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Why Are Orange Cats So Dumb? A Myth Or A Real Thing?

Why Are Orange Cats So Dumb? A Myth Or A Real Thing?

Why are orange cats so dumb? Do you share that opinion? Because it is undoubtedly a myth that is widely spread. If you are a cat person interested in these things, you may want to read this article to unravel the mystery.

If you want to know about an orange cat’s intelligence, you will need to observe the breed of that particular cat. Why is that so? Like any tabby, they are not a breed but a color and a pattern.

Orange tabbies can be many breeds such as Ragdoll, Somali, Siamese, British Shorthair, American Curl, Maine Coon, Bengal, and Manx.

This orange tabby pattern can be seen with long-haired and short-haired cats. The orange genes are more dominant than other genes except for the white cats.

Orange tabby cats, black cats, and tuxedo tabbies are all popular breeds of cats, but why does the orange cat reputation as dumb? We will see soon.

Let’s see if your potential new best friend, the orange cat, is dumb!

Why Are Orange Cats So Dumb? Definitely A Myth!

orange cat sleeping on floor by window

Orange cats are falsely accused of being dumb. The intelligence of orange cats is at least average, and they are not stupid. However, some orange cats tend to have lower IQ.

But, a cat’s intelligence has more to do with a breed, upbringing, and health than it has to do with its coat color. However, we will discuss all the facts about orange cats and hopefully help you understand them and their reputation.

What Are Some Of The Orange Cat’s Traits?


Why are orange cats so dumb is the question that brought you here, but as we discussed, orange cats have at least average intelligence, while many cat owners claim that their orange cats are even more intelligent.

However, this can be hard to determine as many cat breeds are orange-colored. It is a fact that the temperament and intelligence of a particular cat depend on a cat’s breed more than those things rely on a cat’s coat color.

We must note that cats are individuals for themselves and have their intelligence and personalities unrelated to all of this.


Many owners of orange cats claim that their cats are talkative in comparison to other cats. Orange cats approach humans more frequently than the different types of cats; we can’t quite figure out the reason behind this.

That friendliness can be a bit understandable because orange tabby cats are primarily male cats. Female cats are not so assertive and confident, while male orange cats are adventurous, bold, and more open to approaching humans. That is quite typical for the male population, lol.


Orange cats are not only adventurous and talkative but also very affectionate with their owners. There are a few potential reasons for this personality trait.

The first one is that as orange cats are primarily male, they tend to be bold and easier to seek attention from their owners and people in general.

The other reason is that orange cats tend to be inactive, and that means they would rather snuggle in someone’s lap than be active and chase toys. However, we must remember that every cat is different and an individual.

So if your orange cat is not affectionate like this, you don’t have to worry.

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Orange cats are not considered aggressive towards other cats and people; as we mentioned, they are more likely to be affectionate and friendly. However, orange cats can react negatively if they feel threatened, are scared, or didn’t grow up in a safe environment and adequately socialize while they were kittens.

But, we need to mention that male orange cats tend to be more aggressive to other cats, especially if it’s male cats. The possible reason for this is their innate larger size and bold personalities; that’s why they tend to fight more. This is mainly related to male orange tabbies if they are not neutered, as they are expected to fight over a female cat.


We discussed that every orange tabby cat couldn’t have the same disposition. However, male orange tabby cats share some traits:

• Adventurous and bold nature

• Dominant over other cats

• Lazy and frequent loving naps

• Affectionate and friendly

• Risk-taking

These cats are not mean cats if they are growing in a great environment and socialized from a young age as much as possible. Most orange cats are known for having a great personality and friendly, affectionate, outgoing nature.

Why Are Orange Cats So Weird?

orange cat sleeping on bed

Besides the question of why are orange cats so dumb, this question seems to be very frequent, so let’s see what’s up with these orange cats.

Many owners of orange cats say their cats can be pretty weird creatures interested in everyone and everything. They are likely to get into situations they shouldn’t. And again, this is related to the majority of orange cats being male since they are bold and love adventures, so it is not strange to see them in risky situations.

