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7 Best Cat Trees With Hammock or Basket

7 Best Cat Trees With Hammock or Basket

There are few things cuter than seeing our feline friends cuddled up comfortably. And what could be more comfortable than a kitty sized hammock?

Hammocks and baskets seem to be becoming more popular in the world of cat trees and for good reason- most cats love them!

We’ve done the research to find the best cat trees with a hammock, basket, or both that most kitties will love. We’re going to go over some basic background information on cat trees but if you want to skip ahead and see our favorites you can see the full list here:

  1. Best Overall With Basket: Hey Brother 43.3 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo
  2. Best With Hammock AND Basket: FEANDREA 64.6 Inch Cat Tree
  3. Best Hammock AND Basket Cat Tree for BIG Cats: Hey-Brother Extra Big 63 Inch Cat Tree
  4. Best On A Budget With Hammock AND Basket: Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree
  5. Best for Small Spaces: MWPO 28.7 inch Cat Tree
  6. Best for Multiple Cats: Amolife Heavy Duty 68 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree
  7. Best for Older Cats: Hey-bro 40.5 inches Cat Tree With Ramp

What’s the Difference Between A Hammock and A Basket?

For this article, we’re considering a hammock and a basket to be the same thing in most cases.

While they’re definitely a little different, the idea is generally the same; you want a cat tree that includes a floating but compact space for your feline friend to feel safe, warm, and happy! So on this list, you’ll see a mix of both but I’m really going to focus on cat trees that have both a hammock and a basket- just so we have all our bases covered!

Can I Add A Basket or Hammock To The Cat Tree I Already Have?

Yes, you can!

If you already like your cat tree and just want to add a hammock or a basket then you’ve got options! You can actually pick up a ready-to-go basket on Amazon that can be attached to most cat tree columns. Not only do they allow you to add baskets wherever you want, but they can also be easily removed and washed so you can keep your cat tree nice and clean!

If your cat tree has the right layout, you could also add a hammock but it will be a little trickier to pull off since you’re going to need four attachment points instead of just a column. If you’re looking to go that route, you can check out this hammock on Amazon. While it’s designed to be used inside a cage (for ferrets and other little guys) you could set it up in a cat tree if you’re got the space.

What Else To Look For In A Cat Tree

While a hammock, basket, and other comfortable sleeping areas are important those are only some of the things to consider in your cat tree. In order to find a good match, it’s important to consider your cat and what they need!

Platform Size and Placement

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to platform placement on cat trees and different cats will need different set ups. If you’ve got a large feline, like a Maine Coon, you’ll want to look for larger platforms along with bigger baskets and hammocks. If you’ve got an older cat, then you’ll want to make sure platforms are closer together to make sure your senior kitty can comfortably make the climb.

Overall Height

Not only do you need to consider the height of the tree from the perspective of your cat but also for your own home. While a 6 feet cat tree is great, if you’re just looking for a hammock or basket it could be more than you need.

On the other hand, while most cats enjoy heights some cats absolutely love heights and would greatly prefer a taller tree! It also depends on your cat’s style or as Jackon Galaxy puts it, where your cat gets their “mojo”. You can check out this video to learn more about whether or not your cat is a height-loving feline or a confident floor hopper:

Carpet or No Carpet?

While it can sometimes seem like carpet is required for any cat tree that’s just not the case! You can find a great tree without carpet but you should sometimes expect to pay a premium price to do so. That’s because carpet-free cat trees usually cost since they require higher-quality wood. Consider whether or not you actually like carpet look or if you’ve just accepted that that’s the way cat trees are built!

If you want to see a full list of our favorite cat trees without carpet you can click here (including one tree that has a bubble-style basket) .

Scratching Areas

Cats need an appropriate area to scratch- and there’s really no getting around that. That’s because scratching does a lot more than just help keep kitty claws under control, it’s also a way for your cat to identify their territory. While not every cat tree needs to have a huge scratching area, your cat does need somewhere to scratch so always consider what options your cat already has and find a cat tree that makes sense within your current setup.

How To Find The Perfect Placement For Your Cat Tree

The last thing to consider is where you’re going to put the tree. While hammocks are usually squeezed into the inside of the tree, baskets can end up giving trees a bit of weird shape so you’ll need to keep this in mind.

It can be easy (at least for me) to get so excited about a new cat tree for my feline friend that I just eyeball the measurements. But consider that baskets can really change the shape of a cat tree as they can stick out along the sides.

So make sure you find a spot that fits but also one that your cat will want to hang out in! Generally, cats prefer trees that are in the same places where humans hang out so ideally, you’re picking out a spot in your living room. But if you’d like to dive deeper into finding the perfect spot for your cat tree you can check out this article.

Best Cat Trees With Hammocks or Baskets

With the background information out of the way, let’s get into our favorites starting with our best overall pick.

Best Overall With Basket: Hey Brother 43.3 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

No products found.

