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11 Best Cat Wall Shelves For Your Cat To Safely Enjoy Heights

11 Best Cat Wall Shelves For Your Cat To Safely Enjoy Heights

Any cat parent would like to provide their pets with entertainment, fun, and a nice place to rest and have some alone time.

Cat trees are a great thing that provide your cat with all of these things. However, not everyone has a lot of space inside their apartments for a spacious cat tree.

Cat wall shelves are certainly a thing that all of you have a space for. They’re a great choice for any cat and can even make a nice decoration for your home!

Since cats are crazy about heights, these shelves enable them to enjoy a nice view from a high place and provide them with some solitude when they need it.

When choosing cat wall shelves, it’s important you find the ones that are sturdy enough to support your cat.

To help you with this, we’ve listed the 11 best cat wall shelves. Let’s look at each of them and their main features.

3 Best Picks For Best Cat Wall Shelves

1. Budget Pick: Erhalithegro Cat Wall Steps Shelves 

  • Made of natural pine wood and sisal rope
  • Reversible orientation design
  • Durable and safe

2. Premium Pick: Wall Mounted Cat Shelves 

  • Great for multiple cats
  • Designed to maximize vertical space
  • The fence design prevents escapes and falls

3. Best Overall: FUKUMARU Cat Wall Shelves

  • Ideal dimensions (15.7 x 10 Inches)
  • Fits in any home design
  • Triangular structure

11 Best Cat Wall Shelves

1. Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves With 3 Steps


  • Made of sustainable eco-friendly wood
  • You can put a food and water bowl on it for your cat’s complete pleasure
  • Three foot pedals


  • There isn’t enough place for larger cats to relax and stretch out

Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves With 3 Steps is made of sustainable materials. It’s totally safe to put a  food and water bowl on these shelves. Having this luxury, I believe many cats will refuse to ever leave these wall shelves!

These shelves are wrapped with hemp rope, enabling cats with something to play with, while you’re just enjoying your free time.

Cat Hammock Cat Wall Shelves are constructed with heavy-duty particle boards, making them very sturdy. 

They provide your cat with a place to both relax and exercise, whatever they wish at different moments.

A quality piece of information here is that, according to some reviews, there isn’t enough space on these shelves for larger cats to completely relax and stretch out.

So, owners of large felines like the Maine Coon should be aware of this.

2. Erhalithegro Cat Wall Shelves 


  • Great for climbing and scratching 
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Reversible orientation design


  • Anchors for attaching the shelves could be more durable

These wall shelves are our budget options and the product that, I believe, is in accordance with everyone’s pocket.

Although Erhalithegro cat wall shelves are cheaper than other ones on this list, they still make an amazing item.

They feature a reversible orientation design, meaning that you can install them in any direction you prefer. 

Erhalithegro offers four shelves to provide a comfortable and safe climbing space for your cat. They’re made of natural pine wood and sisal rope.

However, it’s important to note a minor drawback: The anchors included with these shelves are not particularly durable.

3. FUKUMARU Cat Wall Shelves


  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Made of trustworthy natural material


  • Drywall anchors may not hold these shelves

FUKUMARU cat shelves are our choice for the best product on the list. They have a decent price and an amazing 4.6 rating out of 1,335 customer reviews.

These shelves are made from natural materials, such as rubber wood, sisal mat, and vegetable oil.

They will provide your cat with a nice view of their surroundings from a high place. Also, they enable it to increase exercise and relieve stress.

FUKUMARU shelves have the ideal dimensions – 5.7 x 10 Inches. The solid rubber wood makes them stable and durable. 

These shelves will fit into everyone’s home with their neutral design. 

A flaw of these shelves is that drywall anchors may not hold them. There’s a chance you’ll need to screw them into studs to hold, especially if you have a heavy cat.

4. LIORCE 2 Set Cat Wall Steps – Wooden Cat Climbing Shelf For Wall 


  • Made from solid bent wood 
  • Provides cats with exploration and exercise
  • All necessary hardware included


  • Not large enough for big cats or households with multiple cats

LIORCE wall shelves are made from wooden materials and designed to last long.

There are two shelves included with this product, covered with a soft, plush material that’s extra gentle on a cat’s sensitive paws.

LIORCE shelves are a great way to offer your cat a place to exercise, stay happy and healthy, and prevent it from getting fat due to a decreased physical activity.

If there are dogs or children in your home, these shelves will provide your cat with a much needed peaceful and safe place.

LIORCE wall shelves come with all necessary instructions, drywall anchors, and screws.

They measure 10″(L) x 10″(W) x 4″(H) which may be too small for really big cats or multiple-cats households.

5. MEWOOFUN 4-Levels Wall Mounted Cat Climber Shelves


  • 4-levels platform 
  • Can support 4 cats at the same time
  • Vertical shelves


  • Some customers reported a lack of stability at the bottom of shelves

MEWOOFUN cat shelves feature a 4-level platform design for your cat to have much space to exercise, nap, and enjoy a nice view.

According to the manufacturer, these shelves can support four cats at the same time. The dimensions of these shelves are 25.4″Lx11.8″Wx65.4″H.

A particularly appealing feature for your cat is a ball attached to the lowest shelf, making the MEWOOFUN cat shelves an ideal choice for active and height-loving felines.

