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All You Need To Know About Chocolate Point Ragdoll Cat

All You Need To Know About Chocolate Point Ragdoll Cat

Ragdolls are one of the most popular felines out there, but, I’m sure not all of you know that these cats come in many colors.

Another interesting fact is that all Ragdolls are born white, and as they get older, they develop their true coat color.

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the six colors of the Ragdoll cat are blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, seal, and red.

So, the chocolate pattern is one of the recognized coat colors in these cats. But, a Chocolate Point Ragdoll is not a type of cat you’ll see every day. 

Let’s see what’s special about this coat color. 

How Did The Chocolate Coat Pattern Come About?

The chocolate

Gene Locus NameLocus SymbolsAllele Variants
TYRP1BrownBB, b, b’
is rare to see in felines, and this is why many cat fanciers find it so appealing. What causes this coat color in cats?

According to Leslie A. Lyons and his associates [1], brown coat color can be seen in many mammals, including felines. This color is caused by mutations in tyrosinase-related-protein-1 (TYRP1). 

Take a look at the table below.

Gene Locus NameLocus SymbolsAllele Variants
TYRP1BrownBB, b, b’

Chocolate coat color in Ragdoll cats is a product of the feline primary gene for coat color, which codes the pigment eumelanin.

The dominant gene of the B locus is expressed by the black coat color. There are also two B locus mutations, b (brown or chocolate), and bl (cinnamon or light brown). The dominant allele B is responsible for coding the black color, while the recessive allele b codes the chocolate color.

The intensity of the chocolate pattern depends on the other genes involved in the formulation of the final feline phenotype.

If a breeder wants to have pure chocolate kittens, he’ll need to breed two purebred Chocolate Point Ragdoll cats.

What’s The Chocolate Point Ragdoll Coat Like?

Chocolate Seal Point Ragdoll Cat Lying Down Outdoors

Chocolate Ragdolls can be seen in three main patterns: color-point, mitted, and bi-color. Also, these cats come in two different coat variations – lynx and tortie variation.

But, today I’ll be focusing on the color-point pattern in Chocolate Ragdolls.

Color-point pattern refers to a Ragdoll cat that has a light base color and a solid shade of dark markings.

The majority of the Chocolate Point Ragdoll cat body is a mix of ivory and creamy color. But, specific parts of her body have a warm chocolate brown color – these parts are also known as the points

As D.L. Imes suggests [2], pointing in cats presents a pattern of a white body with pigment production at cooler regions of the body. These regions are known as the “points”, and they are usually located at the cat’s tail, nose, legs, and ears.

Chocolate Point Ragdoll cats’ paw pads and nose leather are cinnamon-pink.

Chocolate Point Ragdoll Physical Features

Ragdolls are large domestic cats.

The Chocolate Point Ragdoll cat usually weighs 15 to 20 pounds, while her average height is 9 to 11 inches. 

Since these cats are prone to obesity, it’s necessary to provide them with physical exercise and be careful not to overfeed them. 

How to know your cat is obese? As the VCA Animal Hospital suggests, a cat is considered overweight if her current weight is 10-20% above her ideal body weight. 

We got to learn a bit more about the color of this Ragdoll cat, but, what about her coat type?

These cats have soft, medium-long coats. It’s necessary to regularly brush it to keep the coat free of tangles, and to prevent excess shedding.

What Is Chocolate Point Ragdoll’s Eye Color?

This cat’s eyes are always blue. According to the cat eye color chart, the Ragdoll Cat is actually the one that’s mostly known for its blue eyes, together with the Siamese breed.

If a Ragdoll of any coat color doesn’t have blue eyes, it’s not considered to be a purebred cat.

Does Chocolate Point Ragdoll Cat Make A Good Pet?

Chocolate Seal Point Ragdoll Cat Sleeping on a Bed

Ragdoll cats in general are affectionate, sociable, and gentle. They are also not too clingy or demanding.

Therefore, Chocolate Point Ragdoll is a great choice for a pet, since this cat loves people, and forms special connections with her humans. 

This kitten is also likely to get along well with children and other pets.

Just like all the other Ragdoll felines, this cat is also more of an indoor cat, due to her sweet and gentle nature. Imagine this cutie in the cruel outside world! 

Of course, this doesn’t mean the Chocolate Ragdoll shouldn’t leave the house at all; you should just keep an eye on her while she’s outside.

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Are Chocolate Point Ragdolls Expensive?

Ragdoll cats are pure beauties, but, I have to be honest and admit that they are quite expensive.

The typical price range for a purebred Ragdoll cat goes from $800 up to $3,500. 

Since the Chocolate Point Ragdoll is not so easy to find, you can expect to spend some serious money on this cat, especially if you’re looking to buy it from a reputable, well-known breeder.

Final Words

The Chocolate Point Ragdoll is a beautiful cat, but she’s not only good-looking; she’s also a wonderful choice for a family pet.

Quality comes with a price, so, this cat of rare color might not suit every pocket.

However, if you don’t mind spending a bit more, check our list of the best Ragdoll breeders in the United States. Maybe one of these places has an adorable Ragdoll in chocolate waiting for a loving new owner! 

See you there! 


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