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8 Best Tall Cat Trees

8 Best Tall Cat Trees may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

Almost every feline on the planet can appreciate a good cat tree! Some cats enjoy hiding in the cubby holes, lounging on any of the comfortable platforms, or even playing with some of the attached toys.

Then there are cats that love nothing more than climbing to the absolute top of the cat tree and surveying their territory. These cats love a super-tall cat tree and this article for them!

We’re going to go over everything you need to look for in a tall tree along with several options across just about every category. As you probably already know, finding a tall tree isn’t always as straightforward as you might think.

But before we explore that further, if you just want to see which tall cat trees made our list you can check it out here:

  1. Best Overall Tall Cat Tree: YAHEETECH 79 Inch
  2. Tallest Cat Tree Available: Go Pet Club 106 Inch Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree
  3. Best Budget Option: On2Pets Cat Canopy Shelves
  4. Best Tall Cat Tree for Apartments: PetFusion 76.8 Inch Climbing Tower
  5. Best Tall Tree for Multiple Cats: Go Pet Club 87 Inch Tall Cat Tree
  6. Best Tall Cat Tree For Senior Felines: Go Pet Club 72 Inch Tall Cat Tree
  7. Best Without Carpet: Made4Pets 65.6 Inch Modern Cat Tree
  8. Best Tall Cat Tree for Big Cats: FEANDREA 67 Inch Tall Cat Tree

What’s Considered Tall?

The first thing to clear up is what’s actually considered a tall cat tree in the first place! After all, tall is usually a relative concept and in most cases, something is tall compared to something else.

But for the purposes of this article, we’re going to consider tall to be any cat tree that’s at least 64 inches (162.5 cm) or taller.

How did I come up with that number?

I looked at two factors. First, the minimum height for a cat tree should be at least 36 inches (91 cm) so it’s taller than the kitchen counter and most furniture. It’s fair to say that 64 inches is certainly tall compared to our minimum standard!

Second, the average height of an American woman is about 5’4″ or 64 inches. I think it’s also fair to say that if you’ve got a cat tree that’s roughly the same height as half the population it’s a tall cat tree!

That means you won’t find any cat tree on this list that’s shorter than 64 inches.

What To Look For In A Tall Cat Tree?

Now that we’ve established a minimum height to make the list, let’s review some of the other factors to consider. Not only should you keep these in mind when shopping for any cat tree, but even more so when you’re looking for a tall cat tree.

These are also the factors I focused on when building this list.


As cat trees get taller, stability becomes a major concern. Not only can taller trees be easier to tip over if they don’t have a big base, but the stakes are higher too.

Said another way, there’s a big difference between the risks of a 3-foot cat tree tipping over and a 7-foot cat tree falling down. Not only is the risk greater to your feline friend but something that large could cause significant damage to your home or people in it.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a tall tree- just that you’ll need to pay extra attention to the way it’s set up.

When it comes to stability, there are three main options to look for. The first is a wide base that gives the tree plenty of surface area to draw support from. Not only can a wider base help prevent the cat tree from falling altogether but it can also make it less wobbly.

The second option is to use mounts that attach directly to the wall and the cat tree. Unless they’re particularly tight they won’t completely eliminate wobbliness but they will prevent a tall cat tree from ever tipping over.

Finally, there at cat tree variations that will attach directly to a wall. These are usually taller, skinnier tress which can make great options for apartments but these are a bit more unusual to find in your standard wide base cat tree.

For each of our mini-reviews, we’ll be considering the stability options you have and how they stack up in comparison to each other. Of course, only cat trees with solid stability will even show up on this list in the first place.

Floor Space

Since we’re only looking for tall cat trees, we know that we’re going to be taking up quite a bit of vertical space.

But it can be easy to underestimate just how much floor space you’ll need for some of the taller cat trees. For example, this 62-inch Frisco cat tree on Chewy has a base that measures 24.75 inches by 20.75 inches (62.8 cm by 52.7 cm). That’s pretty darn big and it’s easy to get excited about a tall tree without fully considering just how much floor space it will take.

However, there are tall cat trees for just about every situation so even if you’re in an apartment you can still treat your cat with a tall cat tree.

I’ll be noting the floor space required for each cat tree but just keep it in mind as you go.


While there are many things we can learn from our cats, one of them is how to turn just about any space into a comfortable area for relaxing. Okay, maybe that’s not a critical life skill but I am jealous when I see my cat happily sleeping on her back in some of the strangest locations.

