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9 Air Fresheners That Are Safe For Cats

9 Air Fresheners That Are Safe For Cats

We all struggle to have that fresh sense in our living spaces and this can get to be challenging with pets around.

Despite cats being very clean animals, there’s a good chance you’ll still need to use a certain air freshener.

While choosing one, you should skip those with harsh perfumes and chemicals that aren’t pet-safe.

What air fresheners are safe for cats? The thing cat parents need to bear in mind is that any chemical additives can potentially be toxic for their pets. This means that certain air fresheners can cause respiratory distress and skin irritation in cats.

So, you should always read the ingredients and agenda of a product before buying it. To help you with this, the following is the list of nine air fresheners that are entirely cat-friendly.

Top 3 Picks For Air Fresheners That Are Safe For Cats

1. Budget Pick: Arm & Hammer For Pets Scents Plug-in

  • Baking-soda enhanced formula
  • Up to 30 days of freshness
  • Comes with two refills

2. Premium Pick: Charcoal Odor Absorber For Strong Odor

  • Made from bamboo charcoal chunks and breathable linen cloth
  • Charcoal chunk debris absorbs odors effectively
  • Sun-rechargeable

3. Best Overall: Febreze Plug In Air Fresheners, Linen & Sky Scent

  • Lasts for 50 days without fading
  • Refill reminder light
  • Offers a variety of clean and calming scents

9 Cat-Friendly Air Fresheners 

1. Air Wick Automatic Spray Pet Expert 


  • A refill provides up to 70 days of freshness on low-setting 
  • Red flashing light indicates a refill is needed
  • Combination of dewy water and delicate floras gives an amazing fresh scent


  • Can be a bit loud for some cats

Air Wick air freshener is made with a unique pet-approved formula. This product enables you to enjoy a fresh-smelling home without having to worry about your cat’s safety.

The manufacturer points out how this freshener will remind you of the smell of laundry drying outside on a sunny day. Air Wick Automatic Spray Pet Expert combines the notes of dewy water and delicate florals to create the best-smelling experience.

A refill of this air freshener can last up to 70 days. You’ll know when it’s time to change it by seeing a red flashing light on the freshener.

You can set it to burst at 9, 18, or 40 minutes – according to your wishes for the fragrance level in your home.

Since this is an automatic spray, it’s worth mentioning that it can be a bit loud. This especially goes for night time and the possibility of your cat getting scared of the loud sound.

Of course, not every cat will have problems with it and, most likely, they will get used to it after a couple of days.

2. Arm & Hammer For Pets Scents Plug-in


  • Affordable option
  • With baking soda
  • Fresh breeze scent


  • Some customers found this freshener’s smell as very light

The Arm & Hammer air freshener features a baking soda-enhanced formula that effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors. Baking soda is generally considered safe for cats when used in typical household quantities.

This air freshener comes with a two-pack of scented oil plug-in refills. 

Arm & Hammer For Pets Scents Plug-in enables a fresh smell in all rooms in your house and, at the same time, isn’t too harsh for your cat’s sensitive sense of smell.

Some customer reviews suggest that this product even has a too light smell. This can potentially be seen as a downside for some people.

3. Charcoal Odor Absorber For Strong Odor


  • Bamboo charcoal that acts as a natural odor eliminator
  • Sun-rechargeable
  • Reuse for 2+ years


  • The smell can be intense for some people and pets

Charcoal Odor Absorber For Strong Odor is our premium pick. This product costs a bit more than others on the list, but it pays off, for sure!

It’s made of bamboo charcoal that acts as a natural odor eliminator. Charcoal is such a good thing for eliminating the bad smells that can even be put in a cat’s litter box.

You can use this air freshener in different places, such as in your living room, the basement, the bathroom, the refrigerator, or your drawer.

The amazing thing about this product is that you can place the charcoal bags in the sunlight for a couple of hours. This will make all the collected odors disappear, making the bags as good as new!

Some people can find the charcoal smell a bit strong, as it bears a resemblance to the aroma of a barbecue.

4. Citrus Magic Pet Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener


  • Fresh citrus fragrance
  • Contains baking soda
  • Absorbs odors in 350 sq. ft. areas for 6-8 weeks


  • The citrus smell isn’t too powerful

A nice, citrus scent is something most people enjoy and it doesn’t bother them in their living space. This is why the Citrus Magic Pet Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener is an excellent choice, as it is also safe for your feline friend.

This freshener also contains baking soda, allowing it to absorb all the bad animal smell in your home.

The manufacturer points out that it lasts around six to eight weeks in a 350 square feet area.

It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals, such as propellants, benzene, or parabens. This is a safe and natural, but yet effective air freshener.

Although the fresh citrus scent is something I would choose for my home, for some people, it can be just not noticeable at all.

