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All About The Persian Cat’s Price And Living Costs

All About The Persian Cat’s Price And Living Costs

The Persian cat is one of the most popular breeds worldwide. This breed is distinguished by its heavy-boned body, short legs and neck, flat face, and short muzzle.

The Persian makes a loving companion with its sweet and patient nature. This friendly breed is a bit of a couch potato that just loves to be around its humans.

While this isn’t an overly demanding cat, it still loves to play, especially with children. Even other pets in the household won’t be an issue with the Persian cat.

I’m sure many of you would like to have this kitty as your companion. However, together with the amazing personality and appearance, the cat cost is another important factor to consider here.

Let’s learn everything about the Persian cat’s price and living cost.

How Much Does A Persian Cat Cost?

Persian cat in the house

The initial price for a cat refers to the money you pay just to welcome it to your home – without any additional costs.

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $80 to even $2000 for a Persian kitten. This is a very wide range, but there are good reasons for that.

Buying a cat from a reputable breeder is very different from adopting it from a local shelter. Let’s first clarify this to be able to understand this cat’s price better.

What’s The Difference Between Buying And Adopting A Persian Cat?

First of all, buying a purebred Persian kitten from a professional breeder is a lot more expensive.

Breeders put a lot of effort into breeding and raising healthy, socialized, and well-behaved cats. They place a high value on their kittens, which explains the higher price point, often starting at $1000 or more.

On the other hand, you may be fortunate enough to come across a beautiful purebred Persian kitten in a shelter.

Adoption can cost as little as $80 or go up to a few hundred dollars. However, adopting a kitten doesn’t come with the same guarantee as buying one.

A professional breeder will provide you with the kitten parent’s record, health certificates, registration papers, as well as vaccinations and deworming confirmations.

While adoption is an ultimate noble act, it comes with certain risks, like not knowing the ancestry of the kitten and its potential health problems.

3 Factors That Affect A Persian Cat’s Price

Grey Persian cat

The following factors refer to buying a Persian cat, not adopting. Adopting means giving a home to a cat without purposely choosing some of its traits, as well as the place you buy it from.

1. Breeder Reputation

The first thing to consider before buying a Persian kitten is the reputation of the prospective breeder.

Breeder status also often dictates a kitten’s cost. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1200-$1800 for a Persian cat from a reputable breeder.

A trustworthy breeder is the one that takes care of its kittens’ health and socialization. It doesn’t allow its kittens to leave the cattery before they’re around 12 weeks of age.

Upon this time, they will receive their vaccinations and get dewormed and microchipped. Also, this is the period when they’re no longer dependent on their mother.

2. Pedigree

Woman holding Persian cat

Most cat fanciers will be satisfied with knowing they’ve found a reliable cat breeder.

However, I understand that some of you may aspire to own a Persian kitten bred to meet the show standard.

Cats with pedigrees and champion bloodlines are considered to be cats of the highest quality. Of course, these kittens come with a higher price, and you can expect them to cost $2500 or even more.

3. Coat Colors

Persian cats come in many different colors and patterns.

White, black, blue, and cream are some of the most commonly seen ones. Not so often you’ll see a chinchilla or parti-color Persian.

Rare coats are usually very desirable, which makes them pricier and also harder to find.

Persian Cat Living Cost

Owner holding Persian cat

The initial buying price is just the beginning of the costs of having a feline friend in your household.

This is a serious commitment and you should know the average cost of all the things your kitty will need.

You should also be aware of the expected monthly and annual expenses for a Persian cat. 

Initial Supplies And Setup

Let’s take a look at the all necessities you should provide before a Persian kitty comes to your home, as well as their average prices.

Item Average Cost
Food bowl$5
Water bowl$5
Wet cat food$15
Dry cat food$15
Litter box$20
Cat bed$30
Nail clipper$10
Total cost$165

So, you can add around $165 to the initial price of your Persian kitten. And, this is just to start with.

Average Monthly Cost

If everything goes well, you can expect to have your Persian kitty by your side from 12 to 17 years.

This means you should be aware of the average monthly and annual cost of maintaining this cute pet. 

Let’s look at what to expect from the financial aspect here.

Item Average Cost
Health care$50
Pet insurance$30
Litter box supplies$30
Total cost$150

On average, you can expect to spend around $150 per month on your Persian. Bear in mind that this is only estimated and includes a cat’s basic needs.

When you look at it from the annual cost perspective, you get the amount of $1800 on average. 

Potential Additional Costs

White persian cat

There’s always the possibility of incurring additional costs that you may not initially anticipate.

For instance, the Persian is a long-haired, non-hypoallergenic breed that tends to shed a lot. Grooming this kitty can be a lot for some owners and they will decide to take it to a professional groomer.

The average cost of a grooming session goes from $30 up to $70. It will not be enough to take a Persian to a professional groomer once a year. This cat requires frequent grooming, both your help at home and professional grooming.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a friend or family member to ask to take care of your fluffy pet while you’re away, you’re likely to need a pet sitter service.

This service usually costs between $15 and $30 per day. Cat parents who need a week of service will need to spend around $120 or even more.

Finally, there’s a chance that a Persian kitty will get sick and will need hospitalization. According to the Royal Veterinary College, some of the most common health issues in this breed are dental problems, haircoat disorders, eye discharge, and overgrown nails.

MetLife Pet Insurance cites the following prices for emergency vet visits for cats:

• $600-$1500 for a short-term hospitalization

• $1500-$3000 for a long-term hospitalization

• $800-$1500 for a wound treatment

• $1500-$3000 for an emergency surgery


Persian cats are wonderful companions, but come with a higher price tag.

When deciding on your future pet, you should also take living costs, as well as the potential additional costs, into consideration.

While adopting is a more affordable option, costs like food, grooming, entertainment, and veterinary visits are the same for all cats.

I hope this price guide has been helpful and will assist you in deciding whether the Persian kitten is the right fit for you.