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10 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats

10 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats

A cat tree is a great thing and something all cat parents should have in their homes.

It provides for cats to be high up and feel safe and secure. Spending time on a tree reminds cats of their natural habitat, where they used to spend plenty of their time on trees, lurking on their prey.

A cat tree provides your feline friend with a nice and comfortable place to relax and enjoy a good view. Also, it enables them to play and have physical activity even if you’re not home.

When it comes to large cats, a cat tree should be wide, sturdy, and comfortable enough for your big pet to enjoy it to the fullest.

Let’s see what are the ten best cat trees for large cats. I believe you’ll find your favorite and, perhaps, surprise your kitty with a precious gift!

Top 3 Picks For Best Cat Trees For Large Cats

1. Budget Pick: PEQULTI Cat Tree For Large Cats

  • Affordable option for everyone
  • Features versatile resting areas
  • Designed with a robust base for utmost stability

2. Premium Pick: Allewie 68 Inches Cat Tree

  • Multiple-level structure
  • Base strong enough to support 47 lb
  • Perfect for scratching 

3. Best Pick: Go Pet Club 72″ Tall Extra Large Cat Tree

  • Ultra-durable
  • Crafted with heavy weight MDF board for overall balance
  • Features dual condos, a hanging toy, ladders, and high perches

10 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats

1. Allewie 68 Inches Cat Tree


  • Multi levels for a cat to have plenty of space to relax
  • Perfect for scratching
  • Stable and solid
  • A stylish design


  • A high price
  • It would be good if it had additional platforms on the front of the tree to allow the cats to safely maneuver their climb

The first cat tree on the list is our premium pick. This means that it features all the great things you hope to see in a tree for large felines, but it comes with a higher price.

I believe many of you are willing to invest a bit more to ensure your furry companion’s complete satisfaction.

What’s so great about this cat tree? It features a super comfortable cave for your big cat to relax and play hide and seek. It also has luxurious top perches.

Allewie cat tree is made of natural hemp rope and plants from field grown. It’s 68 inches tall and comes in a leopard print that will level up your living room!

All scratching posts on this tree are lined with natural sisal ropes, which makes them perfect for your cat to scratch and sharpen its claws.

Allewie cat tree is solid, stable, and supports weights of up to 47 pounds.

Since it’s multi-leveled, this cat tree is also suitable for multiple cats. In case you’re looking for good options for accommodating more than one cat, you should also check this article.

2. Go Pet Club 72″ Tall Extra Large Cat Tree


  • An ultra-durable cat tree
  • Crafted with heavy-weight and environmentally friendly MDF boards
  • Provides a great view, a fun space to hide, and a cozy bed for napping


  • The first jump is pretty high

Go Pet cat tree is our best pick on this list. This product has a high 4.7 rating out of almost 20,000 reviews! Many cat parents are thrilled with this cat tree. 

It’s durable enough to hold up no matter how much your cat likes to scratch. It’s made of heavy-weight and environmentally friendly MDF boards, which makes this cat tree well-balanced.

The Go Pet cat tree is 72 inches tall, providing your large cat with the best possible view. It also features dual condos and cozy beds. Furthermore, it has ladders and two hanging mice to satisfy your cat’s entertainment needs.

This cat tree comes in various colors such as black, beige, brown, and slate grey.

3. Hey-brother Large Multi-Level Cat Tree


  • Multilayer structure design
  • Convenient for climbing, scratching, exercising, and sleeping
  • Features anti-toppling fittings for double security


  • A bit heavy cat tree
  • It would be better if the top perches weren’t flat

Are you afraid your large cat will knock over any cat tree? Fear not, because the Hey-brother large cat tree has got you covered!

As WebMD explains, the force of clawing, climbing, and jumping during playtime can easily wobble an unstable cat tree.

This cat tree is meticulously constructed from natural particle boards and fortified with battens at the base to significantly enhance its overall stability.

It features two top large platforms, a natural sisal rope, funny toys, and two roomy condos. Hey-brother cat tree with ultra-soft plush offers your cat the best smooth feeling while napping.

It comes in beige, smoky gray, and light gray. 

4. IMUsee 68 Inches Multi-Level Large Cat Tree Tower


  • High-density construction enables superior durability
  • Features three furry balls, two fluffy condos, sisal rope, and a scratching ladder
  • Big baseboard prevents tipping over and wobbling


  • The sisal rope is attached by staples, which could cause cats to get their claws stuck in it

If you’re tired of figuring out how to fix a wobbly cat tree, the IMUsee multi-level cat tree may be the perfect pick for you!

This tree is cracked out of particle board and features a high-density construction. It’s extra durable and stable and even the largest cat will have trouble tipping it over.

The IMUsee cat tree is spacious and even multiple large cats can enjoy it at the same time. It features condos, balls, a sisal rope, and a ladder. 

It comes in beige, grey, and smoky grey. This cat tree will provide your cat with all of its favorite activities: Napping, climbing, scratching, and enjoying a nice view.

5. Meow Sir Cactus Cat Tree For Large Cats


  • Designed for larger cats
  • The metal frame hammock strengthens the overall stability of the tree
  • The sisal scratching post at multiple levels provides both horizontal and vertical scratching


  • The fabric is a bit lightweight

The Meow Sir Cactus cat tree is specially designed for larger cats. It features a very large hammock, a spacious condo, and a wide-padded perch. It’s 53 inches tall, which satisfies large cats’ height needs.

The large condo and hammock will enable your large cat to rest peacefully. This cat tree has a metal frame hammock in the middle, which improves the overall stability and prevents falling.

