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8 Long Nose Cat Breeds You’ll Be Enchanted With

8 Long Nose Cat Breeds You’ll Be Enchanted With

Our furry companions have many features we just love about them, like their paws, tails, and whiskers.

But, have you ever paid attention to your cat’s nose? You might not have considered this particular part of a cat’s body as interesting, but I find it rather fascinating how each cat has a unique nose.

For example, some of them have shorter noses with a nose break, while others have completely straight ones. Cats’ noses also differ in color, so you can see black, pink, or orange noses in felines.

Do you know which cats have long noses? Let’s look at these 8 breeds and their main features.

1. American Curl

American Curl cat

The American Curl is an elegant-looking breed that has a long nose, curly ears, and large, walnut-shaped eyes.

The skin on this cat’s nose should be the same color as her fur, which can be almost any color and pattern available. 

This is a medium-sized cat, but has a long body and a long tail.

The American Curl is an active, friendly, and affectionate cat that’s likely to follow her owners all around the house.

2. Balinese

The Balinese breed has a wedge-shaped head, and a rather long and straight nose. The nose leather of this cat is pinkish lilac. Her almond-shaped eyes are intensely blue, complementing her large, pointed ears.

This cat also has a long and muscular body. Her coat is long and silky, and can come in various point colors, such as chocolate point, and seal point.

The Balinese are known to be a very healthy breed. This cat is playful, affectionate, and social, meaning that it makes a wonderful companion for families with children.

She tends to make strong bonds with her humans and has an amazing sense of loyalty.

3. Bengal

Bengal cat

This is one exotic breed that looks like a leopard, which is due to its origins – the Bengal came about as a mix of the Asian leopard cat with domestic cats, mostly the spotted Egyptian Mau cat.

This cat has a long and wide nose. The trait that distinguishes a Bengal cat from others is puffed nose leather – most cats have flat nose leather. Bengals’ noses are brownish pink.

These cats have dense, short coats with spotted markings that make them look like wild cats. Their bodies are long and muscular, while their heads are smallish and round.

Despite their wild cat appearance, Bengals are very gentle and sweet with their humans. They are also curious and intelligent, and love to play, run, and climb.

Another commendable aspect of the Bengal breed is their impressive lifespan, estimated to range from 12 to even 20 years.

4. Chausie

The next breed on our list of cats with long noses is the Chausie – the hybrid that resulted from crossbreeding jungle and domestic cats.

This cat’s long nose balances out her high-set cheekbones. She also has large ears that sometimes might have tufts. 

The Chausie stands tall with a long body, deep chest, and a dense coat that varies from short to medium in length.

The International Cat Association explains that Chausie cats can have three color patterns: Brown-ticked tabby, grizzled tabby, and solid black.

This cat is highly active and athletic, so she will need to receive a lot of interaction from her humans. Furthermore, she’s a gentle and affectionate breed that loves to spend time playing with her family members.

5. Highlander

Highlander cat

The Highlander is a big, powerful breed with a very long nose, and long, tufted ears. This cat also has a strong chin, spotted markings, and short tails. Her body is muscular and flexible, and her legs are long.

Another interesting trait of this breed is that they often have polydactyl claws, which is, according to the Spruce Pets, a genetic abnormality that results in cats having six or more toes on each paw.

This cat might look tough, but it’s actually very gentle and loving. 

The Highlander is energetic and outgoing, and tends to get along well with strangers, cats, and even dogs!

6. Savannah

The Savannah cat has a tall, slim body, almond-shaped eyes, and a wide, long nose.

Its head is relatively small, with a long and slender neck, and its nose slightly protrudes, tapering continuously.

Her lean body and striking spotted cat make the Savannah breed look very elegant.

This breed is outgoing, energetic, and curious. If you’re looking for a smart kitten, the Savannah might be the perfect fit for you, since it’s highly intelligent, and always up for some mental stimulation.

7. Siamese

Siamese cat

The Siamese is a medium-sized cat with a wedge-shaped head and a very long nose that forms a straight line all the way to this cat’s eyebrows.

Their bodies are muscular, and their necks are long and slender. Other distinctive traits of this breed include a fine, glossy coat, and blue eyes.

This friendly and affectionate cat makes an ideal companion, and needs a lot of human interaction to stay happy and healthy. 

8. Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a rare cat breed, recognized by a wedged-shaped head, a long and straight nose, and a thick, water-proof coat.

This cat has a large and muscular body, and a long tail. She is especially known for her “van” coat pattern, meaning that her classic coloring is white, while there is dark coloring on her tail, on the top of the head, and could also be seen between her shoulder blades.

You can see one of these rare beauties in the video below.

This long-nosed cat is extremely active and energetic. Her favorite activity is swimming. The Turkish Van tends to make a strong bond with one person to whom she remains loyal for her entire life.


There you have it – eight long-nose cat breeds that are special and beautiful, each in their own way.

Still, their long muzzles aren’t the only interesting trait of these breeds.

These felines differ in size, coat type, and colors, but each of them has great personality traits that make them a great choice for family companions.

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