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9 Beautiful Brown Cat Breeds With Green Eyes

9 Beautiful Brown Cat Breeds With Green Eyes

Out of so many cat coat colors, patterns, and color combinations, it’s hard to choose only one.

However, I believe many of you share my special fondness for rarer coat colors. Brown is one of them. 

This color is beautiful itself, and when it’s combined with green eyes, it truly gives a cat a special appearance.

I’ve listed nine beautiful brown cat breeds with green eyes. The even more important thing here is that all these cats have great temperament traits.

I’m sure that many of you will have your new favorite breed after reading this text!

Let’s get to know these wonderful chocolate felines.

1. Bengal

Brown Bengal with green eyes
Source: bengal_cats

We’re starting this list with an awesome hybrid cat. The crossbreeding of an Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat resulted in Bengal.

Thanks to its ancestry, the Bengal resembles a miniature leopard, but, at the same time, it has the personality of a purebred domestic cat!

This cat is recognized for its spotted, short, and thick coat. Bengals don’t shed excessively, and taking care of their coats isn’t too challenging.

Besides brown, it can also be seen in colors like ivory, cream, gold, and yellow. Its eyes are green or gold. This breed has a strong and robust build. 

Bengals are highly sociable, curious, and energetic. They seek human companionship and love the person who’s always up for playing with them the most!

This cat will be the happiest in a surrounding where it will have a chance to run, jump, and play as much as it wants.

2. Burmese

Brown Burmese cat with green eyes
Source: koseliglechat

The Burmese cat isn’t very large. However, its compact and muscular build makes it look bigger than it actually is.

The rich, dark, brown coat color is the original color of this breed. Together with brown, Burmese can also come in blue, champagne, platinum, and sable. This cat’s coat is silky and it’s enough to brush it once a week.

Most Burmese cats have green eyes, but can also feature blue or yellow ones.

These cats are outgoing, active, and playful. The most amazing thing about them is that they’re crazy about their humans. 

The Burmese is likely to follow you around the house, seek your attention, and wait for you at the front door to come back home.

Their sociable and gentle nature makes them prone to separation anxiety.

3. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a massive, muscular, and round breed. Its round, huge eyes can be green, orange, amber, blue, or copper.

This cat has a short and dense short coat. The blue or gray coat is the color typically associated with the British Shorthair breed.

There are more than 30 colors and patterns allowed with this breed together with gray, including brown.

The British Shorthair is a calm, affectionate, and loving cat. One thing to bear in mind with this breed is that it doesn’t like being picked up.

Although this isn’t a typical lap cat, it adores being around its owners. According to WebMD, the British Shorthair is a friendly breed that loves its humans, but is also fine with spending some time alone.

This isn’t an overly active cat and doesn’t require much space, which makes it a good choice for people living in smaller apartments.

4. Chausie

We have another hybrid on our list, and this one came about as a result of crossbreeding jungle cats with domestic cats.

The Chausie is an athletic and fierce cat with a long, slender body.

Its coat is short to medium in length. The official breed standard recognizes solid black, black ticked tabby, and black grizzled tabby coat colors with this breed.

However, Chausies can be seen in many additional coat colors, including brown. The Chausie’s eyes can be green, yellow, or gold. 

This is a very intelligent and active cat breed. It loves to explore and play. The Chausie loves company and is even dependent on it, meaning that it’s not a good idea to leave this cat alone for too long.

An animal company can be very beneficial for Chausies.

Despite their wild origins, these cats are loyal and form deep bonds with humans.

5. Havana Brown

Havana Brown cat with green eyes

This is the breed that can be seen exclusively in brown color, ranging from reddish mahogany to dark chocolate.

The Havana Brown has a long, muscular body and a well-developed chin. Its eyes are oval-shaped and feature a vibrant green shade.

This cat’s coat is glossy, smooth, and short to medium in length. The Havana Brown is friendly, talkative, and smart. This breed requires mental stimulation and will especially appreciate puzzle toys.

It’s also highly affectionate and makes a wonderful companion for people who spend most of their time at home. The Havana Brown will thrive with a devoted owner who will shower it with attention.

I suggest you check out our list of reputable Havana Brown breeders to see what are the best places to find these awesome kittens.

6. Oriental Shorthair

This brown breed is related to the popular Siamese breed. These two are similar in features such as a triangular head shape, slim body, and large ears.

According to the CFA breed standard, the Oriental Shorthair features a short, fine-textured, and glossy coat. It can come in various colors, including brown, red, cream, blue, cinnamon, and so on.

These cats’ large eyes are usually green, but can also be blue or gold.

They are social, vocal, and playful. Oriental Shorthairs are athletic and can jump very high. They are extremely loyal and affectionate and need constant attention and interaction to be happy.

Just as long as their owners provide them with love, Oriental Shorthair cats will do everything to please them.

7. Ragamuffin

Brown Ragamuffin cat with green eyes
Source: chromiemuffin

Some of you may mistake a Ragamuffin for a Ragdoll. The truth is that these two breeds are very similar, since the Ragamuffin originated from a Ragdoll. You can learn more about their similarities and differences in this article.

The Ragamuffin has a silky long coat that can come in almost any color possible. This cat’s eyes are walnut-shaped and can also come in various colors, including green.

This breed makes perfect family companions, since it’s such a friendly and affectionate cat without being overly demanding.

It likes to cuddle, making it also a great choice for all people looking for a lap cat. The Ragamuffin is so docile and social that it tends to get on well with other cats and even tolerates strangers.

8. Scottish Fold

This round breed is mostly recognized for its folded ears.

The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat that comes in many different colors. Copper eyes are the most common with this breed, while others, like green, are also possible. This cat’s eyes are large and expressive.

The Scottish Fold’s coat is plush, soft, and dense. It can feature both short and long coats and is likely to cause allergies in humans, no matter what the length of the coat is. This is why it even got on our list of worst breeds for allergies.

As its personality goes, this cat is laid-back, sweet, and not demanding. The Scottish Fold loves all people, even those it sees for the first time.

These cats adore spending time with their human family, especially with the one person they choose as their special one.

The Scottish Fold is just independent enough for you to be safe to leave it alone for a couple of hours without making it anxious.

9. Tonkinese

The list comes to an end with an awesome hybrid whose parents are the Siamese and the Burmese cat.

The Tonkinese cat has a short, soft, and silky coat. The four base coat colors with this breed are blue, natural, champagne, and platinum. The base color refers to the color of this cat’s points. There are also three coat patterns – solid, point, and mink. 

Its eyes are almond-shaped and can be aqua-colored, green, or blue.

The Tonkinese will follow you all around and will demand a lot of interaction. One thing this breed really dislikes is being left alone at home.

This is an active cat that likes to jump high and master puzzle toys. Tonkinese requires a lot of mental stimulation and can be taught various tricks.


All of these nine breeds are beautiful with this amazing combination of darker coats and brighter eyes.

Brown cats aren’t so common, so it probably won’t be an easy task to find most of these kittens. However, it’s definitely worth trying! They all have some temperament traits that make them great family companions.

Which brown beauty is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!