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7 Adorable Bushy Tail Cat Breeds

7 Adorable Bushy Tail Cat Breeds

Our favorite pets have many features that make them so irresistible. Their tail is certainly one of them.

Some cats have long tails, some straight and slightly shorter, some curled, and those with bushy tails are especially interesting. This type of tail really makes the cat’s fur look even more luxurious and its posture graceful.

I believe that many of you would like to know which cats are those with bushy tails.

Let’s cut to the chase and check out the list of these irresistible kittens!

1. Himalayan

Himalayan cat with bushy tail

This is a medium-sized cat, but, thanks to its heavy bones, she appears to be a lot larger than she actually is.

The Himalayan is a medium-sized cat, but is heavily boned, and appears to be a rather large breed.

This cat’s coat is long and thick, while her tail is short and bushy, according to Hill’s Pet.

Her tail is one of her recognized features, together with a round head, round paws, full cheeks, and short necks and legs. 

If you would like to have an adorable kitten with a bushy tail and a stocky build, you might want to take a look at our list of reputable Himalayan breeders!

2. LaPerm

LaPerm cat with bushy tail

This cat is one of those rare breeds any cat fancier would certainly notice.

It has an athletic build and a curly coat that can be both long and short. 

PetMD explains that longhaired LaPerms have full, plumed tails. On the other hand, the shorthaired ones have tails that kind of look like bottle brushes. 

Besides their unusual tails, another interesting fact about these cats is that they don’t shed much, so they are recommended even for allergy sufferers.

3. Maine Coon

Any person looking for a gentle companion will be thrilled with the Maine Coon breed.

This large cat has a silky and heavy coat and a bushy, very long tail. According to Maine Coon Central, while the average domestic cat has a tail long about 11 inches, the longest recorded tail in the Maine Coon breed reached an amazing 16.3 inches in length!

The following video will give you a fair perspective of just how long and bushy this cat’s tail is.

This breed has such a long tail as to be balanced with its large size, and also to protect the cat against cold weather.

This long, bushy tail makes it easier for a Maine Coon to wrap around its body and get itself warm.

This bushy tail makes this big cat resemble a raccoon.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat originated in Northern Europe and is adapted to survive in places with very cold climates, having a long coat with a wooly undercoat that serves as a natural insulation.

This breed has a sturdy body, long legs, a strong chin, and large eyes, but, the first thing that will probably catch your attention is its bushy tail!

Just look at the video below how long and bushy this cat’s tail is.

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5. Persian

There are a couple of distinctive features of the Persian breed, such as round faces, silky fur, puffy cheeks, and – a seriously bushy tail!

This cat’s tail is usually short and upright, and gives her an additional graceful appearance. 

This fluffy tail helps the Persian cat keep her balance and to jump quickly, and just goes perfectly with this cat’s luscious coat.

6. Ragdoll

According to the Ragdoll growth chart, this is a large breed, with an average weight between 12 and 20 pounds.

Not only is this cat big, but her bushy tail and plush coat make her look even larger than she actually is!

Ragdoll Care explains that it will take up to four years for some of these cats to reach their full size. So, you expect this cat’s bushy tail to grow and change just like her face and paws.

You can see one Ragdoll cat’s tail before and after in the video below.

Pretty amazing how giant and fluffy this cat’s tail got, right? It really looks more like a bush than an average cat’s tail!

7. Somali

Somali cat with bushy tail

This breed has large pointed ears, sleek bodies, and a really long tail, which makes this cat look a bit like a fox.

What makes a Somali look more like a fox is the fact that most of these cats have orange/red colored coats.

This orange cat breed has a semi-long coat, with her fur being longer on her legs, neck, and tail. Her bushy tail is compact and proportional to her body.

Final Thoughts

All cats are beautiful in their own way, but there’s something really special about bushy tail cats. This part of their body makes them look more elegant and graceful.

By looking at some of these breeds’ tails, I believe many of you will be surprised by just how long and bushy they can get to be!

Now, what’s your favorite among these shaggy felines? Share your thoughts with us!