Some people seem to find their affectionate side strange, so there goes the “quirkiness.”

What Are Orange Cats Known For?

Besides asking why are orange cats so dumb, you may be asking yourself what are orange cats known for. Let’s check out some exciting facts about orange cuties!

1. The Orange Cat Will Be Tabby And Have One Of Four Different Coat Patterns

Orange cats will be tabby, and they can have four different coat patterns such as mackerel, ticked, classic, and striped.

You will never see a tabby with only an orange coat. Orange tabbies will always have some pattern in their coat, and the mackerel one makes them look like tigers.

2. The Orange Cat Isn’t Actually A Breed

Orange cats are not a breed; their orange tabby coats specify them. Almost any cat can present an orange tabby coloration, such as Maine Coon, American Bobtails, Munchkin, Persian and Abyssinian cats.

3. Orange Cats Have An Interesting Theory For Their M-shaped Marking

There is a legend that says that an orange tabby cat warmed the baby Jesus, and because of that, Mother Mary kissed the cat on the forehead, and that’s where the letter M showed up, or that Mother Mary drew the initial with her finger.

4. A Specific Pigment Is Responsible For Their Orange Color

Orange cats will not all be the same saturation of the orange color, and some will have variations of cream, orange or reddish. Why does this happen? Orange cats have a pigment that is called pheomelanin that pigment is producing red hair in people.

5. There Are More Male Orange Cats Than Female Orange Tabbies

orange cat sitting outside

Male orange tabby cats outnumber female orange cats in a ratio of 4 to 1. To this day, we don’t know why that is so, but about 80% of orange tabby cats are male.

Researchers and veterinarians still haven’t investigated this enough. Still, there seems to be some genetic relation between coat markings and sex, as Tortoiseshell cats and Calico cats are primarily female.

Females are XX, and males are XY. Black and orange colors carry the X chromosome, and because the orange color is a recessive gene, both cat’s parents need to have that gene to have an orange coat.

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6. Orange Cats Have Interesting Nicknames

The nicknames for these orange cats you probably have in your pantry. Have you heard about ginger cats or marmalade cats? Those are nicknames that helped distinguish them from the black tabby cats.

No wonder many orange tabbies get the names like Marmalade, Big Red, Ginger, etc.

7. Orange Cats Will Have Specific Personality Traits

Most orange tabby cats are affectionate, friendly, cuddly, and ready to give love to their owners. However, you can never really know what personality your kitten will have, and you must try to socialize her and let her grow in a healthy environment.

8. Orange Cats Are Real Gourmets

I would get along with this cat as I love to eat. Garfield accurately represents orange tabbies since he enjoys the food so much. Therefore, their love for food can lead to them being big cats.

We know that overeating can cause big problems. Obesity is one of them, but many more serious health issues can appear, including cancer, joint damage, and feline diabetes. So make sure to put your orange tabby on a healthy diet.

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9. Orange Cats Are Likely To Be Low-energy

Generally, all cats are known for being a bit low-energy sometimes, but orange cats took this part slightly too seriously. Many orange cat owners will say that their cats are pretty lazy, which is essential information since we learned that they like to lay down and eat a loooot of food.

While for this, they make great cuddle buddies, on the other hand, of their non-activity, some severe health issues can develop.

10. Orange Cats Are Popular On Reddit’s AITA

This Reddit account explores the ethnic stereotypes of orange cats. If you googled why are orange cats so dumb, you gave people on Reddit a reason to discuss orange tabby.

However, an orange cat Jorts, and Jean, lives in an office space. Jean is a tortoiseshell cat that is smart and helps Jorts, that can’t exceptionally perform daily tasks. One name is always mentioned with these two cats, Pam, but that name is used as a pseudonym to preserve anonymity.