5. Febreze Plug In Air Fresheners, Linen & Sky Scent


  • Three different settings on the wall plug
  • Lasts up to 50 days
  • Refill reminder light


  • This air freshener can be too intense for people sensitive to smells

This air freshener is our pick for the best overall product. It has a decent price and an amazing 4.7 rating out of more than 71,000 customer reviews on Amazon.

The Febreze Plug In Air Freshener comes in a variety of calming and exotic scents to freshen up any space. You’ll know it’s time for a refill when seeing a low-level indicator light. 

According to the veterinary toxicology experts at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Febreze products are entirely safe for use in households with pets.

One potential drawback of this air freshener is that it may not be suitable for people sensitive to smells. A couple of customers said that it caused them headaches.

6. Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Spray


  • Natural plant-based ingredients
  • Non-toxic and safe for pets
  • Effective on various surfaces


  • The quality of the bottle isn’t the best

What air fresheners are safe for cats? Fresh Wave air freshener is certainly one of them! It’s made of natural plant-based ingredients including cedarwood, lime, clove, anise, pine needle, and lavender.

There aren’t any harsh chemicals in this product, making it ideal for households with pets. It can be used in living space, as well as on shoes, pet bedding, clothes, carpets, and curtains.

By using a product like this, you will keep your home odor-free, and, at the same time, show responsibility for the planet.

This freshener isn’t overwhelming and keeps your living space smelling fresh.

One objection to the Fresh Wave freshener would be the low quality of its bottle. Of course, this is just a small detail among all the good stuff of this product.

7. NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer


  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe
  • Advanced molecular odor neutralization
  • Versatile use (cat litter, animal carrier, garbage cans, trash compactors)


  • Some customers review that the smell reminded them of chlorine

The main purpose of this air freshener is to instantly remove the bad odor coming from your cat’s litter box.

The NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer is also super useful for prolonging the use of litter. It’s free from harmful chemicals, providing a safe and odor-free environment. 

Although it’s made to freshen up a cat’s litter box, it can also be used to remove odors from your house, animal carriers, garbage cans, and trash compactors.

The NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer employs advanced molecular odor neutralization technology, which means it targets and breaks down the molecules responsible for foul odors, leaving the area completely scent-free.

Like with all other products, it’s necessary to name potential downsides. According to some reviews, this air freshener reminds them of a chlorine smell, which is something many people won’t be thrilled about.

8. One Fur All Pet House Pet Friendly Freshening Room Spray (Lavender Green Tea)


  • Highly concentrated
  • No toxic ingredients
  • Effective scent that still isn’t overpowering


  • Doesn’t last as long as other air fresheners 

One Fur is a pet-friendly air freshener that’s made in the USA and maintains all the highest quality standards.

It doesn’t contain ingredients such as dyes, parabens, or paraffin. This product successfully removes bad smells inside your home.

The smell of lavender and green tea has a soothing effect, leaving a sense of safety and relaxation in your living space.

It’s a highly concentrated product made for people with pets in mind.

In comparison to other products in this list, One Fur All Pet House Pet Friendly Freshening Room Spray may not have as long-lasting effects.

Still, it has an affordable price, which is also a factor worth mentioning.

9. Pet-Pourri Pet Odor Air 


  • The fresh scent of sweet lavender with leafy greens
  • Eliminates 99% of toughest odors within 60 seconds
  • Strong concentrated formula requires less spray


  • Floral scent can be too heavy 

The Pet-Pourri Pet Odor Air is an air freshener with a strong concentrated formula. This means that it will be enough to only spray two to three times to make all the bad odors disappear.

According to the manufacturer, this freshener eliminates 99% of the toughest odors within a minute. Even the strong, ammonia smell of your cat’s pee doesn’t stand a chance with this product!

It requires less spray and leaves your home smelling fresh. It’s entirely safe to use around children, dogs, and cats.

The smell of  Pet-Pourri Pet Odor Air is floral and fresh. However, even the floral scent can seem to be too heavy for people with an extremely delicate sense of smell.


Despite cats being so clean and grooming their furs all the time, there’s still a good chance every cat parent will consider using an air freshener.

There isn’t anything wrong with these products, since they can help you remove the bad odors from your living space. And each of us really enjoy when our homes have that fresh and nice smell.

While choosing the best one, it’s important you focus on finding the product that’s entirely safe to use around cats. 

This means it shouldn’t contain any harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. At the same time, it should be strong enough to eliminate the nasty smell from all the rooms in your house.

All nine options on our list are pet-friendly and you can use them in your home without worrying they may harm your cat.

Choosing the perfect one will ultimately depend on your preferences for smell, price, or perhaps, the product packaging.

This is why I did my best to include different scents, bottles, and price ranges in this list. I hope you’ve found your favorite and that soon you’ll be enjoying an odor-free space!