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6 Explanations For Why Do Cats Walk In Front Of You

6 Explanations For Why Do Cats Walk In Front Of You

You have probably noticed many strange behaviors in your kitty. Sometimes they are simply not clear to you, no matter how hard you try to see the hidden meaning behind them.

In some other situations, it may even seem to you that your furry friend is showing some behavior just to annoy you!

One of these behaviors could be your cat walking in front of you.

Why do cats walk in front of you?

This is a fairly common occurrence in cats, and there are several very good explanations for this way of walking.

Let’s check them out!

1. Your Cat Is Greeting You

a cat walks in front of a woman sitting on a bench

Does your cat usually walk in front of you every time you come back home?

This could be her way of greeting you! Even though it seems that your cat is perfectly fine being alone at home for some time, this doesn’t mean she isn’t happy when you come back.

She is walking in front of you from room to room and looking back to see if you’re still behind her as her way to welcome you back!

Cats can’t use words to describe their emotions, but they have amusing ways of showing us their state of mind.

2. She Wants To Be Part Of Your Activities 

Every time you get up and go to a different room in your house, it seems that your cat is already ahead of you, and ready to walk in front of you.

This could even get annoying, since it seems that you can’t even go to a bathroom without your furry companion being there!

Well, this usually means that your cat wants to be part of all of your activities. Even the most basic things you do every day – such as going to a garage, or taking the garbage out – seem to be super interesting to your cat.

It might look cute the first time you notice it, but over time, it can get tiring and even scary for you, as you worry about accidentally stepping on your cat who always seems to be around you!

A good thing would be to get your cat entertained while you’re doing any of your chores. Get her some interactive toys, a cat tree, or a scratching post, so that she doesn’t have the urge to always be part of every little thing you do.

3. Attention Seeking

Does your cat wait for you at the doorstep to come back from work, and then just casually start walking in front of you?

She isn’t the only one definitely, since I have seen many felines doing this, too. Check out the video below showing a black cat displaying this walk!

Most likely, this behavior is a form of attention-seeking from your cat. There is something she needs – perhaps you to play with her, or just spend some time with her after you’ve been away for most of the day.

Cats might seem aloof, but they need our attention and interaction. Some of them will flop down in front of you to invite you to give them some attention, while others will walk in front of you for the same reason!

4. Your Cat Needs Something

Your cat walking in front of you could be her way of trying to communicate that she needs something.

Pay attention to the place where your cat stops walking. Is it near the front door? Maybe she’s giving you signals to let her get some time outside.

If she leads you to her litter box, maybe you’ve missed cleaning it, and we all know how cats dislike a dirty place to defecate!

Cats can’t use words, but they are smart enough to show us they need something. You just need to be observant enough to read your cat’s body language.

5. She Is Showing Dominance

a woman works at a laptop, a cat walks around her

You’re certainly aware of how dominant cats can be. A cat’s dominant behavior is usually seen in households with multiple cats.

Spruce Pets explains how a cat will show some specific dominant behaviors, such as stealing and hoarding toys, rubbing their faces on items they want to claim as their own, and marking or spraying urine on their territory. 

However, if your cat is the only pet inside the house, she could still show dominant behavior – towards you!

One of the ways of displaying this is by walking in front of you. Essentially, she doesn’t have anyone else to express dominance over, so she does it with her humans!

6. Disorientation

Unfortunately, a cat walking in front of you could be feeling unwell. She might be disoriented due to suffering an injury, without you even noticing it.

She might be disoriented due to suffering an injury, even if you haven’t noticed any external wounds. For instance, she could have hit her head and sustained a concussion.

If your cat is allowed to go outside, she could get hit by a car. This happens more often with intact male cats, who run away from home to find females in heat.

Keep in mind that cats don’t easily show their pain and discomfort due to their natural instinct from their wild ancestry, where displaying vulnerability could make them easy prey for predators.

Therefore, you should observe your cat carefully. If she has a concussion, she could show some other symptoms, such as feeling lost, and even bumping into things while walking. If you notice these odd signs in your cat, you should take her to a veterinarian.

Apart from injuries, disorientation can also occur as a cat ages.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, disorientation is usually the first sign that cat owners recognize as cognitive decline in their older cats. 

At least 40% of cats aged 17 years and older become disoriented. This is hard to see for every cat owner, but you can still make things easier for your cat, by increasing the predictability of her schedule and environment.

This means that you shouldn’t change the place of her water and food bowls, or litter box. Also, try to keep her daily routine consistent.

Even the slightest change can cause stress and confusion in an older cat.


From saying hello to even being disoriented – there are multiple reasons why do cats walk in front of you.

This behavior could be charming at first, but, with time, it can get annoying always seeing your cat in front of you, no matter what you do.

So, it would be good to find out the exact cause of this behavior, and then do something to stop it, especially if the reason for this is your cat being dominant. You definitely shouldn’t let it do that, since it could show other destructive behaviors as a form of dominance, such as spraying.

You might also want to learn more about whether cats can walk backwards. See you there!

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