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Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed – 5 Reasons And Solutions

Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed – 5 Reasons And Solutions

I think that we can all agree that being a feline owner is a truly wonderful experience. However, as being one, it is also somewhat challenging. You’ve probably experienced that your cat has peed on your bed and you detected it by smelling it. It might even urinate on your bed while you’re watching. 

If you ever thought to yourself: Why is my cat peeing on my bed?, stick with our article since we’re here to provide you with 5 reasons and how you can deal with such behavior. 

Before we start, keep in mind that it isn’t something personal, to be clear. Your cat doesn’t do it to hurt you or get on your nerves. 

5 Possible Causes Your Cat Pees On Your Bed 

cat standing next to pee

A few things may be the reason for your cat peeing on the bed. 

To ensure that a cat does not have an underlying medical condition when he urinates somewhere other than in his litter box, the owner should first have a veterinarian perform a physical examination and any necessary diagnostic tests, including a urinalysis. 

For instance, your cat might link pain or discomfort with the litter box when he has a bladder infection. The cat might then decide to go somewhere else. 

When you take your cat to do vet tests, don’t panic, diagnostic tests and urinalysis are all part of the procedure in order to establish what might be troubling your cat to pee on your bed. 

1. Stress And Anxiety

Your cat may occasionally pee on the bed due to e-meow-tional health issues. She may develop the annoying habit out of stress or nervousness because she doesn’t feel secure, and stress can be brought on by a number of factors.

Perhaps you recently underwent a change at home, such as moving, rearranging your furniture, bringing a baby home, or altering your work schedule. She might be anxious because of your other pets or even other cats that stray into your yard at night.

She may experience less stress and, ideally, fewer spraying incidents if she gains more confidence. Provide your cat with really high places like cat trees. We can offer 8 Best Tall Cat Trees. When cats can see their world from a higher vantage point, they become more self-assured.

Play with her more to strengthen your relationship and help her release some of her energy. Maybe start taking her outside on a cat harness once a day so she has a fresh experience that challenges her mind. 

Try clicker training or play every day with a feather wand. So that she looks forward to it, be consistent in your bonding time.

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2. Health Issues

close up urine residue on a bed caused by a pet on the bed in the bedroom

If your cat starts unexpectedly peeing on your bed, the first thing you should do is consult your veterinarian to rule out any potential medical problems.

Possible medical issues that are causing your cat to pee elsewhere are:

But, if you are sure that a cat peeing on your bed is not due to health problems like urinary tract infection or diabetes, you know what to do. Start observing your cat’s behavior to see what could possibly be the cause. 

3. Litter Box Issues

cat standing next to a litter box

Did you ever think that your cat is peeing outside the litter box because she just doesn’t like it? 

• Your Cat Doesn’t Like The Style Of The Litter Box 

Despite the fact that pet parents prefer covered litter boxes, many cats won’t use them. If you purchased a covered litter box, the cat might not feel free in such a box or if the litter is too dark, it might be depressing. 

To see if a standard open litter is a better option for your cat, try providing it with one.

For your cat, size does play an important role. If you have a bigger cat, it is obvious that you’ll need a bigger litter box, or if you have a kitten, then the small litter box that doesn’t have high sides will be perfectly fine. 

• Your Cat Doesn’t Like Litter Box Position

As cats can be picky eaters, they can also be picky about the litter box placement. When they’re about to urinate or defecate, they need to feel secure and safe so they can do it without fear. If you didn’t place the cat’s litter box in a quiet area, this may cause urinating outside of it. 

It’s also crucial to remember that cats won’t urinate or poop close to food. If the food or water bowl is near the litter box of your cat, this can also cause avoidance and the decision to pee on your bed. 

Sometimes cats need more light, or perhaps the location of your cat’s litter box forces you to walk past your dog’s favorite spot.

Moving your cat’s litter box is a simple modification that might help your feline companion stop urinating on your bed.

• Your Cat Wants More Than One Litter Box 

Maybe your cat has a companion and shares the litter box and it isn’t quite okay with that. If you have more than one feline in your household, you should consider buying one litter box per cat. Put them so they are easily accessible. 

