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7 British Shorthair Breeders – Only The Best For You

7 British Shorthair Breeders – Only The Best For You

If your heart desires a teddy bear-like cat, then the British Shorthair cat is the right choice for you. These cats are resilient, plush, and sturdy. For those that would like a bit plushier than the British Shorthair, there are British Longhairs that some associations accept. They are adorned with medium-length coats.

British Shorthairs come in many colors; however, British blue is the most recognizable. As a slow-maturing breed, they often don’t reach their full size until they are 3 to 5 years old.

Brits are very affectionate felines and often lean on their favorite people. British Shorthairs like to be carried but be aware of their large frames that need great support.

Now, check 7 British Shorthair breeders that can offer you gorgeous healthy Brits.

British Shorthair Kittens For Sale

Our picks of British Shorthair breeders will help you begin the process of purchasing this lovely feline. We decided to find only the reputable British Shorthair cat breeders that can offer you quality!

Since there are many scams on the internet, it is always better to research more about them than rush into the process and get a cat from an unethical site.

We can assure you that the kitten you are to get will be in good health, have a great temperament, and with a lot of socialization.

Now let’s see British Shorthair breeders we found across the USA!

1. Noble Brits Cattery, California

British Shorthair looking away

Noble Brits Cattery is a reputable breeder from Modesto, California, that takes pride in breeding British Shorthair cats in Classic Tabby with black on silver markings adorned with green eyes.

The cats have been imported from top breeders in other countries, so there is no doubt that cats are from champion bloodlines, excellent quality color, personality, and fur.

This breeder is registered with the TICA (The International Cat Association) as a purebred British Shorthair Cattery. Their focus is on breeding with the highest standards of these beautiful cats.

The cats and kittens are examined regularly by professional vets who always acknowledge that the cats are in great shape and health. Kittens are tested negative for FeLV and FIV, as well as their breeding cats. 

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Modesto, California

• Website: Noble Brits Cattery

• Email:

• Instagram: Noble Brits Cattery

• Facebook: Noble Brits Cattery

• Youtube: Noble Brits Cattery

2. Plaid Plus Cattery, Connecticut

British Shorthair looking into distance

With 15 years of experience, Plaid Plus Cattery from Brookfield, Connecticut, has been breeding British Shorthairs that excel at health, looks, and temperament.

The breeder is a licensed veterinarian that takes great care of their cats. The cats are showered with love and attention from day one, and note that they are never caged. All their cats are from Breed Winner, Regional National, Grand Champion, and Supreme Grand Champion lines; top show cats in TICA.

The colors of the British Shorthair that this breeder has to offer are classic tabby, blue, chocolate, lilac, bicolor, tricolor, silver, black, and spotted. As you see, many colors are there, and you’ll probably have a tough time picking one. With a kitten, you’ll get a written health and genetic health guarantee and veterinary health certificate with negative FeLV and FIV tests.

Plaid Plus Cattery is able and willing to ship kittens to their forever homes; however, they prefer that the future owners come and get their forever feline friends. If you’re interested in having a show cat, they have that too and can provide you with a show British Shorthair cat. Also, upon agreement, you can purchase a quality cat for breeding.

 Breeder’s Info

• Location: Brookfield, Connecticut

• Telephone: 203 775 5157

• Website: Paid Plus Cattery

• Email:

3. Minuet Kittens Cattery, California

British Shorthair looking at camera

Minuet Kittens Cattery is a TICA-registered cattery that has been breeding small Minuets from Munchkins and blue and chocolate British Shorthairs.

When the breeder managed to get a quality purebred British Shorthair Sire from Germany, it started great since he had blue eyes. Also, he has dominant blue eyes, meaning that 50% of his offspring will get gorgeous blue eyes.

All of their adult breeding cats are of excellent health and pedigrees. This breeder focuses on producing loving, petite, and healthy kittens with cute doll faces and a high drive for play.

You can’t make a mistake contacting this breeder since they can provide you with a gorgeous feline waiting to become your new family member.

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Breeder’s Info

• Location: San Diego, Southern California

• Telephone: 760 472 3377

• Website: Minuet Kittens Cattery

• Email:

4. British Glory Cattery, Texas

British Shorthair standing outside

British Glory Cattery is a small house-based cattery located in Houston, Texas. This breeder focuses on breeding purebred British Longhair and Shorthair of silver and golden shaded colors with blue and green eyes.

For them, this huge hobby takes a lot of love and passion. As a TICA-registered cattery, they have cats with origins of the best European Champion bloodlines. Cats and kittens are all parts of their family, and they give them as much attention and love as possible.

They’re doing everything they can for their kittens to find new homes and the most responsible and loving members of the family. They treat their kittens as their kids, and it is obvious that kittens are raised in a stress-free and friendly environment.

In 2018 this breeder acquired the first male breeder of the Golden Chinchilla color, and they became pioneers in the country in breeding gorgeous chinchillas.