Other cats aren’t quite so indiscriminate when it comes to nap time and may put more effort into finding comfortable spots.

Figuring out which category your cat falls into will help you find the perfect tree for your feline friend and your home. If it’s heights above else, then you can go for one of the more apartment-friendly options that are usually skinnier with fewer comfort add-ons like hammocks and baskets. Height-loving felines are those that would happily hang out on top of the fridge even though it isn’t the most comfortable spot.

But if your cat is going to great lengths to find the coziest pillow in the house then you’ll want to make comfort a priority. Of course, all cats will appreciate comfortable features so it’s more about setting priorities than anything else.

Scratching Areas

All cats need scratching areas but it’s an often overlooked feature or an afterthought to the overall design.

But scratching is so important that even declawed cats need scratching posts!

Most cat trees will have some area to scratch but if you decide to pick up a cat tree without carpet or with limited carpet then you may need to consider what other scratching areas your cat has available to them.

Path To The Top

For smaller cat trees, considering how your cat will get to the top is pretty straightforward…they’ll just jump!

But when it comes to taller cat trees, the path to the top can be a little more unclear. While most cats won’t have a problem, older felines may need some extra features like ramps.

Then there’s the multi-cat consideration. If you have a house with more than one cat you don’t want to set your feline roommates up for a conflict. That’s where wider cat trees can make better options since there will be several ways to reach the top.

Do All Cats Need A Super Tall Cat Tree?

Most cats will certainly appreciate a tall cat tree but like anything else, some felines will love their new tall cat tree more than others. Plenty of cats seem to enjoy spending their time laid out in the middle of the floor just as much as they enjoy hitting the heights.

Famous cat expert frames this as the “Confident Where Question” and he explains “So our first order of business here is to figure out exactly where on the vertical axis cats find their greatest mojo.”

There are three main categories to look for here. The first is bush dwellers that enjoy hanging out on the ground but nestled under a table or a similar location. These are cats that really appreciate the cubies on most cat trees.

Then you’ve got the beach dwellers or as I prefer to call them, professional tripping hazards! These are cats that like to be out in the open and will often take a spot that literally requires people to walk around them.

Finally, we’ve got the tree-dwellers which are of course the focus of this article! These are cats that prefer high places where they can survey the scenery and get a feel for what’s going on around them. You’ll find these felines on the top of couches, cat trees, and countertops. These are also the cats that will most appreciate a super tall cat tree!

Does that mean only tree-dwellers will use a super tall cat tree?

Not at all! Most cats will love a tall tree but tree-dwellers just might love it even more! But if your cat is constantly hanging out on the floor, you might not need to go for some of the super-sized options on this list.

Our Favorite Tall Cat Trees

With our background and criteria out the way, let’s dive into the reviews of our favorite super tall cat trees!

Best Overall Tall Cat Tree: YAHEETECH 79 Inch

Yaheetech 79 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree

✅ Multilevel Cat Tree 

✅ Stable & Sturdy

✅ Pet-friendly Materials

✅ Easy on the budget while still being over six and a half feet tall

✅ Includes cubbies, ramps, baskets, and toys

Our best overall has a little bit of everything while still staying budget-friendly.

Of course, it’s also super tall at 79 inches (200 cm)…or 6 feet 7 inches tall! That’s the average height of a player in the NBA so I don’t think anyone will argue that this is a tall cat tree!

But it’s not just about height! The folks at YAHEETECH have managed to fit just about every popular cat feature into this tree. Starting at the bottom, you’ll find a ramp that leads into the second level. Most cats will find the ramp fun to climb and scratch on but for older cats, ramps can make enjoying the tree just a little easier.

From there, you’ve got an adjustable hammock that many cats will go crazy for along with two cubbies. The platforms aren’t jumbo-sized like we’ll see in some other cat trees but there are several that will still be big enough even for large cats.

They even threw in a toy ball at the top!

While none of these features on their own are particularly unique, it’s a bit more unusual to find them all in one cat tree. Even more unusual, is to find it all at a budget-friendly price.

Because this YAHEETECH tree is able to pull all that off, it’s a clear winner for the best overall spot.

You can see more photos of this tall cat tree, read reviews and check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: They’ve squeezed just about every cool cat tree feature into one super-tall package!

What I Wish It Had: I’d love to see some slightly larger platforms on this cat tree to accommodate bigger cats.

