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8 Signs Your New Cat Is Adjusting Well To Her Surroundings

8 Signs Your New Cat Is Adjusting Well To Her Surroundings

Having a little kitten in your home is really priceless, especially when you experience this for the first time. However, along with excitement and happiness come some worries and insecurities.

At some point, you will surely wonder if your kitten is happy with its new surroundings. There might be moments when she appears scared and shy, leading you to question whether your home is the ideal place for her.

However, sometimes the cat simply needs some time to get used to the new environment and you as its owner.

If you make every effort to ensure your new cat feels safe and protected, she will undoubtedly become more comfortable over time.

There are also some clear signs your new cat is adjusting well to her environment.

Let’s find out more about them!

1. Your Cat Wants You To Pet Her

Owner petting the cat

Cuddling with an adorable kitten – what could be more heartwarming?

If your new kitten comes close to you and snuggles up on your sofa, this is her way of saying she would like to get some pets.

In the beginning, it’s a good idea to give the kitten some space, and don’t pet her for too long, especially if you notice she doesn’t feel comfortable with this.

As time passes, you might notice your kitten asking herself to be petted. This is a great sign that your cat is adjusting to you and your home.

Her desire for affection from you signifies that your new kitten feels secure and entirely at ease in your presence.

2. Your Cat Is Purring

While some cats tend to be more vocal than others, besides meowing, you may also observe various other forms of vocalization in kittens, such as growls, trills, and purrs.

Cats purr due to many reasons, but mostly when they’re content, according to WebMD.

Therefore, purring is a sign your kitten is in a good mood, and that she likes her new home very much.

Purring might also mean your cat is relaxed and safe around you, and that she started perceiving you as her favorite human.

If you want to hear some intense cat purring, open up the video below!

3. Your Cat Explores Her Surroundings

Cat Exploring in house

A cat that’s feeling unsafe and threatened might hide and avoid the rooms inside the house where you and your family members spend most of your time.

On the other hand, if your kitten is feeling safe in your home, you’ll see her exploring all around, and rapidly going from one room to another.

Your cat might get so comfortable that she will follow you all around, even to the toilet!

Curiosity and exploring around her new home are additional signs that your cat is adjusting well. This means that she doesn’t sense any threats in the house, and feels completely secure walking and investigating around.

4. Your Cat Properly Uses Her Litter Box

Cats aren’t demanding in terms of teaching them to use their litter box – most cats will be litter trained in a couple of days.

Cats are also very clean animals, who are grooming themselves all the time, and who like their litter boxes to always be spotlessly clean.

However, some situations can cause a cat to defecate in inappropriate places. Weddington Animal Hospitals explains how a kitten might urinate or defecate outside the litter box if she feels stressed.

Therefore, if you notice your cat is using her litter box properly, this is another sign she is feeling well in your home.

Obviously, nothing is bothering her, and she has no reason to avoid her litter box, or to defecate outside it.

5. Your Cat Is Eating Well

fat cat eating

Eating habits can also tell you a lot about how your new cat is feeling.

If she refuses to eat, there might be something wrong with the cat food you choose, or, perhaps, the cat isn’t feeling herself quiet yet.

On the other hand, if your cat has adapted well to the feeding schedule, and always eats all of the food you serve to her, this is a good sign your cat is adjusting.

Similar to humans who lose their appetites when feeling nervous or sad, felines can also experience this.

In conclusion, your cat eating well is a great indicator she’s feeling perfectly comfortable in your home.

6. Your Cat Wants To Play With You

When you made the decision to welcome a kitten into your home, you probably anticipated spending your days playing with her!

This might not come so fast, and your cat could choose to spend more time alone than playing with you at the beginning.

However, if everything goes well, a cat that is adjusting to her new surroundings should show a willingness to play with her owners.

Therefore, you can expect your cat to bring you toys to show she’s up for a playing session, or to excitedly run around you.

Just give her a bit of time, and soon she will be very playful!

7. Your Cat Is Exposing Her Belly

cat showing belly

Your cat will not immediately show she trusts you or loves you, but, as time passes, you will notice some signs that show you this. For instance, your cat might start showing you her belly.

According to the Toronto Humane Society, a cat’s belly is a vulnerable part of her body. If she shows it to you, this means she’s relaxed, comfortable, and doesn’t feel threatened.

Therefore, if a cat is revealing her belly, it indicates that she feels safe enough to display this vulnerable part without fearing an attack.

This means you’re doing everything great, and that your new cat is satisfied in your home.

8. Your Cat Is Showing Social Integration

Cats are naturally independent creatures, yet, with proper socialization from a young age, they can learn to interact well with strangers and even other pets.

Seeing your cat not hiding every time when you have guests over is another good sign she’s adjusting.

Strangers are scary for cats at the beginning, but most of them get used to seeing other people besides their family members with time passing.

Another great sign is your cat not being aggressive around other pets.

Social integration means that your cat is feeling like a part of the family, and is perfectly comfortable having other people, and even animals, around her.

Final Thoughts

I hope you are already witnessing these signs your new cat is adjusting well to you and your home.

In many cases, a kitten needs some time to get used to the new surroundings, but, this will happen for sure, just as long as you make your home a safe and warm place for a cat, and offer your time and attention.

If your new cat seems a bit shy and frightened, don’t push her to play with you or cuddle her, because this can only make things worse.

Just give her some time and soon she will realize your home is a perfectly nice place, and that she can trust you and your family members.