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How Much Does A Ragdoll Cat Cost? A Price Guide

How Much Does A Ragdoll Cat Cost? A Price Guide

If you are interested in becoming a Ragdoll cat owner, you’re probably asking how much does a Ragdoll cat cost.

There are various cat breeds you can choose from. However, it depends on what kind of cat you want, playful, affectionate, relaxed, or curious cat. Some people wish to have a Ragdoll cat and a Ragdoll cat only. Ragdoll cats are quite a large breed of cats that can weigh about 20 pounds if you consider an adult cat. They are known for their gorgeous big blue eyes and long hair that can be a seal, lilac, blue, red, or cream.

Ragdolls will make wonderful house pets, but the problem might be their high price tag, especially if you want purebred Ragdoll cats and when you compare them to other cat breeds, which means they are not for everyone.

Now, let’s check the cost of a Ragdoll cat according to some factors!

How Much Does A Ragdoll Cat Cost?

Ragdoll Cat is lying on a wooden base

If you’re interested in buying a Ragdoll cat, know that the Ragdoll cat price range is around $800 to $3,500 for a purebred Ragdoll kitten. Of course, many factors affect the price, which means that if you want a show-quality Ragdoll kitten, you’ll probably see a higher price.

Let’s see some factors that’ll affect the average price of a Ragdoll kitten according to pet, show, and breeder quality.

1. Adoption

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a Ragdoll cat breed in an adoption center or animal shelter, but it will likely be an adult Ragdoll cat that has some health issues.

You can possibly find it for a price of $400 to $1,000 because taking care of a cat costs, considering housing, enrichment, food, medical needs, and so on.

2. Pet Quality

Pet Ragdolls are not fit to be shown in cat shows and competitions because they do not possess the quality that makes the breed 100% marking.

They do not fit for show competitions, but they are perfectly okay for pets. Pet Ragdolls can be wrongly colored or mismarked, like Rags with dark chins and seal mitted, but the breed standard says that a white chin is needed for seal mitted Ragdoll cats. That’s why it is not suitable for it to be a show-quality Ragdoll cat. The same goes for bicolor Ragdoll is disqualified if it doesn’t have a white V inverted.

That are all reasons for pet Ragdoll cats are not so pricy. The breeder price includes spayed or neutered cats vaccinated, registered, and so on. For those who prefer Ragdolls for personality, the cost is around $1200-$2800, but it depends if you buy it from a reputable breeder, location, and so on.

If you’re not interested in showing quality Ragdolls, then the pet-quality Ragdoll should be your top choice. And it will definitely be less pricy.

3. Show Quality

Show quality Ragdoll cats are perfect in every aspect; they display the breed’s characteristics, which make them perfect for show competitions. Cats are also sold spayed or neutered, and they cannot reproduce; therefore, the price is reduced.

This is an ideal fit for those who don’t want Ragdoll kittens but want their Ragdoll cats to participate in cat shows.

Show-quality Ragdolls are purebred pedigree cats that are definitely used for breeding. But Ragdoll cat breeders do the DNA tests to make sure that the Ragdoll is purebred and not a mixed breed. And also, they make sure that they have legitimate papers with TICA or CFA.

Show-quality Ragdolls cost around $1500 – $4000 or even more because they have perfect markings.

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4. Breeder Quality

Breeder-quality Ragdoll cats are usually mismarked, which makes them wrong for show competitions, but on the other side, they have great bloodlines, genetics, and wonderful characters. And luckily, they can be used as breeders and be a great fit for those who want Ragdoll kittens.

They are quite similar when it comes to price to show quality Ragdoll cats, but the total price will depend on the traits of the cat. The average price is around $1800 to $3000.

5. Show/Breeder Quality

These Ragdoll cats are the best of both worlds, suitable for cat shows since they fulfill all the characteristics of the breed standard, but they also fit as breeders because their kittens can show the same quality.

The Price Of A Ragdoll Cat According To The Number Of Factors

cute Ragdoll kitten

Many factors affect the price of a Ragdoll cat. That may be the breeder’s reputation, your location, the pedigree of the kitten, and your age. Breeders have every right to charge more for high-quality cats and kittens.

As we said, the price mostly depends on the factor of pet quality, show quality, or breed quality. All Ragdoll kittens are born with some potential, but it all varies from kitten to kitten.

Pet-quality kittens are those that are not perfect by the breed standard, but they make good pets, while show-quality Ragdolls are those that have perfect breed traits and will perfectly fit the show competitions.

Breed-quality kittens are those that are suitable for the offspring and display great temperament, beauty, and health. Breed-quality kittens are always sold with breeding rights.

The price range of these three types of quality Ragdoll kittens is often huge, but breed-quality kittens usually cost the most.