Tallest Cat Tree Available: Go Pet Club 106 Inch Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 106-in Floor-to-Ceiling Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

✅ A multi-perched tree

✅ Adjustable top pole

✅ Posts covered in natural sisal rope

The phrase “floor to ceiling” can get tossed around a little too loosely when it comes to tall cat trees…

But the folks at Go Pet Club aren’t messing around when they say it and this 106-inch (269.24 cm) cat tree is one of the tallest (if not the tallest cat tree) you can find. This beast is 8 feet 10 inches tall which is taller than any NBA player…ever.

Still, you might be looking at the long rod at the top and think “this isn’t 106 inches of usable space!”

And you’d be partially right.

But even without the rod, this cat tree measures 92 inches (233.68 cm) to the top platform. That’s 7 feet 8 inches which is taller than the tallest NBA ever! Once on that top platform, your cat will still have the option to use that rod as a scratching post.

So why is there a rod here at all?

It’s not there just to push the height up! Instead, it’s one of the more rare stabilization methods that only work for super tall cat trees. The rod is extendable and you’re able to decrease or increase the length in order to attach it directly to the ceiling.

It also has a 28-inch by 16-inch base which is wide but overall not as large as you’d expect for a tree this tall. While that shape makes sense for this tree, it also means the top rod is even more important.

I’d also suggest placing this tree with a wall behind it. The wide base will do a good job at keeping side-to-side movements under control but you may need some extra support front to back. A wall mount would be a good idea as well but unfortunately, this cat tree doesn’t come standard with one.

As you’d expect from a cat tree this tall, you’ll find many of the usual cat tree features like cubbies, baskets, dangly toys, and platforms. Still, the platforms aren’t exactly huge and there aren’t many routes that cats could take to not step over each other.

That makes this cat tree perfect for a high-flying and height-loving feline but if you’re looking for a balance of comfort and height then it’s worth checking out our best overall pick.

You can find this cat tree with a few online vendors but at the time of writing, Chewy is offering the best price. You can check the latest price and read more reviews on Chewy by clicking here.

What I Love About It: It’s so darn tall! I love it!

What I Wish It Had: Most reviewers agree that the tree is stable, but I’d love to see a square-shaped base on this tree for increased stability or a ready-to-go wall mount.

Best Budget Option: On2Pets Cat Canopy Shelves

On2Pets Cat Canopy Shelves

✅ You can place these shelves as high as you'd like!

✅ Easier on the budget compared to most tall cat trees

✅ Cat-safe fake foliage adds to the fun

Okay, I know this is supposed to be a list of the best cat trees…so what is a cat shelf doing here?

Because our best overall is already such a great value, I wanted to share something a little different for our budget option. Even though they aren’t a tree, these shelves can give your cat access to heights all the way up to the ceiling.

If you want to get even more creative, you can place this near your existing cat tree. That will effectively increase the height of your cat tree and really spice up your cat’s climbing options. It can also give your cat access to heights even taller than the tallest cat tree.

As if that wasn’t enough, these cat-friendly shelves can be used in just almost any size space which makes them perfect for apartments, small rooms, or anywhere else that space is limited. They also look stylish and come in three different color options. My personal favorite is the summer style which has a mix of different colors.

You can also choose from different styles in case you’re not a fan of the fake leaves.

The manufacturer lists these as ready to handle 32 pounds which should be enough to handle most cats, even big Maine Coons! I also love that these shelves feature padded and easy-to-grip carpet. That’s a big difference from other shelves that are made for multiple purposes and not just cats. Not only the carpet help cats safely land on these shelves but it can also be used as a scratching surface.

Again, you can put these anywhere but I’d suggest placing them above your existing cat tree to level up your height. Just make sure you make it easy for your cat to reach!

These come in packs of two from Amazon and you can read the hundreds of five stars reviews by clicking here.

What I Love About It: All the style options and unique leaves really help these shelves stand out. I also love that they’re cat-specific.

What I Wish It Had: While the multiple style options are awesome, I’d love to see some bigger platform sizes to make lounging a bit more comfortable.

Best Tall Cat Tree for Apartments: PetFusion Climbing Tower

PetFusion 76.8 Inch Ultimate Climbing Tower

✅ Plenty of height with a smaller base perfect for apartments

✅ Limited carpet gives this a cat tree a unique and appealing look

✅ Mounts directly to the wall for added safety

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean your cat can’t enjoy some high-flying fun in a cat tree! This tall 76.8-inch (195 cm) cat tree focuses on height over width and the 19.75″ by 19.75” (50.1 cm) base is one of the smallest ones you can find at this height.

