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13 Gorgeous White Cat Breeds With Green Eyes

13 Gorgeous White Cat Breeds With Green Eyes

Every cat coat color is special in its own way.

But, I believe many of you are lovers of unusual fur coloring – the one that you don’t see every day.

White is certainly one of the uncommon coat colors and one that many people would like to see in their future pets.

And, when you combine white fur with another amazing feature, such as green eyes, you get really beautiful and exceptional felines!

If you would like to know which breeds can have these traits, read the following list of the 13 white cat breeds with green eyes.

1. American Curl

The American Curl is a beautiful breed that can come in various coat colors. Its coat can be both short and long, and, no matter the length, it’s always very silky. Its eyes are walnut-shaped and come in shades of gold or green.

This cat is also a part of the list of black cat breeds with green eyes

The American Curl isn’t too large nor too small, so it can be classified as a medium-sized breed. It has a well-balanced and muscular body and a round head.

A rather interesting feature of this breed is their curled-back ears that make it look like it’s always alert and focused on something important.

Good looks isn’t the best trait of the American Curl cat. What truly sets this breed apart is its intelligence, friendliness, and genuine interest in people.

People looking for a curious and playful kitty will be thrilled with this breed! The American Curl forms deep bonds with its humans and is extremely adaptable. 

It enjoys receiving attention from people and gets along well even with other pets.

2. American Shorthair

White American Shorthair cat with green eyes
Source: @jin_whitecat

The American Shorthair cat boasts a dense and thick coat that can come in a variety of colors, including white, blue, cream, black, and chinchilla. Additionally, this breed can display patterns such as smoke, tortie, and tabby.

Its coat is thick in general, but it tends to become even thicker during winter, and it makes a natural insulation and protection for this cat.

Large and wide eyes are a distinctive feature of the American Shorthair breed. They can be green, gold, or blue.  

Also, this breed can have odd eyes. One eye is typically blue, and the other one is brown, yellow, or green.

The American Curl exhibits a robust and powerful posture that adds to its overall appeal. It features a round head, a strong jaw, and a broad chest.

Even if you’ve never owned a cat before, this breed will be easy to take care of. It’s known to be friendly, easy-going, and just a very pleasant companion.

The American Curl will easily adapt to new surroundings and will show affection to its owners.

3. British Shorthair

As the name itself suggests, this breed has a short coat. Its fur is dense and comes in a wide range of coat colors, patterns, and combinations.

Pure white coloring isn’t so common with this breed, so seeing a white British Shorthair is something truly special!

Besides green ones, this cat can also have blue, amber, or copper eyes.

The British Shorthair cat is recognized for its well-developed muzzle and strong and thick legs. Its body is compact, and its head is rather round.

The personality of this breed can be described as easy-going. This cat is affectionate and loyal to its owners. It loves to play and will often be curious about your activities.

The British Shorthair is incredibly friendly and social, but doesn’t like to be held. It could, however, enjoy lounging with you on a sofa and just chill.

If you like the description of this white cat with green eyes, check out our list of reputable British Shorthair breeders.

4. Cornish Rex

This cat’s coat is something you cannot overlook, since it’s soft and curly, and absolutely charming!
The Cornish Rex can be seen in solid-colored coats, such as white, black, or chocolate. Also, it can feature tabby, tortie, or smoke patterns.

Together with the awesome green color, this breed can also have hazel or gold eyes.

Hill’s Pet explains how this cat might look dainty and fragile, but it’s actually very athletic. It has slender legs, a small head, and is quite flexible.

One essential thing about the Cornish Rex is that it has enormous energy and sometimes seems to be inexhaustible.

It is a very affectionate, social, and playful cat, too. So, it makes a wonderful companion for people who are ready to share fun activities with their furry friends.

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5. Devon Rex

Once again, we have a curly cat breed on this list. Besides being curly, a Devon Rex’s coat is also dense and short. It can come in almost every available color, including white.

The eyes of this cat can also be seen in different shades, while the combination of white fur with green eyes makes this cat stand out.

The Devon Rex cat in general has an intriguing appearance. Some would say it reminds them of an alien, with their large eyes and ears, very long neck, and slender body.

Any cat fancier that likes unusual looks in its pet will certainly like this breed. Your enthusiasm may soar even higher when you discover that this cat is incredibly outgoing, sociable, and playful.

The Devon Rex can also get to be mischievous on some occasions, making you laugh all day long.

6. European Shorthair

This is a breed with a short coat that’s glossy, dense, and springy. White is one of the solid colors in the European Shorthair breed, together with orange, cream, and black.

This cat’s eyes contribute to its overall beauty, since they’re vibrant and bright. Most usually they are green, but can also be amber or blue.

This breed is medium-to-large in size. It has a muscular body, rounded face, and strong legs.

In my opinion, the European Shorthair is a type of cat that can easily adapt to any kind of environment. It’s very tolerant, intelligent, and loves to please its humans.

