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9 Wonderful Grey Cats With Green Eyes

9 Wonderful Grey Cats With Green Eyes

Cats with grey coats have an amazing appearance. There is something mysterious and dark, but, at the same time, something incredibly appealing about this coat coloring.

When you add another amazing feature, such as green eyes, you get a cat with a unique appearance!

I’m sure many of you will agree with me that this is indeed a special combination of striking eyes and a darker coat.

Now, there are a couple of breeds that can have these traits. Let’s look at the nine grey cat breeds with green eyes and find out more about their appearance, temperament, and behavior.

Perhaps you’ll like one of them so much that you may consider it as your future pet.

1. British Shorthair

This is one of the oldest and, still, one of the most popular cat breeds.

The British Shorthair cat has a short, dense coat that’s firm to the touch. It’s a single coat with no undercoat that, besides the grey color, can also come in black, white, blue, cream, red, lilac, and chocolate.

This cat doesn’t require too much maintenance thanks to its short coat. Brushing it once a week should be enough.

Its eyes can be green, blue, amber, or copper. This is a very powerful and balanced cat with a compact body. 

The British Shorthair is an extremely sociable and friendly breed. It easily becomes attached to its owners and remains loyal to them.

At the same time, this cat is playful, but also quiet and discreet. It tends to get on well with children and other pets.

2. Chartreux

This cat breed originated from France. It features a double coat that is thick, water-repellent, and short.

The Chartreux cat always sports a blue-gray coat, with the outer coat having a slightly wooly texture while the undercoat is soft.

Its eyes are round, large, and expressive. They can be green, orange, copper, or bright golden.

This cat has a round face, a muscular body, and short limbs.

It’s known for being a very adaptable animal, unlikely to show too dramatic or demanding attitude. Hill’s Pet describes the Chartreux breed as a very pleasant companion. It’s a loving, loyal, and playful cat that becomes especially attached to one member of its family.

This feline is also widely known for its intelligence. This means that its owners will have a lot of fun teaching this cute cat some fun tricks.

Also, their intelligence enables them to potentially get to every possible place inside your house. This also indicates that you should be careful for this cat not to sniff or lick something that could be dangerous for it!

3. Devon Rex

Grey Devon Rex cat with green eyes
Source: @devonrexfans

This cat has distinctive large ears, large eyes, and a long neck. The Devon Rex also boasts a short, wavy coat without guard hairs.

Because of this, it’s essential to keep this cat exclusively indoors, as its fur cannot provide protection from sun exposure.

This cat’s coat comes in almost any color available, together with patterns like calico and tabby. Its big eyes can also be seen in various colors.

The Devon Rex is a mischievous breed and a little clown that will always keep you entertained. At the same time, this breed is loyal and devoted to its humans.

It craves attention whenever it’s around its owners. This means that the Devon Rex thrives on interaction and doesn’t stand well being left alone.

4. Korat

Grey Korat cat with green eyes
Source: @koratcats

This rare cat breed has a silver-blue coat with a glossy look. This is a short, single coat with a fine texture. 

The Korat’s cat eyes are large and always green.

This cat craves attention and requires an owner who has enough time to dedicate to this needy breed. The Korat is a smart cat that likes to be in charge.

According to Daily Paws, this breed is so social that it will not be happy spending time alone. A lonely Korat is likely to develop separation anxiety and even show undesirable behaviors.

This energetic and smart cat loves to learn and be involved in all kinds of activities. The Korat lets its owners know how it’s feeling by vocalizing loudly.

5. Nebelung

The Nebelung cat features a medium-long blueish-grayish coat and large green eyes set wide apart. Its double fur is soft and silky and sheds a lot, meaning that it requires regular brushing. This cat is long, well-muscled, and athletic. 

The Nebelung is a quiet and even shy breed. It usually isn’t very social around strangers and may even hide when visitors come to their home.

However, they become very attached to their owners and are likely to follow them around. Many of these cats are likely to get on well with other felines, especially when socialized with them from a young age.

Still, Nebelungs are usually not big fans of children and dogs. It’s, of course, possible to make them live together successfully with a proper introduction and a lot of patience.