You might notice that the Amazon product listing shows the length as 24 inches and the width at 20.8 inches but those are the measurements for the second level and not the base. In most cases, this will work perfectly for apartments where the bigger issue is actually finding the floor space.

Because the base is quite narrow relative to the height of this cat tree, you’ll need to mount this to the wall. That could be a dealbreaker for some and a point of concern for renters. However, the ready-to-go anchors that come with the tree make a very minor impact on your wall.

Besides the small footprint and height, the other big appeal of this tree is the very limited amount of carpet! It’s got a few small spots of carpet that are attached via velcro but besides that, the majority of this cat tree is made of sisal rope or wood. That means it doesn’t have the standard “wall-of-carpet” look that’s so popular among cat trees.

Not only is that visually more appealing, but it’s also less likely to completely take over a small space. This cat tree could almost pass for an unusual shelf in the corner!

The only possible downside is that this cat tree requires some feline fitness to really climb. There are only two platforms above the base level and while most cats won’t have a problem scaling the sisal rope, older cats may not be as excited to make this vigorous climb. Still, that much sisal rope will come in handy for any cat and there are plenty of areas for scratching.

Overall, this makes a great, low-profile but still very tall cat tree option for small spaces. Or any space for that matter!

You can check out the latest price and read more reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: I’m a big fan of the simple and elegant style of this tree! Not only does it have a small footprint but it also looks good!

What I Wish It Had: Even though the middle platform is a little bigger than the rest, I’d love to some increased size here to make it easier for cats to move from the top to the middle. However, the compact design is part of the appeal.

Best Tall Tree for Multiple Cats: Go Pet Club 87 Inch Tall Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 87 Inch Tall Cat Tree

✅ Stands over 7 feet tall

✅ Jumbo-sized base offers increased stability

✅ 5 cubbies, 2 tubes and several paths to the top leave plenty of room for multiple cats

If you want height and width then this giant cat tree from Go Pet Club could make a great option. Even more so if you’ve got multiple cats.

Our feline friends aren’t always the best at sharing their cat trees and giant leaves enough room so they don’t have to climb over each other to reach their favorite spot.

But how big is it?

Well, the base is the biggest on the list with a length by width measurement of 42 inches by 23.5 inches (106.7 cm by 59.7 cm). That’s a big base and even though this a very tall tree it still helps provide a ton of stability. Even for those cats that love to get at running start and leap onto the cat tree, which I think is probably all cats!

The height of this tree comes out to 7 feet and 3 inches (222.25 cm) which is taller than the legendary Shaquille O’Neal! Even though this thing is huge, it’s still a great value when you consider just how much tree there is here. Go Pet Club consistently has cat trees that are easy on the budget and this monster is no different.

Several routes to the top is always a good thing for multiple cats, but I especially love that Go Pet Club has two platforms at the highest level. One is a little taller than the other but they’re still quite close. This is perfect for multiple cats as you don’t want there to be only one top platform since some height-loving cats will constantly be competing for who gets it.

The only thing I don’t love about this tree is that they’ve gone a little cubby crazy! There are 5 cubbies and 2 tubes (which effectively function the same way) and while that will be absolutely perfect for some cats I’d love a little more variety in form of comfortable platforms or even a hammock or two.

If you’d like to learn more about this cat tree, read reviews, and see the latest price on Amazon you can click here.

What I Love About It: It’s super tall and wide! You can find taller cat trees but it’s rare to see any that are this big without having to spend a lot more.

What I Wish It Had: The cubbies are great, but there aren’t actually that many platforms for cats to hang out on. I’d love to see a few cubbies replace with a traditional platform or even a hammock.

Best Tall Cat Tree For Senior Felines: Go Pet Club 72 Inch Tall Cat Tree

Senior cats have different needs compared to younger cats, especially when it comes to issues of accessibility. Your older and possibly arthritic cat isn’t going to be excited about jumping 5 feet into the air or even scaling some sisal rope just to find their favorite nap spot.

But just because your cat is getting older doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the joys of heights!

That’s where this tall but accessible option from Go Pet Friendly comes into the picture. It’s one of the only cat trees that includes ramps more than halfway up the tree! Instead of being forced to jump and land, cats could actually climb from the floor all the way to the highest platform.

Because it’s also 72 inches tall (182.9 cm), it’s interesting enough for younger cats and will give senior felines their height fix too. Of course, you might find that some senior felines will still happily jump to the top even with the ramps available but it’s still not a bad idea to give them the option.

