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Is Savannah Maine Coon Mix Possible And Advisable?

Is Savannah Maine Coon Mix Possible And Advisable?

Mixed cats can be equally wonderful companions as their purebred counterparts. 

But, is mixing two different cat breeds ethical and approved? Is the Savannah Maine Coon mix even possible?

It might be, but it’s definitely not a good idea to try to breed these two cats. This might cause various genetic problems and undesired traits in their offspring..

Is A Savannah Maine Coon Mix Possible?

Theoretically, of course, it’s possible to breed these two cats. But, this doesn’t make it eligible and ethical.

According to Savannahglam Savannahs, the domestic cats that used to be permissible to breed with the Savannah breed are the Ocicat, the Domestic Shorthair, the Oriental Shorthair, and the Egyptian Mau.

However, some breeders used other breeds too, such as the Bengal or the Maine Coon to produce felines with specific size or interesting coat coloring, which resulted in unwanted genetic influences.

Back in 2012, the Savannah breed gained the TICA championship status. From this moment, Savannah domestic outcrosses were no longer permitted. 

When you just imagine a mix of a Maine Coon with a Savannah – you probably have a picture of a majestic cat with powerful wild cat looks in your mind!

But, a potentially good appearance doesn’t make it right to breed two completely different breeds, especially if such a thing is not recommended to do.

Therefore, breeding these two cats is not considered ethical.

What Would This Hybrid Be Like?

When it comes to mixed cats, it is impossible to exactly predict what they will be like. 

However, by observing the parent breeds, we can approximately tell the mix’s potential appearance and behavior.

Let’s see what kind of offspring could a Savannah and Maine Coon have.


According to the Savannah growth chart, this cat’s average weight is 9 to 24 pounds. And, in regard to the Maine Coon parent, its growth chart suggests that these cats weigh 10 to 25 pounds on average. 

Considering its parents’ physical traits, this hybrid is likely to be huge! 

The Savannah cat was developed by crossing Serval cats – wild African cats – with domestic felines. Thanks to her ancestors, Savannah still looks like a wild cat. 

The recognized coat colors of the Savannah cat are brown spotted tabby, silver spotted tabby, black, and black smoke, while typical Maine Coon’s coat colors are black, cream, brown tabby, blue, and white.

A Savannah Maine Coon mix is likely to inherit a spotted, long coat, giving her exotic looks. 

Personality And Activity Level

When it comes to their mix’s personality, it’s expected to be intelligent, affectionate, and loyal.

Both Savannah and Maine Coon need a lot of space to jump and run around.

This cat is also likely to be quite energetic and active just like both of its parents, meaning it would probably be a better idea for experienced cat parents.

The Risks Of Breeding A Savannah With A Maine Coon

Although not officially permitted, it’s still possible to see this hybrid. The video below shows a Savannah Maine Coon mix.

This cat is beautiful and seems to be perfectly healthy.

However, there are reasons why professionals don’t recommend breeding these two cats, and this is something all responsible breeders should respect.

According to the EU Platform on Animal Welfare’s Guideline on responsible cat breeding [1], a reliable cat breeder shows a genuine concern for the welfare of cats and their future generations.

This means avoiding breeding that’s not recommended and that might cause genetic disorders in felines.

The International Cat Association (TICA) doesn’t permit the outcrosses of Savannah with a Maine Coon cat.

You see, there are potential health risks due to the unique genetic structure of these two cats. This is an ongoing debate in the cat breeding world – some believe that breeders should mate two different cat breeds to produce cats with unique characteristics.

On the other hand, some are convinced that this is a bad idea, since it might cause severe health problems in hybrids.

What’s the final verdict then? In the case of the Savannah Maine Coon mix, I would say to follow the instruction of the official cat associations!

There are obviously good reasons why mixing two cat breeds isn’t allowed.

Final Verdict

A hybrid of two amazing breeds – the Savannah and the Maine Coon – sounds like an amazing idea.

Indeed, these cats will look beautiful, and are likely to have all the amazing traits of their parent breeds.

Still, this hybrid isn’t permitted by the cats’ associations. So, if you see an advertisement for Savannah Maine Coon mix kittens, you should be aware that this is likely a scam, and this is the type of breeder you better avoid.

If you’re a fan of mixed cats, maybe you should pay a visit to one of the local shelters in your area. Maybe an adorable little hybrid is waiting to meet you!

[1]  EU Platform on Animal Welfare: Responsible cat breeding guidelines. DOI, Retrieved May 16, 2023.

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