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15 Charming Cat Breeds With Large Ears

15 Charming Cat Breeds With Large Ears

Chances are you haven’t paid more attention to your cat’s ears. Its adorable whiskers, striking tail, and beautiful eyes are its most appealing features.

However, cats’ ears are essential, since they serve as an organ of hearing and balance. They can come in various shapes, including rounded tips, pointed, folded, or even curled.

But, there is something special about felines with big ears. This feature gives them an even more charming appearance!

Let’s look at the list of fifteen cat breeds with large ears and learn more about their looks and personalities. 

1. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a rare cat breed with large ears that are well-cupped and forward-facing. This breed also features a wedge-shaped head and large, almond eyes.

Its body is lean and muscular, and its legs are very long. It has a distinctive “M” on the forehead. 

Together with striking large ears, the Abyssinian breed features a specific ticked tabby coat. This cat’s individual coat hairs are banded with different colors.

The original coat color of this breed is reddish-brown with black ticking, but fawn is also widely present.

This is a highly intelligent and curious breed that loves to explore around. Since Abyssinian is athletic, it needs a lot of space to jump, run, and climb on.

Therefore, this isn’t an ideal pet for people looking for a laid-back cat. This breed needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis.

The Abyssinian isn’t a lap cat, but it’s very friendly and social and loves to be a part of its owners’ activities.

2. Balinese

Two Balinese cats with large ears
Credit: karma.cats

The Balinese breed has strikingly large and pointed ears that are wide at the base. This is a medium-sized cat that has a graceful and long body and fine bones. Its eyes are striking, featuring an intense blue hue.

Spruce Pets describes the Baliense’s coat as long, creamy-white. It also features points on its legs, tails, face, and ears.

This breed is highly social, friendly, and playful. The Balinese cat loves to be at the center of attention all the time. This means that it isn’t suited for people who spend a lot of time away from home.

The Balinese needs to have a lot of interaction and attention from humans. Also, since it’s very intelligent, it needs a lot of entertainment to prevent the manifestation of destructive behaviors.

3. Chausie

Chausie cat with large ears
Credit: sacred__cats

The Chausie is a hybrid breed resulting from the crossbreeding of domestic and jungle cats.

Large, high-set ears with tufting on them enhance this cat’s wild looks. This is a medium to large-sized cat that has an athletic build.

Its coat is short to medium in size and can have a couple of different colors and color patterns. These are black, brown, brown ticked tabby, or black grizzled ticked tabby. 

Chausie has wild origins, but it’s one loyal, friendly, and people-oriented cat. It has high energy levels, so its owners should always be prepared for some exercise and play sessions!

4. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is a breed with large, bat-like ears. Its eyes are also large, while its head is rather small.

Besides the distinctive head features, the Cornish Rex is also widely recognized for its unique coat.

This breed doesn’t have the long hair of an outer coat, but only a curly, soft undercoat that feels like velvet to the touch. Its coat can come in many colors, such as black, blue, orange, and chocolate. 

The Conrish Rex tends to get on well with children and other pets, since its’ highly sociable.

If you like the description of this breed, you should check out our list of reputable Cornish Rex breeders.

5. Devon Rex

devon rex cat bred with large ears
Credit: devonrexfans

The thing the Devon Rex is mostly recognized for is its unique appearance which makes it kind of resemble an alien. Its large ears are set low on its wide head and are slightly rounded.

This cat is medium-sized. It has a long neck and a slender body. The Devon Rex’s eyes are also very big. 

Its wavy coat is another recognizable feature. It can be seen in various colors, including patterns like tortie and tabby.

The Devon Rex is very affectionate and loves to both show and receive attention. It’s also known as a little clown that loves to entertain its humans.

6. Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is another breed with large ears that can be tufted and that stand tall on top of their heads.

This cat has natural spots on its coat. Silver, smoke, and bronze colors are possible with this breed. 

The Egyptian Mau has a wedge-shaped head and an athletic body.

It’s a very intelligent and friendly breed that might resemble a dog. It could wait for you at the front door or bring you toys to play with it!

This cat is active, strong, and athletic. You can try teaching it to play fetch and to retrieve thrown toys.

7. Javanese

Javanese cat breed with large ears

The Javanese cat has very large ears with distinct points and wide bases. 

It has a single coat that is long and silky. Some of the most common coat colors are cream, red, and lynx.

This breed gets very attached to its humans. It’s alert, loving, and active. The Javanese loves to spend time with its owners and will follow them around, no matter what they’re doing.

This cat needs to have a lot of entertainment in its surroundings. Sometimes a Javanese cat even imitates their humans!

It’s also a smart breed that can be trained, so, it’s definitely a lot of fun having this cat around.