Like the other tall cat trees from Go Pet Club, it’s easy on the budget especially when you consider just how much tree you’re getting. This particular model also has more than 12,000 five-star reviews backing it up on Amazon.

You can get a closer look at the ramps, read more reviews, and check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: The big selling point here is the double ramps! It’s rare to find any ramp on a cat tree, let alone two! This setup allows cats to “hike” to the top instead of having to make the big jump.

What I Wish It Had: I’d love to see the bottom ramp extend out just a bit more to make the incline a little less steep.

Best Without Carpet: Made4Pets 65.6 Inch Modern Cat Tree

Made4Pets Cat Tree for Indoor Cats

✅ Easy to build and construct

✅ Hammock for Small-Large Cats

✅ Multi-Level Cat Climbing Furniture

✅ Scratching Post and Removable Pads

✅ Cute and stylish design that leaves the carpeted look behind

While this is technically the second cat tree on this list without carpet, this 65.6-inch (166.6 cm) tower takes the more traditional style of a cat tree and pulls it off without carpet. That means you’ll still get features like a cozy hammock, hideaway hole, and multiple platforms all without the classic carpet.

I’m also a big fan of the cute cat-shaped cubby and that gives this tower extra points for style. There are a few spots with carpet but they can easily be removed since they’re only attached with a bit of velcro.

The biggest downside to this tree is that it isn’t exactly easy on the budget compared to the other cat trees. The lack of carpet means there’s a bit more effort that needs to go into finishing the wood and as a result, you’ll usually find that cat trees without carpet are a little more costly.

Still, for many folks, the option to have height and a unique style is well worth it. You can read more reviews and check out today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: The design is clean, simple, and cute. The cat-face-shaped cubby especially takes things up a notch.

What I Wish It Had: It’s pretty common for cat trees to just have one platform at the top but I’d love to see the next highest platform just a little bit taller so there’s not just one spot for cats that love heights.

Best Tall Cat Tree for Big Cats: FEANDREA 67 Inch Tall Cat Tree

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

✅ All-in-One Playground

✅ Anti-toppling fittings are included for double security

✅ Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts

✅ Jumbo-sized platform and cubbies are perfect for big cats

✅ Exceptional reviews across the internet

✅ Comes with ready-to-go wall mount and easy instructions

Big cats need a little extra when it comes to cat trees and while going taller is a good start, you also need to make sure that your large feline friend has plenty of space to get comfortable. That means bigger platforms and larger cubbies to accommodate Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest cats, or just good ole fashioned big cats.

The FEANDREA 67-inch cat tree features three 13.7-inch by 13.7-inch (34.8 cm) platforms at the top of the tree. Those are sizable platforms that big cats to stretch out on! For comparison, the top platforms on our best overall pick are 11.8 inches (30 cm) wide and even shorter when it comes to length. The two cubbies are also plenty wide and leave plenty of room for big cats to cozy up.

Big cats also need stability and this tall cat tree features a solid base that measures 21.6 inches by 23.6 inches (54.8 cm by 59.9 cm) that matches up well with the rest of the tree. It also comes equipped with anti-toppling fittings that won’t prevent wobbling but it will stop the cat tree from tipping over.

This is, of course, always a good thing but if you’ve got big, heavy cats preventing toppling can be even more important. Cats seem to love running at full speed and attaching themselves to their cat tree, my cat included. She’s small enough that she’s got no chance of tipping it over but I can easily see how a 20 pounder could pull it off!

This FEANDREA also has a ton of support in the form of positive reviews across the internet and the Amazon listing has more than 4,000 five-star reviews alone. You can check them out, hear from other big cat parents and see the latest price by clicking here.

What I Love About It: The jumbo-sized platforms and extra-large cubbies are perfect for big cats! I also love that it comes with a ready-to-go mount and attachment point so there’s no guesswork when it comes to adding extra security.

What I Wish It Had: I’d love to see extra width on the middle platforms to make it easier to climb to the top. As it stands, the top platforms are perfect for big cats but the path to the top can be a little tight.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a specific type of cat tree, it can sometimes be quite difficult to track down many options. Whether that’s trying to find a cat tree for big cats or even cat trees that actually look like real trees sometimes your choices can be pretty limited.

But that’s not the case when it comes to finding super tall cat trees and you’ve got a lot of choices!

From the super tall 8 footers to the just plain gigantic options and everything in between there is a lot to pick from.

Which tall cat tree did go with? More importantly, what does your cat think!?

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