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11 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds With Green Eyes

11 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds With Green Eyes

Cats in all colors and fur lengths are beautiful in their own way. But, there is something really special about black-colored felines.

And, when you add another awesome feature, such as green eyes, we get cats with unique looks! I’m sure many of you will be thrilled with these kittens.

Another great thing is that they not only have original appearance, but also temperaments that make them excellent as family companions.

Let’s look at 11 black cat breeds with green eyes and explore their main traits.

1. American Curl

American Curl with black eyes

This friendly and easy-going breed is mostly recognized by its fluffy, curled-back ears. It can have various coat colors, as well as eye colors, while the black coat with green eyes is especially charming.

This cat is always up for a play session, and tends to get on well with children and other pets. It isn’t very talkative, but it is exceptionally sociable.

Once she feels perfectly comfortable around her owners, the American Curl is likely to cuddle up on their laps.

2. American Shorthair

American Shorthair black cat with green eyes

While the American Shorthair is mostly known for its brown or grey tabby coat, this cat in solid black isn’t less appealing at all – quite the opposite if you ask me!

This cat has large, wide set eyes that, besides green, can also be copper, blue, or gold. 

Some of these felines are also odd-eyed, which, according to the Cats Protection, means that they have two different coloured eyes. In most cases, one eye will be blue, while the other will be brown, yellow, or green.

The American Shorthair is a true delight to have around, since it’s very docile, easy-going, and adaptable. Her tolerance and patience makes her a nice companion for both people who live alone and for large families.

3. Bombay

Bombay cat sits in a field of grass

Bombay is an extremely curious, affectionate, and active cat. Her coat is short, smooth, and always comes in black color.

Besides green eyes, Bombays can also be seen with gold or copper eye color. 

Physically, this cat is muscular, has a rounded head, and somewhat resembles a mini jaguar or leopard. One thing a Bomaby likes to do is to jump on her owners’ lap and seek attention from them.

Thanks to their adaptable nature, they are suited for single people and families with children. They are likely to get used to any type of environment.

If you like the description of this beautiful black breed, you should check out our list of reputable Bombay breeders.

4. Cornish Rex

portrait of a Cornish Rex with green eyes

This breed has a specific type of coat: It’s short, silky, and soft, and has no harsh guard hairs. A Cornish Rex’s fur lies in tight waves very close to her skin. It’s especially wavy on her belly and chest.

While there are black Cornis Rex cats with green eyes, the CFA breed standard only accepts solid black Cornish Rexes with gold eyes.

This is a highly active breed that loves to play, run, and jump. It also tends to get along with everyone, and isn’t a fan of being left alone for long hours.

5. Egyptian Mau

There are three accepted coat colors of the Egyptian Mau breed – smoke, bronze, and silver. This cat can also be found in other colors, such as solid black, blue smoke, and blue spotted, but they aren’t allowed to participate in cat shows.

Every Egyptian Mau has distinctive green eyes, which are almond-shaped, and large.

This athletic breed typically exhibits a friendly and affectionate demeanor around its human companions, offering a special bond of attention and love to the person they select as their own.

6. Japanese Bobtail

A Japanese Bobtail cat is lying on the couch

The Japanese Bobtail is another black beauty with green eyes. They can also feature many other coat colors, such as solid colors like white, red, or brown, as well as bicolor and tricolor coat combinations.

VCA Animal Hospitals describes this breed as confident, devoted, and intelligent. The Japanese Bobtail loves her people, and even accepts other pets in the household.

One thing worth mentioning about this cat is that it doesn’t like to spend time alone at home. Therefore, it’s a better choice for people with flexible schedules – the ones that have more time to spend with their furry friends.

7. Maine Coon

portrait of a Maine Coon looking ahead

This list can’t go by without the most popular domestic cat breed – the Maine Coon.

The black Maine Coon is truly magnificent with its big body, luscious coat, and green eyes that are large and round. 

Their large size is something most people recognize Maine Coons for, but, this is actually not the most amazing thing about this breed.

This cat is very sweet, affectionate, and gentle, and even resembles a dog with its intelligence and attachment to their owners. No wonder why so many people choose the Maine Coon as their favorite cat breed!

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat standing on a rock

This breed has a long, dense coat that can come in almost any coat pattern, with or without white markings. A Norwegian Forest Cat has green, copper, or green-gold eyes.

This is a very calm, affectionate, and interactive cat, and I believe everyone would enjoy having it in their home.

Still, you should be aware that this is one of the worst cat breeds for allergy sufferers, since it has a luscious double coat that tends to shed a lot.

If you aspire to have a Norwegian Forest Cat with a black coat and green eyes, be prepared for a considerable amount of vacuuming and brushing to manage their shedding.

9. Persian

Persian is lying on the stairs

If you would like your future black cat with green eyes to be not overly active, and to be a lap cat, then the Persian breed is the perfect one for you!

This isn’t a typical cat breed, since, most of the time, it would prefer to spend hours lying, or snuggling up on a sofa with you.

Persians are, however, fun to be around, and love interaction and playing with their human family members.

In terms of grooming, this is a high-maintenance breed, since it has long, thick fur that needs to be brushed regularly. High shedding levels also indicate that Persians aren’t hypoallergenic.

10. Siberian

Siberian with outstretched tongue

This is another beauty with a luxurious coat that can come in a wide variety of patterns. Besides green eyes, black Siberians might also have copper or golden ones.

This breed is very playful and affectionate. It’s also known to mature slowly, which means that a Siberian that looks very much adult can still act like a kitten!

This cat tends to get along with everyone, so you can have as many guests as you want with this furry companion.

11. Sphynx

sphynx black cat with green eyes

This is the most popular hairless cat breed, and the trait this cat is most known for is exactly the lack of her fur.

The Sphynx can come in many different coat colors and patterns, while this cat in black is especially charming, with her lemon-shaped green eyes.

Many people will say that this cat has a truly odd appearance, which makes it stand out from the rest. It’s even occasionally likened to what we imagine aliens might look like.

Besides her unusual looks, the Sphynx is also known to be very smart, cuddly, and playful. She’s people-oriented and loves attention, therefore, it’s a great choice for people who like to have much interaction with their pets.


There you have it – 11 exceptional cat breeds with black coats and green eyes. Although they all can also have many other coat colors and patterns, and some even other eye colors, there’s something truly special about this combination of dark coats and vibrant, green eyes.

The best part is that these felines, together with their unique appearance, also have such personality traits that make them desirable as family pets.

Now, what’s your favorite? And what made you choose it?

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