8. Ocicat

The Ocicat is a spotted breed that bears a resemblance to a wild cat, although it is entirely domestic. 

One of the features that give this cat a will look are its large and tufted ears.

The Ocicat has a muscular build and usually weighs up to 15 pounds. Its coat is short and dense. Some of the most common colors in this breed are blue, fawn, lavender, etc.

This cat is friendly and sociable, likely to even greet your guests at the front door! The Ocicat loves to play and is able to learn tricks. Even though it’s quite energetic, the Ocicat is still an easy-going cat.

If you find this breed interesting, you should check out our list of reputable Ocicat breeders to see if there are any kittens available.

9. Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair cat has large, flaring ears. Its body is elongated and muscular. Its head is triangular, and its eyes are almond-shaped.

This cat’s coat is silky and short. Some of the most common colors present are cream, ebony, lilac, and brown.

This breed is extroverted, and, above all, enjoys having interaction with humans. It’s also a curious and intelligent cat that tends to be very talkative.

Outgoing and funny, the Oriental Shorthair makes a great family pet. It’s necessary to mention that this breed requires a lot of attention and play opportunities. Otherwise, if it gets bored, it could show destructive behaviors.

10. Peterbald

The Peterbald cat has a unique look, distinguished by their oversized ears that are set wide apart. 

It also has a triangular head, a blunt jaw, and a long neckline. Its body is muscular and lean.

Another interesting fact about this breed is that it can have various coat types, including:

• Straight

• Bald

• Chamois or flock

• Brush

• Velour

WebMD describes Peterbald’s personality as affectionate, friendly, and lively. This cat loves to snuggle up on a sofa with its owners and follow them around.

It’s also a very intelligent and trainable cat that tends to get on well with other pets.

11. Savannah

The Savannah breed has upright ears that are large and rounded. This is a medium-to-large cat, known for its height, which can go up to 16 inches.

One distinctive feature of this breed is its spotted coat, which makes the Savannah cat look exotic and graceful.

Some of the main personality traits of this cat are curiosity, loyalty, and playfulness. The Savannah is likely to be chatty around its humans.

This is also a very smart cat, capable of learning tricks such as playing fetch and walking on a leash.

It’s also a highly athletic breed, suitable for people looking for a highly-energetic feline friend.

12. Siamese

The Siamese cat is recognized by its blue eyes and large ears shaped like triangles or wedges.

This cat has a short coat with a pale base and dark extremities. 

The Siamese is an outgoing, friendly, and affectionate cat. Owners of this breed can expect it to follow them everywhere.

It’s also an energetic and intelligent cat that needs a decent amount of stimulation. People who like to hear a cat’s vocalization will have a lot of fun with the chatty Siamese!

13. Singapura

Singapura cat with large ears
Credit: singapura_uk

The Singapura has large ears and eyes, which can be green, yellow, or hazel.

This cat isn’t large, but features an elegant and muscular body. The Singapura’s head is rounded and its coat is short and silky. 

This cat is intelligent, curious, and outgoing. It just loves to be around their humans and share any activity they’re involved in.

Besides play sessions with its owners, the Singapura also appreciates a good opportunity to climb and explore its surroundings.

14. Snowshoe

The Snowshoe cat has large and pointed ears and blue, walnut-shaped eyes. This is a medium-sized cat with a body made for running and jumping.

It has a rounded face and short, color-pointed coat. Some of the most common coat colors with the Snowshoe breed are blue, chocolate, and fawn.

This cat is kind, devoted, and playful. It needs to receive plenty of attention from its humans, so, it doesn’t make a good choice for people who spend most of their time away from home.

You can even expect this cat to interrupt you while doing something, asking you to play with it.

The Snowshoe is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a feline friend to share most of their activities with.

15. Sphynx

Sphynx is the most popular hairless cat breed, also recognized for its oversized ears.

An important aspect to note regarding this breed is that they are prone to ear infections. 

Therefore, it’s necessary to remove excess ear wax and keep a Sphynx’s ears clean, as suggested by Newtown Veterinary Specialists

This is a medium-sized cat with a sleek, muscular body. It’s very active and athletic and can move quickly and jump high.

Sphynx is affectionate and loves to spend time with its owners. It also enjoys the company of other pets.

This breed is successful in learning tricks and great at entertaining its humans.

Final Words

These cat breeds with large ears are truly charming. It seems that this detail on their bodies makes them even more irresistible!

But, their looks aren’t the best thing about them. The crucial fact here is that each of these felines has a wonderful personality, making them desirable as family companions. I hope you’ll be lucky enough to welcome one of them into your home any time soon.

There are cats with different sizes, living needs, coat types, and care requirements in this list. 

Now, what’s your favorite? What made you choose it? 

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