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7 Grey And White Cat Breeds You’ll Fall In Love With

7 Grey And White Cat Breeds You’ll Fall In Love With

Out of so many beautiful breeds with different types of coats and their colors and color patterns, it’s really difficult to choose only one.

Felines in all colors are outstanding in their own ways, but, in my opinion, the ones that have more than one color in their fur are something truly special.

One of them are cats that have grey fur with white parts. 

If you like these colors on a cat’s coat just as much as I do, continue reading to find out all about the 7 grey and white cat breeds, and their amazing traits.

1. British Shorthair

grey british shorthair cat (1)

This is a medium-to-large cat that has a very round head that makes her look like a little teddy bear you’ll want to cuddle with all day long!

The British Shorthair has a very short, dense coat that can be seen in many colors, such as smoke, silver, golden, black, calico, bicolor, and colors mixed with white – one of which is the elegant grey.

Original British Shorthairs were actually blue colored, while their blue coats had a gray hue to be precise.

This cat is very calm, easy-going, and affectionate, which makes her a wonderful companion for humans.

If you like the description of this grey and white breed, you might want to take a look at our list of reputable British Shorthair cats breeders.

2. Cornish Rex

This athletic cat is highly active, so you can expect living with her to be a lot of fun!

The Cornish Rex is also very intelligent, affectionate, and loves to spend time with her owners. Its coat is something that most people recognize the Cornish Rex for: It’s soft and formed in waves that look like corn rows.

The grey and white is a very popular coat color combination seen in this breed, as well as the black and white.

White markings on the grey Conrish Rex are usually located on her stomach, legs, and chest.

3. Maine Coon

grey and white maine coon cat

The Maine Coon is one of the most breeds many cat fanciers are crazy about. The PR Newswire points out how this was the second most popular cat in the United States in 2021. 

The most known trait of this cat is probably its large size. But, together with this attribute, the Maine Coon is also an incredibly affectionate and gentle feline, as well as intelligent and capable of fast learning.

Another great thing about the Maine Coon is its luxurious coats. It’s both dense and silky, available in a wide array of colors and color combinations.

The grey and white Maine Coon mostly has white marking markings on her stomach and paws, while some also might have it on their faces.

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4. Munchkin 

This small cat is widely recognized for its short legs which are a result of a genetic mutation. This is the reason why you’ll often see a Munchkin cat standing on her hind legs!

This breed is very outgoing, playful, and sociable. It tends to get on very well with children and other pets as well.

A Munchkin can be both short-haired and long-haired, and it can come in almost any color and coat combination possible. The awesome combination of grey and white on their little furs is one of them.

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5. Norwegian Forest Cat

grey and white Norwegian Forest Cat

If you’re looking for a white and grey cat with a luxurious, thick coat, then you will be thrilled with the Norwegian Forest Cat!

As Hill’s Pet describes this breed, this is a large, heavily-boned cat, with a thick coat that makes her look even larger!

Her coat was her natural protection back when she was living in the forest. She can have different solid coat colors, such as black, blue, red, and cream, and bicolor as well, such as grey and white.

Besides her amazing look, the Norwegian Forest Cat is also a sweet, loving cat that needs some time to get used to people. Once she does, she becomes the most loyal and affectionate pet you can imagine.

6. Persian

If you would like your future cat to be a lap cat that isn’t overly active, then the Persian is the right breed for you.

This cat is laid-back, relaxed, and calm. She’s also very sweet and gentle, and makes a wonderful companion. There’s nothing a Persian cat loves more than snuggling up on a sofa with her human family.

This cat’s coat is very long, thick, and sheds a lot. This means that Persians aren’t hypoallergenic cats.

There are many common colors of Persian cats’ coats, such as orange, lilac, cream, brown, black, etc. Grey and white is one of the beautiful color combinations which Persians can also have.

Check out the beautiful grey and white Persian kittens in the video below.

7. Ragdoll

If you would like your grey and white cat to be incredibly calm and gentle, then there isn’t a better choice than Ragdoll for you.

This lap cat is very loving, affectionate, and friendly, but still not overly clingy. A Ragdoll is a very relaxed cat that will get along with people of all ages, including children.

These cats are born white, while their fur gradually develops specific coloring as they age.

A grey and white Ragdoll has a thick coat with deep grey points on its white fur. To keep a Ragdoll’s coat in a perfect shape, it’s advisable to brush it twice a week. This way, this cat’s coat will remain soft and silky, without any tangles. 

You can see one beautiful Ragdoll with a grey and white coat pattern in the video below.


The beautiful combination of white and grey coloring on their furs really make these felines stand out.

Their wonderful coat colors aren’t the only great thing about these cats, since, as we could have seen, each of them has an unique and loveable personality.

I would dare to say that you cannot go wrong by choosing any of these breeds!

Now, what’s your favorite? Can you even decide? Share your thoughts with us!

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