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5 Adorable Cat Breeds With Curly Whiskers

5 Adorable Cat Breeds With Curly Whiskers

Cats’ whiskers are one of those features that make our furry companions even more adorable!

Besides being so cute, whiskers are also very important for cats, since they serve them as a sensory tool.

Maybe you haven’t paid that much attention to these hairs above your cat’s lips, so, reading the title saying cat breeds with curly whiskers might seem odd to you.

Can a cat’s whiskers really be curly? Oh yes, they can! Although most cats have straight coats, there are still some of them with curly fur. And – these cuties also have curly whiskers!

Let’s take a look at the five breeds with these unusual whiskers that give them an even more iconic look.

1. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex sitting on the wall

The most distinctive feature of the Cornish Rex breed is their curly, soft coat. Together with her coat – this cat also has curly whiskers that make her one of the most unique breeds in existence!

This cat’s slender body, velvet coat, and frizzy whiskers make it impossible not to notice her. If you ever doubt whether a cat you’re looking at is a purebred Cornish Rex – just look for curly whiskers!

The Cornish Rex has a small, egg-shaped head, a rounded forehead, and high cheekbones.

While most cats have an outer layer of fur, which is also called the guard hairs, together with a middle layer, and an undercoat – the Cornish Rex only has soft, short, and curly down hairs.

WebMD explains how petting this cat almost feels like touching silk! Since they have such thin coats, they are often seeking heat, so you’ll most usually see these cats near a window catching sunlight, or they might even curl up in your lap.

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2. Devon Rex

black and white Devon Rex sitting on a fur cutting board

This is another cat with an unusual coat and striking appearance that will leave no cat fancier indifferent!

This cat appeared in England in the late 50s. Devon Rex’s coat is soft and has little guard hair. Her curly fur is caused by a mutation that affects the structure of hair, and, in a way, resembles a lamb’s appearance! 

This cat also has short and curled whiskers. You can see these unusual Devon Rex’s whiskers in the video below.

The Devon Rex has a slender body, large ears, and an upturned nose. Even her toes are unusually large!

These cats are mischievous and always up for an adventure, so it’s super fun to have them in your home.

3. German Rex

Blue eyed cat breed German Rex

The German Rex is a breed with a silky coat that curls naturally – just like its whiskers! This breed dates back to Germany in the mid 1940s, according to petMD.

This cat’s coat looks even woolier than that of the Cornish Rex, since her awn hairs are thicker than the hair in her undercoat.

Dr. Scheuer-Karpin found the first German Rex – a female feral, black-colored cat – and rescued her in the ruins of East Berlin, and named her Lammchen.

This cat had the wavy-haired gene, and Scheuer-Karpin decided to breed her with one of her children to pass the gene on to her offspring. The first litter of curly German Rex kittens was born in 1957.

This is an athletic, medium-sized cat with large eyes and ears, a round head, and slender legs. The German Rex is a friendly, active breed that gets along well with children and other pets.

Until today, the Cornish Rex turned out to be a far more popular breed, so the German Rex somehow remained in the shadows and today it is quite rare to see.

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4. LaPerm

Laperm chocolate silver lynx is lying on the leather couch

This is a rare cat breed that has an amazing, outgoing personality. 

The most distinctive feature of this breed is their coat with soft waves. The longest curls can be seen on this cat’s neck and the base of her ears.

While short-haired LaPerms have tails that resemble bottle brushes, long-haired ones have curly tails. 

But, not only LaPerm has a curly coat and tail – her whiskers are also curly!

This cat got its name from her unusual appearance – since it resembles a shaggy perm. The LaPerm has a muscular body, long legs and neck, flared ears, and almond-shaped eyes.

If you’re looking for a sweet, curious, and easygoing cat with an unusual look, this breed might be just the right fit for you!

The LaPerm is very people-oriented, and active, and makes a wonderful companion for people who spend a lot of time at home.

5. Selkirk Rex 

selkirk rex with downcast eyes

The Selkirk Rex is an amazing breed best known for its wavy, plush coat. This cat looks like a teddy bear and will be a great choice for anyone looking for a cuddly furry companion!

The Selkirk Rex appeared in Montana in 1987, so it’s a relatively new breed, but it gained popularity pretty quickly.

This cat’s curls resulted from a natural mutation that was found in a litter of kittens produced by a white cat and a blue tortie cat. While all other littermates had straight hair, the first Selkirk Rex ever had a curly coat, as well as curly whiskers. 

Serina Filler and her associates [1] explain how Selkirk Rex kittens are curly at birth. They can easily be differentiated from straight-haired littermates by their curly whiskers.  

Another important thing related to this cat’s whiskers is that they tend to break easily and usually stay short into the cat’s adulthood.

The Selkirk Rex is energetic, friendly, and patient, so it’s a breed suitable for families with small children, and other pets. 

This cat needs to have her people around, so she might get bored if you’re away from home often.

Final Words

I think all cat fanciers that like an unusual, exotic look in felines will fall in love with these curly-whiskered breeds.

Wavy whiskers and fur give these cats a special look. These felines have curly whiskers due to genetics, and this trait usually goes together with their curly fur!

In addition, as we could see, each of these cats has an excellent personality and makes a good choice for a pet.

Now the main question is – how to decide which of these breeds to choose? Which is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!

[1] Filler S, Selkirk Rex: morphological and genetic characterization of a new cat breed. J Hered. 2012 Sep-Oct;103(5):727-33. DOI, Retrieved June 13, 2023.

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