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7 Reasons Why Do Cats Like To Lay On Paper

7 Reasons Why Do Cats Like To Lay On Paper

You’re likely to see your feline friend napping or lying for a good part of the day. This seems to be the favorite position for many cats.

Your kitty can use many different locations for these activities. For instance, this can be your sofa, the windowsill, next to the fireplace, under your bed, and so on.

Some of the places are quite weird, but, I believe you all know that our favorite pets can also be weird sometimes. And this is all part of their charm!

However, I believe you were surprised to see your cat lying on paper. This can be anything, from a book, a magazine, to your papers from work.

What’s this about? Why do cats like to lay on paper?

Let’s look at the seven most probable explanations for this feline behavior.

1. It’s So Comfortable

cat in the bag

It’s hard for us to imagine lying on paper like something comfortable, but some cats will disagree.

It’s possible that your cat chooses the paper to lay on it because it feels comfortable and cozy for it.

Some of them will find lying and sleeping above their owners’ head appealing, while others will be more thrilled with the good old paper!

It seems a bit incomprehensible that paper is more comfortable than a warm bed. But who would have the heart to deny something that our sweet pets enjoy, right?

Take a look at the video below showing cats just enjoying lying on papers!

2. A Nice Insulator

Another possible reason why cats enjoy lounging on paper is because it acts as an effective insulator.

The paper is warmer than the floor or carpet in your home. If you have been a pet parent for some time now, you’ve certainly noticed that your cat is always looking for warmth.

According to Cattitude Daily, cats are descendants of wild desert cats. It’s in their nature to always seek out warmth for survival. Therefore, the warmth provides them with a sense of security.

Considering this, there’s a good chance that your cat simply feels safe and protected while lying on a piece of paper.

3. The Paper Smells Like You

cute kitten laying on the paper bag

I think all true cat lovers have gotten over the question of whether cats know if we love them and if they love us back. Of course they do!

Since they have such a sensitive sense of smell, they’re likely to enjoy anything that smells like their owners.

This is the reason they may like sniffing on your clothes and sleeping on your pillow. Also, if you’ve touched the paper, it’s likely to smell like you. 

This is also why your cat could choose to lay on that paper. Even when you’re not around, they can just lay on it to sense your smell.

4. Attention Seeking

Have you ever caught your cat lounging on a piece of paper, and then, to your surprise, they seem to do it more frequently? It’s not a coincidence.

Cats are intuitive and intelligent creatures who also like to be the center of attention. When your cat notices you react to something they did, they’re likely to repeat it the next time they want to get your attention.

Perhaps you’re busy doing something else and your cat just suddenly lays on paper. This is its way of saying: Hey, human, stop whatever you’re doing and concentrate on me!

5. Looking For Something New

cat with different color eyes in the paper bag

Since cats are so curious, they’re likely to want to try different things to lay on.

It’s possible that your cat got a bit bored with the same floor and carpet every day. A pile of papers looked like something nice to try!

Just as long as something new isn’t anything hazardous for your furry companion, you have nothing to be worried about.

6. Playing

Most cats are playful and will try to play with anything that comes their way. This is especially true with young kittens who have extremely high activity levels.

As Union Lake Pet Services explains, cats can be seen playing with the most random of objects, including pieces of paper.

It’s possible that your cat is lying on paper just for fun. Plain paper can actually provide entertainment for your playful feline friend.

Therefore, this isn’t something bad at all. It could even be a good way for your cat to have some fun while you’re away!

7. Enjoying The Crinkly Sound

adorable ginger kitten on the paper

Finally, there is a possibility that cats simply like lying on paper because they enjoy crinkly things.

Paper is noisy, especially while a cat is settling on it. This noisy sound could remind cats of the sound of leaves crushing. Furthermore, it may sound similar to the movement of mice and other small animals in the bushes, triggering a cat’s natural hunting instincts.

The crinkly sound of paper is also something your cat probably doesn’t hear so often. Therefore, it’s something different from ordinary sounds, which can stimulate its curiosity.

Should You Stop Your Cat From Lying On Paper?

Considering these causes of a cat’s preference for lying on paper, there isn’t any visible danger in it.

If your cat chose this specific item to lay on it and seems to enjoy it, you should just let it do it.

As long as your pet is safe and not doing harm to any of your stuff, there isn’t really anything wrong about what they’re doing.

However, I would like to warn you about one thing. You should observe whether your cat also likes to lick or chew on paper.

Spruce Pets points out that most cats that chew paper will usually ingest smaller quantities of it. However, if they eat a large amount of paper, this can lead to health issues.

Paper is processed from cellulose fiber and can contain various chemicals which may be toxic for cats.

Fortunately, your cat will have to ingest a lot of paper for it to cause toxicity. However, ingesting paper can cause gastrointestinal troubles in your cat, including vomiting and bloating. Also, a cat can have a painful abdomen.

Observe your cat carefully while lying on paper to ensure it isn’t licking or chewing it. Give it more attention and frequent playing sessions to avoid attention-seeking behavior and boredom.

Final Words

Every cat will certainly exhibit some odd behavior that you have a hard time thinking of the right cause of.

So, why do cats like to lay on paper?

This could be just about seeking comfort or warmth. It’s also a way of attention-seeking for some cats.

Others are always looking for something new to lay on, while some do it just for fun. Furthermore, the crinkly sound the paper makes can be especially attractive for many cats. 

Whatever the cause is, most likely, there isn’t anything wrong with your cat lying on paper. Just be careful for it not to chew or ingest it, since this can potentially cause gastrointestinal troubles or even poisoning.