Why Are Ragdoll Cats So Expensive?

The high price tag of Ragdoll cats is due to several reasons. Ragdolls are a cat breed bred for size and temperament, not quite for pattern and colors. Second, they’re a relatively new cat breed, developed in 1960, which means that the gene pool is smaller, and that is connected to the price of breeding stock. Because of all of that, they can be more time-consuming and more difficult to breed than other breeds of cats.

When you’re buying a kitten, remember that the price is not only for the cat but for the costs that the breeder bears, like the purchase price of:


Spay or neuter

Vet visits

Vet bills


• Dewormings

• Flea treatments

• Registrations

Check out Ragdoll’s growth chart to see how big these cuties get!

A Ragdoll Cat Initial Costs

litter box for cats

You need to get an initial setup and supplies when you buy a cat. The feline friend should feel welcomed, and when he enters your home for the first time, you need to have everything your new pet needs. This rare breed doesn’t need any breed-specific requirements; however, you’ll need to buy everything from food to collars and carriers.

Taking care of a Ragdoll cat can be associated with being a parent, as you need to work hard, be patient, and have a lot of money to ensure your cat has all the required supplies.

To ease the transition of your new feline friend from their first home to their unique and hopefully forever home, make sure to get these things before you welcome her:

Litter box: You probably want your cat to be potty trained; that’s why you need to provide your Munchkin with a litter box for around $15.

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• Quality cat food: You’ll need to purchase high-quality and premium food for your Ragdoll cat. The diet you’ll put your cat on is up to you, but you can choose between a homemade cat meal, a raw cat diet, or excellent wet and dry cat food that you can buy in pet stores. Initially, you’ll spend around $40 on your feline’s food.

• Food and water bowls: These will come in handy when portioning the amount of food you give to your cat. And they’ll be able to drink the water anytime without spilling it.

Check here if you are wondering where you should put your cat’s water bowl.

• Carrier: I don’t like to be separated from my cat, so I expect other cat owners think that way, especially new owners. So it is logical that you want to bring the kitten wherever you go, and that’s where the carrier takes the role. This supply costs, on average, $40, and they’re worth every penny since they can serve as a cat’s bed while traveling.

Cat bed: When talking about beds and sleeping, let me tell you a fun fact, this breed of cat sleeps twice as much as humans. What other reason do you need to buy your cat a bed that will probably cost you around $15? They need their beauty sleep; the bed is a must!

• Shampoo: It is a well-known fact that cats clean themselves; however, they need a bath sometimes because that will help remove dead skin cells and loose hair. The shampoo is around $10.

• Scratching post: Every cat, including the Ragdoll cat, is likely to scratch on things. You don’t want all of your items to be torn, right? You must purchase a scratching post made of wood or rough material and expect to pay around $20.

• Collar and ID tag: If you live in an extensive neighborhood, the cat’s identification is essential, and you don’t want to mistake your cat for another, am I right? You can buy these items for $10. Whether your cat likes the collar or not, you two will discuss it and agree on your terms.

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• Toothbrush and toothpaste: Most cats are prone to dental diseases and other health issues due to a lack of dental care. It would be great to buy your cat its toothpaste and toothbrush that will cost you only $10.

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• Nail clippers: If you don’t want to deal with split cat nails and point nails, the nail clippers will save the day and usually cost around $14.

• Hairbrush: Every cat sheds; however it is best to deal with the shedding process if you have a good brush that you can purchase for $15.

• Toys and treats: Cats are beings that need both mental and physical stimulation. You can occupy your furry friend with most cat toys as they have some tempting elements. And on top of that, the treats will help with your positive reinforcement; on top of that, they’ll learn the boundaries and how to behave. Cat toys should cost you about $22.

Ragdoll Cat Costs Per Month

woman brush Ragdoll Cat

$100–$150 per month

How much does a Ragdoll cat cost per month? From time to time, you may need to buy a new cat litter tray or a carrier, but other supplies are likely to last a lifetime. However, you need to consider health care and food, which will cost you $150. But let’s see the costs:


$40–$60 per month 

For your Ragdoll cat, you need to choose premium quality food with a complete and nutritional diet without too many calories. You’re supposed to feed according to your cat’s age and activity level, and note that if you are trying to gain or lose weight, you should conform to the target weight.

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Health Care

$10–$20 per month

You can’t know whether your cat will get sick and can’t predict your cat’s health care requirements, so this factor will change from time to time. However, we know that senior cats and kittens have higher healthcare costs, considering flea treatment, immunizations, or any emergency or unexpected treatment.

Pet Insurance

$10–$20 per month

Pet insurance depends on the breed, age, health conditions, and level of coverage you want to cover. More expensive policies include some welfare coverage, such as spaying costs and flea treatments, while cheap insurance covers only the basics.


