s look at them, and also at some tips on how to stop this unwanted behavior.

1. There’s Something Odd With Her Litter Box

a woman cleans the cat litter box

Your cat might have chosen your bath to poop in because there is something wrong, or different with her litter box.

What could this be about?

Maybe you have bought her a new litter box, or you have changed its location recently. Your kitten probably doesn’t like this change, and would prefer to go back to the old routine.

Another possibility is that her litter box is dirty. This is something your cat certainly doesn’t like and, to show you this, she decided to defecate in another place.

Maybe you have just been too busy on a particular day, and you forgot to empty her litter box, but, this was obviously enough for your furry friend to protest!

How To Solve?

If the problem is the change of your cat’s litter box, or its location, you’ll just need to give your cat some time to get used to the change. 

Felines love routines, and they don’t like change in general. Your cat should, however, get accustomed to the new litter box, or its new location, soon. We can only hope her obsession with your bathtub won’t last long!

Of course, you shouldn’t yell at your cat, or punish her. She won’t understand your anger, and might even show more destructive behavior.

If the problem is a dirty litter box – this is easily solvable.

You should clean your cat’s litter boy every day, and replace the litter approximately once a week.  Also, if you have multiple cats in your household, you shouldn’t let them share a litter box.

Make sure each of them has her own litter box and privacy to defecate in a quiet place.

2. Boredom

Cats might seem aloof and independent, but they still need their owners’ presence and attention. Each of them also requires a certain amount of both physical and mental stimulation.

This especially goes for the highly energetic and intelligent breeds that need challenges and different sources of entertainment on a daily basis.

What does this have to do with your cat pooping in the bath? Well, she might just be bored and wants to show you she needs some kind of stimulation!

All cat parents should know that letting their pets get bored is bad for their health, and it might also cause your furry companions to make a mess out of your home!

How To Solve?

You need to provide your cat with decent stimulation. Giving her dedicated playtime together with some other forms of entertainment is essential, according to the Cornell Feline Health Center.

Some ways to stimulate your kitten are by offering her crawl spaces, ping-pong balls, and hanging catnip toys.

Toys that deliver treats when a cat moves or scratches them are also awesome for your cat’s brain and physical activity.

An entertained and satisfied cat is less likely to show destructive behaviors and anger outbursts.

3. Stress And Anxiety

a woman hugs a stressed cat

If a cat is feeling stressed and anxious, this can cause a litter box aversion in her, and make her poop in other places.

What could cause my cat to feel like this?, You’re probably asking. Many various triggers, as explained by Lingna Zhang and her associates [1]. Some of them are the following:

• Hospital visits

• New environments

• Socialization with new people or animals

• Changed caretaking routine

• Outdoor and indoor social conflicts

• Chronic diseases

• Frustration from limited outdoor access

So, many things can stress out your kitten. You probably can’t even imagine that having people over can make your cat anxious, but, unfortunately, this might happen.

How To Solve?

You should first try to figure out what exactly is causing your kitten to feel stressed and anxious, and making her have a litter box aversion.

Think about whether there have been any changes in your surroundings recently. Do your best to make your cat feel like she’s in a calm and completely safe environment where she can carelessly use her litter box.

If you’re having a hard time determining what’s causing these negative emotions in your cat, you should consult your veterinarian.

In some cases, a cat can be stressed due to an underlying health issue.

4. Health Issues

If your cat is pooping in your bath, this could be due to a certain health problem that she’s struggling with.

But, how is the bath making her feel better? It’s not, actually. The thing that probably happens here is that your cat was pooping in her litter box as per usual, and she felt some kind of discomfort or pain.

This is making her associate the litter box with these bad feelings. So, she was trying to find a better place to defecate, and she has chosen your bathtub.

There are many health issues that might be involved here, such as constipation, diarrhea, colitis, or even Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

How To Solve?

If you think your cat might deal with any of the previously mentioned health problems, you should call your veterinarian as soon as possible.

For example, the treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in cats includes them taking corticosteroids orally. If they aren’t able to take it like this, veterinarians will give them these medications with an injection.

You shouldn’t panic the first second you notice any kind of weird behavior in your cat, but it’s always a good idea to share your thoughts with a veterinarian.

A cat’s poop, and any kind of changes in her using a litter box can indicate something is happening with her. You can also learn a lot of useful information in our article on the cat poop color chart.


the cat is sitting in the bathtub

Why is my cat pooping in bath?

This question is rather annoying for any cat owner, but it also brings out worries that something might be wrong with your furry companion. 

This behavior can indicate that your cat is simply bored, or there is something about her litter box that she isn’t happy about.

However, it might also mean your kitten is dealing with stress, anxiety, or some physical health problem.

Of course, you don’t want to keep seeing your cat using your bathtub as her litter box! This is why it’s essential you first determine what’s causing this type of behavior in her. 

If necessary, you can always call your veterinarian and get some useful advice.

I hope you’ve liked our explanation for a cat pooping in the bath. You might also want to read about the explanations for why cats pee in the sink. See you there!

[1] Zhang L, Bian Z, Liu Q and Deng B (2022) Dealing With Stress in Cats: What Is New About the Olfactory Strategy? Front. Vet. Sci. 9:928943. DOI, Retrieved July 10, 2023.