The platform helps cats to jump up and down easily. The interactive pompom ball will be fun for your cat and satisfy its hunting instincts.

Even when you’re away from home, you can be sure your cat is safe while playing or napping on this comfy cat tree.

Another great thing about the Meow Sir Cactus cat tree is that it has sisal posts at different levels, which provides both horizontal and vertical scratching. With this cat tree, you will not only provide your cat with healthy scratching, but also protect your furniture!

6. MUTTROS Cat Tree For Large Cats


  • Friendly for larger and chubby cats
  • A sturdy cat tree with a thickened wide bottom and reinforced posts
  • Easy to clean


  • Thin fabric

MUTTROS cat tree is made with large and chubby cats in mind.

It’s made with a thickened wide bottom and reinforced posts, making it sturdy enough for a large cat to jump and climb without wobbling it.

The top soft bed provides your cat with a nice place to sleep and observe. The cat cave features two entrances and increased activity space. I believe your cat will be most thrilled with the hanging hammock!

MUTTROS cat tree comes in beige, pink, green, and grey. The top perch on this cat tree is machine-washable. The tree is covered with faux fur which can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

7. New Cat Condos Real Wood And Carpeted Cat Tree


  • Made of solid wood for a heavy, sturdy, and stable tree
  • Household carpeting
  • Features multiple carpeted posts and a sisal rope for scratching


  • The carpet sheds quite a bit

The New Cat Condos Real Wood And Carpeted Cat Tree is crafted from solid wood, giving it substantial weight, exceptional stability, and remarkable durability.

It’s also made of household carpeting to provide your large cat with a comfortable place to play and nap.

This cat tree features a thick wood base for extra stability. It also offers multiple carpeted posts and sisal ropes for scratching. 

The New Cat Condos Real Wood And Carpeted Cat Tree has four levels, three round beds, two carpeted scratching posts, and one sisal rope.

It’s incredibly easy to assemble, and you won’t need any tools to set it up.

8. PAWSCRAT Cat Tree For Large Cats


  • Vertical cat playground
  • Vertical scratching opportunities
  • Features a spacious cat cave, large cat nest, and two comfortable top perches


  • A ramp would be nice for large cats to climb up easily

PAWSCRAT cat tree features multiple cozy spots for your big feline friend to rest. It features multiple levels for a full climbing and exploring sensation.

This 63-inches cat tree has scratching posts at different levels, providing your cat’s claws to stay healthy. It also has two hanging pompom balls to stimulate your cat’s needs for playing.

The platforms on this cat tree are ultra-soft, making it more comfortable for your cat to jump and climb. 

The large pocket hammock provides a cat with a very comfortable seating space.

9. PEQULTI Cat Tree For Large Cats


  • Affordable option for everyone
  • Designed with a robust base for utmost stability
  • Removable perch for easy cleaning


  • According to a couple of customer reviews, it’s necessary to attach this cat tree to the wall

PEQULTI is our budget pick on this list. This cat tree satisfies your cat’s natural needs, and, at the same time, it’s affordable for everyone’s pocket.

It features a 6-level design, including a cozy and spacious condo, a cat bed, a deep hammock, two sisal ropes, and a scratching board.

It’s designed with a robust base to provide stability. The perch on this cat tree is removable, which makes it easy to clean it.

10. SHA CERLIN 68 Inches Multi-Level Large Cat Tree


  • Perfect for scratching
  • Features warm and soft lounging spots 
  • Strengthened base to support up to 33 pounds


  • Lacks room for jumping

This is the last product on our list, but definitely not less worthy of your attention.

SHA CERLIN is a 68-inch tall cat tree that offers soft and warm lounging spots for your large feline friend.

Three top perches are covered in flannel. The two hammocks have a unique bowl design. This cat tree also features a sisal ramp and two cat condos.

SHA CERLIN has an anti-tipper, reinforced base plate for ultimate stability. It can support cats who weigh up to 33 pounds.

This cat tree comes in beige, pink, gray, and leopard print.

What To Look For In A Cat Tree For Large Cats?

If you’re searching for a cat tree for a large cat for the first time, here’s a guide on what to look for:

First of all, a cat tree suitable for bigger cats should be sturdy enough to support them. This means that your large cat should be able to freely jump and climb on a cat tree without any fear.

Also, it should be stable, with a low probability of wobbling. The perfect cat tree for large cats should feature a solid construction and a stable base. 

Furthermore, your big feline companion will especially appreciate large perches, beds, and hammocks. You should ensure your cat will be comfortable enough and that all features of the cat tree will be able to accommodate it.

Of course, it’s also desirable for a cat tree to be tall, so as to satisfy your cat’s desire for heights.  

Scratching surfaces are also highly needed with a cat tree. Not only will these keep your cat entertained and its claws at point, but will also help you protect your furniture.

Finally, make sure that the cat tree you choose is accessible for your large friend. A ramp is always a plus, as well as spaced platforms to help your cat climb up easily.


Every cat should be able to enjoy a cat tree. This product enables it to exercise, play, nap, scratch, or simply have a nice view.

Choosing a cat tree for a large cat can be a bit challenging, given the specific criteria it should meet. The ideal cat tree for a large cat should be tall, wide, stable, and accessible.

I hope all of you have found your favorites on our list. There are both cheaper and more pricey options included.

The most important thing here is that all these products are made to support and entertain your large pet.

I’m sure you can’t go wrong with any one of these options. Your cat will certainly be thrilled about this new addition to your household!