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Best Priced Cat Tree With Free Shipping

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Cats love to climb! It’s not just fun for them, it’s part of their hardwired instincts to find a high perch! Or as well known cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennet puts it, “cats have an instinctual need to see things from up high, a behavior that is rooted in the fact that cats are both small predators and prey.”

But in many households, the best option cats have is a fridge. Which isn’t great. 

The better option is a cat tree, sometimes called a cat condo, cat tower, or activity tree! Cat trees are specially designed for your cat and can be a great outlet for climbing AND scratching. 

But with sizes ranging from three feet to more than six feet in height shipping costs can quickly get out of control. 

We’ve compiled the best-priced cat trees in each category and we’ll show you where you can get free shipping. 

Cat trees come in a huge range of sizes with a long list of features including (literally) bells and whistles. Not to mention swings, hammocks, and beds. 

For this article, we’ve broken down cat trees into three categories based on height: 

  • Three feet or less
  • Between three feet and six feet
  • Taller than six feet

Cat Tree Features To Consider

There’s a huge range of features when it comes to cat trees but here are the most important factors to consider: 

  • How much space do you have? Some cat trees are BIG but most importantly they’re tall. Make sure you take some quick measurements before you pick out a cat tree. 
  • Sturdiness and Stability. If you’ve got big, hefty cats like a Maine Coon (or just a chubby kitty) then you’ll want to consider the sturdiness of the cat tree. All our selections should support most cats but if you’ve got a Maine Coon and want to see our favorites for big Maine Coon cats check out out this article
  • Assembly. Usually, cat tree assembly is pretty straight forward but it’s worth considering how much assembly is required. None of the trees on our list have any kind of complicated assembly required. 
  • Cubbies. Most cat trees (even those below three feet) have at least one cubby. Cats love taking naps in these little nooks but if you’ve got multiple cats you should look for cat trees with multiple cubbies otherwise you might have some scuffles over the coveted cubby nap space. 
  • Price. Cat trees can be expensive. Especially when you look at the larger or taller options. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best-priced cat trees in each size category (and of course with free shipping options).
  • Ramps. Ramps can help older cats still enjoy their cat tree without having to make big jumps from the floor. While not every cat tree on this list will have a ramp, you can check out our favorite cat trees for older cats for a complete list of senior-friendly cat trees. 

You’ve got several options for getting free shipping on your cat three. 

  • is a huge marketplace for all things pets including a huge selection of cat trees. At the time of writing this article, Chewy offers free 1-3 day shipping on all orders over $49. Many cat trees in the three to five feet range fall into this category and every cat tree over six feet while quality for the free shipping offer. 
  • has a huge supply of cat trees (along with everything else in the world). If you’re a prime member, you can get fast free shipping. If you’re not already a prime member, you can start a free 30 day trail by clicking here and secure free shipping. 

Best Overall: Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree and Condo (67 inches)

Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree and Condo (67 inches)

✅ Ultra-durable

✅ Relaxation and fun

✅ Easy assembly


  • Great reviews from happy cat owners
  • Multiple cubbies make it easier for cats to share
  • Several colors to choose from (I like the gray)


  • May be too tall for some homes

Before we get into the best in each category, we want to share our best overall cat tree. After spending hours searching online, we believe that this tree is the absolute best price for what you get. 

The Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree and Condo comes in at 67-inches (or just under 5 and a half fee) and features FIVE platforms, dangling toys, and TWO cubbies for sleeping.

You really can’t beat this cat tree so unless you’re looking for something smaller or just want to get an absolutely giant cat tree this is your best option when you balance price and value. 

Best Priced Cat Tree Under Three Feet: Amazon Basics Activity Tree (21 inches)

Amazon Basics Top Platform Cat Tree With Scratching Post

✅ Ideal for small to medium size cats up to 25lbs

✅ Multi-platform cat tree with scratching posts

✅ Helps keep your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains, and more

✅ Platforms provide space to relax, play, and climb


  • Simple design
  • Compact and can fit anywhere
  • Great for older cats that don’t want to do as much jumping


  • Not enough space for multiple cats

Okay, maybe a cat tree under three feet tall is more accurately called a cat tree shrub.

Maybe a cat bush?