This 43.3 inch (110 cm) cat tree from Hey Brother has a little bit of everything! Not too tall and not too short, this cat tree features jumbo-sized platforms, two large cat cubbies, a few dangling toys, and of course a 13.7″ floating basket hammock that can be adjusted to the perfect height for your cat.

Those platforms really are big with the top platform measuring 19.6″ by 19.6″! That’s almost double the size of many cat tree platforms and that’s a big reason why this cat tree also tops as one of the best cat trees for Maine Coons and big cats.

Your cat doesn’t need to be a giant to enjoy this tree but it’s certainly a bonus if you’ve got a big kitty at home. You can get a better idea of the size of the overall tree (including the floating hammock) by checking out these pictures from an Amazon reviewer here.

Overall, this Hey Brother cat tree makes a great option for most folks. Tall enough to be interesting for cats but short enough to fit just about anywhere it’s also backed by hundreds of positive reviews and apparently some happy cats, too. You can check out the latest price on Amazon (and read more reviews) by clicking here.

What I Love About It: This cat tree does a little bit of everything and it does it really well. But my favorite is the supersized platform and extra-cozy cat cubbies!

What I Wish It Had: I’d love to see an easier route to the top of the tree.

Best With Hammock AND Basket: FEANDREA 64.6 Inch Cat Tree

No products found.

This 64.6-inch cat tree from FEANDREA has a very sturdy hammock and a large 13.8″ floating basket roughly 35″ up the tree. There’s also plenty of room along the side of this tree to add an additional basket if you’ve got multiple basket-loving kitties.

I love that they’ve decided to securely attach the hammock to the actual fabric of the tree. That means there are no hooks to worry about during assembly which also means that this hammock is extra sturdy. I also appreciate that the basket on this tree is higher up compared to a lot of trees even of a similar height. The layout of the tree gives kitties easy access to the basket which is good because sometimes these floating baskets seem to be hanging out in no man’s land.

I’m also a big fan of the huge cat cave and the very cute fishing rod style toys at the top. Finally, this cat tree has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. You can read them here and check the latest price by clicking here.

What I Love About It: I love the choice to attach the hammock directly to the fabric. Many other hammocks, including aftermarket ones, rely on a series of hooks to be attached. While this works in most cases a direct attachment is usually going to be more stable.

What I Wish It Had: I’d love to see one large area dedicated to scratching. As it stands, there are plenty of sisal scratching areas but not all of them are really useful for most cats.

Best Hammock AND Basket Cat Tree for BIG Cats: Hey-Brother Extra Big 63 Inch Cat Tree

No products found.

Another cat tree from the folks at Hey-Brother, this 63-inch cat tree features a sturdy 11.8″ by 9.8″ hammock at the bottom of the tree. With a secure attachment to the four pillars of the cat tree, it’s hefty enough for big cats to enjoy. There’s also a 13.8″ basket towards the top of the tree that gives cats the chance to leisurely lounge with some elevation.

Like many of the Hey-Brother cat trees, this one is built with big cats in mind. There’s a huge 21.7″ by 17.7″ platform at the top with easy access to the basket or final platform. That’s plenty of room for even the biggest of kitties to hang out. The cat cubby is also jumbo-sized with room for large cats.

However, if you’ve got an older cat this might not be the best tree for you. That’s because the hammock actually takes up the entire bottom area that would usually be used for climbing platforms. That means that cats will need to jump roughly 2 feet to start their climb. Not a big deal for most cats but older kitties that might have achy joints may not want to make that jump.

Overall, this is another excellent great tree from Hey-Brother and a great option if you’ve got bigger cats but still want a hammock AND basket. You can check out this Amazon review to see a couple of handsome hefty kitties sharing the big basket.

What I Love About It: The hammock on this cat tree is big and sturdy which is great for larger cats.

What I Wish It Had: I’d love to see a ramp or larger platform off to the side that would make this tree a little more accessible for all cats.

Best On A Budget With Hammock AND Basket: Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

No products found.

I’m a BIG fan of the Go Pet Club brand. They consistently make some of the largest trees but with surprisingly budget-friendly pricing and this 62-inch cat tree is no exception.

Even better, it includes a basket and a proper hammock!

The hammock is in the center of the tree at the bottom level and it can be accessed via a circular cut-out on the platform. While the cutaway access is definitely something that some cats will love, it may be a little small for some cats so if you’ve got bigger kitties you might want to pick a different tree.

Like many other trees, the basket can be adjusted to some degree but floats around the middle of the tree. There’s also a tube attached to the top platform that some basket-loving cats might also enjoy.  You can see some great photos of the basket in action from this Amazon reviewer.

There’s also the ladder that connects the first platform to the floor and can help older cats get more out of this tree. As cats age, they’re more likely to have arthritis and other joint issues that can make big jumps a bit uncomfortable. Ramps and ladders can allow cats to get into their tree without jumping and it’s something we looked for in our list of the best cat trees for older cats.

I also like some of the darker color options that are available with this tree. Especially if you’ve got multiple cat trees, you may not want to have that much beige in your house.

