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7 Reliable Maine Coon Breeders In Virginia

7 Reliable Maine Coon Breeders In Virginia

I’m sure many of you living in the state of Virginia favor the amazing Maine Coon breed.

Not only Maine Coon looks outstanding with its lush coat, large size, and high cheekbones: This cat also features an amazing personality.

Many people compare Maine Coon to a dog, since it’s trainable, affectionate with its humans, extrovert, and adaptable.

Finding a person selling Maine Coon kittens in the Virginia area shouldn’t be too challenging. But, it’s necessary to be careful here.

Not all people claiming to sell purebred Maine Coons are trustworthy. You need to find a reputable and responsible breeder who puts the well-being of its kittens in the first place.

I’m here to help you do this! Let’s explore a list of seven trustworthy Maine Coon breeders in Virginia and delve into their breeding practices.

1. Enchanted Kittens, Mineral

maine coon cat on a tree

These reputable breeders have been raising Maine Coon cats since 2019. Together with these large felines, they also offer the lovely Siamese kittens.

Enchanted Kittens breeders litter-train their kittens, deworm them, and vaccinate them before they leave the cattery. Also, they provide future owners with all veterinary papers and health records.

Enchanted Kittens breeders describe Maine Coons as cats with wonderful temperament: They’re curious, playful, and always looking for some entertainment.

​Also, they explain how Maine Coons love attention and always want to know what their owners are doing. 

The price for a kitten goes from $2,400 to $2,900, with a deposit of $400 included.

Breeder Info

Location: 6802 Lakes Edge Way, Mineral, VA 23117

Website: Enchanted Kittens

Facebook: Enchanted Kittens

Instagram: Enchanted Kittens

Phone number: +1 540 429 0311


2. Fluffy Fluffy Cattery, Christiansburg

maine coon cat laying down

Fluffy Fluffy is a CFA-registered Maine Coon cattery located in Christiansburg. 

These breeders raise their kittens with a lot of energy and passion, and as a part of their family. They strive for all of their kittens to find a loving home – just like the one they offer them in their cattery.

All their breeding cats are DNA-tested. Kittens from the Fluffy Fluffy cattery can be picked up after 4 months old.

They are ready to leave for their new homes after receiving 3 FVRCP vaccines, and 1 rabies vaccine. They will also be spayed/neutered and microchipped before leaving the cattery.

The price for a Maine Coon kitten from this cattery is $2500, including the $500 deposit.

Breeder Info

Location: Christiansburg, Virginia

Website: Fluffy Fluffy Cattery

Facebook: Fluffy Fluffy Cattery

Phone number: +1 540-553-6185


3. Geasancoon Maine Coons, Newport News

Maine Coon Cat Running

Breeders from Geasancoon cattery strive to preserve and improve the Maine Coon breed.

Geasancoon breeders describe Maine Coons as gentle giants, possessing a distinctive physical appearance and an amazing personality.

You can see the pictures of their queens, kings, and available kittens on these breeders’ official page. 

Additionally, Geasancoon breeders occasionally offer retired cats for adoption. To secure a Maine Coon kitten from this cattery, a non-refundable $400 deposit is required.

Breeder Info

Location: Newport News, VA

Website: Geasancoon Maine Coons

Facebook: Geasancoon Maine Coons

Phone number: +1 757 598 3638


4. Makanacoon Maine Coon Cats, Virginia Beach

maine coon cat walking on a snow

Pat Taylor is the owner and the responsible breeder of the Makanacoon cattery.

She’s a member of the CFA, TICA, and the Maine Coon CFA Breed Council.

Buyers need to first pay a $400 deposit when they get the picture of a newborn kitten. Afterwards, it’s necessary to pay a $700 deposit when the kitten gets vet-checked around 7 to 8 weeks of age. The total price for a Maine Coon kitten from Makanacoon cattery is $2,200.

Every Maine Coon kitten will have two vet check-ups, deworming, and two distemper shots before they leave the cattery.

Kittens in this cattery are raised together with dogs, which makes them socialized and well-balanced upon leaving the cattery.

Breeder Info

Location: 5409 Murdock Court Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Website: Makanacoon Maine Coon Cats

Facebook: Makanacoon Maine Coon Cats

Phone number: +1 757 495 6222

5. Micoons Cattery, Suffolk

maine coon kitten in garden

Elena Metzger is the owner of Micoons cattery based in Suffolk, Virginia. This cattery was founded in 2016.

As a dedicated breeder, Elena raises her kittens inside her home, considering them part of her own family. They receive plenty of love and attention, as well as high-quality food.

Elena’s cattery is registered with TICA and ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association). 

Kittens from Micoons cattery socialize with humans and children daily. Their breeding cats regularly attend cat shows and receive champion status.

Elena loves visitors and asks all prospective owners to stop and visit her cattery, and meet her amazing Maine Coons!

She describes her cats as super sweet, family-friendly, communicative, and curious.

Recently she welcomed red smoke, black smoke, and blue smoke kittens. Check out her website to see if there are any kittens available at the moment.

Breeder Info

Location: Suffolk, VA

Website: Micoons Cattery

Phone number: +1 757 535 6609


6. Penthouse Maine Coons, Roanoke

orange maine coon cat

Mihaela Graczyk is the breeder and owner of the Penthouse Maine Coon cattery, located in Roanoke, southwest Virginia.

She describes all her kittens as unique in their own way.

Before leaving for their forever home, each one of Mihaela’s kittens will have received their first vaccinations, as well as their microchips. Also, they will be socialized around dogs and children, as well as vet-checked.

Mihaela cooperates with experienced breeders from Russia and Germany. She wants to ensure all her Maine Coon kittens will find a loving and safe home.

Even if you’re not located near Roanoke, this breeder offers shipping, with a price of $450-$550 per transport.

Breeder Info

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

Website: Penthouse Maine Coons

Facebook: Penthouse Maine Coons

Phone number: +1 540 494 5295


7. SaraJen Maine Coon Cats, Arlington

orange maine coon kitten

SaraJen breeders describe the Maine Coon breed as the most wonderful companion anybody could wish for. They strive to raise beautiful, well-socialized, and healthy Maine Coons and have been in business for over 30 years.

This cattery is TICA and CFA registered. These breeders keep their cattery well-maintained, cat-friendly, and clean.

They raise their kittens inside their home, where they play with them on a daily basis. SaraJen breeders guarantee their kittens are FeLV and FIV negative. These viruses can cause various types of illness and even death in infected cats, as explained by CatVets.

This cattery focuses on producing brown and red tabbies, as well as tortoiseshell tabbies. 

Sometimes they also offer Maine Coon in other colors, such as black and white, silver tabby, and solid black.

Kittens from SaraJen Cattery can join their new homes once they reach 12 weeks of age. These breeders have a strict indoor-only policy for their kittens and require them to be sterilized.

Maine Coon kittens from this cattery cost $2,200, with a $200 deposit included.

Breeder Info

Location: Arlington, Northern Virginia

Website: SaraJen Maine Coon Cats

Facebook: SaraJen Maine Coon Cats

Phone number: +1 703 517 3002 


Welcoming a Maine Coon kitten into your home will be one fun adventure!

But, together with all the happiness, you should also be careful. You should make sure the breeder you’re buying your kitten from is one hundred percent reliable.

These seven Maine Coon breeders in Virginia are good examples of what a breeding practice should look like. They dedicate all their effort to producing healthy and well-socialized cats.

This isn’t an easy task, and only people who indeed love felines are able to accomplish it.

I hope you’ve found your favorite on our list and that you’ll soon share your home with the amazing Maine Coon kitten!

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