4. Cat Litter

litter box with white scoop

As you pick litter so you can clean it much easier, so do the cats have preferences about it, there is no doubt. Some felines will choose not to use lined with coconut or corn-based litter. 

Some brands of cat litter are too clumpy, dusty, scented, or hard on the feet for other cats. The best course of action is to experiment with various brands and types of cat litter until you find one that your cat enjoys using.

5. Routine And Household Changes 

Cats are creatures of habit, so if you do something unusual in their routine it may lead to inappropriate urination – meaning urinating outside the litter box. 

He probably just needs some time to get used to the new environment if you recently moved, had a baby, got a new dog or cat, changed your own schedule, or welcomed any of those things into your home.

Your cat loves consistency in her own world. Any change that happens in the household like a new roommate, or someone moving out, a new pet like a dog or even a baby can cause issues with soiling outside the litter box.  Cats can be pretty jealous of babies. 

Keep in mind that you need to spend quality time with your furry friend in order to make them feel happy, secure, cozy and comfortable despite all the changes that are happening in the household. 

How To Stop This Behavior? 

woman cleans cat's litterbox

In order to keep your cat off the bed and from peeing on the bed, you should have so much patience as these changes cannot happen overnight. 

We’ve researched some of the ways when it comes to stopping your cat from peeing on the bed, and if you follow the advice, your bed should be completely fine and safe from cat’s pee. 

  • Your cat needs to be physically active: Their exercise needs must be met because studies showed that cats who have too much energy develop stress and anxiety more often and more easily than those who are active. 
  • Use proper litter and litter box: You need to purchase litter and litter box that your cat actually likes. Put it in a quiet area, away from food. If you don’t know which one to choose, start with two different ones in order to see which one your cat prefers. 
  • Litter box should always be clean: When we say “always be clean” we mean that  the litter box should be cleaned once or twice daily, because cats may not use a dirty box. 
  • Clean your bed from top to bottom: Your cat may like the bed because she smells the pee, so you need to be sure that you removed all the odor from it. 
  • Make the bed unappealing: While you’re adjusting them to new litter and litter box, make sure that the bed seems off to them, the solution to that may be something your cat doesn’t like or some material that is really uncomfortable. 
  • Let your cat think of a bed as a playground, not an area to urinate: Start playing with your cat on your bed, give her treats and let it be a fun and enjoyable time so they associate it with treats and fun time.  
  • You can always try calming sprays: If your cat is not urinating on your bed due to medical issues, calming sprays will help your cat reduce all the stress and anxiety they might have. 

How To Clean Your Bed After Your Cat Has Peed On It?

person cleans surface of mattress on bed with rag.

The job is done, you cannot change it, but now you have to deal with your peed bed. You’ll need to clear the bed and sheets in depth. Especially because if they smell the pee, they might do it again. So how to clean it properly?

1. Clean the cat pee ASAP: Find the products that are specifically for cleaning cat pee. Those cleaning products need to be enzyme based cleaners because they contain ingredients to break down the acid that is in your cat’s urine. Avodit ammonia since its smell might remind them of their urine. 

2. Use cool water and blot it: Try not to scrub the bed. Take all the sheets and put them in the washing machine with a combination of baking soda/vinegar with detergent. 

To the second round put also enzyme cleaner. After all that, air dry the sheets. If it still smells, repeat the process until the odor is gone. 

3. Check if the bed frame and floor are peed on too.  They might not be but, if they are, use cat urine cleaner and rub it. You should also check the mattress, soak the spot your cat peed on, with warm water and blot, after that with enzyme cleaner and again blot around 15 minutes. Then, leave it to dry. 

Closing Words

Next time you think: Why is my cat peeing on my bed, remember that cats don’t do it on purpose, to make your life heavier, or just because they’re being mean, but it probably has to do with something like changes in the household, routine, stress or some medical issue. 

Make sure to be there for your cat and not to be angry and yell at her. If you suspect that this has to do with your cat’s health, make sure to go to the vet check-up. If it is something other than that, be patient and follow the advice we gave you. 

Shower your cat with love and all will be resolved soon. 

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