Therefore, this breed will make a great companion for both single individuals, and families with children.

7. Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a cat with a silky coat that can be both short and long. It showcases a wide array of different colors, with white featuring colored spots being the most common.

This cat has large oval-shaped eyes that can be green or any other color. Odd eyes are also present in this breed.

According to Daily Paws, the Japanese Bobtail cat possesses a strong, muscular body, a long nose, high cheekbones, and an elongated torso.

In regards to this cat’s personality, the most amazing thing is their ability to learn. This breed can be taught to respond to name-calling, bring toys to their owners, and play fetch with them.

8. Maine Coon

The most popular breed in the world, and the largest of them all, can come in numerous coat colors and combinations, as well. White is one of these endless possibilities with the Maine Coon breed.

Its eyes are wide-set, and can be green, green-gold, gold, or copper. This cat has a long, luxurious coat, which gives an additional spark to its overall magnificent appearance.

Maine Coon’s temperament is, together with its large size, the thing that makes this breed so popular and loved.

This is a very sociable, intelligent, and affectionate cat. It loves to give and receive affection from its humans.

It’s also an incredibly loyal cat breed. In terms of activity – Maine Coons love action and thrive on stimulation, both mental and physical.

9. Munchkin

We’ve come to the smallest breed in our list of white felines with green eyes. Smallest and probably the cutest  – the Munchkin cat!

This breed can have multiple fur looks: A short one, a long one, or it can even be hairless. Different color combinations are also possible with the Munchkin cat. 

Together with the white one, it can also have a solid black coat. Furthermore, patterns such as tabby and calico are also present in this breed.

Other eye colors besides green in this cat are blue, gold, and copper.

What most people immediately recognize the Munchkin cat for is its very short legs, resulting from a genetic mutation specific to the breed.

Despite them being small and having shorter legs than any other breed, these cats are super curious and love to investigate.

They’re also friendly, active, and fun-loving. They usually retain their kittenish attitude even when they are fully grown-up cats.

If you wish to see something adorable, take a look at the video below showing the Munchkin kitten.


10. Persian

The Persian breed is widely recognized for its long, luscious, and thick coat.

The purely white coat color makes this cat look even more adorable and kind of chubby. Together with green, Persians can also have blue and copper eyes.

This is a medium-sized cat with plump cheeks, large eyes, and a round head. 

I would say that this cat’s appearance corresponds to its temperament. The Persian is a sweet, patient, and calm breed.

It will thrive in a relaxed environment, but, if necessary, it can also adapt to a more active surrounding.

This sweet-natured cat will enjoy sitting on their owners’ laps or just lounging and resting on a couch with them.

11. Peterbald

Peterbald is a rare cat breed that can feature a white coat and green eyes.

This cat’s fur can vary in type, so you may encounter a completely bald Peterbald, as well as one with a fuzzy, velour coat.

Additional colors present with this breed are silver, red, blue, and black. Peterbalds can also have a bi-colored coat, a tabby pattern, or a color-pointed pattern.

Their eyes are most commonly green, golden-yellow, or blue. This cat’s ears are large and wide-set. Its body posture can be described as graceful thanks to its muscular, slim build.

The Peterbald cat is friendly and affectionate. It tends to be very vocal and is likely to follow its people around.

12. Scottish Fold

This is another breed that can feature both short and long coats. Some of the common coat colors with this cat are white, cream, blue, and black.

Green isn’t the most common eye color in the Scottish Fold breed: Rather, it’s often seen with copper eyes.

No matter the color, their eyes are round, just like their faces and their overall body structure.

This breed is quite versatile. It loves enjoying a quality activity, but it’s also okay with just spending some nice, quiet time with its owners.

The Scottish Fold loves to explore its surroundings and isn’t likely to be overly clingy.

This cat is friendly with everyone, including children and other pets in their household.

13. Turkish Angora

White Turkish Angora with green eyes
Source: @mestba34

The Turkish Angora has a soft and silky coat, medium in length.

White is the most popular color within this breed, but some other solid colors are also possible, such as gray, black, and red.

Besides green, Turkish Angora cats can be seen with amber and blue eyes. This is a muscular cat with a well-balanced body and a very graceful look.

This breed is affectionate and outgoing. It has a tendency to keep their humans entertained and always invites them to play.

The Turkish Angora is also clever and curious, always up for some fun adventure, either on its own or with its owners.

These cats are gentle and sweet in general. They don’t do well when left alone for long periods, so, this is something prospective owners should keep in mind.

Final Words

Out of so many color combinations and patterns in the feline world, white isn’t the most common one.

The rarity makes this coat color highly desirable among cat fanciers. When a cat features another awesome trait, such as green eyes, it’s understandable how this just makes it even more appealing!

I hope you enjoyed our list of 13 white cat breeds with green eyes.

Now, tell us, have you found your favorite? If so, which cat has stolen your heart? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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