Some customers reported difficulties with the stability of the bottom, so it’s wise to give special attention to this feature.

6. NUNU LAB Cat Wall Shelves


  • Deluxe cat furniture set
  • Smooth and burr-free surface
  • The multi-level design increases a cat’s mobility


  • The anchors that come with the shelves don’t hold the weight of bigger cats

NUNU LAB is a multifunctional cat shelf that offers one condo, a drawbridge, a scratching board and scratching post, two climbing frames, and a litter box.

This is basically a place where your cat has absolutely everything it needs! NUNU LAB shelves help you save space in your home and increase your cat’s mobility at the same time.

They’re made of durable and sturdy safe materials. The surface of these cat wall shelves is very smooth and won’t hurt your cat’s paws.

While there are some reviews that the anchors that come with these shelves don’t support big cats, it’s important to mention that the manufacturer emphasizes how they’re best suitable for kittens and cats weighing up to 22 lbs.

7. On2Pets Cat Shelves


  • 22-inches shelves
  • Different colors of leaves
  • Soft carpet and silky leaves


  • The leaves may fall off

I don’t know about your pets, but my cat is especially crazy about cat trees that look like real trees.

Well, with On2Pets Cat Shelves, you can also provide your kitty with shelves that resemble their natural habitat.

These shelves come in sets of two and are designed for felines weighing up to 32 pounds. They’re made of toxic-free and pet-safe materials in the United States.

The style of these cat wall shelves is just impossible to resist! They’re covered in leaves that come in four different colors: Deep plum, orange blaze, zen green, and mixed maple.

You can choose the one that fits your living space the best. The carpet on these shelves is very soft and gentle, and the leaves are silky.

A flaw here is that the leaves may fall off, causing you to vacuum more often than you would probably prefer to.

8. PETKABOO Cat Wall Furniture Shelves


  • Made of natural pine wood
  • Satisfies a cat’s playing needs
  • Strong bearing capacity


  • Takes a lot of time to put together

PETKABOO features a large set and includes four shelves, two ladders, two cat houses, and one scratching post.

If you have a large wall inside your house, free of any decorations, this is a great way to use it, style up your living space, and make your cat incredibly happy!

Crafted from natural pine wood, these shelves are exceptionally durable. They provide your cat with an opportunity to sharpen its claws, walk on ladders, and jump and play between the shelves.

PETKABOO wall shelves make a great choice for multiple-cats households. Just bear in mind that it will take a good amount of time and patience to install this cat set on your wall.

9. Purife Sturdy Metal Wall Floating Shelves


  • 3 handcrafted shelves
  • Metal support brackets
  • Simple and practical design


  • Anchors tend to lose

Purife features three pieces of handcrafted cat wall shelves. They’re very sturdy, made of underneath steel base and metal support brackets.

They can hold cats weighing up to 25 lbs. Purife wall shelves feature a surface with a no-slip mat that prevents your cat from slipping off them while jumping or climbing. 

This product is stable and easy to install. One thing to watch out for is anchors that tend to lose, according to some customers.

10. Wall Mounted Cat Shelves 


  • Multiple shelves and houses – ideal for multiple cats
  • Transform your wall into a vertical playground for cats
  • Enhanced cat’s safety


  • High price

Wondering whether three cats are too many? Not at all, especially when you have Wall Mounted Cat Shelves in your home!

This is our premium pick on the list. It’s more expensive than all other cat wall shelves, but also features some outstanding characteristics.

This furniture set comes with one hammock, one wall step, a scratching post, and two cat wall condos. These multiple options will provide each cat in your home with safety and entertainment.

Wall Mounted Cat Shelves are made of high-quality pine wood and ensure stability and safety for cats.

Their design with fences prevents the risk of your cats falling or escaping. 

Each platform on this set can support a cat weighing up to 20-25 pounds.

11. Y&ME YM Cat Wall Shelves


  • Made of iron frames and quality plywood
  • Elegant style
  • Strong and roomy


  • Steps are a bit tiny and narrow

Y&ME YM wall shelves consist of two independent cat corner shelves, as well as three wall steps featuring scratching pads.

These shelves are supposed to be installed on an external corner so that a cat gets a great view of two rooms at the same time! Of course, you can also use them on a standard wall.

Y&ME YM cat wall shelves are made of iron frames and quality plywood. They’re sturdy enough to endure a cat’s high jumps.

These shelves are grey, making it easy to combine them with all kinds of home decor. They come with detailed instructions and the necessary equipment to install them.

One potential downside here is that the steps are a bit tiny and narrow. 


Every cat just loves to be up high, jumping, climbing, and investigating around. I’m sure many of you were surprised by finding your cat in different high spots inside your home.

This is why cat wall shelves are great and definitely something you should consider adding to your house.

Not only do they provide your kitty with a nice view, but they can also provide it with a safe place to hide and just relax away from others.

Furthermore, climbing on these shelves is a great way for your cat to exercise and stay fit.

Together with all these advantages, cat wall shelves also save up your space. Even if you live in a small apartment, I’m sure you can find a wall to put these shelves on.
I hope you’ve found your favorite on our list of best cat wall shelves and that your kitty will soon enjoy lounging on it!