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Are Grey Cats Rare And 7 Breeds With This Coat Color

Are Grey Cats Rare And 7 Breeds With This Coat Color

I believe you’ll agree with me that our feline friends are all beautiful, no matter what color their fur comes in.

But, I’m sure many of you have your favorites. I can also bet grey is the one some of you will prefer.

You probably don’t see a grey-coated kitty every day. But, are gray cats rare? How exactly hard are they to find? 

Let’s find out more about beauties in grey.

Are Grey Cats Rare?

Grey cats aren’t really that rare. This coloring is sometimes also referred to as blue. Grey coloring in felines is a diluted version of black color.

Some cats have a very light, silvery grey coat, while others feature a darker, more deep grey coloring.

How exactly common are grey felines? Well, they aren’t as common as black and brown tabbies. At the same time, they are far more common to see than a purely white cat, or a cat with a smoke coat pattern.

But, why are they considered rare? 

Some cat breeds, like the Russian Blue, can be found only in grey patterns. It can be challenging to find this breed, which can lead people to think that all grey cats are rare and difficult to find.

However, there are some breeds that can feature grey coats together with other coat colorings. We will mention them later in the text.

Therefore, grey cats aren’t rare. If you’re looking for a truly rare coat coloring, grey isn’t the one that will satisfy your search.

But, we can all agree that grey felines are indeed beautiful. Take a look at the video below to see one of these cats.

How Is Grey Color Developed In Cats?

The development of the grey color in cats is a result of genetic factors. Genes carried on chromosomes play a crucial role in determining a cat’s coat color, and this trait is inherited from parents to their offspring.

According to Noba Animal, cats produce black, brown, and red pigments. 

If a cat inherits a dilution gene, this gene can turn black coat to grey. Also, it’s possible for it to turn a red coat to beige. On the other hand, completely white cats inherit a gene that inhibits the production of melanin.

It can be concluded that it’s all about genetics when it comes to a cat’s fur coloring.

What Cats Can Have Grey Coats?

Grey coats aren’t exclusive to one breed only. So, many different cats can have this coat color.

Also, there isn’t only a solid grey coat possible. There are grey and white breeds out there that have a grey base color with white patches. 

Now, let’s see the list of some of the most popular breeds that can have grey coats:

1. British Shorthair

british shorthair cat

The British Shorthair cat has a muscular neck, strong legs, a well-developed muzzle, and a dense and thick coat.

This cat can be seen in various colors, while blue is the common one. This is actually a solid grey-blue color. Some of the other colors and patterns in this breed are black, lilac, ginger, fawn, and tabby.

The British Shorthair makes a great companion since it’s very easygoing and gentle. 

This cat is also intelligent, active, and affectionate. It enjoys having its humans around, but it isn’t overly clingy.

2. Chartreux

A short, grey coat is one of the distinctive features of the Chartreux breed. 

This cat’s eyes are copper-colored, and its body is large and muscular.

The Chartreux cat has a very special personality. It’s independent and even aloof, but it’s still very loving around its humans. 

This breed is affectionate, but isn’t overly demanding, and can stand to spend time on its own. 

3. Maine Coon

Can any kind of list go without the Maine Coon, the largest and one of the most popular felines out there? I don’t think so!

According to the Maine Coon color chart, this cat can have more than 75 different colors and color patterns. Grey color in the Maine Coon breed can be a grey smoke or grey tabby. 

No matter its coat pattern, all Maine Coons are known to be loveable and gentle companions. They relish spending time with humans and engaging in playful activities.

A Maine Coon’s temperament is often described as sociable, loyal, and intelligent. These cats are energetic and intelligent, and it is truly a delight to have them around.

4. Persian

grey persian cat

Persian is another beloved breed that can feature a grayish to bluish coat color. Some of the other common colors are black, orange, silver, and cream. A Persian’s coat is thick, long, and luxuriant.

This is a medium-sized cat with a round, small head, large eyes, and rounded ears. Its body is heavy-boned, its legs are thick, and its tail is relatively short.

The Persian cat is extremely gentle and patient. Its sweet nature makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a calm, relaxed feline friend.

5. Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is known for its blue coat, which is actually grey. Its shades can vary from bluish-grey to silver.

This cat’s coat is dense and plush. The Russian Blue has bright green eyes that, combined with its grey coat, make it look outstanding!

This breed has a muscular body and long legs. It’s a loyal, calm, and intelligent cat, capable of making deep bonds with one person especially.

Although a Russian Blue can be reserved at first, when it gets used to its humans, it becomes affectionate and playful around them.

6. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats can have various shades of gray, varying from light silver to deep charcoal.

Also, they can have a solid grey coloring, or patterns such as tabby or tortoiseshell. Some other popular colors are blue, red, cream, and black. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the Scottish Fold can have both short and long coats.

Its head is well-rounded and its neck is short. This cat has large eyes, a broad nose, and folded ears with rounded tips. The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat with a rounded body and a medium-to-long tail.

As for its personality, this cat is playful, sociable, and friendly. It’s easy-going and affectionate, without being overly clingy towards its owners.

7. Turkish Angora

grey turkish angora kitten

The Turkish Angora is widely recognized by its white coat, which is a very rare solid color among felines. 

But, besides white, Turkish Angora can also have grey coats, as well as brown and black ones. Furthermore, these cats can feature bicolor coats, and tabby and tortie patterns. Its coat is long, luxurious, and silky. 

The Turkish Angora is a medium-sized cat with a muscular body and long tail. Its head is wedge-shaped and its ears are large.

This cat is social, loyal, and affectionate. Above all things, the Turkish Angora cherishes the presence of its owners.

Actually, it needs to have its humans around all the time. If left alone for long periods, this cat could develop separation anxiety.


Are grey cats rare?

No, they aren’t. There are multiple breeds that can have grey fur. 

While the Russian Blue is a breed that has only grey solid coat coloring, most other cats can also feature coats in many other colors and patterns besides grey.

Grey coats are diluted black colors in cats. They aren’t rare, but they are beautiful for sure.

There are some beliefs that a cat’s coat color defines its temperament and behavior. But, a cat’s breed and its lifestyle conditions are far more important factors here.

I think you’ll agree with me that grey cats are truly remarkable. Now, have you found your favorite among the grey breeds from our list? Share your thoughts with us!


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