But either way, these smaller cat trees can give your cat a place to climb, play, scratch, and lounge. 

The best-priced cat tree option with Amazon prime free shipping is this 21-inch activity station that’s part of the Amazon Basics brand.  Coming in under 2 feet tall, this cat tree can easily fit just about anywhere in your home. 

It has two platforms with a large one that can fit even hefty cats. It also has the standard scratching posts. This is a great entry point into cat trees or an awesome addition to your existing cat tree collection. It’s got free shipping for Prime members. 

A tree like this can be great in the living or other common space since it’s out of the way and can encourage your cat to sleep on something other than your furniture. That means less hair to clean up!

The Runner Up: Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree Condo (28 inches)

Frisco 28-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

✅ Two tall scratching posts fully wrapped with durable sisal

✅ Carefully placed dangling toys

✅ Easy to assemble


  • Several features on a very small design
  • Features of taller trees without taking up as much space


  • Need to add more products to your order to hit the shipping breakpoint with Chewy

If you’re looking for something a little taller, we absolutely LOVE the 28 inches (2.3 feet) Faux Fur Cat Tree Condo. This little cat tree has two towers, a dangling toy, and an awesome little cubby for your cat to curl up in.

The only problem is that the price doesn’t quite reach the breakpoint for free shipping from Chewy and that’s why we didn’t put in our number one spot. 

But if you’re willing to add some cat food (or other toys) to your order, we fully recommend the Faux Fur Cat Tree Condo. 

Best Priced Cat Tree Between Three Feet and Six Feet: Fish&Nap (42.5 inches)


✅ Sisal Scratching Posts

✅ Jump Platform

✅ Strudy structure

✅ Safe and comfortable material


  • Awesome cubby that cats will LOVE
  • Good balance of height and features


  • Some platforms may be too narrow for hefty kitties

At this height range, we recommend the Fish&Nap 42.5-inch cat tree. When you move up from the three feet range you’ll start seeing a lot more accessories including multiple platforms and in this case a dangling toy and awesome private cubby for naps. 

With the Fish&Nap option, you’re still getting a small-sized cat tree at 42.5 inches (or just under 3 and a half feet) that will fit just about anywhere in your home. 

But if you’re looking for something taller in this size range, check out our pick for best overall which is the 67-inch Pet club Fauz Fur Cat Tree. If you’ve got the room for an almost five and a half foot tall cat tree in your home you can’t beat that deal. 

Best Priced Cat Tree Six Feet Or Over: Frisco Faux Fur (78 inches)

Frisco 78-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

✅ Scratching postssoft

✅ Soft, plush material

✅ Dangling toys give kitty

✅ Easy to assemble


  • Exception price consider the size of this cat tree
  • Tons of platforms!


  • Only one cubby

Okay, so at this height, you’re officially a committed cat owner and it’s time to get serious.

While dozens of cat trees at this height will cost over $100 our recommend cat tree has everything you need and comes in at less than one hundred dollars. 

It’s the 78-inch cat tree from Frisco. We love the SEVEN platforms that this cat tree has and the two cubbies- great for multi-cat households. The price is also just right and way more affordable than a lot of the six feet cat trees available. 

The Best Priced Cat Tree Over Eight Feet: Go Pet Club (106 inches)

Go Pet Club 106-in Floor-to-Ceiling Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

✅ A multi-perched tree

✅ Adjustable top pole

✅ Posts covered in natural sisal rope



  • Not everyone has space (or ceiling height) for this cat tree!

Yep, you read that right. We’ve snuck a special entry into our reviews that we just couldn’t leave off. 

The Go Pet Club 106 inch cat tree is over eight feet tall and still comes in at under $100 AND free shipping. 

So if your motto is “go big or go home” then this the tree for you. With four nap spots, six platforms, and a ladder your cat is going to think they’re part of the 1%. 

Well, because they will be! 

Final Thoughts

Cat trees are honestly worth every penny and with this list of the best-priced cat trees with free shipping, you can get great value without spending a fortune. 

If you haven’t seen your cat with a cat tree before then you’re in for a treat. Your cat will be very excited to see their new tree and it will quickly become part of your cat’s zoomies routine! If you want to learn more about what to look for in a great cat tree, check out this article from Catster

Let us know what you think!