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General Information About Bengal Mix With Maine Coon

General Information About Bengal Mix With Maine Coon

The Bengal cat is large and muscular, and has a truly unique appearance with its spots that give it a look of a leopard.

The Maine Coon is another amazing breed – known as the largest domesticated cat, and one of the most popular breeds in the States.

These two cats combined in a hybrid sounds like a pretty awesome cat, right?

A Bengal mix with a Maine Coon is a crossbreed that will inherit both of its parents’ great characteristics.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at this cat’s appearance, temperament, behavior, health, and care.

Bengal Mix Maine Coon Appearance

crossbreed of bengal and maine coon cat


According to the Bengal growth chart, this cat’s average weight goes from 10 to 15 pounds, while she’s 13 to 15 inches tall on average.

A Maine Coon is even heavier, with an average weight of 11 to 25 pounds, and a height of 10 to 16 inches.

So, a Bengal mixed with a Maine Coon will also be a large cat, weighing approximately 10 to 25 pounds, and having an average height of 10 to 16 inches.

Coat Type And Colors

The Maine Coon’s silky and heavy coat can be long or medium, and it comes in a wide variety of colors

Bengals have short coats that can come in many different colors, but, they aren’t all recognized – there are only four recognized Bengals coat colors: Blue, brown, silver, and snow. Of course, these cats are mostly recognized by their spotted coat pattern.

So, a Bengal mixed with Maine Coon can have either short, or medium to long coats, and it can come in various colors.

You can see these amazing hybrids in the video below.

Facial And Body Features

Bengals can have almond, oval, and round eyes. They are usually yellow, gold, or green.

Most Maine Coons have golden or green eyes that are wide set, oval-shaped, and large. So, their mix can have eyes that look more like the Bengal’s, or the Maine Coon’s.

The Maine Coon has large, wide-set ears, while Bengals have smaller ones, which are rounded and also set apart, therefore, their mix can inherit the ears type from one or the other of its parents.

The same goes for the head – since Maine Coons have large heads, while Bengals’ are relatively small.

Both these breeds have muscular and well-proportioned bodies, which is a trait their hybrid will have, too.

Maine Coons have very long and bushy tails, while Bengals have average-long tails. So, the mix of these two cats can have either a medium-long, or a long tail.

Bengal Mix Maine Coon Temperament And Behavior

Blonde woman holds a Bengal cat

Although the Bengal still kind of looks like a wild cat, it actually has a sweet and loving personality.

This cat loves her humans, and is very loyal. Still, this isn’t a lap cat – the one you can expect to carry around. Bengals are very friendly and intelligent, but they still want to have their space and independence.

Also, they’re extremely active and curious, and need a lot of attention and interaction from their owners. 

This breed is very vocal – so, a Bengal’s owner can expect this cat to meow back at him! Maine Coons are also known for being very vocal.

This breed’s appearance can also be deceiving. A Maine Coon is so large that it can appear to be intimidating, but this cat is actually super gentle and sweet.

It’s also very friendly and intelligent, capable of learning many different tricks. In a way, the Maine Coon can even look like a dog to its human family!

These cats are also active, just like Bengals.

So, what is the mix of these two cats supposed to turn out to be?

Friendly, sweet, active, smart, and vocal – according to this cat’s parents’ traits! So, this hybrid cat is likely to inherit a great personality from both of its parents.

Bengal Mix Maine Coon Care


Professional groomer brushing Maine Coon cat hair

While with Bengals weekly brushing should be enough, Maine Coons need to be brushed two to three times per week to keep their coats healthy, shiny, and free of loose hair and dander.

So, if this hybrid inherits the Bengal’s coat type – you’ll need to brush it less often.

Maine Coons aren’t so advisable for people with allergies. Bengals aren’t completely hypoallergenic, either, but they still make a decent option for allergy sufferers.

You shouldn’t bathe this cat too often, especially if she lives indoors.  So, if your cat is young and healthy, you should only wash her when advised by a veterinarian.

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Just like with all other felines, a Bengal Maine Coon mix will thrive on a diet high in protein.

You should also limit the treats, since you don’t want to get an obese cat, and always provide this hybrid with fresh, clean water.


This hybrid is an active and energetic cat. This means it should be provided with a lot of space, and enough opportunities to play and jump around.

It will also thrive from interactive toys, tall cat trees, and scratching posts. A Maine Coon Bengal mix should have daily activities, as to prevent it from getting bored, or showing any kind of destructive behaviors.

Even if your cat is a strictly indoor cat, it would be best to let this mix have some jumping and running around your backyard, if you have this opportunity.


Training an intelligent cat like the Bengal Maine Coon mix can be very interesting, but also challenging for pet owners.

You should first recognize whether your cat is interested in training sessions. 

Always remember to provide this hybrid with enough mental stimulation, since this will keep it satisfied and healthy.

Bengal Mix Maine Coon Health And Lifespan

bengal cat lying down

Some of the known problems in the Maine Coon breed are hip dysplasia, obesity, Spinal muscular atrophy, and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is the most common heart problem in cats that results in the thickening of the heart muscle.

Bengals might also deal with this heart condition, but also with dental problems, allergies, cataracts, and chronic kidney disease.

Most Maine Coons will live around 12.5 years, while Bengals might even live up to 20 years!

The hybrid of these two breeds might inherit some of the health problems found in them.

Of course, we would all love to share this many years with our pets. To achieve this, you should take your Bengal Maine Coon mix for regular vet check-ups, and provide it with good living conditions.


If you’re looking for a sweet, intelligent, and friendly cat – a Bengal mixed with Maine coon is a great choice for you!

Of course, you should also take some of its other traits into consideration.

This breed is likely to be very vocal. So, if you’re looking for a quiet and calm cat – you should keep looking!

Also, this hybrid is very active and energetic, and it demands an owner that will dedicate a huge part of its time to it.

A Bengal Maine Coon can be the perfect companion for people who would like to teach their cats some funny tricks.

So, this decision will depend a lot on your lifestyle, and your expectations when it comes to sharing a life with a cat.

This hybrid is, without a doubt, a magnificent cat, but it can be too much work for some people.

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