6. Persian

The Persian is a cat with a unique appearance that makes it stand out from other breeds.

It has a round face, large round eyes, and small ears set wide apart. This cat’s legs are short, while its coat is very long and thick. Both its coats and eyes can come in various colors. The grey fur with green eyes is one of these amazing combinations.

The Persian cat loves to chill and will appreciate having plenty of space to just relax in its home.

This quiet breed enjoys a calm and relaxing environment. Although it’s a laid-back cat, the Persian adores its humans. It’s even likely to get on well with guests in your house!

Everyone looking for a lap cat will fall in love with Persian, since this cat doesn’t mind its owners picking it up and cuddling it.

This cat’s voice is soft and pleasant to hear. Actually, you probably won’t hear this cat meow very often. But, it’s important to mention that they really love to purr!

Although Persian may seem like the laziest breed of them all, this isn’t quite true. This cat loves activities such as interactive toys, balls, and catnip mice.

However, it’s still possible that some of these cats will need encouragement to stay active. This is essential for their optimal body weight, as well as for their health in general.

7. Russian Blue

This remarkable breed exclusively comes in a bluish-grey coat that can vary from silver to a slate hue. Its wide and round eyes are always green.

The Russian Blue cat has short hair, but its coat is double-layered and very dense. It doesn’t shed much, and is usually recommended for allergy sufferers.

This breed is very intelligent and curious about everything their owners do. The Russian Blue enjoys its owners’ company, but isn’t overly clingy.

This cat will entertain itself just fine. Although it likes to have its people around, the Russian Blue won’t become anxious if you spend some time away from it.

This makes it a great choice for people with hectic schedules.  

The Russian Blue isn’t a lap cat. It does love its people, but it shows this in its own, reserved way. One thing to bear in mind with this breed is that it’s likely it won’t appreciate you trying to pick it up.

8. Sphynx

The most popular hairless cat breed comes in various solid colors, with grey being one of them. The Sphynx cat’s lemon-shaped eyes can be green, blue, orange, yellow, and so on.

This is a medium-sized, muscular cat. It features a wedge-shaped head and huge ears. Its skin is loose on the body and wrinkles can be noticed on its body. They are visible since the cat doesn’t have hair to cover them.

No matter how good of a groomer the Sphynx is, the oil accumulates on its skin. If this oil isn’t removed, it can cause skin infections and clogged pores.

This is why it’s necessary to bathe this cat often, which is not the case with the other breeds.

One thing is sure about the Sphynx breed: It has a truly unique appearance that you will even love or hate! But, the more important thing here is that this cat makes a loving companion.

This is a very family-oriented and loving breed. The Sphynx forms deep bonds with its owners and becomes dependent on them.

It always wants to be near its humans, meaning that it isn’t a good idea to leave this cat home alone.

This breed is also highly energetic, active, and curious. It demands an owner who can keep up with their need for constant companionship and diverse activities.

9. Turkish Angora

Grey Turkish Angora with green eyes
Source: @chateaumane

The last breed on our list is typically recognized for its white coat. However, other colors such as grey, black, and lavender are also possible with the Turkish Angora breed.

Its coat is long, fine, and shimmery. This cat’s eyes can be green, amber, or blue. Some Turkish Angora cats are also heterochromatic, meaning that they have different colored eyes. Their head is small and round, and their ears are set wide apart.

This breed is intelligent, energetic, and playful. It loves to explore everything around them and is always seeking for a new adventure.

The Turkish Angora is a very friendly cat that tends to make special bonds with one person in their household.

It’s even likely for them to become too possessive of their owners, meaning that this breed may not be the ideal one to share a home with other pets.

Final Thoughts

Grey coats in cats look really special. If together with this a cat also has another striking feature, like green eyes, what we get to see is a feline with an outstanding appearance!

All nine grey cat breeds with green eyes on our list are undeniably beautiful. But, the more important thing here is that they possess personality traits that make them desirable family companions.

I’m sure each of you has found your favorite, depending on your lifestyle and preferences for your future pet.

Which cat will be your choice? What influenced your decision? Looking forward to hearing your answers!

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