British Glory cattery will help you find that fluffy creature that will make your life funnier and happier and will probably become one of your best friends.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Houston, Texas

• Telephone: 215 966 9718

• Website: British Glory Cattery

• Instagram: British Glory Cattery

• Facebook: British Glory Cattery

• Tik Tok: British Glory Cattery

5. Sasszkats Cattery, California

British Shorthair with crown

Sasszkats is our 5th on the list of British Shorthair breeders. This cattery is located in Northern California. The genuine and kind breeder is constantly trying to take care of and show affection to their felines so they can provide you with a loving British Shorthair cat.

British Shorthair is this breeder’s favorite cat breed, and they found their place in Chico, California. A small home-based cattery that takes pride in breeding silver gene variety of the British Shorthair breed.

Registered with both TICA and CFA, the breeder will provide you with a kitten that has been showered with love and affection since birth.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Chico, California

• Telephone: 530 282 0851

• Website: Sasszkats Cattery

• Email: /

• Facebook: Sasszkats Cattery

6. Levada Land, California

British Shorthair playing on carpet

Levada Land is a breeder that moved from Northville to Folsom and has been breeding British Shorthair and Scottish Fold. The cattery is registered with TICA and CFA.

Their main goal is to breed British Shorthair and Scottish Fold cats with outstanding temperament and health. Cats live the breed as parts of their family, surrounded by care, affection, and love. Cats and kittens are used to all of the things around the household.

Kittens and cats in Levada Land are registered with TICA and CFA, and they all meet the standard for this cat breed. Most of their cats are imported from Europe and popular European Champion lines. The exciting thing about this breeder is that they have a rare color of British Shorthair cat – Gold Chinchilla (Black Golden Shaded BSH).

If you choose this breeder, be sure that you’ll get a friendly and intelligent British Shorthair cat that will be a great companion.

Breeder’s Info

• Location: Folsom, California

• Telephone: 586 722 3737

• Website: Levada Land

• Email:

• Instagram: Levada Land

• Facebook: Levada Land

7. Loretta British Cattery, Illinois

close shot of British Shorthair

Loretta British Cattery is a small, TICA-registered cattery in Chicago. These breeders raise Black Silver and Black Golden British Shorthairs with green or blue eyes.

All their kittens come from the best European champion bloodlines. These breeders have been in business for 15 years.

They raise their kittens to trust humans from their first moment; This is the main reason why they never crate them.

Their British Shorthairs are raised in their home and are socialized from a young age.

Check their website to see wonderful photos of their gentlemen and ladies, and to find out whether there are any kittens available at the moment!

Breeder’s Info

Location: Chicago, IL, 60610

Website: Loretta British Cattery


Phone number: +1-847-907-0454

What Is The Difference Between A British Shorthair And American Shorthair?

First, we will look at the differences in looks. The British Shorthair has larger eyes and a rounder head than American Shorthair, while ASH has rounder ears. British Shorthair is a bit smaller and doesn’t have a stocky body like American Shorthair. But that difference is not that visible.

When we talk about differences in temperament and personality, we can see that British Shorthairs are curious, active, and more dependent on their owners. At the same time, American Shorthairs are independent and not-so-cuddly cats.

I can tell this by looking at my American Shorthair, which rarely comes for a cuddle and snuggles. Plus, British Shorthair doesn’t need much grooming, but overall, both American and British Shorthairs are not high-maintenance cat breeds.

What Are The Health Issues Of British Shorthairs?

British Shorthair can develop health issues like any cat breed, cross, or pedigree. That’s why the owner needs to be aware of it. Some are common with most cats; however, some are specific just for British Shorthairs:

• Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) – a disease where in a cat’s kidneys, cysts show up. But the DNA is available to breeders, so there is not much worry about whether your cat will have this condition.

• Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) – a condition that affects the heart’s muscular walls, causing breathing problems and rapid heartbeat.

• Arthritis – a condition where joints become inflamed and cause discomfort; sadly, if it is not treated, it can cause severe problems to your cat.

• Hyperthyroidism – a condition typically seen in older British Shorthairs, caused by an over-productive thyroid hormone.

How Much Is A British Shorthair Kitten Worth?

If you are interested in British Shorthair breeders, then you probably want to know how much you will spend on purchasing one of those feline cuties.

The British Shorthair kitten will usually cost from $1,500 to $2,400. However, as with anything, it may vary depending on the quality, breeder, coat color, reputation, demand, etc. Be aware that if you want a show cat, you can expect a price of $2,200 and $3,000 for a British Shorthair cat.

You will also need to buy kitty essentials, especially if you are a new cat owner and don’t have a cat bed, litter box, cat tree, and so on.

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In Conclusion

British Shorthair cats are little teddy bears that will make your heart melt. If you are thinking of having one for yourself, you need to contact one of the British Shorthair breeders we picked for you.

We made sure to provide you with the information needed for your needed purchase, and there is no doubt that one of those kittens will be your forever feline friend.

If you are to become a feline owner, take proper care of it and don’t be shy about showing all your love for it. You need to think about regular vet check-ups, grooming, cleaning, and exercise when you have a cat.

I wish you good luck in your quest for a British Shorthair kitten!

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