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5 Reasons Why Is Your Female Cat Rolling Around And Meowing 

5 Reasons Why Is Your Female Cat Rolling Around And Meowing 

If you just observe your kitten for some time, you might notice some unusual behaviors. Some are rather hilarious, while some are just so strange.

One of them might be your cat rolling on the floor and meowing.

Why is this happening? Why is my female cat rolling around and meowing? 

There are a couple of explanations for this behavior. You should know that there’s always a reason for a certain feline behavior.

So, let’s dive into these causes!

1. She’s In Heat

The most common reason why a female cat will roll around and meow is because she’s in heat.

If your cat hasn’t been spayed, behaviors such as excessive vocalization, rolling around, becoming increasingly affectionate, rubbing against you more, and purring, are clear signs she’s ready for mating.

During this period, she meows loudly to signal to males in her vicinity that she’s sexually mature.

PetMD explains how a cat will be in heat for seven days on average, and this cycle can repeat every two to three weeks.

Felines usually go into their first heat around 6-9 months of age, but this can happen even earlier, around 4 months of age.

There are some methods to prevent heat signs in cats, such as using the Q-tip method. Still, this method isn’t a way to be certain your cat won’t keep meowing excessively, or rolling around.

The only way to be sure your cat won’t go into heat anymore is by spaying her. The optimal age to sterilize a cat is around 4 to 5 months of age, but, if your cat’s older than this, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spay her.

It’s never too late to spay a cat, provided that she’s in good health.

2. Marking Her Territory

Kitten play while lying down

Territorial behavior is most often seen in male cats, however, females might show it, too.

If your cat is rolling around and meowing in a specific area of your home, she might be doing so to claim that territory as her own.

This happens when a cat feels threatened, which is usually upon the arrival of a new pet in the home. Rolling around allows your cat to spread her scent using the scent glands on her paws, flanks, and cheeks.

Felines have a strong scent of smell: While we have 5 million odor sensors in our noses, cats have more than 200 million of them, according to Paws Chicago.

Since their scent is so sensitive, your cat is probably marking her territory in this way, letting the other cat know this is her area, and she shouldn’t come anywhere near it.

3. Attention Seeking

Cute white cat lying resting on its back

You’ve just arrived home from work, and your furry friend is waiting for you by rolling around? 

This might be her way to tell you that she wants some attention! She’s also meowing, which can be understood as her call to you to spend some quality time together.

This might also happen when you and your family members have just engaged in some fun game. It seems that your kitten wants to be part of the play, too!

You might also see some other signs your cat wants to play, such as her bringing her toys to you.

Cats might seem independent and self-sufficient, but they need to interact with us. The need for mental stimulation, and communication with people, will depend on the breed and your cat’s socialization and living circumstances.

However, every cat should receive attention and play time from her owners. This is a great way for you two to spend time together and bond. 

4. Stretching Her Back

Your female cat might just be rolling around to stretch her back. She is probably just enjoying this so much that she meows out of satisfaction!

Just look at the video below showing an adorable cat rolling around!

Just like us, cats also need a good stretch now and then. All stretched out is such a comfortable position that some cats might even sleep on their backs to feel fully relaxed.

You shouldn’t interrupt your cat if you see her stretching like this and meowing – just let her relax her muscles a bit!

5. It’s Meal Time

Beautiful cat with bright orange eyes rolling

Cats are creatures of routine who do not like change and enjoy familiar things. The Spruce Pets explains how cats don’t do well with change, and even a subtle change in their environment can lead to stress.

So your kitty will follow a routine, and won’t expect any changes to occur. What she sees happening two days in a row, she will expect to see on the third day.

Your kitty is waiting for you on the doorstep, rolling around and meowing? She’s probably letting you know it’s time to feed her!

I assume that you feed your cat at about the same time every day, as your schedule allows.

Well, your smart furry friend knows what’s in store for her, and she happily awaits her tasty meal by rolling and meowing.

Of course, the cat doesn’t know what time it is, but by your movements and the way you prepare her meals every day, she recognizes when to expect you to feed her.

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So, why is my female cat rolling around and meowing?

This probably means she’s in heat. Excess meowing and rolling around are one of the most frequent signs of heat in female cats.

You can expect this to happen until your cat gets pregnant or you spay her.

However, this behavior could also indicate other things, such as that your cat wants to play, or she might be marking her territory. It might simply mean that your cat is getting a nice stretch!

It’s really interesting to observe our cats’ behavior since they are full of surprises and such fun to be around.

You might also want to learn the explanations for why a cat purrs constantly. See you there!