Finally, this tree easy on the budget and you can check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: It’s big! There’s a lot going on with this cat tree and at over 5 feet tall, they’ve been able to squeeze in a ton of features including a hammock and a basket.

What I Wish It Had: I’d love to see a more heavy-duty setup for the hammock. As it stands, it’s connected by hooks which will work most of the time but I’d love to see it permanently attached to the cat tree for extra sturdiness.

Best for Small Spaces: MWPO 28.7 inches Cat Tree With BIG Basket

No products found.

This compact 28.7-inch cat tree from MWPO is clearly built with hammock and basket loving cats in mind with a large 14.1 inch (36 cm) floating sleeping area in the center of the tree.

Should we call the sleeping area a circular hammock?

Or just a basket?

I’m not sure, but I don’t think most cats will care what we call it! In addition to the big basket, there’s a smaller but very plush sleeping platform at the top of the tree. At less than 30 inches tall, you can squeeze this cat tree just about anywhere. Between the small size and the budget-friendly price, you can almost consider this an alternative to buying a cat bed. If you want to see it in action, you can check out this Amazon review with a very cute orange cute showing off all the features of this cat tree!

What I Love About It: The big basket! At 14.1 inches, it’s one of the larger baskets you’ll find on any cat tree.

What I Wish It Had:  I’d love to see a bigger upper platform on this cat tree to match the jumbo-sized basket. The top platform is only 11.8 inches and you lose some space with the extra plush padding. While it’s enough room for most cats, bigger kitties may not be able to make use of this cozy sleeping area.

Best for Multiple Cats: Amolife Heavy Duty 68 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree

No products found.

This 68-inch cat tree from Amolife is more than just tall. It’s also wide with a 46.5-inch base that gives plenty of room for multiple kitties to climb and relax. While cats shouldn’t be forced to share a cat tree, if you’ve got a couple of friendly feline roommates this cat tree has plenty of room for everyone!

There are two baskets on either side of the tree and plenty of room to add additional baskets to the back of the tree, even if you do place the tree against the wall. While this cat tree doesn’t come standard with a hammock, there is enough room between the two lowest platforms to add a hanging one if you wanted.

But there’s more to this tree than baskets! This cat tree has made several of our best-of lists including the best cat tree for declawed kitties thanks to the easy access ramp on the front of the cat tree. I also love that this ramp has a large scratching area at an angle that some cats will prefer. It also makes up for the smaller scratching areas that you find across the rest of the tree.

Amolife has also decided to use super thick 400g/m plush cloth across the entire tree which makes it extra comfortable. I also like the large size of the platforms and several of the top sleeping areas are 16″ by 16″.

When it comes to multiple cats, you want a cat tree that doesn’t force cats to walk over each other to get to the best spots. This Amolife tree has mirrored paths from the bottom to the top that will allow cats room to climb without stepping on each other and starting a kitty confrontation.

This cat tree also has great reviews on Amazon with more than 1,000 happy cat parents leaving 5-star reviews. If you want to see this cat tree in action with three hefty felines check out the photos from the Amazon reviewer.

What I Love About It: With two baskets and plenty of room, this cat tree is a great option for households with multiple cats.

What I Wish It Had: There’s not really anything I’d add to this tree!

Best for Older Cats: Hey-Bro 40.5 inches Cat Tree with Ramp

No products found.

As cats age, they naturally lose cartilage between the bones in their joints. That cartilage acts as a cushion and when it’s gone, it can make jumping and climbing a little more uncomfortable for our feline friends. We can help them by making sure they have easy access to everything they need including cozy sleeping areas!

This 40.5-inch cat tree from  Hey-Bro includes a ramp that makes it easy for older cats to use this cat tree without having to jump and land. Once they’re at the top of the ramp, senior cats can access the super deep 13.7″ basket or take a few more steps up to access the jump-sized 15.7″ by 9.8″ sleeping platform. But cats can also just use the ramp to take a nap in the comfortable cat cubby!

But your cat definitely doesn’t have to be older to use this cat tree, since there’s plenty to love for all cats! You can see this cat tree in action with some very cute photos from one Amazon reviewer by clicking here.

What I Love About It: With an easy route from the top to the bottom, this cat tree makes a great option for cats that don’t want to climb.

What I Wish It Had: I’d love to see a little more stability added to the ramp. As it stands, it can certainly still help senior felines but it can get a little displaced if other cats are using it to scratch.

Closing Thoughts

Cats already love cat trees but when you add a hammock or a cozy basket to them some felines just can’t resist! There are several cat tree manufacturers that consistently use hammocks and baskets in their designs. Hey-Brother is one of my favorites so it’s no surprise that we’ve got three of their cat trees on this list!

Not only are baskets and hammocks popular as a standard feature on cat trees, but you can pretty easily add them to your existing tree! Whatever route you take, I hope you found exactly what you’re for!

Let me know which tree you went with!