Those two orange cats are quite the subject on this page.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Owning An Orange Cat?

orange cat posing for camera

If you are thinking of purchasing an orange cat, let’s discuss some pros and cons so you know what to expect from a potential cutest new friend.


1. Easy-Going Attitude

We are all familiar with Garfield, an animated cartoon character that embodies the chill attitude. He is more likely to lay around, eat, sleep and sometimes cuddle than to fight with other cats, run, climb trees, and do other similar things.

That is a typical ginger tabby. So if you are searching for a low-energy feline, this one is your perfect fit. However, you need to stimulate your cat repeatedly to burn excess energy and prevent obesity.

2. Beauty

We don’t want to say other cat colors and patterns aren’t beautiful. However, ginger cats have something special. They are recognizable by their beautiful ginger coat with tabby markings and little pink noses that every cat person just wants to kiss.

Your Instagram feed will be loaded once you take pics of their lip lines that sometimes have black spots or freckles in circle shapes. It doesn’t matter if you get a striped, ticked, spotted, or mackerel tabby. You’ll be amazed, no doubt there.

3. Affection

Torties are more emotional, while calico cats are playful and headstrong, but when we talk about affection, the ginger tabbies are those who perfectly know how to show their love to their owners.

They are probably affectionate because of their lovable and friendly disposition towards anyone they meet. Ginger tabbies are loving cats that will roll on their backs when they see you out of pure joy. This cat will enjoy cuddles for hours if you just let him.

4. Intelligence

Even though ginger tabbies have the title of dumb cats, they are brilliant. They can process information relatively quickly, and that’s why when you call them, they’ll be beside your leg in a minute.

They are also interested in everything and always up to discover new things around them. They excel in cognitive skills, and they have great survival instincts.

5. Friendly Disposition

We learned now that orange cats have a friendly nature, just like all tabbies, and they love socializing and being surrounded by other people and pets. Because he is rather laid-back, he will be lying around you and your family members and not playing and running in the yard, but he will surely enjoy your company.

This cat is a perfect buddy for watching movies on a Saturday night.


curled up orange cat sleeping on bed

1. Clinginess

Every cat owner would love to have a cat that can express feelings and show love. It hurts when you see that your cat doesn’t need you, won’t play with you, cuddle, nothing. However, if you have a cat that is a bit too clingy, following you to the toilet, sleeping on your neck, wanting your cuddles or day, that can be a bit tiring.

But, these cats can behave like that. But, don’t worry, you can solve it with training.

2. Weight Gain

Due to their laziness and love for food, these cats can be overweight. We know they are gorgeous looking; however, they tend to overeat and eat anything they find.

Your tabby will eat everything you give him, and look for more, no doubt there. If you have some food in the kitchen on the counter, he will find a way to get to that. Because of that behavior, he will become obese if you don’t cut that behavior.

Canine obesity is not a serious issue; however, it can cause many health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and shortened life expectancy. You may want to watch the eating habits of your ginger tabby.

You can look up the Amazon to see great food for orange tabbies.

3. Spunky And Bossy

You’ve read that right. Orange kitties tend to be bossy and aggressive, and many tabby cats end up in cat rescue centers due to this behavior. That can be a problem if your cat isn’t trained. So you must watch out to train your kitten as soon as possible.

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4. Loud

If you’re thinking of having this cat, bear in mind that your home will be filled with noises. Even though this depends on each cat, the ginger cat owners claim their cats can be noisy, and they purr and meow so loudly that every neighbor can hear them.

Your orange cat may be quieter; however, if you end up with a noisy cat, know the reason for that is its pattern and coat color.

Final Thoughts

cat lying on bed with white sheets

Why are orange cats so dumb? I hope we cleared this once and for all cat lovers. They are not! If you get an orange cat, you’ll probably have the best cat that is friendly, gorgeous-looking, cute, and wanting cuddles, and what more do you want?

Whether you end up with an orange boy or if you are one of the few that ends up with an orange girl, make sure to let her grow in a safe and healthy environment with a lot of socializing.

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