$25–$50 per month

The Ragdoll cat needs more help with grooming and daily care than other cat breeds due to their long-haired coat. You can help your cat with regular brushing and clipping of nails to maintain proper claw length. However, it would be great if you sometimes visit a professional groomer.

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$10–$50 per month

You can find many cat toys, but there is a cat toy subscription box that costs around $50, and it can include more toys, chews, and other items. This box should have everything the cat needs to be occupied and entertained. Remember that cats can quickly be bored of toys, so you need to rotate them to avoid them.

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Environment Maintenance

$15–$30 per month

You will want to provide a litter tray to prevent accidents whether your cat is indoors or if you allow your cat to go out from time to time. Prices are based on clumping clay litter; you are expected to buy one or two bags per month.

Ragdoll Cat Cost Per Year

How much does a Ragdoll cat cost per year? Your Munchkin cat should cost you around $2,645 per year. However, as your cat changes while growing, so do her needs. Therefore, the expenses will be slightly different in the first year and later.

Below you’ll find some services and items you will need to do in the first year. Let’s check them out :

Vaccinations: Some of the first vaccines are done by the breeder, however, to inform you, the booster shot and the vaccine depend on your cat’s immune system function, geographic location, and lifestyle. One vaccine should cost around $10 to $15 and, on average, $50.

• Visits to the vet, possible mite, tick, and flea prevention treatments: You’ll probably need around $400 for the first year. Your cat will require an annual visit until she reaches her senior year. When she gets 9 to 11 years old, you should take her to the vet checkups every 6 months.

• Deworming: Concerning worm preventive medications, this should be discussed with your vet and cost you around $75. As a cat owner, you must be aware of common worm symptoms.

Pet insurance: We discussed this above, but choose the best option for you; just in case something happens to your feline friend, you’ll pay around $180.

• Litter and other items: you should set aside around $240 for toys and other things besides the cat litter. However, you can pay less with options like homemade cat litter substitutes or DIY scratching points.

Spaying or neutering: These procedures usually cost $100, and if you want to spay or neuter your cat, it is recommended around five months before your cat reaches sexual maturity. This helps prevent uterine infections, testicular and breast cancer, and other prostate issues.

Additional Costs To Consider

Ragdoll kittens on vaccination at the vet

You should always be prepared for unexpected costs, as pet insurance does not cover some emergency procedures. The visit to the vet can cost you, on average, up to $400, and dental visits are almost the same.

Nonetheless, if some accident happens or your cat develops a complex illness, that can cost you thousands of dollars. This is rare; however, we want you to be aware of everything. And you should be prepared for pet sitting costs, usually $200 to $400 per week.

These lifetime costs are just the average. They can reach $20,000 to $25,000 depending on the services and items you want to provide for your furry friend.

Let’s see some of them:

• Dental care: You can prevent or lower the risk of your cat developing periodontal illness by providing her with quality toothpaste and a toothbrush. Dental problems usually affect senior and middle-aged cats, so you must focus on that while the cat is still young. Considering all this, along with the teeth covered in calculus, you are expected to pay $150 to $500.

• Pet deposit: You are expected to pay a pet deposit fee of $10 to $50 per month if you live in an apartment.

• Cat grooming services: If you’re not interested in grooming your cat at home, or if you don’t know how to, then the grooming services are the right choice for you, and they usually cost $50.

• Cat gadgets: This one is up to you. If you want to spoil your cat from time to time, you can buy many motorized or computerized toys, such as a pet tease or a camera with two-way video, for $199.

• Emergency treatments: Accidents can happen, and you can’t prevent them; that’s why you need to save money because these treatments can cost you from $1,000 to $4,000.

• Cat fountain: This is again up to you, some Munchkins love drinking water from fountains, and it is excellent if you can provide your cat with one that costs $140.

• Cat boarding: Even though you want to take your cat everywhere, sometimes that can be impossible, so you would need someone to take care of your feline friend. Watch for reliable boarding services. This should cost you around $20 per day.

Final Thoughts

How much does a Ragdoll cat cost is the question that, I hope, no longer bothers you. The Ragdoll is a truly unique cat breed that will make your life better. Buying one and welcoming a Ragdoll cat as a great family pet in their new home will cost you around $1500 to $3000, and the expenses for the next years of your together life should be the same.

However, some of those expenses can be cut, but don’t cut the health care and the welfare of your Ragdoll cat. Some items that are not essential and important you can avoid.

Before buying a Ragdoll cat, make sure to research the medical history. Whether you want a show quality, breeder quality, or just pet quality, you can be sure that you’ll have a gorgeous-looking cat that will be a great addition to you and your family!

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